Jun 6
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
I’ve been on an absolute tear these past couple weeks, prepping the game for its final console submission before release. Speaking of which, a release date for the end of early access and the console versions is going to be announced very soon. Keep an eye out for something called the “E3 Pre-Pre-Show on Twitch”, which I think is happening on the 9th. I’ll be making an appearance on it, and we should be announcing an official date. (EDIT: Check the front page of twitch at about 11:30 PST tonight June 9th!)

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

I’m expanding last update’s Fortnight Discussion from Cheap Deaths to Cheapness in general. What do you find to be “cheap” about the game?

Beta 78
  • NPCs flash after death when they are about to explode
  • Fix for Cop Bots not always disappearing on multiplayer client after post-death explosion
  • Fix for fire/water spray particles not traveling the correct distance if the wall they were spraying into is destroyed
  • Fix for T-Posing instances due to NPC’s animator being set to 0 at beginning of levels
  • Counters have correct sprites when pieces of them are broken off
  • Fix for cases where players could have wrong head/body in home base after finishing the game in online multiplayer
  • Fix for cases where players could have wrong head/body in home base after switching the number of players from the home base
  • Fix for NPCs holding weapons the wrong way while dancing
  • Fix for state indicators like the “flee” graphic appearing after death for NPCs when on a slow multiplayer connection
  • Possible fix for “spawn” and “electrocuted” particle effects not always appearing on all PCs
  • Fix for NPCs not always appearing to have fallen into holes on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs who have previously fallen into holes sometimes playing their fall animation as soon as they appear on camera
  • Fix for multiplayer clients who fall into holes appearing too bright on host
  • Fix for wreckage on multiplayer client sometimes appearing over holes at the side of the map

UI / Controls
  • Opening and closing the missions screen is slightly faster
  • When the player updates one of their attributes at the end of a level, text for this will not rise out of the elevator
  • Failsafe for rare case when level could not be completed in local coop mode
  • Fix for rare random occurrence of context buttons not working
  • If the player moves out of range of a chest or vendor, their inventory will close along with the chest/vendor inventory
  • Fix for player teleporting to building entrances when attempting to teleport to outdoor objects
  • Fix for extra NPC info displaying during cinematics when space bar is pressed / A is held
  • Fix for player sometimes teleporting to the starting building of a person instead of their current location when they are far from home

Playfield Objects
  • Upgrading traits at the Augmentation Booth costs less
  • Fix for some cases where fire could spread behind walls to other objects
  • Fix for blue Laser sometimes emitting many noises in rapid succession
  • Fix for blue Laser going off if non-weapons are thrown through it
  • If the player is "operating" an object (hacking, etc.), and it is destroyed, they will stop operating
  • Fix for east-west-facing windows not always having proper mouseover area
  • Fix for being able to score two hits in one melee swing on Killer Plant
  • Fix for Lockdown Walls not having a proper cooldown period between going down and going back up again
  • Fix for Killer Plant’s head not always being destroyed properly on multiplayer client

  • Melee weapons sold by Shopkeepers have extra durability, but retain the same price as before
  • When a weapon breaks, Wrench and Crowbar will only be auto-selected after other melee weapons are exhausted
  • Fix for player being able to pick up objects on the other side of lasers unless they have Lasers Ignore You
  • Fix for player being able to pick up objects on the other side of windows
  • Fix for fires from Molotov Cocktails sometimes spawning inside non-wooden walls
  • Ghosts always drop money
  • Minor adjustments to Trash Can loot
  • Minor adjustments to Shopkeeper inventory
  • Fix for Slaves not always blowing up properly from their Slave Helmet on multiplayer client

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for hacking slave helmets not working when the NPC was not originally a slave
  • Fix for Vocally Challenged people not being able to hack slave helmets and robots
  • Fix for player not being able to camouflage due to a disabled Security Cam thinking they were in view
  • Countdown displays over the player's head when Feelin' Alright is coming to an end
  • Fix for Sneaky Fingers not always triggering when using Hacking Tool
  • Fix for Above the Law text remaining on the screen after the player has died and used a continue
  • Measures taken to ensure that people can't be harmed by multiple Electro Touches or Chaaaarges in rapid succession
  • Fix for Electro Touches doing double damage from multiplayer client
  • Fix for cases where Zombie Spit would not cause a status effect when shot from multiplayer client
  • Fix for “-Status Effect” text sometimes displaying when client player died
  • Safeguards against rare cases where player could get stuck throwing E_TossItem after using the Toss ability
  • Fix for Zombie gaining Super Special attributes at the start of some online multiplayer games after finishing their Big Quest, but not having the mutator active
  • Fix for certain cases where player is offered 2 traits at the end of levels instead of 3
  • Cop Bot beams have a slightly shorter range
  • People do not keep Confused when traversing between two levels, this was causing AI issues
  • Fix for NPCs being able to make use of Resurrect after falling into a hole

  • Fix for cases where bodies could pass through doors and fences on death without breaking them
  • Fix for cases where glass walls could be broken while battling in the arena
  • Rockets and their explosions function a bit better on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPC melee weapons not losing durability during battles with multiplayer client

  • If a level loads while the game window is out of focus, music will not play until the window gains focus
  • Fix for cases where sound effects would not play due to the game window losing focus before sound settings could be configured
  • Fix for zombie spit sound effect not being played properly when coming from non-local online players
  • Fix for sound effects playing in the game if the player sets sound volume to 0, alt-tabs out, and returns to the game
  • "Can't Do" sound effect plays when a scientist is asked to identify an already-identified syringe
  • Fix for water splash sound effect sometimes playing in rapid succession when items or dead people are at the sides of water bodies
  • Fix for sound effect not playing on multiplayer client when Train or Mine Cart hits someone
  • Fix for melee weapon break and armor break sound effects not playing for NPCs on multiplayer client

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for player not receiving skill points for indirect “rival” kills
  • Player must only put out 5 fires in a single game to unlock the Firefighter

  • Much lower chance that the player will receive the same quest reward twice in one game
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to ask “Retrieve” NPCs about their item before their optional quest had been accepted

Big Quests
  • Fix for player completing quest as Slavemaster if their slave is killed while walking to the elevator
  • Crate for Scientist's Big Quest does not spawn in Mayor Village
  • Arsonists appear with slightly greater frequency
  • For Assassin quest, bystander NPCs will become targets if they spot you for about a second after the kill occurs, and the original target’s guards will become targets if they see you while searching. Previously, NPCs would become targets only if they had an immediate view of you when the kill occurred

  • War Zone spawns new NPCs at slightly longer intervals, and doesn’t spawn as many total
  • Cannibals in War Zone sometimes carry Axes or Knives instead of guns

  • Cinematic slow motion triggers less often in Low Health for All mode

Level Generation
  • Fix for vending machines not always facing the correct direction when spawning next to caves
  • Fixed a case where a Flame Grate could appear in the way of a Laser Emitter
  • Removed an NPC set to patrol where a Saw Blade was appearing
  • Fix for Cops sometimes spawning inside of objects
  • Fix for Cops sometimes spawning too close to the level entrance
  • Cannibals in bushes cannot spawn close to the player’s starting location

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for NPCs being able to close doors when a dead body was in the door
  • Soldiers during War Zone will attack zombies on sight, with the exception of the player
  • Soldiers and Cannibals in War Zone will not become scared by things
  • Fix for NPCs not caring if you hack something behind a locked door
  • If you buy a Safe Combination from someone, they won’t get angry when you take the contents of their Safe
  • Fix for NPCs in a building not becoming Friendly toward the player when a guard receives a bribe while Aligned or Loyal to the player
  • Fix for NPCs going from Aligned/Loyal to Friendly after a bribe
  • Better prevention for NPCs walking through lasers at beginning of levels
  • Fix for people in gangs sometimes not following the player once they become a party member
  • Fix for NPCs attempting to path through certain objects on multiplayer client
  • Fix for cases where NPCs wouldn’t follow the player through doors that they should have been able to open
  • Fix for errors when dropping an item in front of a Cop Bot who is accosting you on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs becoming hostile toward multiplayer client for attacking them while invisible
  • Fix for Cops not always taking viewing distance into account when becoming hostile toward the player for committing crimes

  • Added names to credits list
  • Fixed a couple of translation errors
  • Added text to feedback form indicating that although adding your email address when sending feedback is optional, I would very much appreciate if you would! If you send me a bug report and I need to follow up with you and I can’t, it makes me want to stick my head in a blender.
  • Changed formatting of “Crooked” description to make it fit better
  • Fix for NPC zombies that had originally been another class retaining that other class's name on multiplayer client

  • Better performance during UI animations
  • Fix for water/fire sprays taking up too much CPU time under certain circumstances

  • Fix for cases where NPCs could become stuck inside of walls
  • Fix for some cases where NPCs could pass through walls when knocked back by client
  • Improved syncing of NPC bodies after death
  • Fix for multiplayer client sometimes having difficulty interacting with NPCs walking in gangs
  • Fix for Research Gun causing NPCs to stop receiving position information when used by multiplayer client

  • Work on console-specific stuff
May 23
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Another batch of bug fixes comin’ atcha! I don’t know how people keep digging this stuff up, but as long as you keep reporting them, I’ll keep fixing them!

