Streets of Rogue - Madguy
I’ve added a bunch of new Big Quests this week -- 9 to be exact. Still no awards for actually completing them, that’s coming later! I also made some important performance improvements.

Next update (or possibly updates?) will be on the light side, as I’ll be spending most of my time working on the game’s post-Uptown “final encounter”. It might be awhile before that's actually ready for people to play, but hopefully it'll be worth it!

This week's Fortnight Discussion: Most ridiculous thing that's happened to you in the game?

Alpha 51
Big Quests
  • Bartender - Serve drinks to 3 different people
  • Gorilla - Rescue all gorillas. Likelihood of finding captive Gorillas in levels is increased when playing as Gorilla
  • Thief - Rob all Chests and Safes
  • Wrestler - Ask a certain person to fight, and win without cheating or using projectile and throwable weapons
  • Jock - Destroy every object of a certain type
  • Comedian - Tell jokes to a percentage of people
  • Slavemaster - Enslave someone of a certain class and bring them to the entrance
  • Soldier - Destroy all Generators
  • Cannibal - Eat a person of a particular class
  • Fix for Investment Banker’s quest not being completeable
  • Fix for Big Quest status not loading correctly for clients who quit and rejoin the game
  • Fix for Big Quest status for multiplayer clients sometimes saying “Failed” when it was meant to say “Wait for Next Game”
  • Fix for Big Quest district status for multiplayer clients sometimes saying “Wait for Next Area” at incorrect times
  • “Wait for Next Area” now reads “Wait for Next District”
  • Big Quest required totals for Doctor and Cop take Quick Game into account
  • Fix for Gangsters not being counted properly in online multiplayer mode if only the client is playing as a gangster
  • Fix for orange arrows appearing for players in online games who were not doing that particular Big Quest
  • Only need to Zombify 30% of a level instead of 40% for Zombie Big Quest
  • Missions screen displays number of people that must be Zombified instead of a percentage
  • People who are Zombified and then die count toward your total
  • Big Quest map markers no longer appear on the minimap, only on the missions screen
  • Big Quest map markers only appear on the map once discovered
  • Big quest map markers appear smaller than before

  • Fixed an issue that was causing music clips to eat up an ungodly amount of RAM
  • Performance improvements to lighting engine
  • Improved frame rate during load times, meaning that the game won’t try to load as much stuff all at once within a single frame. This could potentially help with issues where some players may crash between levels
  • The game boots up more quickly
  • AI work is distributed more evenly amongst frames to avoid CPU spikes
  • Fixed monstrously inefficient “show NPC names” code from when you hold space bar
  • Other various performance improvements

UI / Controls
  • Fix for Character Select not appearing properly under certain circumstances when using a custom character

  • Fix for rare cases of the Quick Escape Teleporter freezing the game if it couldn’t find an appropriate position for the player to teleport

  • Fix for screen remaining black at the start of the new game following the failure of a “Find Bombs” mission
  • Butler Bots spawn a bit earlier during War Zone
  • NPCs who are normally spawned outdoors are no longer spawned during War Zone
  • Ooze expands faster than before

  • Fix for mutators not loading properly when loading saved games

Level Generation
  • Potential fix for freeze at 87%
  • Fix for odd pathfinding in one of the Arcade buildings

Artificial Intelligence
  • Cops will not attack the player if the player attacks enemies who pop out of manholes

  • Chinese translations for some of the newer text have been added
  • Fix for “Remove Disaster” unlocks not appearing properly in multiplayer chat
  • Descriptions for Longer Status Effects and Shorter Status Effects are more specific

  • Fix for clients who quit and rejoin the game losing their level and skill points, and a couple of other stats

  • Unity Analytics disabled

Alpha 51b (May 18)
  • Fix for levels sometimes hanging at 50% loaded
  • Fix for AI sometimes updating at the wrong speed
  • Fix for Item Teleporter menu causing the game to go into slow motion in multiplayer mode
  • Fix for Cannibal’s Big Quest sometimes assigning the player to eat Gorillas, which is not possible because they are not humans, and that would not be very Cannibal-like
  • Fix for NPCs who start in gas-filled buildings not always having Gas Mask
  • A few small performance fixes

Alpha 51c (May 19)
  • Fix for multiplayer lobby sometimes displaying Mutator names incorrectly
  • Fix for Shopkeeper being able to buy the same item from NPCs multiple times when playing as multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs taking up a slot in the player’s party after exiting the level through the level entrance
  • Slavemaster can no longer receive Big Quest to enslave a Slave
  • If the Slavemaster escorts an NPC to the level entrance to complete their Big Quest, the NPC will drop their important items (such as keys) before exiting the level
  • Fix for Slave helmet exploding after the player brings a Slave to the entrance, has them ostensibly exit the level, and moves far enough away
  • Fix for Movie Screen sometimes having the wrong sprites
  • Fix for Cop’s Big Quest not being completeable
  • Fix for Comedian Big Quest sometimes only requiring you to entertain 1 person
  • Fix for Zombie Big Quest sometimes only requiring you to zombify 1 person
  • Wrestler can no longer receive Big Quest to fight a Cop during Lockdown, since Cops are always initially hostile in this case
  • If you rescue a Gorilla from a prison and you already have a full party, they will not join your party
  • Fix for Flame Grates at the end of factory conveyor belts not always having fire
  • Fix for Fire only doing 1 damage
  • Larger Chair has been renamed to “Armchair” and larger Table has been renamed “Big Table” to avoid confusion with smaller varieties in Jock’s Big Quest
  • When completing a level, skill points awarded for Big Quests are displayed before other types of points at the top-left of the screen
  • Added some pitch shifting for one of the melee hit sounds (not sure why it was missing…)
  • Small performance fixes
Streets of Rogue - Madguy

Hello budding rogues,

Developer here -- Streets of Rogue is on sale this weekend, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a little free-for-all "ask me anything". Want to know something about how a game mechanic works? What I have planned for the future? Why I posted a gif of someone exploding after being arrested? Alright, in that case, it was a bug, and I thought it was pretty amusing.

I'll be checking in periodically from now til Sunday to answer your questions, so ask away!

(Also, remember that the game has an FAQ as well, so you might want to check there before you post a question like "why don't you make an open-world version of the game" ;)
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
In this build, a number of changes have been made to the save system. Notably, you can now have multiple save slots (accessible through the gameplay settings menu), and saved games are finally functional in online multiplayer mode.

Also: The location on your hard disk under which save data is stored will be changing. The first time you start Alpha 50, the game will attempt to copy your files to this new location automatically, so most players won’t notice a difference. In the unlikely event that the game is unable to copy the files due to permissions issues or something, the game will appear as if you are starting for the first time, and play the intro and tutorial. If this happens, DO NOT PANIC, your save data is safe. You’ll just need to copy the files to their new locations manually. See here for details

This week's Fortnight Discussion: What does this game need for 1.0?

