Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit

we just released version 1.7. Here are the changes:

New ride: "The Falcon"
We extended the fairground with a new tile and we worked on a new funfair ride: The Falcon.

Here's another tip: You'll get a good additional discount if you buy the Ultimate Edition.

New bubble thrower
We added a new soapy effect piece that you can attach to your light cages.

More virtual reality rides
We implemented the "Titan" and "Handstand" as virtual reality rides. We hope you like these experiences!

Other changes:
  • Fixed: Broken cashbox textures
  • Fixed: Rain in Salsa ride
  • Fixed: Ride automatic not parking correctly on Handstand

New Discord Server
We just opened a Pixelsplit Simulations Discord channel. Feel free to join us here:

We would love to hear your feedback.

- Your VR3 team
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit


we just finished version 1.6 for you!

MP3 streaming
We know you waited quite some time for this. You can now throw in MP3 files in your custom jingle and music folder. We hope this makes customizing the game a bit easier for you.

Two more virtual reality rides
We implemented the "Discus" and "Danger Zone" rides as virtual reality rides.

New ride: Salsa
We added the "Salsa" ride on the latest fairground tile. It is part of the "Salsa" DLC.

Here's another tip: You'll get a good additional discount if you buy the Ultimate Edition.

Other changes
  • Improved: Model of backwall of "Rising Sun" ride
  • Improved: Improved positioning of orbit cameras on "Roundtrip" ride.
  • Fixed: Parking on the "Roundtrip" now also moves floor plates.
  • Fixed: "Rising Sun" had no light in the control booth
  • Fixed: People walking in very small steps when going to pizza or sausage booth
  • Fixed: People didn't properly dequeue at the cashbox of roundtrip rides
  • Fixed: On some rides it was not possible to use flags anymore

We hope you like the update. Feel free to leave us some feedback!

- Your VR3 team
May 2, 2019
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit

we just released a hotfix for the navmesh issue on the Krake / Big Spin rides. Sorry for the trouble.

- Your VR3 team
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit


today we proudly present you version 1.5!

Extended fairground and new ride
We made the fairground even bigger in this update. You can find our new ride waiting there: The Roundtrip.

ATTENTION to everyone who already has the Bounce Machine DLC. You can get additional 15% off when buying our "Ultimate Edition" bundle.

If you just want to get the "Roundtrip" use this.

Start of Modding Support - Custom themes
What you guys already did with VR3 is awesome! We are always speechless of the stuff we see in the screenshot section. Unfortunately we always break your mods when we release an update. We now started opening the game for modding! The first step is that you can load custom themes in your game.

Therefore just open the game and it will create a folder with the custom theming files in Users/Documents/VR3/Custom Themes/Custom Example. You can modify or duplicate this folder and change all the images inside.

Support for aspect ratio 21:9
Some of you said that the game UI doesn’t properly scale with an aspect ratio of 21:9. We adjusted and improved the scaling of the UI accordingly.

Further changes
  • Improved: Some minor performance improvements
  • Fixed: Rising Sun ride was floating a bit in air

We hope you like the update. We appreciate any feedback you guys have and if there are any questions: we are here for you.

- Your VR3 Team
Mar 1, 2019
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit

While we're working on new content for you, we've prepared a more technical update for you based on your feedback - version 1.4.5.

What has changed?
  • Added: Two new movement programs for the "Bounce Machine"
  • Improved: Visitors and staff should now be less stuttering
  • Improved: The brake of the "Bounce Machine" should now grip better
  • Fixed: The selection of the last colors did not work correctly with the logo
  • Fixed: When certain steering wheels or joysticks are connected, the screen turns black.
  • Fixed: Program selection at the "Bounce Machine" didn't work correctly with keyboard
  • Fixed: The "Navmesh" of the "Bounce Machine" was too high in some places (visitors a bit in the air)
  • Fixed: Occasionally visitors went into the driving area of the "Bounce Machine

- Your "Virtual Rides 3" Team
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit


Today is the day. We release version 1.4!

New ride
The "Bounce Machine" is now built up on the fairground. You (and your passengers) will love the hiss. You activate the control and adjustment of the ride with the DLC.

Advanced Logo Editor
We've added a font and color selection to customize the logos to give you even more freedom in designing your rides.

New flags
We have added new flags to give you a little more variety when decorating.

Other changes
  • Added: The "Rising Sun" ride can now be experienced in Virtual Reality
  • Added: New quadratic barrier texture variations added
  • Fixed: People stumble every now and then walking across the fairground
  • Fixed: Restraint toggle switch sometimes does not change to green
  • Fixed: Crash or wrong status in UI when changing camera by keyboard
  • Fixed: Wrong status in the UI when changing light by keyboard
  • Fixed: Fog on round rides behaved funny
  • Updated: Steamworks Libraries

We are looking forward to your feedback on the update!

- Your VR3 Team
Jan 13, 2019
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit

first of all: Happy New Year 2019 to all of you! It is going to be great :)

Today we release update 1.3.5 to you. Here are the changes

The last patch introduced some performance problems on some systems due to the engine changes and how the UI was handled. We improved that and hope the performance is at least back at the old niveau. It even should be even better now compared to the pre-1.3 update. Please give us feedback about this!