I’ll be announcing the official release date for 1.0 and the console versions around the start of e3. More details on that in the next update. For now, all I can say is “summer”.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: Cheap deaths. What are some ways you’ve died that didn’t quite feel fair?

Beta 77
  • Fix for people not always appearing Frozen properly on local multiplayer games
  • Fix for Shapeshifter sometimes appearing to multiplayer clients to retain the hat of the person they last possessed
  • Fix for multiplayer client sometimes appearing weird in home base if they select a new character after death and then the host chooses to return to home base
  • Fix for lamps displaying light on multiplayer client after power box has been destroyed
  • Fix for Fire Hydrant spray particles appearing to go a bit through walls
  • Fix for bottom part of east-west-facing windows casting incorrect shadow on multiplayer client

UI / Controls
  • Message “xxxx is entering the level” appears on level changes in online multiplayer instead of “xxxx has joined the game”
  • Added button to feedback form with link to explanation of how to send output logs
  • Fix for Overpowered Character text remaining on the screen if the player quits to the main menu when this is active and then starts a new one
  • Fix for rare cases where a player could resurrect after a game over in coop mode
  • Fix for "status effect being removed" text sometimes appearing over people's heads twice on multiplayer client
  • Fix for keyboard player being able to teleport while they are dizzy or otherwise incapacitated in local coop mode
  • Player can press the Extra Info button to view NPC info while dizzy or otherwise incapacitated

Playfield Objects
  • Less easy for the player to accidentally become un-hidden from a Bush
  • When teleporting to elevators, player is teleported to more appropriate positions
  • Quick-teleporting will bring the player to the door of the building that houses a mission when possible
  • Changed the ordering of buttons when interacting with Computer for more convenience

  • Shopkeeper cannot drop or lose Portable Sell-O-Matic since this is necessary for his Big Quest
  • Fix for Haterator not taking effect until the victim is out of combat
  • Fix for cases where the player would pick up a melee weapon with over 100 durability when they already had an item of the same type, and the extra durability would not be counted
  • Fix for cases where stepping on a hazardous item (such as a Banana Peel) as a multiplayer client would not harm the player
  • Safeguard against rare case where key items that fell into hole and reappeared were non-interactable
  • Quick-Escape Teleporter will not trigger when player loses health from radiation blast
  • Fix for Quick-Escape Teleporter teleports taking about half as much time as they were supposed to in online and local coop modes

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for certain cases where player was not able to use Camouflage after being viewed by security cam
  • Fix for cases where player was able to cannibalize from a large distance away from an NPC directly after killing them
  • Shrunk now lasts 20 seconds instead of 30
  • Fix for certain issues with operating/arresting/etc. during bad networking conditions
  • Fix for Potential to Not Suck not triggering after the player reaches level 20
  • Fix for custom character with Possess retaining "Super Special Ability" status after depossessing someone whose ability they had unlocked
  • People exploding from cyanide pills creates a noise
  • Robots standing in bodies of water or puddles does significantly less damage than before
  • Fix for Confused NPCs not pathing properly in combat on multiplayer client
  • NPC Thief cannot accidentally pickpocket players with Honor Among Thieves

  • Fixed errors relating to explosions in online multiplayer
  • More efforts toward avoiding people phasing through walls after being knocked back
  • Fix for bullets sometimes passing through zombified NPCs on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes doing lower damage when attacking the player if they used to be
  • Loyal/Aligned to the player
  • Fix for people being set on fire when they died if their next-to-last hit was fire-based, and their last hit came from the client and was not fire-based
  • Fix for error that would sometimes occur on host when multiplayer client's weapon collided with another person's weapon

  • Sound and music no longer play when the game window loses focus through alt-tab, etc.
  • Fix for looping sound effects not changing their volume when the user changes the sound volume through the menu
  • Fix for NPC spawn sound effect not always playing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for hologram despawn sound effect not playing on multiplayer client

  • Fix for Neutralize All missions not always completing properly in Ooze levels
  • Attempted safeguards for rare errors in prison break and gorilla rescue missions
  • Safeguard for rare cases where missions completed after a game over

Big Quests
  • Fix for cases where having a Thief in the party could screw up the Big Quest total counter for other characters

  • Robot NPCs are not affected by radiation blast disaster
  • Players with Zombiism can teleport freely during Zombie disaster
  • Fix for disasters sometimes appearing inappropriately if the player quits to the main menu at the end of a level when a disaster was going to appear on the next level, and starts a new game

  • In New Character Every level, fix for player losing items at the end of levels that they found prior to receiving them for a specific character (such as the Taser)

Level Generation
  • Corrected the positioning of several building templates

Artificial Intelligence
  • If you enslave a Slavemaster, his Slaves will follow him so their heads don't blow up
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not getting hostile when you freeze one of their friends with the Freeze Ray
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes believing they own the wrong building after being forced indoors by the Ooze disaster
  • Fix for NPCs not retreating indoors due to Ooze if they were far away from the player
  • Fix for Zombies not getting angry at fellow Zombified people who attack them
  • Fix for rioters and war zone’ers not always getting hostile when you arrest or bite their friends
  • When the player asks someone to leave town, they will walk to the closest elevator instead of going for the starting elevator
  • Potential fix for cases where party member NPCs would attack NPCs that you just electrocuted with the intention of enslaving them
  • Fix for NPCs walking through laser emitters at the very start of levels
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes thinking you were inside their building if you got close enough to the outside of the building’s glass wall

  • Fix for a number of potential rare multiplayer desync issues
  • Fix for cases where certain NPC properties could potentially not be set properly on client when the NPC is initially spawned
  • Fix for sometimes not being able to revive ghosts if the game has determined that the ghost player is annoyed with the other player

  • Linux version starts in windowed mode on the first run to hopefully avoid startup blue/purple/black-screen issues with certain configurations

  • Work on internal level editor
  • Work on console-specific stuff

Beta 77b (May 24)
  • Fix for cases where sound effects would not play due to the game window losing focus before sound settings could be configured

Beta 77c (May 25)
  • Player receives notifications upon completing or failing Big Quests (please let me know ASAP if you find bugs with this)
  • Added proper localization for all current achievements
  • Fixed cross-platform cloud saves, these should now be working properly.

Beta 77d (May 27)
  • Fix for lasers being triggered when the player is nearby, which was due to an error in the wall phasing fix I had added
  • Fixed Discord link on the main menu
  • Bunch of other fixes that I'll write up in the next patch notes
May 9
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Today’s list of changes is a bit smaller than usual, partly because my focus has shifted to ridding the game of long-standing hard-to-reproduce issues, partly because I’ve been doing work on my internal level editor intended to help me create new buildings faster, and partly because I got married. Suffice to say, things have been a bit on the hectic side.

In other news, I'm happy to say that the game has passed certification on Xbox, Playstation and Switch! tinyBuild and I FINALLY have a release date for 1.0 and the console versions, though we’re not quiiite ready to announce it just yet.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: Building types. What would you like to see in the game?

Beta 76
UI / Controls
  • Fix for Missions screen not opening if the player pressed the Missions button while viewing the inventory in online multiplayer mode while using the gamepad
  • Fix for cases where a permanent cursor could appear on the screen while using the gamepad
  • Fix for health bars and status text appearing too high above giants' heads

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for occasional error when trap door appears
  • Fix for occasional error spawning Supercops with Alarm Button
  • Fix for player being able to fire bullets through doors and windows at certain angles

  • Fix for Bracelet of Strength's durability depleting when hitting dead bodies
  • When using quick-health, if the player has an alcoholic item that gives the same amount of health as a non-alcoholic item, the non-alcoholic item will be consumed, since alcoholic items have other uses

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for player losing camouflage when melee-killing sleeping NPCs
  • NPCs are no longer gibbed when melee-killing a sleeping person with Backstab
  • Fix for people being able to walk on ice normally after doing Lunge attack
  • Potential fix for Slaves sometimes exploding as soon as they are captured by online multiplayer clients
  • Fix for Friend of the Common Folk making NPCs Aligned instead of Loyal when possessing someone
  • Fix for NPCs who would normally be aligned with the player sometimes being Loyal after possessing someone while you have Friend of the Common Folk
  • Charging a Lunge, Zombie Phlegm or Chaaaarge attack will cause the player to stop pointing their gun
  • Fix for Backstab occasionally being triggered on dead bodies
  • Fix for NPCs not getting angry at the player for bypassing blue lasers when they have Clumsiness Forgiven
  • Fix for cases where Un-Crits could prevent the player from ending the game properly
  • Fix for Shapeshifter NPCs not appearing when their host was zombified
  • Fix for status effects from cocktail not taking effect if the player is teleporting or falling down a hole when it was meant to take effect
  • Fix for Bite indicator not appearing when a player with Bottomless Stomach walks up to an NPC with full health
  • Fix for player potentially biting/cannibalizing a second person if they are teleported while biting/cannibalizing someone
  • Fix for not being able to blow up door detonators by hacking them

  • Attempted fix for people phasing through walls without breaking them
  • Safeguard for cases where player could get stuck in melee animation, or hitbox from animation could remain active following attack