Alpha 50
Saved Games
  • Save Slots added, selectable in the gameplay settings menu. You get 5 of them.
  • When the host of a multiplayer game quits, choosing the Resume Game option under “Level” on the multiplayer game-start screens will properly restore the game to its saved state. Previously, Resume Game would start the host on the last level they visited with a brand new character.
  • If a client leaves a multiplayer game and then comes back to that game, they will retain their stats and inventory
  • All saved data is now stored in the Documents/Streets of Rogue folder
  • Saved characters are now stored in the Steam Cloud
  • Saved characters are no longer stored in their own individual directories, but rather all files are now under the Documents/Streets of Rogue/Characters directory
  • Backup files are now stored in their own folder Documents/Streets of Rogue/BackupData
  • BackupData files are no longer stored in the Steam Cloud
  • Saved games for offline, multiplayer-as-host, and multiplayer-as-client are stored in separate files. This means that starting a new multiplayer game will not invalidate your last single player game save
  • Fix for certain random things around the game not working properly directly after save data was deleted

  • Added mutators to remove any single Disaster from the game
  • “Continue?” mutator now works in online multiplayer mode

UI / Controls
  • Added yes/no prompt when user chooses to end the tutorial
  • If user chooses to end the tutorial by going to the main menu, a prompt informs the player that the tutorial is accessible in the Home Base
  • Changed the Save Custom Character and Clear Slot yes/no prompts to remind the player that the Load Character button exists and of what it does
  • Fix for game displaying the initial controller select every time the user started the game if they deleted the TechSettings.dat file
  • Fix for Resume Game button sometimes saying Resume Save during gameplay
  • Fix for “Ghost” appearing in the player’s Status Effects display after everyone in coop mode dies (and also staying on the screen in the next level if “Continue?” was activated)
  • Mouse cursor is now locked to the game window when the target is visible, and is unlocked when the player brings up any menu
  • Fix for Armor numbers at the top of the screen sometimes remaining on the screen after the player uses a Continue
  • Fix for Operating Bar sometimes appearing with shadows over it in split-screen mode
  • Fix for not being able to add items to your inventory using the Item Teleporter during the first few seconds of being on that interface
  • Fix for toolbar slots appearing unselectable after Enraged status wears off

  • Fix for items such as Bear Trap and Land Mine not always reacting to multiplayer clients stepping on them

Big Quests
  • Fix for quests not properly recognizing when the player takes the level warp elevator

  • Random Level Themes is now known as Random Districts

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for instances where NPCs’ brains would cease to function during War Zone disaster
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would sometimes not open doors while in combat
  • Fix for NPCs staying hidden in bushes after being knocked back from Leafblower
  • Fix for NPCs taking weird routes around train/mine cart tracks while following the player
  • Fix for NPCs freezing in place when their building was gassed or lit on fire when Lockdown Walls are up

  • Improved load times when entering the game from Home Base, when the player dies and restarts the game, and when the player selects a character from the initial character select screen

  • /kick in online games works differently. If you type in /kick, you will receive a list of players with numbers next to their names. If you type “/kick <number>”, you will kick that player. This fixes the issue of not being able to kick players with weird-ass characters in their name
  • Added the /ban command to multiplayer games, which bans a player for the duration of the game until the host quits to the main menu

  • Bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff

Alpha 50b
  • Fix for new Remove Disaster mutators’ text not appearing properly at the bottom-right of the screen and on the Main Menu
  • Fix for Change Save Slot having incorrect text
  • Fix for cases where cloned custom classes might appear with weird facial hair
  • Fix for Butler Bots spawning infinitely
  • Fix for cases where the game would freeze during loading if the player disabled certain disasters under a series of special circumstances
  • Fix for soft lock on Twitch “Choose Disaster” menu under the circumstances from the above fix
  • No longer possible to insert markup tags into multiplayer chat to “haxor” other people
  • Some extra Spanish translations

Alpha 50c (May 4)
  • Fix for items sometimes not being properly useable on multiplayer client
  • Fix for random chunks of meat and wreckage not being removed between levels

Alpha 50d
  • Fix for menu buttons sometimes not being clickable (traits selection, etc.)
  • Fix for skill bar showing the incorrect number of points after the player dies and a new game is started

Alpha 50e (May 5)
  • Fix for Daily Run potentially having mutators that it wasn’t supposed to
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Finally, the long-gestating character-specific “Big Quests” are finally in the game!... in Beta form! For a full set of details on the current state of Big Quests, check out this week’s Fortnight Discussion, in which I humbly ask for your suggestions on this fledgling aspect of the game.

For the next batch of bi-weekly updates, I’ll be splitting my time between the usual content/bug fixes/etc. and behind-the-scenes stuff like optimization, work on console versions, engine improvements, and other things that I’d frankly rather not be doing if I had the choice :D While this may result in a lower volume of obvious output in these updates, I’ll be making an effort to stick some meaningful additions into to each one.

Alpha 49
Big Quests
  • Set up a whole bunch of infrastructure on which Big Quests will hang
  • Added Big Quests for:
    • Gangster
    • Zombie
    • Cop
    • Doctor
    • Investment Banker
    • Shapeshifter
    • Hacker
    • Werewolf

  • Fix for mission status not changing in real time if the missions screen is left up in multiplayer mode

  • Fixed some code relating to Disasters in Sandbox Mode, though I’m not sure exactly what impact this was having

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for NPCs that that were meant to be Neutralized for missions becoming Hostile toward each other too easily
  • Cop Bots come after the player when they are being hacked
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not patrolling properly in multiplayer mode

  • Altered ShapeShifter back story a bit

  • Fix for Game Over screen sometimes appearing if the player teleported twice in rapid succession toward the start of a level

  • Bunch of boring behind-the-scenes stuff that you won't notice or care about

Alpha 49b
  • Fix for Investment Banker and Hacker’s missions screen sometimes erroneously stating that the Big Quest had been failed for the district and run.
  • Fix for game hanging at the end of levels when a saved game from a previous build is loaded
  • Fix for game hanging when attempting to quit when a saved game from a previous build is loaded
  • Updated Unity engine from 2017.2.1f1 to 2017.2.1p4

Alpha 49c (April 21)
  • Fix for Cop Bots not being Aligned with other Cop Bots
  • Fix for Hacker installing malware not working properly for multiplayer client
  • If Shapeshifter murders everyone on the floor, their Big Quest status for the floor will be marked as failed
  • Better determination of which NPCs Shapeshifter should possess/kill on Big Quests
  • Fix for Hacker not receiving extra XP at the end of levels for Big Quest completion
  • NPCs no longer become Guilty for attacking War Zone Cannibals
  • More Butler Bots are deployed if things get really out of hand during War Zone (there can be 4 instead of 2)
  • Improvements to when the game determines it needs to deploy a Butler Bot
  • Memory leak fix in War Zone when bodies were gibbed frequently instead of cleaned up by Butler Bot
  • “Create A Mutator (Coming Soon)” entry no longer appears on the Mutators list (it may still get added, but mod support won’t be happening until post-1.0)
  • Custom character with Zombiism can now talk to other characters. However, custom characters with Fair Game cannot, unless they are Friendly/Loyal/Aligned

Alpha 49d (April 22)
  • Fix for initial menu text not loading in the correct language when the game is loaded
  • Fix for Hacker losing Big Quest if the floor was generated with no computers
  • For Zombie Big Quest, game is better at determining the percentage of the level that was zombified (leaves out ghosts and other NPCs that are impossible to turn)
  • Fix for Shapeshifter sometimes being told to possess certain NPCs for Big Quest that could not be possessed
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
My main focus for this update was on whittling down my extremely lengthy list of bug reports. I’m happy to say that I made a dent in it, though there are plenty more where these came from.

