Nov 28, 2017
Factory Engineer - kim
This version contains fix for bugs, and a fix for crashing in some situations,this update also have performance enhancements.
Factory Engineer - kim
After 6 monthes of updates and bug fixing Factory Engineer is ready for release now.
Releasing does not mean the end of updates or no more content,udates will be comming with more features and content.
The game now is fully playable, bug free ,and fun :)

There will be a beta branch for player who want to test the new features which will be added.

Factory Engineer - kim

-New help menu added to the main bar.
-Supporting tutorial and guide with short videos.

Factory Engineer - kim
Now everyone can enjoy trading cards of Factory Engineer.
Factory Engineer - kim
-Item will fill a single slot in the global inventory.

- Adding a filter bar to filter between different types of items.

- Remember the last scroll position to avoid rescrolling to the same item over and over.
Factory Engineer - kim
A lot of people have asked me for a pause button to take the time to design thier production lines with out the stress of the time passing.
Here it is,now you can pause and take your time :)
Also you can reuse your stored machine even if you are in debt but your debt will increase.
Factory Engineer - kim
5 different colors for the conveyor to highlight and differntiate you production lines.

5 different colors for the teleporter to form specific teleporter network "Telporter Transmitter will communicate only with the same color Reciever"
Factory Engineer - kim
Several new ways to play Factory Engineer.
Now you can play in sandbox mode,choose the amount of money and research points,make your most complex automated factory,experiment the game technologies and mechanics.
There are several modes with 3 levels of difficulty
-Balance Target
-Performance Target
-Product Target
you will have a limited number of days to complete your objective,use your time wisely.

Factory Engineer - kim
This update add a new dimension for the game to measure your factory efficiency.
New button in the main controls bar.Use this button to display a detailed report about your last 100 days performance.
The report will show your current score,your global score and your rank in the leaderboard.
The report will show you details about the items made in the last 100 days and thier score value.

Oct 19, 2016
Factory Engineer - kim
Leaderboard called "100 days performance score".
Score depend on items sold and its difficulty in the last 100 ingame days.
The more items sold and the more they are difficult the more score you will get.
Detailed in game report will be added soon about this performance score.

To submit your best saved game score,just load the game and leave it running for 100 ingame days.

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