Stats / Unlocks
  • Player receives Skill Points for stealing from chests while possessing even if the owners of the building are currently aligned with the player
  • Player receives Skill Points for stealing from chests if the owner became aligned due to the player’s actions after the start of the level
  • Fix for Accuracy not leveling up from Potential to Not Suck if the other three attributes were maxed out
  • Fix for player not receiving the benefits of Potential to Not Suck if they level up while in werewolf form or while they are possessing someone

  • Fix for final level being uncompleteable in online multiplayer if the Mayor was knocked down a hole while still wearing his hat

Big Quests
  • Potential safeguards against rare cases of Gorilla Big Quest not completing properly on a floor
  • Player no longer has the option to "put money towards upper-crusty" in Mayor Village

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for NPCs who co-owned a building with another NPC becoming annoyed when that NPC was depossessed
  • Fix for NPCs occasionally becoming Annoyed instead of Hostile when they see the player Bite or Chloroform someone they are Aligned or Loyal with
  • Safeguards for prison-related AI issues
  • Fix for NPC party members not becoming hostile toward the player when the player depossesses one of their friends in front of them
  • Fix for NPC owners not getting angry when you place a Time Bomb near their property
  • Fix for NPCs not running away from Time Bombs
  • Fix for NPCs not running away from falling bombs during this disaster
  • Fix for error that could occur when an NPC was attempting to cannibalize someone
  • Thief will no longer say fleeing phrases directly after pickpocketing someone
  • Zombie will no longer say "I'm free!" after being released from prison

  • Fix for Credits button having incorrect text in certain languages
  • Changes to Polish font

  • If the host ends the game while a player has just joined and is still on the character select screen, that player will be disconnected to avoid problems later

  • Work on level editor (quoting what I posted above: I’m still not 100% sure that this will be available as a modding tool (though it’s something I’ll be considering), but at the very least it’ll allow me to create new buildings more rapidly post-launch.)
  • Work on special version to be demo’ed at events
Apr 25
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
For the first time in years, my list of bugs and balance fixes that I need to make is actually running fairly low! I’m still waiting on the console certification process to finish up before I can announce a 1.0 release date.

That doesn’t mean I have any shortage of things to do! For example, I spent a bunch of time this week working on a proper level editor for the game. I’m still not 100% sure that this will be available as a modding tool (though it’s something I’ll be considering), but at the very least it’ll allow me to create new buildings more rapidly post-launch.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: The "Endless" mutator. I've been wanting to add an increasing challenge to Endless mode for awhile, so if you've got suggestions I'd like to hear them.

Beta 75
  • Secret Shapeshifter NPCs have red eyes
  • Fix for custom Werewolf sometimes having the wrong body color after transforming
  • Fix for Diminutive graphical effect remaining after player switches levels with New Character Every Level mutator

UI / Controls
  • Right-hand side of the character creation screen displays the number of items a player will be bringing with them, ex. “Grenade (3)”
  • Lighting Type setting changes properly without resetting the game when the player makes this change while on the title screen
  • Certain changes to gamepad configuration will work properly without resetting the game
  • Fix for trackpad mode not working properly with charges and lunges
  • Changes to feedback form input field
  • Fix for issues receiving missions from NPCs who are sitting or sleeping
  • Fix for “Disable damage numbers” setting not functioning properly
  • Fix for Game Over screen not appearing if a game ends while one of the players is standing at the very edge of the map as a ghost

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for error when Alarm Button is destroyed by explosions from falling bombs
  • Fix for explosions not destroying all object if the player is not nearby when the explosion takes place

  • Food and Ammo Processors have limits again (I had forgotten why I had them in the first place, but then… I remembered). However, it’s a limit of 20 instead of the original 10. Also, limits are removed with the No Limits mutator.
  • Soldier in the Mall can sell weapon modifications like Silencer
  • Items can be purchased from Upper-Cruster in the Mall

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Water damages Cop Bots and Killer Robot, including projectiles, bodies of water, and puddles
  • Fix for not all types of water projectiles refilling water cannon
  • Fix for Fire Extinguisher projectiles refilling water cannon
  • Low-Cost Jobs cancels Antisocial in character creation, and vice-versa
  • Kill Healthenizer and Bloodlust cannot activate after the player has died
  • Fix for player being able to mess with Jock's Charge ability by spamming buttons
  • Player can't begin hacking objects that are too far away to hack and would result in immediate cancellation
  • Fix for custom Werewolf having negative traits restored when transforming back to human form, after they had been removed in the Augmentation Booth
  • Fix for Diminutive not being removed properly on host’s end when client removes it using Augmentation Booth
  • Friend of the Family, Friend of the Common Folk, and Cool with Cannibals will carry over when you possess someone
  • Fix for Friend of the Family and Cool with Cannibals not always working properly with rioters
  • Player can possess quest-related NPCs who have died and been Zombified
  • Fix for custom Shapeshifter with traits like Sausage Fingers being able to possess someone with a weapon and keep using their weapon after depossessing
  • Player will not lose Above the Law when depossessing, so long as they are not Wanted
  • Werewolf A-Were-Ness is not triggered by werewolves who become zombies
  • Fix for player not receiving all the benefits of Diminutive when New Character Every Level mutator is active
  • Fix for all NPCs getting annoyed with a Malodorous player who depossesses
  • DNA Connection cannot be given to NPCs who are already zombies
  • Fix for Blaster Master not resulting in all types of objects being destroyed by explosions
  • Fix for Shop Drops not triggering when an enslaved Shopkeeper dies from their Slave Helmet exploding

  • Water projectiles will destroy fire projectiles
  • In split-screen, mouse player cannot command NPCs to attack other NPCs in other players' windows
  • Fix for internal error sometimes occurring on Slave death

  • Sound effect for switching weapons will still play if an error somehow occurs while switching weapons

Stats / Unlocks
  • Vampires will receive “Kill (Rival)” points for killing Werewolves and vice versa

Big Quests
  • Stricter requirements for completing Investment Banker's Big Quest

  • Player levels up a bit more quickly during Quick Games
  • Cost to purchase items and services is slightly lower during Quick Games

Level Generation
  • Fix for doors being made of steel or having detonators varying when using the same seed
  • Fix for cases where game would be in slow motion at the beginning of a level
  • When playing as a Gangster, rival gang is more likely to appear in Uptown

Artificial Intelligence
  • Questgivers and people that you rescue for quests are less likely to become hostile toward you
  • Assassins cannot go invisible after they have been enslaved by the player
  • Fix for former arsonist Zombies being able to throw Molotov Cocktails
  • NPCs will not become annoyed at the player for Biting, Cannibalizing or Chloroforming if they are Hostile or Annoyed toward the victim
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes getting annoyed at the player for Biting or Cannibalizing if they were not within hearing range and the player was not in their line of sight
  • Player cannot tell jokes to NPCs in prison
  • Serving cocktails with positive status effects will cause the NPC to like you more
  • Fix for NPCs getting spooked by invisible players who are chasing them
  • Fix for Mall NPCs not always having the correct reaction to Suspicious/Malodorous players
  • NPCs will not pick up projectile weapons when participating in a challenge from the Wrestler
  • Fix for NPCs not always attacking you if you try to pickpocket them from the wrong angle

  • New font used when Polish setting is turned on in user-created localizations

  • Various small fixes

  • Fix for Attributes not always being tracked properly between host and clients
  • Potential fix for walls being destroyed from client not actually appearing destroyed
  • Fix for water pistol projectiles not appearing on clients if client enters the game while the other player already has the weapon equipped

Saved Games
  • Demo version and full version now use separate folders to store data

  • Began work on level editor (quoting what I posted above: I’m still not 100% sure that this will be available as a modding tool (though it’s something I’ll be considering), but at the very least it’ll allow me to create new buildings more rapidly post-launch.)

Beta 75b (April 26)
  • Fix for player making noise when chloroforming

Beta 75c
  • Fix for error occurring when multiplayer clients with Art of the Deal interact with NPCs

Beta 75d (April 29)
  • Fix for hang when door detonator reaches 0
Apr 11
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
This update includes a new “No Limits” mutator, intended to make the balance more like it was in earlier builds. Which is to say “there are a whole bunch of exploits”. But the people spoke, and I do listen, so here it is! For more details, see the changelog below. I also made some other balance changes to the base game that I think players will appreciate. I'm going to leave the previous Fortnight Discussion topic open for the next couple of weeks, so let me know what you think of this!