For the next update, I’ll FINALLY be starting work on Big Quests. That’ll be my main focus, though I might end up dividing my time between between that and some behind-the-scenes technical stuff.

This week’s Fortnight Discussion is dedicated to online multiplayer. What new features would you like to see added to this mode?

Alpha 48
  • Added proper Wreckage sprites for a number of objects and walls
  • Fix for incorrect Wreckage sprites sometimes appearing when destroying unique wall types like Hedges and Glass
  • Fix for electrocution animation continuing when the game is paused
  • Fix for some instances where people could be running while facing the wrong direction
  • Fix for floor sometimes appearing green after exiting a level with the Radiation disaster

  • Fixed an instance where a Panic Room was counted as outdoors, which was no good during the Radiation Blasts disaster

UI / Controls
  • Fix for Status Effects not displaying on the interface if the player stood in a Lake while the counter ran down, and received the Status Effect a second time
  • Fix for question marks and other state indicators appearing above NPCs’ heads after they are Frozen
  • Health bars appear over NPCs’ heads if you mouse over them and their health is less than max
  • Fix for gamepad icons on Character Select not appearing for the first frame or two when the interface pops up
  • Fix for Clone Machine showing the wrong money costs for Thrown items
  • Fix for Missions Screen getting stuck if the player opened it on a specific frame following completion of a mission
  • Potential fix for question mark appearing permanently above someone’s head
  • Trait description at right of trait menu cannot be changed once an end-level trait is chosen
  • Hacking is not canceled if the player is scrolled off-camera
  • Item Teleporter interface now causes gameplay to slow down in single-player mode
  • Added larger mouse collision boxes to some of the larger objects
  • Fix for Armor display sometimes remaining on-screen when it should not after player chooses to Continue when dying
  • NPC Info (from when you hold space bar) disappears when the person becomes invisible
  • Fix for Twitch Reward Vote appearing after the game had ended

Playfield Objects
  • Thrown items like Grenades and Shurikens are sold in more appropriate amounts in Loadout-O-Matics
  • Fix for cases where Wall Fires would remain if the Wall was destroyed through some other means
  • When refilling guns at the Ammo Dispenser, the cost must always be at least $1
  • Lockdown Walls no longer go up during Riots
  • Flamethrower no longer damages Fire Hydrant
  • Bushes cannot be picked up by Wrestler
  • Fix for certain instances where the player could be teleported on top of Lasers
  • Flame Grates spawn slightly further from the player’s starting position
  • Potential fix for instances where player could tap on windows from indoors
  • If Supercop that player received from Alarm Button is killed, Alarm Button can be used again
  • Potential fix for Crushers, Fire Spewers and other objects not being destroyed when the wall they are attached to is destroyed

  • Fix for items like Syringes and Guns not retaining additional properties after being stolen by Thief
  • Fix for “glitch item” remaining in Wrestler’s hand if he picked up an object, then died after taking Resurrection Shampoo
  • Oil Container is now affected by the Infinite Ammo mutator
  • Cigarette Lighter is no longer confiscated by Cop Bots
  • Potential fix for players being teleported onto Bear Traps
  • Created fail-safe for rare cases of items becoming stuck in walls
  • Bear Trap no longer causes NPCs to become Hostile toward the player when they get near it -- rather, they must actually step in it
  • NPCs are not as good at avoiding Bear Traps thrown by player
  • Fix for Paralyzer Trap not making NPCs Hostile
  • Identify Wand can now be used to identify Cocktails
  • When a Thief steals items for someone, items will be stolen first before money
  • Kill Profiter, Kill Ammunizer, etc. do not trigger when the player hits and kills someone who has already been knocked out, arrested etc.
  • Oil Container no longer disappears from the player’s inventory when it runs out of fuel
  • Fix for Oil Container sound effect not playing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Oil Container’s out-of-ammo status text not appearing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for issue where Wrestler would sometimes equip a weapon that had been destroyed in a
  • Food Processor or Sell-O-Matic after picking up an tossing an environmental object
  • Cardboard Box can now be used to walk around town free of harrassment from Hostile people, provided they are not aware that you are under the box
  • Ammo Stealer no longer refills Water Pistol and Oil Container
  • Fix for weapon remaining in player’s hand if player Possessed someone who had a weapon equipped, and then immediately dropped that weapon
  • Changed Slave Helmet Remover description to explain how the item can be used
  • Fix for Workers in buildings with constantly spewing Gas Vents sometimes not starting with Gas Masks equipped
  • Ammo Stealer can no longer be used on other players
  • Fix for Ghost Gibber and other weapons pausing very briefly in the middle of rapid fire
  • Fix for Ghost Gibber particles not appearing for other players during online games
  • Fix for Leafblower not working very well in tight alleys and confined spaces

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Poison no longer interrupts Dizzy and other similar status effects
  • Supercops who are Possessed by Shapeshifter now have the ability to Arrest people
  • Durabilitacious no longer appears in games where the Infinite Melee Durability mutator is active
  • Fix for Clumsiness Accepted not working when Doors are broken
  • Ghosts that spawn do not become angry when player has Clumsiness Accepted
  • Fix for Tranquilize numbers above people’s heads going below zero into the negatives if they were Invincible when the counter hit 0
  • Clumsiness Accepted no longer covers Hacking, messing with Air Conditioners, etc.
  • Dizzy no longer removes Withdrawal
  • Fix for multiplayer client not receiving Upper-Crusty trait after purchasing
  • Fix for mission-related NPCs who were meant to be neutral towards the player having an Ideological Clash
  • Players who have the Camouflage special ability and Backstab will do camouflage-level backstab damage when they gain Invisible status effect
  • Fix for player not losing health when they revive another player while they have Invincible
  • Fix for Fires altering the direction of Jock’s Charge ability
  • Fix for Conveyor Belt stopping Jock’s Charge ability
  • Player can no longer use Bite on Zombies
  • Fix for Explosions not always gibbing NPCs on death when they are Aligned or Loyal to the player
  • Fix for Resurrection sometimes restoring the player to 0 health during Shifting Status Effects disaster
  • Fix for clients not being able to start multiplayer games if their custom characters have more than 50 traits
  • Bloody Mess trait does not appear in-game when Blood is turned off in Settings
  • Fix for clones of Custom characters not always having the correct traits during multiplayer games
  • Ghosts can no longer step on Shrunk people
  • Ghosts can never get Resurrection Status Effect (not sure how it’s possible for ghosts to get ANY status effect, but people reported it happening and causing problems)

