Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
If you own Hate Free Heroes RPG, you can now use your access key to gain a free lifetime membership to behatefree.org. Be hate Free Interactive grants access to the full game download, mobile and web based version of the game, access to our other games, music downloads, community access and more features.

*If you are using an old key, registration may not work. Please contact us supplying your key and we will get you a new one.

Contact: https://www.behatefree.org/contacts
Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
We just updated Hate Free Heroes RPG now to include 3 Free DLCs.

1. Agents of Aggro City Online Access – Your CD Key can now unlock access to create an account and play the online community game Agents of Aggro City Online for free.

2. Soundtrack DLC – You get access to the 2 full song soundtrack from Fantosy FX.

3. Hate Free Heroes Mobile Access – You get access to the mobile browser based version of Hate Free Heroes. Play the same game from any browser, from any device.

A new launcher has been added to make it easy to navigate and access the new features and downloads. To access the launcher, click the game’s image in your steam library and select “Play FREE DLCs”.

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
Agents of Aggro City Online is now FREE to Play with no purchase needed to create a free account. One FREE account is allowed for each player and additional accounts can be purchased when you buy the game. You can register now and play the game by visiting the link below.


Agents of Aggro City Online will also be officially launched as Free to Play on Steam. We will provide more details when we decide to release the game on Steam as FREE. Everyone who purchased the game can claim a free ELITE Sponsorship access key by following the instructions in the thread below.


If you purchased the ELITE Sponsorship package, you can claim a free Meta Crystal ULTIMATE Pack. This offer is valid now up until the game is launched on Steam officially as free.

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
We just revamped our entire website to operate as a full social platform. You can now connect with us directly on our website, connect with other players, not just for our games but any game, console or genre. Groups/Guilds, Events and Pages of all games are welcome.

When you register and log in, you can claim one of several free games from us. We will also have free give aways and offers (coming soon) and contests. Join us and become a part of our growing community.


Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
Agent of Aggro City Online has been officially released today on steam. Join the growing community of agents, defeat aggromites and reduce the city’s aggro levels. Build your own agency, engage in cyber security PVP and more.

*This browser based online game is based upon the story and lore of Hate Free Heroes RPG.

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
We made a few changes and updates to the online stand alone version of the game, mainly the official name. We wanted to make sure that players were not getting confused with "Hate Free Heroes RPG" as there has been some confusion in the past, so we changed the name from "Hate Free Heroes Online" to "Agents of Aggro City Online".

We also changed the price of the game to make it more affordable and to attract more players. We would like to keep this game a one time payment model that is fun and affordable to play and doesn't require one to "pay to win" at.

We also updated the tutorial or orientation section of the game giving more info on how to play. More updates soon.

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
We just released our pc/mobile version of Hate Free Heroes RPG. All players who purchased the game will get an exclusive access key where you can register to the mobile version and play. You can access the game from any web browser, pc or mobile device.

We've also added a Hero Leaderboard where your game progress can be recorded and ranked.You can compete with other players for ranking. Our mobile version also has community chat so you can chat and help other players as you play.

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
We are currently working on the Mobile version of this game which will be available currently in browser based form as a DLC option for everyone who owns a copy of the RPG. You will be able to log into your account and play the game from any device (mobile or pc) which has a web browser. You will not be able to access any of your steam saved data or achievements as this will be independent to the device you are using.

Features on the Mobile:
  • Profile Avatar Image
  • Community Chat
  • Chat Ranking

Hate Free Heroes RPG - U Game Me
Hate Free Heroes Online has just been launched for Early Access at a limited 35% off. You can now get both the RPG and Online browser based game for even less when you buy them together with the recently released All Hero Bundle package.

Get the Hero Bundle and get both games if you don't own either:

Or Simply get Hate Free Heroes Online now in Early Access:


*Get the Free soundtrack and Free Elite Sponsorship Access for a limited time
Jul 19, 2017
Hate Free Heroes RPG - godfather
We've made a few updates and fixes to the game.

  • We fixed a bug that causes a crash during Elite training battles.
  • Healing skills now heal from 35%-50% of health instead of 100%.
  • Speed Dash is now available in Main City Map.
  • Beginning enemies difficulties slightly increased.
  • TP earned after each encounter greatly reduced for more of a challenge.

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