In addition, I completed some “Making of Streets of Rogue” DLC content, which will likely be released once the game hits 1.0. This will include a bunch of earlier builds of the game for you to play around with (including some REAL early ones from more than 4 years ago), and around an hour of developer’s commentary in video form. It won’t be free, but it won’t be pricey either. It also doesn’t include anything that affects the game in its current state, so it’ll just be a totally optional thing for anyone interested in how the game was made.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

Beta 74
  • No Limits Mutator - Limitations removed from a number of objects, items and traits to allow for extreme exploits, grinding and min-maxing
    • Sell-O-Matic can dispense infinite money
    • Clone Machine can clone infinite items
    • Slot Machines can be played as much as you want
    • Goodie Dispenser can dispense infinite items
    • Augmentation Booth can remove any trait
    • Slum Dweller can put an unlimited amount of money into the ATM for his Big Quest
    • Barbecue can create infinite Hot Fud
    • Player can toss as many coins as they want into a Well
    • Alarm Button has infinite uses
    • Player can give as much blood as they want at Hospitals
    • Kill Profiter has unlimited charges
    • Safe in Crowds cap removed
    • Confident in Crowds cap removed

  • Corrected the shadow offsets for a number of different items
  • Fix for Killer Plant body and head highlighting separately on mouseover
  • Giblets from War Zone NPCs do not spawn in water (for performance reasons)
  • Fix for custom Shapeshifter sometimes appearing without a head after possessing people
  • Fix for shirtless NPCs appearing to have a white body after progressing to the next level
  • Fix for nude NPCs not always appearing nude on multiplayer client after being depossessed

UI / Controls
  • Button image selections added to control settings
  • Item Teleporter scrollbar starts where you left off after closing and re-opening the menu
  • Fix for keyboard player not being able to click object buttons in split-screen mode
  • Fix for Supercop and Upper Cruster not appearing properly on multiplayer client character select
  • Fix for player attacking on a click when the mouse is over the chatlog scrollbar and input field
  • Fix for pressing Start at Save Character prompt in Character Creation opening the main menu
  • Fix for objects sometimes losing camera focus when operating bar is onscreen
  • Fix for issues occurring if the player attempted to name their custom character “UpperCruster” or “Cop2”
  • Fix for skill bar "gained points" text sometimes remaining on the screen indefinitely
  • Player can use scroll wheel to move scrollbar on Stats screen in 3- and 4-player modes
  • Small text spacing fix on Stats screen
  • Fix for selection boxes for players 2-4 not animating properly

Playfield Objects
  • Sell-O-Matic per-level selling limit increased by around $70-$100 depending on the level
  • Player can only use Alarm Buttons a certain number of times per level
  • Fix for Turntables action "Spin Records" not working properly from multiplayer client
  • Fix for elevator saying "Big Quest Incomplete" when possessing an NPC as a custom character
  • Gorillas always have bananas in their refrigerator
  • Fix for Floor Switch appearing in some spots where Crusher is operating continuously
  • Potential fix for rare case where Crusher could hit someone through a wall
  • Fix for cases where the player is not able to turn off security systems from Computer when hazards like crushers, fire spewers etc. still remain

  • Fud Processor and Ammo Processor have infinite uses again
  • Machinegun ammo count increased from 40 to 50 and base value increased from 100 to 110
  • Flamethrower ammo count increased from 80 to 100
  • Fix for Quick-Escape Teleporter occasionally firing when the player was left with 0 health, allowing them to continue playing when they should be dead

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for NPCs who were infected with Zombiism, then fell in a hole, respawning outside the hole
  • Fix for cases where client player could appear as ghost on multiplayer host after being knocked out
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes becoming aligned due to Random Reverence immediately after being depossessed
  • Safeguard against multiplayer client becoming Werewolf permanently
  • Fix for Shop Drops triggering a second time for NPCs who have already become zombies
  • Fix for Killing Time not working with custom characters
  • Fix for non-starting traits being removed when a custom character transformed into Werewolf
  • Fix for multiplayer client’s starting traits not always being added back properly on host machine, when client has just depossessed or transformed back from Werewolf form
  • Potential fix for Werewolf remaining in Werewolf form after becoming a ghost in online multiplayer
  • Water projectiles refill the Water Cannon
  • Fix for Cannibal’s Table Manners trait resulting in cops getting angry
  • Fix for Vampire making cops angry when biting people during Super Special Abilities
  • When Super Special Ability is active, player will not receive character-specific traits at the end of levels since these are redundant
  • Super Special Ability for Slavemaster properly prevents Cops from getting angry
  • Super Special Ability for Slavemaster results in bigger Slave Helmet explosions
  • Fix for Research Gun not actually researching NPCs when Super Special Ability is active
  • Wall Walloper + results in less durability loss from destroying walls
  • Lock and Load restores a higher percentage of ammunition at the beginning of levels

Big Quests
  • Timing on when arsonists may appear for Firefighter big quest has been changed slightly
  • Player will not receive a floor bonus for Firefighter Big Quest if an arsonist did not appear
  • Upper-Cruster NPCs can become Arsonists

Level Generation
  • Soldier NPCs at Military Bases are not removed from a level during War Zone disaster

Artificial Intelligence
  • If the player possesses someone who is hostile toward a questgiver or rescue target, they will not fail the quest
  • Fix for errors setting up relationships which could lead to bigger problems
  • Fail-safe for rare cases where Ideological Clash would affect NPCs that needed to be rescued for missions
  • Fix for NPCs running from player with Fair Game after the player possessed someone and no longer has Fair Game
  • Mayor will not join the player’s party if they like the player’s joke
  • Fix for NPC owners/cops who had become Zombified sometimes not attacking other people when they were too far away from their starting position
  • Fix for knocked-out NPCs being considered a part of the player's party
  • Fix for small error that may occur when an NPC is becoming mutinous
  • Fix for NPC party members teleporting alongside the player after the player has given them a task such as Stand Guard
  • Player cannot bribe Bouncer after enslaving them

  • Modified the description of the Ghost Gibber to include reference to electricity so people won’t be confused why this damages people in water

  • Potential fix for cases where host player could die, other players could finish the level, and the game would still end
  • Fix for levels not completing correctly when the last player who had not exited the level fell into a hole and died
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to attack and perform certain other actions while falling into a hole
  • Fix for player health bar reading incorrectly for other players after a Werewolf transformation
  • Fail-safe for rare error when shooting bullets from multiplayer client
  • Levels will not be considered complete if the last remaining player is in a “knocked out” state
  • Fix for cases where a client possessing someone could remain possessing that person into the next level
  • Fix for issues stemming from client being knocked out when time limit to reach the elevator runs out
  • Fix for client reappearing after teleporting or falling into a hole if the time limit to reach the elevator runs out while doing these things
  • Fix for Diminutive players not always appearing diminutive at the start of levels on client

Saved Games
  • Better safeguards against player’s save data being deleted due to a crash or power outage during the save process
  • Removed code that copied player's save data from the its pre-mid-2018 folder to its current folder on launch if it had not been previously copied

  • Lots of work on console-specific stuff

  • Completed “making-of” DLC content

Beta 74b (April 13)
  • Fix for player 1 not being able to mouse over anything properly in a split-screen coop game. This also breaks the "keyboard player not being able to click object buttons in split-screen mode" fix, but you can still choose object buttons with W, S and E.
Mar 28
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
This update brings another bunch of new bug fixes, plus -- FINALLY -- Shapeshifter and Werewolf special abilities are available to custom characters!

Some exciting news, Streets of Rogue has finally entered certification for the different consoles! Things seem to be going pretty well so far, and if this keeps up, I might have an actual 1.0 release date for you soon. I hope. Actually, I should probably just keep my mouth shut :p

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums, which has been updated recently.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: The "No Limits" mutator, which will roll back a lot of the balance changes I’ve made over Early Access that were meant to combat exploits and grinding, for people who want to partake in those sort of activities.

Beta 73
  • Adjusted hundreds of light sources to look better in “medium” lighting setting
  • Fix for dead body disappearing if Shapeshifter is killed and respawns
  • Fix for Crusher appearing beneath walls when fully outstretched
  • Fix for Saw Blade tracks not appearing properly
  • Fix for face near health bar sometimes having incorrect eyes
  • Fix for people not having dizzy stars if they lose invisibility while dizzy
  • Fix for invisible players not having dizzy stars
  • Fix for other cases where dizzy stars would not appear

UI / Controls
  • Fix for orange quest markers for client Big Quests appearing on host when playing as Thief
  • Fix for credits list speed increasing while the player is chatting in multiplayer and presses spacebar or e
  • Fix for character sheet instruction text going out of boundaries in certain languages
  • Fix for text spacing issue in certain languages on lower-right corner instruction text in character creation
  • Fix for Randomize Appearance on character creation being triggered when player pressed Start
  • Fix for Special Ability display on interface flashing white sometimes when switching abilities
  • Fix for missions screen closing on host when client completes a mission
  • Added option to show a list of players in a multiplayer game with the R3/RT button chat menu
  • Fix for quest notification animations occasionally showing text in incorrect color
  • Fix for incorrect class being selected on Character Select after possessing certain classes and suiciding
  • Fix for player’s debt not displaying accurately when transitioning between levels

Playfield Objects
  • Fail-safe for cases where a player’s interaction with an object was not cleaned up properly
  • Fix for players sometimes getting the option to knock on doors etc. when behind the door
  • Closing outside doors does not produce a noise
  • Failsafe for cases where part of Crusher could remain after it was destroyed
  • Fix for Turrets being able to shoot at people who were not in view of the nearby Security Camera
  • Fix for player not triggering ground-based obstacles when jumping and landing on them
  • Vampire Refrigerators no longer have food and drinks in them, only money
  • Fix for multiplayer client's Sell-O-Matic payouts not counting toward payout total on host
  • Fixed cases where Clone Machine could allow multiplayer client to clone too many items