  • Teleport sound effect no longer pauses when “Mission Complete” appears, because it felt weird when the sound effect continued playing after the notification disappeared

Stats / Unlocks
  • Fix for “Angered” stat not including NPCs who were initially hostile toward the player (such as Cannibals) who spot the player during gameplay

  • No longer possible to receive missions that involve rescuing Zombie
  • Fix for Neutralize All missions sometimes being completed early if the player turned one of the targets into a Zombie and then killed that Zombie
  • Fix for issue where “Rescue” quests given by questgivers could be completed while the victim was still in prison if the questgiver was close enough to the prison
  • Optional missions are failed if the questgiver is Annoyed or Hostile toward all players in the game, rather than just a single player
  • Rescue and Free Slave missions are failed if the prisoner is Hostile toward all players in the game, rather than just a single player
  • Fix for not all objects appearing on multiplayer client’s map for “Destroy All” missions

  • Fix for Shifting Status Effects disaster ending prematurely
  • Fix for cases where Find Bombs disaster had no bombs to find

  • Fix for “Continue” sometimes allowing people to continue Continue when they should not be able to

Level Generation
  • Potential fix for levels loading past 100% and then failing to load
  • Added some failsafes for cases of levels not loading
  • Fix for instance in one of the Hideouts where two objects could spawn in the same spot
  • Fix for objects sometimes spawning on top of Frozen Lakes
  • No longer possible to get past the holes at the edge of the map if you are moving fast enough
  • Fix for certain doors not appearing Locked from the correct direction during Lockdown
  • Vendor Carts are much less likely to spawn in Bushes
  • Vendor Carts will not spawn too close to Water

Artificial Intelligence
  • Arena Wrestlers will not be affected by an Ideological Clash
  • Arena Wrestlers cannot be Bounty Hunters
  • Fix for NPCs with the Bite ability getting Annoyed when they see someone else bite someone
  • When an NPC steps in a Land Mine placed by the player, they will not become Hostile unless the player is within view at the time. The same goes for Bear Traps and Paralyzer Traps
  • Bounty Hunters who attack the player are considered Guilty
  • Supercops address the player properly as a “fellow peacekeeper” if the player has The Law
  • Fix for Cop Bot refusing to talk to the player if they were Annoyed with them while asking them for something
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes declaring when they are Annoyed with the player while hidden
  • Mobsters who mug the player are classified as Guilty
  • Fix for NPCs not being removed from the player’s party properly when the player tells them to leave town
  • Cops no longer become Annoyed or Hostile toward the player if they see the player Biting or Cannibalizing while they have Above the Law
  • Zombies can no longer talk to people who are scared/hostile while the person’s back is turned
  • Player can no longer talk to people who are Annoyed while their back is turned
  • When you attempt to talk to people who are Annoyed and they tell you to go away, the Annoyed sound effect will play
  • Fix for Slaves not being properly removed from player’s party if they die from their helmet blowing up due to being out of range of player
  • Gorillas who reside in the Park will not follow the player between levels
  • Fix for non-owners in a building becoming Friendly toward the player when the player purchases a Key or Safe Combination from a Clerk
  • Fix for Slavemaster players being able to free Slaves walking around the level that are not their own
  • Fix for NPCs becoming Friendly toward the player when they are already Aligned or Loyal after the player obtains a Key, Safe Combination, or Quest Item from them
  • Slavemasters will prioritize selling a slave that must be Neutralized for a mission
  • Fix for Supercops called by the player through Alarm Buttons sometimes returning to their
  • Police Box before attacking someone that the player had requested they attack
  • Fix for Scientist saying the wrong dialogue when an item is purchased from him
  • Player can no longer ask Zombified people to leave town if there was once a mission to neutralize that person
  • Fix for Slaves leaving the player’s party if the player asks them to leave town, and they refuse due to having a helmet on
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not becoming Hostile when the player when the player threatens them
  • If NPCs are neutralized from Poison or Tranquilizing over time via the player, or similar status effects, other NPCs will not assume that the player was responsible
  • If the player is invisible while killing someone, NPCs who see the body will not assume the player was responsible
  • Fix for Cops all over the level being notified when the player caused a huge explosion
  • NPCs will not detect the player if they do things that bring up the “operating bar” interface while under a Cardboard Box
  • Cannibals no longer pop out of Bushes and Manholes when the nearby player is Aligned
  • Werewolf (when transformed) hates Vampire, and vice versa
  • Bounty Hunters no longer ignore the player if they are Friendly or Loyal
  • If the player attacks an Aligned NPC who is meant to be Neutralized for a mission, the NPC will become Hostile more quickly than they would normally
  • Fix for NPCs not leaving their “Hidden” state if the Bush they were hiding in was destroyed (possibly by fire) while the player was not in close proximity
  • Fix for Cops and Slavemasters becoming Hostile toward each other if the player hacks a Slave Helmet and blows it up
  • If the player has a mission to neutralize a Slave, his Slavemasters will be classed as Guilty
  • Slaves will fight on the player’s behalf without the player explicitly telling them to do so
  • Slaves become Loyal instead of Friendly when the player removes their Slave Helmet
  • Butler Bot is capable of knocking down doors, much like Killer Robot
  • If Butler Bot gets stuck somehow and spends too long standing in the same spot, another Butler Bot will be spawned as a fail-safe
  • Fix for Cannibals attacking burning Bushes

  • Spelling corrections in various languages
  • “End Game” changed to “End Run” to avoid confusion

  • Fix for instances where client joining at the exact time the host was switching levels could cause the host player to spawn at the bottom left corner of the map

  • Updated G2U plugin to version 2.1.13
  • Updated Rewired plugin to version

Alpha 48b (April 6)
  • Fix for local coop players 2, 3 and 4 not being able to open minimap
  • Fix for top-of-screen icons of players 2, 3 and 4 sometimes appearing as white boxes
  • Fix for occasional errors loading new levels

Alpha 48c (April 8)
  • Fix for not being able to see Trait descriptions at the end of the level if the player leveled up twice during that level and is selecting their second Trait
  • Fix for Industrial hideouts always spewing Gas from vents
  • Fixed a bunch of Spanish translations
  • Fix for Ice Rink sometimes appearing with incorrect texture

Alpha 48d
  • Fix for weird crap occurring when saved games were loaded
Streets of Rogue - Madguy

As promised, I did a bunch of work on new Disasters this week, nearly doubling the current Disaster count! Check the changelog for the full list, and let me know what you think of them -- too easy, too hard, too dull, whatever.

There are still more disasters to come in the future, but for next update, I’ll probably be doing a big bugfix pass, because the list of bugs that y’all have reported is getting dangerously close to toppling over at this point.