New settings
In the last patch we reduced the distance you can see and added a distance fog to blend out the distant geometry. Not all of you were happy about it so we added options for that (fog and distance).

Other changes
We also changed the following things:
  • Improved: Reduced sound volume of “Rising Sun” engine crosses
  • Improved: Increased the text size of “time” and “speed” in the time control panel
  • Fixed: Freeze at “Crazy Spin”
  • Fixed: Black screen on some systems
  • Fixed: Moving head and laser random program selection missing
  • Fixed: Duplicated color schemes for light change
  • Fixed: The automatic program for the “Centrifuge” acted weird
  • Fixed: Teleportation point at the krake beeing mid-air

We hope you enjoy the patch and are looking forward to your feedback.

- Your VR3 Team
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - Pixelsplit


We know you waited so long for this (us too!) - today we release Update 1.3 to you.

At first
Please note that you will probably have to re-adjust your screen resolution, when starting the game.

Furthermore it seems that the save location changed on some systems.
C:/Users/YourUserName/AppData/LocalLow/Zeichenkraftwer Jeutter & Schaller/Virtual Rides 3 maybe changed to C:/Users/DeinBenutzerName/AppData/LocalLow/Zeichenkraftwer Jeutter _ Schaller/Virtual Rides 3. Just copy the folder "Virtual Rides 3" from the old folder to the new one (old with & and new with _ in the path).

New ride and new map tile
We extended the map (to the left of the current city tile) and added a new ride to it. We hope you enjoy it!

New customization parts
We also added some new customization parts, several of which are Christmas themed. But more importantly we added a new effect part. We present to you: The Flamethrower.

Ride automatics (BETA)
To give the fairground a more lively feel we added automatic programs. These are started automatically when you enter a fairground tile. They are interrupted as soon as you take over the ride controls.

Please note that this is a beta feature, so it could have some bugs here and there. Also note that there is no automatic program for the Crazy Spin right now.

Other changes
  • Upgraded to new engine version which allows future improvements
  • Improved: Increased speed of animations in queue
  • Improved: Increased microphone volume
  • Improved: Performance (due to new engine upgrade)
  • Improved: Running lights also have a color during daytime
  • Fixed: Adjusted some of the navmeshs so visitors can walk more fluently
  • Fixed: Visitors glitching in the lot booth
  • Fixed: Graphic issues on some Mac devices

Future outlook
We are definitely not done here! In the next updates we will be working on:
  • Customizable logos (font + color)
  • Further performance optimizations
  • Support for MP3s for your custom music
  • More rides!

We are looking forward to your feedback and opinions. Feel free to use the STEAM Discussions. We also created a sub-forum for Bugs there. So if you have any bug reports, please post them there.

Have a nice Christmas!

If you didn't know yet why it took us so long to create this update, read this:

- Your VR3-Team
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - ZKW Games

Dear Community,

while we are working on the next update for Virtual Rides III, we are also building the next ride that you can discover and control in the update. Here are some first impressions.

So what is the current status? The ride is almost done and we started the new fairground. It will be left to the current city tile. We are also working on these topics:
  • Automatic ride programs so the fairground is always in movement
  • Improving microphone volume
  • Some performance improvements
  • Improving AI, also to allow a more fluent and queuing and dequeuing process
  • New effect part for the light cages (you will like it :D)

Unfortunately we still don’t have a release date for you, but we estimate it to be somewhere in December. Maybe we’ll also open a beta branch so we can get your feedback prior to releasing the patch.

- Your VR3 Team
Nov 2, 2018
Virtual Rides 3 - Funfair Simulator - ZKW Games

Dear VR3 Community,

first of all we would like to apologize for not beeing able to say a single word for so long. We would like to explain this circumstance now and explain how we continue with VR3.

What happened?
We don't want to overstrain this part, therefore a short summary. After the release of VR3, our publisher was unsatisfied with the sales and the delivered scope of the project. Unfortunately, our contract seemed to allow too much room for interpretation for both parties. In particular our financial security was strongly endangered by this situation, therefore we saw ourselves after some unsuccessful solution attempts forced to call in a lawyer. From this point on it became so uncomfortable that we could not give out any more information (especially not to you, the community). It was painful to read the discussions here, but not beeing able to contribute - that will change now.

How did we come to an agreement?
After more than a year and a lot of back and forth we could find a satisfactory solution for everyone. The most important aspect for you might be that we have the license for digital distribution back and the product "Virtual Rides 3" can now be found in our account. This means we don't have to fear an account block anymore and can develop the project on our own, without the former publisher being involved. A further aspect worth mentioning is that the agreement includes that the publisher will continue to be active in retail sales with our product for the next few years, especially in order to reduce existing copies.

What are the future plans?
We still believe in "Virtual Rides". Contrary to some opinions in the discussion forum, we are not working on a fourth sequel. We will continue developing VR3 further. The used engine "Unity" has improved very positively in the time and we would like to try to take some of the improvements and use them for VR3.

But much more important for you: We will build a new tile on the map first, on which you will also find another ride. Unfortunately we can't give you an exact timetable yet.

Of course we also have many more ideas, but more about that at a later date.

We hope that you can understand our situation as developers and would be happy if you give us the chance to revive "Virtual Rides".

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

- Your VR3-Team

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