  • Player cannot pick up items from behind bars, fences, lasers, and barbed wire
  • Fix for Police Baton being placed amongst guns in the weapon scroller

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Possess special ability is available to custom characters
  • Werewolf Transformation special ability is available to custom characters
  • Chaaaarge ability synergizes with Secret Vandalizer
  • Hacker is capable of blowing up any Door Detonator through hacking
  • Fix for cases where player would get a trait that would normally be cancelled out by one of their current traits when using Augmentation Booth to get a random trait
  • Fix for player being able to hit ghosts with Ghost Gibber when they have a trait such as No In-Fighting and the ghost is aligned
  • Characters with Zombiism who also have The Law are not considered Guilty
  • Fix for NPC Assassins being able to cloak themselves after becoming zombified
  • Fix for Former Slave being called Slave after being depossessed
  • Fix for cases where Withdrawal could appear at the same time as Feelin’ Alright in multiplayer games

  • Fix for rare cases where Hologram could take damage
  • Fix for holograms having collision for a single frame after being spawned
  • Fix for occasional issue destroying fires from multiplayer client
  • Guns may not be fired more than 10 times per second
  • Fix for rare cases where dead NPCs could crush shrunken players
  • Fix for blind spot in collision at the beginning of lunge attacks
  • Fix for certain cases where bullets could be shot through walls with Shotgun

  • Fix for potential weirdness if a multiplayer client triggered the ending on a slow connection
  • Fix for fires not disappearing, fire hydrants not ceasing to spill water, etc. during ending

  • In Low Health for All mode, player loses only 10 health instead of 20 when giving blood
  • Fix for player not losing the game if time runs out in Time Limit mutators while they are teleporting or falling into a hole

Level Generation
  • Fix for movie theater bathroom being considered an "off limits" area
  • Water Pumps will not appear near lakes that are already poisoned

Artificial Intelligence
  • Player cannot interact with NPCs who are Dizzy or Electrocuted
  • NPCs will not become Hostile toward invisible player if affected by status effect projectile
  • Fix for Firefighters aiming at position where fire started after the fire's position changed
  • Fix for NPCs getting annoyed at the player when the player is invisible and throws objects at them
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would not be scared of the player after the player possessed a Zombie
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would not be scared of the player after the player transformed into a Werewolf
  • Werewolf NPCs cannot be scared by other Werewolf NPCs
  • Fix for NPCs getting hostile toward other NPCs for closing a door
  • Fix for cases where shrunken NPCs don't run away from you
  • Failsafe for cases where NPCs would not follow the player when the player is meant to rescue them for a quest

  • Fix for Spanish words in instruction text for Character Select having inappropriate dashes
  • Fix for incorrect looking Russian characters that say "No."
  • Fixed some typos in translations

  • Bunch of small-to-mid-level improvements

  • Fix for NPCs not having collision when the multiplayer client has exited the level and is spectating other players

Saved Games
  • Fix for multiplayer host saved game file size increasing every level

  • Lots of work on console-specific stuff
Mar 14
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
On March 10th, Streets of Rogue celebrated its second birthday in Early Access, and to celebrate, I have for you…. another batch of bug fixes! :p I also spent a decent chunk of time this update on performance work as well, which will hopefully benefit those of you with low-spec machines -- particularly when there’s a lot of action going on in a crowded level.

Still no release date for 1.0 just yet. I will be keeping you all in the loop on this, believe me I am super eager to report on progress in that area just as soon as I have something solid to tell you. I posted the following as a comment on the previous patch notes:
Step 1: Weed out every remaining console-specific bug. Getting dangerously close to this.
Step 2: Get through certification on all consoles.
Step 3: Announce release date.
Step 4: Rejoice.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: Things that have changed during Early Access that you don’t like. Go on, let me have ‘em.

Beta 72
  • Fix for cases where NPCs could appear to have a normal body and Werewolf head on multiplayer client
  • Potential fix for “spawn” particle effects not always appearing
  • Potential fix for instances in local coop where an NPC turns completely white
  • Fix for NPCs appearing to float in midair after being knocked out on a bed and then punched

UI / Controls
  • Duplicates cannot be added to loadout list in Home Base
  • Prevention for potential duplicate traits at the end of levels
  • Fix for player not returning to the main menu in a “clean” way when pressing Cancel too quickly when starting an online game
  • Fix for NPC health bars not always adjusting properly if the NPC’s health changed while invisible or out of view in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for gamepad button images not appearing in tooltip after player has quit the game and resumed a saved game
  • Potential fix for issue where minimap could appear permanently on the screen during 2-player coop mode
  • Fix for orange quest markers for client Big Quests appearing on host

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for local coop issue where objects might become non-interactable for certain players

  • Fix for rare cases where safe combination for a safe would not be in the possession of any NPC
  • Fix for items with multiple add-ons losing all but the first add-on when multiplayer client dies and spills the item
  • Items spilled by the player when they die in multiplayer modes will not appear to bounce (for performance reasons)

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Flesh Feast does not work when attacking Invincible people
  • Fix for people remaining hidden in bushes after being inflicted with Giant
  • Fix for Investment Banker’s Super Special Ability not always triggering on the final level

  • Fix for people having slightly different hitboxes after dying and returning to life

  • More consistent timing for drum beat at the end of ending speech
  • Fix for certain NPC sounds not playing when they were out of view in Rogue Vision

  • Fail-safes for rare cases where missions might not be completeable if an NPC was removed from the game prior to the level finishing loading
  • Fix for rare issue where missions were not being removed from the main missions list properly
  • Fix for cases where mission could appear to be failed in the home base
  • Fix for too many NPCs having markers over their heads in Neutralize All missions on multiplayer client

  • Fix for Riot levels starting with an extremely low Electability score

Big Quests
  • Fix for cases where Big Quest could not be completed due to the target NPC being hidden in a manhole and would not emerge due to being friendly toward the player
  • Werewolf kill counter no longer goes over 5
  • Fix for arsonists not always appearing properly when multiplayer client is a Firefighter

  • Fix for player always receiving Banana Peel as a quest reward when No Guns or No Melee mutator is active
  • Fix for Slavemaster not starting with Taser when No Melee Weapons and No Guns are active

Level Generation
  • For user-entered seeds, the game will no longer distinguish between capital and lower-case letters

Artificial Intelligence
  • Zombies and other inhumans will not get Annoyed when they see you enslaving someone
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes getting hostile toward the player when another NPC who was aligned with the first NPC accidentally hits the player
  • NPCs will not become hostile toward the player if the player shoots them with any type of projectile while invisible
  • Fix for NPCs running away from inanimate objects that they were commanded to attack if their health is low enough
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to hack/lockpick/break into windows after completing their task
  • Fix for enslaved NPCs not being submissive to the player if they had injured the player prior to being enslaved
  • Fix for enslaved NPCs sometimes not having their full set of context menu commands
  • Drug Dealers will not take syringes when fighting inanimate objects
  • Fix for cases where multiplayer client could move out of range of NPC they were interacting with, and NPC would still think they were interacting
  • Fix for NPCs not pathing around fires caused by destroying certain objects
  • Bouncers will no longer allow players with Wanted, Malodorous or Suspicious to pay them for entry
  • Fix for cases where NPC could be tranquilized and realize the player did it, but not attack them due to turning the other direction while being tranquilized

  • Fix for credits text on main menu not being aligned correctly in Chinese and Korean versions
  • Fix for “Control Setup” menu text not being translated
  • Fixed a small typo in Slum Dweller English ending text

  • Levels load more quickly
  • Better performance when lots of NPCs are fighting each other
  • Greatly improved performance hitching in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fewer hitches when spawning new NPCs
  • Fix for scrollbar-related performance drop
  • Fix for small performance hitch when NPCs died
  • Slightly less of a performance hitch when destroying walls
  • Fix for hitches relating to drawing the minimap when ooze expands
  • Various other here-and-there performance improvements

  • Client will not finish loading levels until host has sent all object data to client
  • Various improvements to the amount of data being transferred

  • Lots of work on console-specific stuff
Feb 28
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Yeah that’s right, BETA. After 70 “alpha” releases, I’m finally calling this thing a beta. To be honest, I probably should have done that a few builds ago, since the game has been feature-complete for 1.0 for awhile.

“But shouldn’t you call it Beta 1?”

Yeah, but I don’t REALLY want to start all the way back at 1, do you? I’ve spent a long time building up that meaningless number! It’s been 3 years and 4 months since Alpha 1 was released! When the game gets out of early access, I’ll probably just keep the number and call it “Version X” instead of “Beta X”.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: Your Biggest Pet Peeves. Yeah, this is going to be a painful one.

Also, a little plug: Be sure to check out ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove when it releases tomorrow! Streets of Rogue got a healthy dose of inspiration from the original Sega release from 28 years ago. It’s like a wayyyy more laid-back sort of rogue-lite that your mom/kid brother/non-gamer significant other can play with you.