For this week’s Fortnight Discussion, I’m looking for some input on new temporary status effects you’d like to see in the game...

Alpha 47
  • Ooze - Dangerous Ooze is spreading through the level...
  • War Zone - There’s a war going on between Cannibals and Soldiers, who spawn infinitely while you complete your missions.
  • Bounty - There’s a bounty on your head, and random people with concealed weapons will attack you when you get close
  • Lockdown - All doors are locked, and no one will let you in. Also, the Cops are Hostile.
  • Shifting Status Effects - Everyone in the level receives a new, randomized status effect every 10 seconds

Non-Playable Characters
  • Butler Bot - Appears during the War Zone disaster to clean up bodies and items and save your frame rate. To be honest, your frame rate might still get killed. I’ll be doing more performance work soonish.

  • Screen no longer shakes when an NPC kills another NPC
  • Fix for NPC lighting not adjusting properly after the NPC had died
  • Fix for “falling down hole” animation becoming frozen on rare occasion
  • Fix for light and shadow remaining when people fall down holes on multiplayer client

UI / Controls
  • Exclamation marks and sound effects no longer appear for rioters

Playfield Objects
  • Mysterious Elevator in Home Base now has a sign over it to indicate its function and avoid confusion

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • “Increase All Stats” effect from Cocktails lasts 60 seconds (as intended) instead of forever
  • Being hidden in Bushes no longer protects the player from Radiation Blasts
  • Fix for Dizzy not going away when the person is hit and loses health

Level Generation
  • Fix for Bathhouse bathroom door triggering NPCs to become Hostile
  • Fix for bathroom in one of the Movie Theaters counting as “outdoors”

Artificial Intelligence
  • Added “Retreat Indoors” AI behavior, and other stuff for Ooze disaster
  • Fix for NPCs not properly determining their objects of interest during disasters that made them want to stay indoors
  • Fix for owner NPCs sometimes wandering into buildings that were not theirs
  • Supercops are now Friendly toward custom classes with The Law
  • Fix for Cop Bots and Supercops becoming Hostile toward players who arrested Guilty people
  • Fix for Upper-Crusters not becoming hostile toward the player immediately when the player attacks them as a Cop
  • Fix in Supercop’s Investigate behavior (after spawning through a Police Box) - After reaching their investigation location, they investigate the surrounding area, rather than returning to investigate the area near the Police Box
  • Cannibals are now Aligned with all other Cannibals
  • Fixed issue with gang pathfinding where gangs could occasionally become stuck
  • When Hacker makes Television explode, NPCs will not become Hostile
  • When NPCs are injured by Fires set by the player, they will only become Hostile if the player is within their line of vision at the time

  • Fixed Fan Translation issue that could prevent levels from being loaded
  • Added font with Polish characters for Fan Translations, see “How to make translations.txt” file for how to implement this

Alpha 47b (March 23)
  • Ooze appears on Minimap
  • Fix for NPCs taking extra damage from Ooze in multiplayer mode and becoming Hostile toward players as a result of the damage
  • When NPCs retreat from Ooze, they will retreat to their own building if possible
  • Player cannot receive Rescue missions on Ooze levels
  • Fix for players with Art of the Deal being able to purchase the Butler Bot’s Duster
  • Fix for rare cares where Safe Combination would not spawn
  • Fix for Ooze appearing underneath Flame Grates
  • Fix for Ooze tiling not appearing correct after objects are burned
  • Fix for cases where Saw Blade could go through walls
  • Fix for Radiation Blasts and Lockdown disasters appearing in Park levels
  • Added some Spanish language translations

Alpha 47c (March 24)
  • Fix for Cops not becoming Hostile when they see people fighting other people
  • A bunch of other fixes that I'll detail in the Alpha 48 patch notes

Alpha 47d (March 25)
  • Reverted change made to items in the previous build that caused them to sometimes teleport inappropriately.
Streets of Rogue - Madguy

I went into this update with the intention of doing a bunch of Uptown-exclusive content, and while there’s some of that in here, I also ended up spending like 5 days making functional Firefighters (non-playable for now!). Also, fixing a whole bunch of bugs.

My general rule is that if I catch a bug during development and it’s not necessarily easy to reproduce, I drop what I’m doing to try and fix it. This is often the case with AI bugs, which are notoriously frustrating to try and replicate from user reports. Fortunately for me, I encountered a lot of these elusive AI bugs while getting Firefighters to do their thing. So that was a nice surprise.

Though Uptown didn't get as much attention as I was planning this week, I've still made the game playable through 5-3. Expect a drip-feed of level-specific updates to Uptown and other levels throughout the game's Early Access development.

For next week, my primary focus will be on creating new Disasters -- an area of the game that hasn’t gotten much love in awhile.

In other news, March 10 marks Streets of Rogue’s 1-year anniversary in Early Access. While there’s no way to really quantify the work that’s been done in this period, the number of personally-written lines in my code base increased by about 40%. For a game with a 4+ year development time, that’s pretty hefty. (And for those interested, the final line tally was like 200,000, with 80,000 written in the past year.)

For this week’s Fortnight Discussion, I’m looking for input on how certain things in the game should function. Specifically: Fountain, Well, Satellite Dish, Arcade Game, Barbecue, Fireplace, Gravestone, ATM machine, and of course, Toilet.

Alpha 46
  • Game is now playable through 5-3

  • New Track “Floor 5-3 Tell It To My Cardiologist, Why Dontcha” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

  • Uptown Upper-Cruster achievement can be earned

Non-Playable Characters
  • Firefighter - Yes, they will actually come and put out fires. In the future, I’ll likely be giving them some sort of water cannon bionic arm, because right now they use Fire Extinguishers, which is lame.
  • Alien - Sorta hidden right now and not very fleshed out, but can you find him????

New Environments
  • Fire Station
  • Broadcasting Station
  • Outdoor pits surrounded by fences

New Objects
  • ATM Machine - Not fully functional, but check out this week’s Fortnight Discussion!
  • Fountain - Also see this week’s Fortnight Discussion!
  • Satellite Dish - Same deal!
  • Desk - Finally, office buildings have proper desks instead of home/bar tables

New Items
  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Player can borrow money from any Bank, even if they are not an Investment Banker.
  • Debt money can no longer be paid back to Drug Dealers, Shopkeepers, etc. It must be transferred through either an ATM Machine, or the Clerk at the Bank.