Beta 71
  • Fix for people not having bug eyes when electrocuted
  • Fix for people not having angry eyes when being enslaved
  • Fix for clones of custom characters having incorrect skin color on multiplayer client
  • Fix for players who are shirtless or pantsless appearing with white skin on multiplayer client
  • Fix for player’s body appearing over scenery if they possess someone while in Giant form
  • Fix for NPCs not appearing to shoot water at wall fires and oil fires on multiplayer client
  • Potential fix for cases where Cop Bot security beams could appear incorrect colors and stay after their death
  • NPCs do not appear highlighted when they are being arrested or enslaved

UI / Controls
  • Fix for game hanging when the user changes their save slot
  • Fix for NPC health bars sometimes being inaccurate for multiplayer client at the start of levels
  • Fix for red buttons on character creation not appearing red after loading a character
  • Traits and items can be disabled in the home base while in local coop mode
  • Fix for Mutators menu not updating properly for other players in coop or online games when a player makes a change
  • Fix for lines on missions screen blocking mouse clicks
  • Fix for certain UI elements sometimes not appearing during camera zooms
  • “Operating…” bar will close immediately if the player dies or is otherwise incapacitated
  • All interfaces will close if the player is teleported or falls in a hole

Playfield Objects
  • Traversing broken windows costs only 7 HP instead of 15 with Low Health For All mutator activated
  • Fix for Alarm Button hacks from multiplayer client not being effective

  • Syringes are available from the Item Teleporter
  • Mood Ring does not appear in the game (it didn’t do anything)
  • Melee and gun accessories will not appear as quest rewards when the No Melee and No Guns mutators are active
  • Ghost Gibber does slightly more damage dependent on your firearms skill
  • Ghost Gibber causes knockback when causing damage on NPCs who are not ghosts
  • Ghost Gibber damages NPCs standing in water or on puddles
  • Ghost Gibber ammo count starts at 250 instead of 200

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Burning Bullets lights people on fire when they die from a bullet
  • Random Reverence cancels out Fair Game and The Law properly
  • Fix for cases in online multiplayer where player could possess an NPC and have 0 health
  • Fix for invisibility not ending properly for NPCs with quest markers
  • Loneliness Killer does not trigger when the player enters a level as a ghost
  • Fix for not being able to enslave NPCs who are already in your party
  • Fix for Shapeshifter’s Super Special Ability to not cause a depossessed NPC or the people nearby to become annoyed/hostile not working in local or online coop modes
  • Fail-safe for cases where Jock could get stuck in a charging state

  • Fix for “sell item” sound effect playing at double volume when using Sell-O-Matic
  • Fix for “quest failed” sound effect playing after the game has ended

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for players who arrest innocents with whom they are aligned not losing XP

  • Player will not be assigned a Rescue mission if other people in the building of the questgiver are annoyed or hostile toward the person being rescued
  • Fix for instances where NPC owners in mission buildings would not be considered guilty
  • Fail-safes for rare cases where a quest item for an optional quest or the Mayor’s Hat would not register as having been picked up properly by a multiplayer client

Big Quests
  • Wrestler can no longer be tasked with battling Slaves
  • Fix for Jock’s big quest sometimes requiring him to destroy nonexistent objects
  • When the player brings two slaves of the same class to the elevator for the Slavemaster’s Big Quest, only one of the slaves will exit the level
  • Shopkeeper will not be tasked with selling Rocket Launcher when Rocket Chaos mutator is active

  • Arena Wrestlers will not receive Rocket Launchers during Rocket Launcher Chaos
  • If the player has a mutator on the daily run, then quits and resumes their game, then dies, any mutators from the daily run that have not been unlocked will be removed

Level Generation
  • Fix for bush clusters spawning in differing formations with the same seed - and by extension, NPCs hidden in the bushes spawning in differing locations
  • Fixed a pathing issue in one of the Arcades
  • Removed a switch trap from one of the Arcades

Artificial Intelligence
  • Player cannot command NPCs to stand on conveyor belts
  • Cannibals and Vampire will cease biting/cannibalizing if they are electrocuted, dizzy, or frozen
  • Slaves will no longer attempt to equip new headpieces while wearing a Slave Helmet, since this would cause them to die
  • NPCs will not wait by doorways for the player to come out when the player is invisible
  • NPCs hiding in Bushes are considered Guilty even if the player hits them before they have a chance to come out of hiding
  • Killer Robot can no longer shoot while tripping on a Banana Peel
  • Player cannot interact with NPCs while they are listening to the player’s jokes
  • If the player is interacting with an NPC and the NPC becomes Annoyed or Hostile, the interaction will end immediately
  • Fix for player not being able to command NPCs to stand in spots where walls had been destroyed
  • Fix for Loyal/Aligned NPCs in your vicinity remaining hostile toward people you are enslaving after you finish enslaving them
  • Fix for NPCs not equipping weapons that they pick up from the ground if they already have that weapon in their inventory and have run out of bullets
  • Fix for NPCs not getting annoyed at other NPCs who are Cannibalizing or Biting
  • Custom character NPCs with Fair Game will not run from other NPCs with Fair Game, or be hostile towards them
  • Fix for prisoners saying “I’m free!” for only a split second after being released
  • Player can no longer command Upper-Crusters to attack due to their cowardice, unless they are enslaved
  • When a Slavemaster NPC leaves a level through an elevator, their slaves will be freed
  • During radiation disaster, NPCs freed from prisons and other people who don’t have homes will run to shelter instead of hanging around outside
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would become hostile toward the player for starting fires when they had not seen the fire and the player at the same time
  • Arena battlers will not leave the ring to investigate loud noises
  • Fix for Cop Bots having difficulty pathing when a level is filled with Ooze
  • Fix for all NPCs in a building sometimes becoming friendly toward the player when the player completed a quest for someone that had no relation to those other NPCs
  • NPCs will not blame the player if the player’s slave dies and their helmet explodes, unless the player is responsible for the slave’s death
  • If the player successfully tells a joke, the recipient will become Friendly toward the player’s party of NPCs, as well as other players in the vicinity
  • Fix for cases where a crime was committed and an NPC would become hostile toward a player who was under a cardboard box, when the NPC was unaware they were under the box
  • Fix for Zombies starting Friendly toward NPCs who are Likeable
  • Fix for NPCs who are annoyed at the player remaining annoyed after being zombified
  • If an NPC steps on a banana peel, they won’t get angry unless the player was in viewing range
  • Player can pay the bouncer an entrance fee at buildings where guards are inside, even if the player is already friendly with the bouncer, in order to make the guards friendly
  • Fix for cases where a party member would not teleport with the player immediately after joining their party
  • Fix for Bouncers spawned from the Clone Machine having the Bribe option
  • NPCs say dialogue when you play bad music on the Jukebox
  • Mobsters and Cop Bots won’t continue to follow you if they are out of vision range
  • NPCs will not pause to listen for noises while standing on train tracks
  • Fix for Slum Dweller not causing a ruckus if you tell them to stand guard first

  • Additions to credits text on main menu
  • Added special thanks section to credits
  • Fix for chatlog text appearing in incorrect language if the player is in an online game with someone of a different language setting, and that player dies

  • Fix for rare case where player could be hurt by second red laser
  • Fix for tutorial NPC telling you the wrong number of people who had died if you knock out the bouncer and then gib him

  • Fix for frame hitch when opening the minimap with space bar in local coop mode

  • Fix for cases where players appear as ghost on multiplayer client when they are not actually ghosts
  • Fix for ghosts of players not always exploding on game over in online multiplayer games
  • Fix for discrepancies in visible destroyed walls on client when another client destroys the wall
  • Potential failsafe for players not respawning as ghost in online multiplayer games
  • Improvements to melee combat on client side to make it feel more like offline combat
  • Improvements to flying body discrepancies between host and client
  • Potential fix for cases where a large number of objects would fail to generate on the client

  • Lots of work on console-specific stuff

Beta 71b
  • Fix for quests not failing properly if the NPC holding the item falls in a hole
Feb 14
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
It seems like a massive missed opportunity that Alpha 70 fell on Valentine’s day instead of Alpha 69. Womp womp.

Anyways, here’s a bunch more bug fixes. Lots more coming before launch. Console work is still the main holdup. Keep reporting those bugs. Yada yada yada.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: World Objects. Everything from fire hydrants to vending machines to turntables. Ideas for new ones? Changes to existing ones?