  • Pieces of Wreckage will disappear when they move over Holes or Conveyor Belt
  • Fix for Fire particle effects sometimes appearing to face the wrong direction
  • Fix for items sometimes having extremely bright lighting as the player progressed further into the game
  • Fix for people becoming too bright when bunched up together in a group

UI / Controls
  • Fix for text “E_ObjectAgent” appearing on cursor

Playfield Objects
  • Sign appears at the beginning of Level 5-1
  • Power Box hit points reduced from 50 to 30
  • When Fires in objects like Flaming Barrels are extinguished, fire no longer returns if the player goes away and comes back
  • Fires in objects like Flaming Barrels being extinguished is displayed properly on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Fires continuing to spread after being extinguished
  • Extinguishing a Fire no longer causes the object or wall to be destroyed
  • Fix for Fireplace appearing inside walls on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Fires not being destroyed properly internally when they are destroyed by being extinguished in some way
  • Taking damage from status effects no longer causes the player to become un-hidden from Bushes
  • Player is more likely to auto-aim at Exploding Barrel
  • Fix for situations where Gas would continue spewing from vents permanently when it was not supposed to
  • Potential fix for people being teleported on top of manholes
  • Fix for player Cops being able to go through blue Lasers without setting off the metal detector

  • Fix for Hypnotizer not working properly on gamepad after first level

  • Fix for Flamethrower causing knockback on dead bodies on multiplayer client

  • Fix for Wall Break sound not playing on multiplayer client when Fire destroyed a wall

  • Fix for not being able to exit Arena if opponents are Zombified rather than completely neutralized

  • Player may receive missions to Neutralize a person roaming the streets, typically with armed guards or a gang

  • Random Mutators mutator now keeps all the initial mutators you select and does not replace them with new ones
  • Random Mutators now works properly when you disable certain level themes
  • Fix for incorrect music tracks playing during Quick Game mutator
  • Fix for Disasters not always appearing on the correct levels in Endless mode when Quick Game is activated
  • Fix for bodies not being destroyed properly in the Exploding Bodies mutator if the player was very far away when the body exploded
  • Fix for recently-added mutators causing the Home Base to have non-standard “level themes”

Level Generation
  • Gangsters may be seen roaming the streets in gangs of 3 or 4
  • Musician may be seen roaming the streets with armed Goons
  • Uptown mansions may be filled with Vampires or Mobsters
  • Wood walls appear more frequently
  • Fix for Bouncers not spawning next to Mine Cart/Train Tracks
  • Fix for Water sometimes appearing where Ice was supposed to during Mixed-Up Levels mutator
  • Fix for lights above Lakes not spawning on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Door, Window and other objects occasionally facing the wrong direction in certain buildings

Artificial Intelligence
  • Added lots of AI revolving around extinguishing fires
  • Better pathfinding around Fire Hydrant sprays
  • Fix for property owners becoming Hostile toward Invisible people who open doors in their presence
  • Fix for Bouncer requesting money from the player upon talking to him after completing Arena fight
  • Fix for NPCs in roving gangs sometimes not fighting the player when they were too far away from their starting position
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes appearing to run back to the object they were observing when they come into the player’s view
  • Fix for NPCs with only one object to observe repeatedly walking away from that object for a split second and then returning to it
  • Fix for instance where NPCs could get confused on what to do next while battling the player, as a result of paying too much attention to certain noises where the player destroyed their property
  • Fix for NPCs running away from fire that had spawned in a different building
  • Fix for NPCs continuing to gather around Television long after it had been hacked to produce High Volume
  • After being hearing the hacking noise, NPCs no longer continue to search for the player for as long as the hacking interface is on the screen -- rather, they only perform one search
  • Fix for certain situations where NPCs could become stuck in place while searching for the player during combat
  • Fix for certain situations where pathfinding and movement for NPCs would stop working
  • NPCs are slightly better at using the Flamethrower
  • NPCs no longer have difficulty attacking objects that block their view, like Trees and Shelves
  • NPCs are less likely to walk on Train and Mine Cart Tracks
  • Supercops no longer become Hostile toward normal Cops who attack or arrest Guilty people in their presence
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not running out of buildings when the building is gassed

  • Bunch of Russian Language fixes and additions (thanks to the Russian Streets of Rogue community on vk)
  • Added clarification in Super Studious description that this trait results in fewer Chicken Nuggets per level-up
  • Flesh Feast description changed to highlight the fact that it only works on non-neutralized people

  • Updated 2D Toolkit plugin from to

Alpha 46b
  • Fix for “Uptown Upper-Cruster” achievement not triggering
  • Fix for one of the Music Halls being able to have both Wood and Normal walls
  • ATM Machines appear closer to walls

Alpha 46c
  • Fix for Uptown 3 not having a disaster
  • Fix for Uptown 3's title appearing as "Uptown 1"

Alpha 46d
  • Fix for “Uptown Upper-Cruster” achievement not triggering (for real this time)

Alpha 46e (March 11)
  • Cop Bots are hackable
  • Firefighters will fight Oil Fires
  • Better Fire performance
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes having a psychic ability to know when you committed a crime, particularly relating to Fire
  • Fix for certain things in a level not working properly when too many fires were set, easily indicated by fires not appearing
  • Fix for Random Level Themes mutator not functioning properly
  • Fix for Security Cameras sometimes being able to spot the player when they are in a different building
  • Fix for Thief being able to steal Key and Safe Combination from the player
  • Minor performance improvement to multiplayer client due to certain invisible objects not being spawned now
  • Fireproof Suit is selectable in Character Creation, and may appear as a Loadout item
  • Fix for walls near Uptown Pits not always being the correct type
  • Fix for Supercops and Cop Bots becoming immediately Hostile toward the player during Riot
  • Another attempted fix for permanently falling down Manholes
  • Fix for Alien displaying an error message when spoken to
  • Fix for Firefighter interaction dialogue not appearing

Alpha 46f
  • Fix for certain items that required the player to target something in the environment being unusable

Alpha 46g (March 12) (Last one hopefully!)
  • Fix for Hologram Bigfoot being capable of taking damage
  • Fix for items sometimes not appearing in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for Zombies having their shadows visible immediately after zombification in Rogue Vision mode
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
Well, 16 new mutators to be more accurate, but 5 of them are basically the same thing.

I actually spent the bulk of this update working on the level loading improvements that I started during the last update cycle, but most of my changes weren’t ready for public consumption, so I left them out of this build. I’ll start drip-feeding these changes slowly over future builds, since there is lots of potential for these to cause new bugs, and I don’t want to break TOO much at one time.

More Uptown content is still coming. I’ll be away for a few days over the weekend visiting my grandmother for her 100th (!) birthday, but hopefully I’ll get to spend most of the next update cycle focused on Uptown.

Also, speaking of mutators -- that is the topic of this week’s Fortnight Discussion!

Alpha 45
  • Added “Remove Levels” mutators for Slums, Industrial, Park, Downtown, and Uptown. These will remove the specified level theme from the game.
  • Added “Random Level Themes” which randomizes each level variety you enter (Slums, Industrial, etc.)
  • Added “Exploding Bodies”, which causes people to explode shortly after dying or being otherwise neutralized.
  • Added “No Cops”, which removes patrolling Cops, Supercops and Cop Bots from the game. Cops can still be found in Police Stations, and Supercops can still be called via Alarm Button.
  • Added “Full Health For All”, which calculates health for players and NPCs the same, rather than reducing NPC health by comparison
  • Added “Infinite Melee Durability”, which does what it says.
  • Added “Infinite Ammo”, which again, does what it says
  • Added “Infinite Ammo for Common Weapons”, which encompasses mostly bullet-based weapons like Pistol, Shotgun, etc.
  • Added “Random Mutators” where each level contains a new set of mutators
  • Added “Continue?”, which gives the player 2 Continues. This means that if the player dies, they can start at the beginning of that level, with everything reset to its original state. On the third death, the game is over. This doesn’t work in online multiplayer yet.
  • Added “Mixed-Up Environments”, which can result in Lakes appearing in the Slums, Manholes appearing in Industrial, Upper-Crusters appearing in the Park, etc.
  • Added “Quick Game” which makes the game 10 levels long instead of 15.
  • Extreme Time Limit renamed to Time Limit EXTREME to make it easier to find alphabetically amongst similar mutators
  • Fix for bug in New Character Every Level where the character’s special ability from the previous level could remain on the screen
  • In Rogue Vision mode, player can no longer use the cursor to highlight items that are not visible to the camera

  • Fix for shadows appearing under certain objects in Rogue Vision mode when they were not supposed to
  • Fix for pink objects appearing on multiplayer client in Rogue Vision mode
  • Fix for shadows caused by walls near doors occasionally appearing in the wrong spot

UI / Controls
  • Fix for countdown timers not appearing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for multiplayer client not being able to auto-teleport to the Exit using the Ctrl key when all missions are completed
  • Fix for multiplayer chat log sometimes disappearing if it became too long. Older text is now removed manually if the log gets too big.

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for Mine Cart tracks sometime spawning in the wrong position on multiplayer client
  • Fix for Turret sometimes not activating when Security Cameras spotted the player when there were multiple Security Cams

  • Cocaine is now known as Sugar, and Steroids are now known as Muscly Pills. These were the only real-world drug references in the game (except for cigarettes/nicotine, which is bad for you in the game), and I decided to replace these due to A. Parents finding these references a little jarring, B. ME finding them a little jarring since they don’t quite fit with the weird nonsense world of Streets of Rogue, and C. I feel like something like that could take the game from a T rating to an M rating when the ESRB eventually does its thing. Overall, it didn’t seem worth keeping this stuff in the game. Also, the idea that drug dealers sell bags of sugar to willing customers is pretty funny.
  • Musician no longer carries items that do not exist in the game code

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Modern Warfarer now works on NPCs

  • Fix for music not fading out properly at the end of levels
  • Fix for music sometimes not playing when reaching a new level

  • Soldier players will not receive missions that take place in Military Outposts

Level Generation
  • Various fixes to the new level loading system from the last build that should result in an overall decrease in weird bugs
  • Lockdown Walls can now be placed next to Fences

  • Changed text descriptions for No Guns mutator to mention that all guns would be replaced with equivalent melee weapons. Did the same for No Melee mutator.
  • Added notification to “End Game” prompt that saved progress will be destroyed

  • Lots more work on level-loading performance, though most of these efforts aren’t bug-tested enough for me to activate them in a public build

Alpha 45b
  • Fix for Downtown levels (possibly others) sometimes not loading properly for multiplayer client
  • Fix for issue where the player could close the “select a trait” interface if it appeared directly after the player achieved an Unlock and the player clicked outside of the interface
  • Fix for Refrigerator sometimes running through walls and objects without destroying them

Alpha 45c (February 23)
  • “Remove Levels - Uptown” mutator is now unlocked at the end of 5-2. When 5-3 is actually made available, I will increase this to 5-3.
  • Fix for certain traits like Scientist Slayer and Blahd Basher not working properly on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs attempting to path around Killer Plants that were destroyed
  • Fix for Cannibals not always facing the player when revealing themselves from bushes
  • Fix for timer sometimes appearing incorrectly between levels
Streets of Rogue - Madguy
My work took a bit of an unexpected turn this update cycle. I had been planning to focus on content for Uptown, but I ended up making a pivot. I realized that it was sometimes taking upwards of 20 seconds to load Uptown levels on my PC, which isn’t really acceptable. I’ve also heard reports of other people having difficulty loading the Uptown levels without crashing.

The way the game loads new level data has remained mostly the same for the past couple of years, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to apply some new techniques I’d been wanting to use. These are partially implemented in Alpha 44, and as a result, load times between levels should be about 40%-50% faster. Right now, this new loading method ONLY takes place when going from one level to the next, not when restarting the game or beginning a new game. Also, it’s not fully implemented yet, I’ve still got more to do before the full range of my work is ready for public consumption.

These new techniques will not only speed up load times, but make it more feasible for me to create large streaming worlds with this engine in the future (that’s a ways off, but I’m laying the groundwork right now). I’m also laying the groundwork for “level chunks” to be loaded in a new/better way, which will make a level editor more feasible in the future.

I haven’t added a whole lot of new stuff to Uptown for this build, but I did extend the game to be playable through 5-2. I probably won’t have a ton of time to work on Uptown content for Alpha 45 either, given my continued work on level loading. So I’ll likely make 5-3 available in Alpha 46. Maybe. I dunno, we’ll see :D

For this week's Fortnight Discussion, I'm going to do something a little different. I normally ask for ideas and suggestions on various areas of the game, but: Games Similar to Streets of Rogue.

Alpha 44
  • Game is now playable through 5-2

  • New Track “Floor 5-2 Gonna Bust a Blood Vessel” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

  • Fixed shadow for Loadout-O-Matic when it is facing West

UI / Controls
  • Fix for player 2’s Skill Bar text not appearing when player gained XP in coop mode

Playfield Objects
  • More difficult for people to become stuck in Lockdown Walls

  • Fix for EMP Grenades blowing holes in walls if they hit a Cop Bot or Killer Robot
  • Fix for Oil Container subtracting 2 ammo per tile instead of 1

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Certain Cop Bots can now rob the player of “non-Uptown-approved” weapons
  • Cop Bots’ security cam beam colors changed (yellow = Upper-Cruster check, purple = Drug/Alcohol check, Cyan = Weapon check)
  • Fix for Addict trait for Investment Banker not appearing on Character Select screen
  • Fix for player not gaining Upper Crusty when Possessing residents of Uptown
  • Fix for player retaining Withdrawal and Feelin’ Good after depossessing from Investment Banker

  • Fix for Cops sometimes not getting missions on a level

Level Generation
  • Fix for early-floor Hooligans not spawning in Uptown prison cells

Artificial Intelligence
  • Cop Bot no longer gets scared of people with Fair Game
  • Fix for Office Drone and Clerk not getting Annoyed at people with Malodorous or Naked
  • Clerks in Deportation Center do not get Annoyed at people with Suspicious, Malodorous or Naked
  • Fix for Cops not being Aligned with custom characters with The Law
  • When Comedian successfully tells a Joke to a Bouncer or Clerk at a Deportation Center, the effect is the same as if the Comedian had bribed them, so other people in the building will leave
  • the player alone
  • NPCs are better at using Flamethrower

  • Modified “Promise I’ll Return It” text to clarify that it does not work with Pickpocket

  • Load times between levels improved by around 40%-50%, primarily due to the points below
  • Unity “scene” does not switch when player enters new levels, so certain elements like the interface are no longer regenerated
  • Walls are now pooled instead of being generated fresh each level
  • Higher frame rate during parts of the level load (though you won’t notice this)

  • Updated Rewired plugin from to

  • Added a new and better method for loading level chunks into the game, though it’s not currently used yet
  • Got another console version up and running. Still can’t say which one it is yet!