Alpha 70
  • Fix for Zombies not always appearing nude when nude NPCs were zombified
  • Fix for bullet trails of certain bullets continuing after the bullet had been destroyed on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Dizzy Stars not appearing when people are knocked out
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes appearing to face downward on the ground after being killed or knocked out on multiplayer client
  • Fix for some objects not appearing correctly after multiplayer client has completed the level and is observing another player’s gameplay
  • Fix for Giant’s bottom half not being fully covered by water if their time as Giant runs out while in a lake that causes Giant
  • Fix for zombified Gorillas not always appearing the correct color after level transitions

UI / Controls
  • Character Creation menu sorts by name instead of point value by default
  • End Run button on main menu is deactivated when a Game Over state has been reached
  • Fix for issue where dialogue box sound effect could continue playing indefinitely if the player skips the ending
  • Damage for thrown items like Rock and Shuriken appears in the tooltip
  • Fix for cases where players were unable to navigate context menus with W and S keys
  • Text in split screen mode for players 2-4 does not become larger when player 1’s screen zooms out
  • Fix for incorrect tooltip sometimes appearing when moving cursor over items and objects in the missions screen
  • Potential fix for rare issue where game might not properly end if both players in coop mode fall down a hole at the same time

Playfield Objects
  • A wrestler picking an object up will result in an equivalent effect on that object to the power going out and the object becoming non-functional
  • Fix for Jukebox continuing to create noises detectable to the AI after being destroyed
  • Fix for gas staying permanently if the player turns off permanent poison gas via computer and then puts something in a building’s air conditioner
  • Power Box does not turn off lights in outdoor locations
  • Laser Emitter cannot be turned back on if its sister emitter has been destroyed
  • Sell-O-Matic and Clone Machine interface no longer close automatically when the machine runs out of money or materials
  • Train and Mine Cart can only damage NPCs when they are in viewing range of the player, to avoid accidental deaths when the AI is at longer range and not as responsive

  • Cannot knock weapons out of War Zone NPCs’ hands
  • Armor Durability Spray cannot be applied to Mood Ring
  • Fix for player being able to use the Cigarette Lighter to light oil spills on fire from behind walls
  • Fewer cases where the player is unable to light a small patch of oil on fire
  • Gas Mask protects against Dizzy Grenades
  • Fix for inconsistencies between which weapons could be equipped in the inventory, and which appeared in the scrolling weapons list
  • Fix for Shopkeepers having different items for sale if the player possesses and then depossesses them
  • Fix for armor having incorrect durability after being pickpocketed
  • Having multiple pieces of armor on will halve their durability losses when hit
  • Fix for armor in Loadout Machine sometimes having 1 durability
  • Fix for items in Loadout Machine sometimes appearing twice
  • Armor and headpieces can be cloned in Clone Machines
  • Fix for issue where player could receive a duplicate weapon if they shapeshifted into an NPC who had that weapon
  • Quick-Escape Teleporter cannot teleport the player onto a location with an oil spill

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • G-P-Yesss is not offered as a trait choice at the end of levels in local coop mode when one of the players already has it
  • Fix for players with The Law not receiving a penalty for stealing items
  • Players with The Law do not receive a penalty for stealing if they have Promise I’ll Return It
  • Players with The Law will lose XP when pickpocketing
  • Above the Law is not removed when players die and turn into ghosts in multiplayer modes
  • Share the Health triggers from health regeneration syringes
  • In character creation, Malodorous no longer cancels out traits relating to number of followers
  • Fix for Blaster Master and Blaster Survivor not working when causing explosions from hacks
  • Player can hit other people with Water Pistol when they have Class Solidarity or No In-Fighting if the Water Pistol contains a helpful status effect
  • When status effects are applied to NPCs hidden in bushes, they are removed from hiding
  • If player receives Resurrection from Shifting Status Effects disaster and dies while possessing someone, the status effect will be removed
  • Fix for players’ trait choices at the end of levels in coop mode removing player 1’s traits

  • Ambient audio for all objects stops during the ending sequence
  • Fix for issue where game would not play a sound because it thought the sound had already been played on the same frame

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for player not receiving credit for causing explosions from hacks
  • Fix for player not receiving “No Guns Used” at the end of levels after using Oil Container or Research Gun

Big Quests
  • Fix for Wrestler fights not being considered “Not Fair” when they should have been
  • Game is more selective when choosing Wrestler targets during Zombies disaster

  • Cop Bots’ security beams are no longer visible when the NPC is out of view during Rogue Vision
  • When hacking in Rogue Vision in coop mode, undiscovered objects will appear only when the hacker is in close proximity to the object, instead of every hackable object becoming visible
  • Butler Bots do not get Rocket Launchers during Rocket Launcher Chaos
  • Fix for Killer Plants not appearing fully hidden in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for Crusher not appearing fully hidden in Rogue Vision mode
  • If a player leaves the level in an online multiplayer game and becomes an observer, the rogue vision origin point will become the player they are observing
  • Fix for lights from objects appearing too bright on multiplayer client in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for being able to target hidden objects and NPCs when commanding NPCs to attack in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for Security Cameras not starting their rotation cycle until the player sees them in Rogue Vision mode

Level Generation
  • Fix for vending machines sometimes spawning in different spots in a level despite the seed being the same

Artificial Intelligence
  • War Zone Soldiers cannot be hired by the player
  • When you need to rescue someone from a cell for a mission, they will not be classified as Guilty
  • Butler Bot cannot become annoyed or hostile toward the player
  • If an NPC pops out of bushes or a manhole while the player is walking around under a box, they will recognize that the player is under a box
  • If a player removes a Slave Helmet of another player’s slave, that slave will not become scared of the former slavemaster player
  • Fix for issues that could cause AI to run on inactive NPCs
  • Fix for sleeping NPCs responding to knocks on doors when they have Hearing Blocked
  • NPCs will not sleep while they have word bubbles over their heads
  • Killer Robot will still appear “Hostile” when possessing other NPCs
  • Fix for NPCs thinking that objects they have destroyed intentionally have not been destroyed
  • NPCs no longer observe objects that have been destroyed

  • Shorter load time when transitioning from tutorial to home base
  • Fire spawning is more efficient, especially when lots of oil spill fires spawn
  • Scrolling menus no longer cause frame rate dips when they have a large number of items

  • Fail-safes for multiplayer client not respawning as ghost when level changes
  • Potential fix for rare issue where knocked-out client players would not get up
  • Attempted fix for cases where ghost cannot be resurrected
  • Various other failsafes

  • Significant changes to how player data is stored between level transitions in online multiplayer

Alpha 70b (February 15)
  • Fix for Cube of Lampey not subtracting on multiplayer client
  • Fix for sound effect that plays when changing character selections playing at double volume when using a gamepad
  • Fix for player 2 through 4’s currently highlighted cosmetic choice on character select being affected by their selection on previous menus
  • Fix for selection issues on character creation for players 2 through 4
  • Depossessing NPCs while having “Possessions are Peachy Keen” will make it so that the depossessed NPC will not be hostile toward other nearby players
  • Fix for cases where a player shoots another player with Water Pistol in an online game and does not receive the proper status effect
  • Fix for issue where multiplayer client players would not quick-teleport to the exit
  • NPCs in Arena matches are considered Guilty once the match starts
  • Player will refuse to eat Cyanide pills when attempting to use them from the inventory
  • “Can’t Do” sound effect plays in more instances where player attempts to use an item and they can’t for some reason
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not having a shadow underneath them when Rogue Vision is activated
  • Fix for Rogue Vision not having proper player lighting in online multiplayer mode past level 1
  • Fix for Rogue Vision lighting sometimes appearing in Home Base
  • Fix for “Alert” state indicator not appearing over NPCs’ heads for multiplayer client in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for Elevator sometimes appearing highlighted at the start of levels in online multiplayer
  • Fix for Gorillas sometimes not being counted as “Freed” for Gorilla’s Big Quest when they were zombified
  • Fixed internal errors when NPCs are zombified while charging their special attack
  • Backstabber will always kill people in their sleep, effectively acting like Sleep Killer used to
  • Various fixes for rare weird multiplayer issues

Alpha 70c (February 16)
  • Fix for cases where player could walk through walls and not interact with things when entering a new level after being a ghost in online multiplayer
  • Fix for status text “-Ghost” appearing at the beginning of levels when the player is a ghost
Jan 31
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Woooooo we made it all the way to Alpha 69! HUR HUR HUR!!!

I’m starting to feel like a broken record on these latest updates. The game is still in pre-end-of-early-access polish phase, so here’s another big bunch of fixes for ya, with more likely coming in the next update. For those just tuning in, I’ll be holding back on adding new content for awhile, so as not to “rock the boat” too much while the porting team and I are finishing up the console versions and going through the certification process. New content tends to introduce new bugs, which is exactly the opposite of what I’m trying to do right now. On the plus side, with all this extra polishing time, I think this game is going to launch in a very solid, clean kinda state.

Please continue to report any bugs and balance issues that you come across through the Steam forum or the in-game feedback form, it’s a major help to me!

Still no news on the 1.0 and console release date, but the porting team and I are inching closer by the day!

I’m going to keep last update’s Fortnight Discussion on sequel ideas open for another couple of weeks, lots of cool ideas in there so far.