Alpha 44b
  • Fix for issues with walls not always being solid
  • Fixed issue with game going haywire upon Possessing people or turning into Werewolf
  • Fix for game sometimes getting stuck on loading screen in coop mode
  • Fix for Endless mode not looping properly

Alpha 44c
  • Fix for certain disasters carrying over into the next level

Alpha 44d (February 10)
  • Fix for Safe Combinations and Keys sometimes not appearing in online multiplayer games, and other various related weirdness, such as destroying computers not unlocking doors and safes, and turrets not being connected to cameras
  • Fix for elements of Missions screen remaining after level ended
  • Potential fix for rare bug where players start a level with no items
  • Fix for walls and objects appearing too dark when Lighting is set to None
  • Added preventative measures to ensure lockdowns can’t last more than 40 seconds at a time
  • Music for level 1-1 and 1-2 has been altered slightly (soundtrack files included) to remove high-pitched effects from the tracks that were making some players insane
  • Expanded Gas collider radius slightly
  • (For real this time) Fix for Oil Container taking 2 ammo per tile instead of 1

Alpha 44e (February 13)
  • Fix for crash that could occur at 100% loaded if game was out of protips to display
  • Fix for crash that could occur at 62% loaded if something was spawned out of bounds of the gameplay area
  • Fix for traps like Crushers and floor switches appearing out of bounds of their building
Streets of Rogue - Madguy

Level 5 is finally here! Well, partially! As of right now, Uptown is still very much in development. Actually, none of the game’s levels are really “finished” by any stretch, but Uptown especially! A bunch of the new Uptown content that I’ve been working on isn’t ready for public consumption yet, so I’ll be pushing out more of this content over the next couple of updates. You can play through 5-1 right now to get a little taste of what’s in store. Expect it to become more fleshed out and varied from the other levels in the weeks to come. Let me know what you think of the new stuff in this thread.

(Astute readers may recognize that the preceding paragraph is nearly identical to my “Downtown Level v1” update)

This week’s Fortnight Discussion: Mission Types. What sort of missions would you like to see in the game, and what sort of variations would you like to see in existing missions?

Alpha 43

New Stuff
  • Game is now playable through 5-1

  • New Track “Floor 5-1 I'm Too Arousing For My Turtleneck” added to soundtrack owners’ libraries

  • Unlock Elevator Access - Uptown

  • New wall and floor art for Uptown levels

Non-Playable Characters
  • Cop Bot

  • Gated Community
  • Mansion
  • Uptown House
  • Bathhouse
  • “Zoo” (features zombies, cannibals, and those filthy, uncouth Slum Dwellers)
  • Private Club
  • Deportation Center
  • Confiscation Center
  • Police Outpost
  • New Bank varieties
  • New Music Hall varieties
  • New Mall varieties
  • New City Park varieties

  • Lockdown Wall (barricades that go up when Uptown goes into Lockdown)

Everything Else
  • Fixed a hole in one of the Hideout buildings not being the correct size

  • Internal fixes to characters’ facial features, hats etc. are determined, could potentially fix a few small things
  • Fix for swimming NPCs on multiplayer client not appearing to be underwater at the start of a game

Playfield Objects
  • Certain doors have been given “Panic Room” behavior for particular buildings like Mansions
  • Fix for Ghosts and Holograms being poisoned by Slime Puddles
  • Fix for player sometimes being teleported behind vending machines and trash cans

  • Items that were missing from Item Teleporter were now available
  • Fix for Thief NPCs being able to steal quest items from player

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Investment Banker NPCs do not start with Addict

Level Generation
  • Fix for cases where buildings may not have been generated at proper difficulty levels on higher floors

Artificial Intelligence
  • Supercops are no longer Aligned with player cops, they are Friendly instead
  • Supercops will enter private property to investigate noises
  • Clerk in Deportation Center can be paid off
  • Fix for Goons sometimes not patrolling correctly
  • Fix for people sometimes observing Shelves against walls from the wrong side of the wall
  • Non-owners no longer take interest in objects outside of the building that they occupy, such as Air Conditioners
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes having difficulty navigating Crushers
  • Fixed pathfinding issues directly after an NPC jumps out of water
  • Fix for player not being able to ask Slaves to leave town after they are freed
  • Player can ask Slaves to leave town when they are in captivity, but they will always refuse due to the fact that their helmet would blow up
  • When player pays a bouncer, not all NPC owners in the building will become Friendly -- only the ones that would have become angry with the player immediately upon seeing them

  • Potential fix for multiplayer issue where host can enter the game as the incorrect player and start at the bottom-left corner of the map
  • Removed /teleport function from multiplayer games, this was meant to help with issues in earlier builds

Alpha 43b (January 27)
  • Fix for quests sometimes not appearing properly when due to reward item not being chosen
  • Fix for music not looping properly in 5-1
  • Cop Bots can be killed by EMP Grenades
  • Fix for gamepad players not being able to properly target a position to make their followers stand guard
  • Fix for Investment Banker dropping items that were never programmed into the game
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would still attempt to attack the player while in different “lockdown zones”
  • Fair Game and Charismatic traits cancel each other out properly
  • Improvements to when Lockdown is triggered
  • Fix for cases where player could teleport behind fences in new buildings
  • Clerks say dialogue all the time when the player interacts
  • Fix for audience members laughing at NPC Comedian’s jokes when they have Hearing Blocked
  • Added door to Gorilla cage in one of the Zoos that should have been there
  • Fix for player being able to lose a mission at the start of the game to free a Cannibal from the Zoo
  • Fix for followers from previous levels not transforming into Zombie properly
  • Fix for particle effects attached to people sometimes appearing at the incorrect angle
  • If one of the players is a Cop, you will not receive missions that take place in Police Stations
  • (For real this time) Fix for player sometimes being teleported behind vending machines and trash cans
  • Fix for player not being able to command followers to stand guard on top of hidden objects
  • Cop Bots no longer flee when their health gets low
  • Fix for player’s head not appearing properly as Ghost when player chooses the new Cop Bot head for their custom character
  • When players add custom characters to bottom row of character select screen, shadows no longer appear behind the characters
  • Fix for Trash Cans sometimes spawning next to level border near City Parks
  • Players who Can’t Speak English can still comply with Cop Bots

Alpha 43c
  • Fix for Can't Speak English not working properly as a result of a change in 43b

Alpha 43d (January 28)
  • Fix for lighting appearing weird at non-16:9 resolutions as a result of some internal screwing-around I did for console versions in 43c

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