Alpha 69
  • Fix for NPC arms sometimes appearing when the rest of the body is not visible while using Rogue Vision
  • Fix for wreckage sometimes appearing darker/burnt when it wasn’t supposed to on multiplayer client
  • Fix for shadows appearing beneath doors and windows
  • Fix for quest markers above NPCs’ heads sometimes shifting in odd ways on multiplayer client
  • Fix for custom character NPCs sometimes having “side beard” after equipping hats
  • Made some characters’ legs lighter in color so that the animation is more visible
  • Fix (again) for dizzy stars not appearing
  • Fix for NPCs “T-Posing” (I think)
  • Fix for naked swimming NPCs appearing fully clothed on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Dizzy stars not appearing on multiplayer client after the player depossesses someone
  • Fix for opening UI animations being affected by frame rate
  • Fix for the “full beard” hairstyle having missing pixels when viewed from behind
  • Fix for Flaming Barrels appearing to have fire when picked up by Wrestler if the fire had been extinguished

UI / Controls
  • Fix for “Returning Home” text shifting position for multiplayer host
  • Fix for being able to interact with objects while on the missions screen in multiplayer mode
  • Fix for cases where player was able to have the Esc menu open while loading a new level
  • Fix for speed run timer not working properly in online mode
  • Fix for starting button info not appearing in first level if client joins the game in the home base
  • Fix for starting button info appearing in the first level for a second time if the game ends before the player finishes the first level
  • Limited the number of traits that can appear on the left side of the screen
  • Fix for Mayor’s Hat not always having an arrow over it after being knocked off the Mayor on multiplayer client. Same goes for bombs on “find hidden bombs” missions.
  • Fix for Syringe contents reading as “?????” when picked up on multiplayer client if the player had identified them
  • Fix for Thief and Vampire sometimes appearing as Innocent on multiplayer client when they are actually Guilty
  • Starting gamepad button info that appears when you load into the game will show the default control scheme if the player’s gamepad controls are not mapped, rather than showing white boxes
  • Fixed a bit of text placement on scrolling menus
  • Fix for game not returning to main menu when “back” button equivalent is pressed on gamepad while loading
  • Fix for Retrieve Item text appearing over chests during Find Bombs quests on multiplayer client after the bomb had been taken from the chest
  • Fix for interface elements remaining onscreen if they were active when the level ended while the player was a ghost
  • Fix for game potentially getting stuck at the dialogue box while text is appearing
  • Fix for cases where white boxes could appear on the Missions Screen
  • Fix for player character sometimes appearing incorrect in Home Base if the player was playing as a custom character, quit to the main menu, and returned to the Home Base
  • Fix for multiplayer client sometimes not being able to quick-teleport
  • Messages cannot be posted to Twitch chat after Twitch mode is turned off

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for chests sometimes not being interactable
  • Fix for objects not being destroyed after being hacked and exploding while using the Rogue Vision mutator
  • Fix for Wrestler not being able to pick up small Boulder on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Train and Mine Cart sometimes not appearing on multiplayer client
  • Better synchronization of Train and Mine Cart positions between host and client
  • Removed Altar functionality for now, since it’s not finished
  • Security Cam alarm will go off in cases where the player is behind a locked door
  • Fix for Computer and Security Cam alarm sound occurring when the object is destroyed while non-functional

  • Fix for items sometimes not being knocked back immediately after being hit by a melee weapon on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Fud Processor and Ammo Processor not losing charges when using gamepad
  • Shopkeepers are more likely to carry food

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Cannibal Firearms skill raised from 1 to 2
  • Fix for Charge special ability not destroying beds and chairs
  • Distance that the player can stand from their Bite victim is higher on multiplayer client to account for lag
  • Characters with Moocher can borrow money from all types of Clerks
  • Players who have the Antisocial trait will not receive trait choices at the end of levels that involve party members
  • Zombies will no longer receive trait choices at the end of levels that involve guns
  • Player can perform simple interactions with all doors while holding objects using Toss ability
  • Fix for G-P-Yessss not being available from character creation on multiplayer client
  • Player cannot receive Addict when swapping traits
  • Fix for player losing health with Super Special Abilities as Shapeshifter after dying in a host body
  • Player will not drop Slave Helmet after possessing Slave with a full inventory
  • Non-upgraded versions of traits can never be added if the player has the upgraded version
  • Added fail-safes for rare cases when player could lose control of Jock after charging
  • NPCs will not get angry at you for knocking people through walls with Clumsiness Forgiven
  • NPCs will not get angry if you get knocked through a wall with Clumsiness Forgiven
  • Cannot arrest NPCs who have Invincible
  • Jock cannot begin Charge special ability when Paralyzed
  • Fix for Promise I’ll Return It not being applied when picking up items from the ground
  • Player cannot flush themselves down the toilet when they have Giant
  • Vampire cannot bite people while they are being arrested
  • Fix for being able to zombify burnt corpses

  • Hide Interface sound effect plays when closing character select
  • Sound effect plays when closing feedback form on main menu
  • Sound effect plays when clicking filter headings on multiplayer matches list
  • Sound effect plays when pressing Refresh Matches button

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for multiplayer client not unlocking Comedian after slipping on their own Banana Peel and dying
  • Electability can no longer be affected by inanimate objects

  • Fix for optional missions often not appearing for players who had Malodorous or Suspicious

Big Quests
  • Bartender can serve Beer and Whiskey to people in addition to Cocktails
  • Bartender must serve 5 NPCs per level instead of 3
  • Bartender cannot serve other Bartenders drinks
  • Bartender cannot serve drinks to the same person more than once
  • Fixed an error in the algorithm that chooses the object that a Jock needs to destroy for his Big Quest, that could result in there being too many or too few of that object in the level
  • When using the quick-health button, Bartender will drink Beer and Whiskey as a last resort if they have no other health items to conserve the items for the Big Quest
  • Fix for Big Quest status not being updated at the end of levels if the player was a ghost when the level ended
  • Fix for discrepancies between multiplayer host and client in the number of NPCs that must be Zombified for the Zombie’s Big Quest
  • No more than 4 Generators may spawn per level
  • Wrestler fights are no longer considered “fair” if you throw a Molotov Cocktail at your enemy

  • Fix for cursor text appearing for some hidden objects in Rogue Vision

Level Generation
  • Drug Dealers cannot be transformed into Slum Dwellers during level generation if they are the owner of a Drug Den

Artificial Intelligence
  • Being Friendly toward Cops will not make them ignore your crimes
  • Fix for Mayor’s initial activity being “Wander” more often than intended
  • Fix for cases where Slaves would fight their Slavemaster NPCs despite not being mutinous
  • Failsafe for NPCs getting stuck in border walls
  • Thieves will not attempt to steal while in the player’s party
  • When cops see a player who is biting, cannibalizing or enslaving, they will not become annoyed shortly before becoming hostile
  • Player can no longer command NPCs to stand on train tracks
  • If the player tells an NPC to Stand Guard, he can tell them to Stand Guard again in a different spot without having to say Follow Me first
  • NPCs in your party cannot become Annoyed with you
  • Some pathfinding fixes for AI opponents on multiplayer client
  • Party members will not get angry at an NPC who has been challenged to a fight if that person accidentally hits them
  • Fix for NPCs not saying their Flee dialogue when fleeing their opponent in combat
  • More types of NPCs have Flee dialogue
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes becoming hostile toward players who committed crimes outside of their viewing range
  • Drug Dealers and NPCs associated with them are considered Guilty
  • Fix for cases where Cops would become hostile toward the player for far-away explosions that the player caused
  • Fix for players being able to destroy objects that belonged to Cops when out of their view but within hearing range, and the Cops not becoming annoyed or hostile
  • Fix for Cops not getting angry when they see someone Cannibalizing
  • Attacking Comedians in Music Hall will cause owners to become angry
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to sit and listen for jokes after the Comedian has been zombified
  • Fix for being able to ask Zombies for quest items even if they had already dropped the item due to being killed and zombified
  • Upper-Cruster NPCs will not use Alarm Buttons more than once
  • Cop Bots no longer dance for Boombox, though they are still distracted
  • Fix for NPCs not saying “Hey buddy!” on multiplayer client immediately after being spawned through Friend Phone or Clone Machine
  • Fix for depossessed NPCs becoming hostile toward players who were not in view when the depossession occurred
  • Goons and Bouncers in level chunks with missions are always considered Guilty
  • NPCs will not pick up thrown weapons from the floor when fighting multiplayer clients, since throwing functionality does not work very well when NPCs fight clients
  • Fix for NPCs not going back to patrolling or observing objects after being depossessed
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would become Hostile toward the player if he tried to pickpocked them from an odd angle, but would not actually attack or change their behavior
  • Werewolves are always considered Guilty
  • Fix for player thanking themselves for breaking themselves out of jail after possessing a jailed person

  • Fix for “Lock and Load +” not having a proper description
  • A couple of localization fixes

  • Pathfinding performance optimization
  • Slightly faster level loading due to pathfinding changes

  • Fix for cases where NPCs would freeze in place on multiplayer client after being zombified
  • Fix for multiplayer client not being able to resume their Big Quest if they do not exit the game properly (crash, turning off computer, etc.)
  • Fix for players having 30 seconds before next level starts instead of 45 at the game’s ending

Saved Games
  • Fix for saved game not being invalidated immediately when the player reaches the ending

  • Fixed a few internal errors that could be seen in output logs
  • Updated Astar Pathfinding Project plugin to Pro version

Alpha 69b
  • Fix for Prison Break missions not displaying quest markers over all targets
  • Fix for the “messy long” hairstyle having missing pixels when viewed from behind
  • Hackable objects will appear properly on the screen in Rogue Vision mode
  • “Health down” status text appears after falling into holes
  • Fix for player not being able to hack objects not in view in Rogue Vision mode when using a gamepad
  • Fix for “window break” sound playing multiple times on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Death Method changing to “Ooze” if the player is hit by ooze after dying
  • Fix for damage taken when falling into holes not being included in the “Damage Taken” stat
  • Fix for player 1 getting credit for completing missions where another player asked/threatened a person to leave town
  • Fix for issue where mission targets could potentially be NPCs hidden in bushes and manholes

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