Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - dagenoth
Dear distinguished Gentlemen & Ladies,

It’s time to spread the roast in the best Hollywood style! Today we welcome PS4 players from all around the world to join the most cinematic insult experience.

Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast, brought to PS4 by Crunching Koalas, supports cross-play multiplayer between PC, console and even mobile! Yes, you’re right. A new big flow of players that are yet to discover the game mechanic waiting to be insulted!

Remember, the argue between PC & consoles (and mobile) might last forever, but the Vile Monarch’s will is the following – all his minions need to be united - only together we’re the biggest insulters community in the world!

The game is up to date with all the balance patches, characters, scenarios, etc. Enjoy the verbal roasting!

Xbox version of the game is coming on June 1st. It’s a gift, boy. You can book one already using the most evil form of buying goods – pre-order.

Yours sincerely,
Vile Monarch
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Latenights7

Hey there again you lovely people!

The next few days are going to be really special for us, as we’ve teamed-up with the amazing folks from One Gamer Fund and have put our entire library of Good Shepherd Entertainment published titles on sale for the lowest prices each respective title has ever been available for here on Steam to benefit the One Gamer Fund during its inaugural charity weekend.

The One Gamer Fund is a new philanthropic initiative comprised of seven gaming nonprofits: AbleGamers, Child’s Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, the IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This. Between 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 21 to 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 25, half of all proceeds generated by purchases of Good Shepherd games after Steam’s share of revenue is factored will be donated directly to the IGDA Foundation on behalf of the One Gamer Fund and subsequently dispersed among all partnering nonprofits.

This is not all though! We’ve also just launched a special new Good Shepherd Entertainment Bundle to coincide with this sale. This bundle will allow those whom already own some of our games to easily complete their set at a special additional 25% discount! This means that you can add even more gaming goodness to life whilst helping these seven amazing charities and causes.

A number of Twitch personalities will also be hosting special streams to aid the One Gamer Fund throughout the weekend. Individuals can learn more about ways to participate by visiting www.OneGamerFund.org and following @OneGamerFund on Twitter.

We can’t tell you guys how much this sales means to us and how proud we are to be a small part of helping these amazing causes. None of this would be possible without all of your help though, so on behalf of everyone involved in this benefit sale, we just wanted to say thank you very much for your continued support!

Here’s to the power of gaming!


The Good Shepherd Team
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - dagenoth
Dear distinguished Gentlemen & Ladies,

The wait is finally over! Vile Monarch, together with Crunching Koalas, will bring Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator to Xbox One consoles on August 4th! Xbox players will challenge themselves on the best verbal arenas in the world – available only in Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator!


You can expect most of the same features from the original PC release, including both: local and internet multiplayer, balance patches, etc. All of the beloved gameplay mechanics stay the same with Combos, Criticals and Continuations – all of them might come in handy.
Tell your friend that he was born in his cousins car via the Xbox Live!
More info and links to the Xbox store will be available on our Facebook/Twitter profiles.

Yours Sincerely,

Vile Monarch
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Kacper Kwiatkowski

Ladies, Gentlemen and Unattended Psychopaths,

We finally know who’s responsible for the murder by the lake - it’s The Postal Dude himself, a very naughty gentleman visiting us from a series of games you claim you didn’t play. But we know you did, knowing how many of you asked for this character, you sick nincompoops! So there you go, at your special request: enjoy the company of a disturbing guest star, featuring the original voice of Rick Hunter! That is, if you can figure out how to unlock him ...

And if you hadn’t had enough of weird characters saying absurd and unpleasant things, check out the new game in the series: Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast. It has a brand new cast of movie-inspired characters, which will be getting even bigger with upcoming updates!

Yours truly
Vile Monarch

Huge thanks to the friendly gentlemen at Running With Scissors for letting use The Postal Dude and helping us with the recording.
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Kacper Kwiatkowski
Before The Postal Dude invades The Insult Simulator, we have a special treat for our beloved Hollywood Roasters. Especially its modding community - they demanded easier ways to record voice for custom characters and they received it. Now there’s a built-in tool that will hold your hand making the recording process as easy and pleasant as insulting celebrities on Twitter.

But there’s more! We have a pleasure to announce our Oh...Sir! Community Contestt for modders! Create a character and win the NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card and/or a stack of fresh and brilliant games! Deadline: August 8th!
Check out the details on our forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/575330/discussions/0/1457328927850916517/.

And if you've spent the last months resting in a pet shop, here's where you can find The Hollywood Roast:
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Gambitious

Are you tired of everyone in your life insisting that you have to go outside to have fun just because it’s summer? Are you sick of sweating through all of your fanciest soft linen jackets and expensive dockers? According to new research*, interpersonal insults hit their annual peak over the summer months as tempers flare in the stifling sun.

To mark this offensive occasion, we’re super excited to announce the Oh…Sir! Summer Blockbuster Season! That’s right, we have so much free new content coming that we decided to just throw one big month-long party. Don’t worry though, everyone is invited to this summer insult-a-thon, because we have a whole host of new updates coming to both Oh..Sir! The Insult Simulator and its equally disrespectful progeny Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast.

There’s just so much content coming that we decided to employ the most powerful tool of Western Society, the bullet point list, to make sure that we can explain them all…..so cover any heat sensitive eyeballs, because here’s the scorching list of upcoming Free updates.

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator:
  • Brand New Free Celebrity Character Postal Dude: We’ve been listing to all of your endless, incessant, and borderline hurtful requests for one of the most infamous characters in video game history. We couldn’t be prouder to announce that we’ve been working closely with the distinguished humans at Running With Scissors to add the one-and-only protagonist of the Postal series, the Postal Dude as a playable character! He is fully armed to the teeth with a barrage of devastating put-downs and isn’t afraid to use them on anyone and everything. Not only that, all of these weapons of verbal destruction will be delivered by the original Postal voice actor Rick Hunter! - Coming July 25th

Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast:
  • Brand New Playable Character Jane Blunt: Visit “Casino Quarter Pounder” with the spy who will roast you - Jane Blunt, on her majesty’s silly service. She’s a view to an insult, but not necessarily for your eyes only. So don’t be an octopussy - roast and let roast, than roast some more another day. The burns are forever! (are those enough Bond references? Can we please go home now?) – Available Now!
  • New Custom Voice Recorder Tool For Character Creator Feature + Modding Contest Launch: This new tool will allow anyone to record-and-upload their very own VO to their custom character. We’re so excited to see what defamatory monstrosities you lovely gentlemen will create that we’re putting together a Modding Contest! Participants will be able to win a mountain of free games from our overlords at Gambitious and other indie brethren. One especially creative slanderer will even win a brand new NVIDIA GTX 1070 GPU! We will be announcing the full list of prizes and rules for this contest soon, so please keep an eye on this space – Coming July 18th
  • Small Screen Stars Free DLC Release: Live out all of your millennial dreams by playing as some of your favorite YouTube and Twitch stars by downloading this free DLC pack. It includes notable stars such as JackSepticEye, ZombiUnicorn, EatMyDiction, and ThinkNoodles - Available First week of August
So stop pretending you have anything better to do, and join us for this unforgettable insult-a-thon celebration. Because this summer, the only thing hotter than the weather, is the roasted corpses of your opponents!

*so new it hasn’t been researched yet, you armpit of an arachnid’s uncle
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Kacper Kwiatkowski
Welcome to the Roast Club. The first rule of Roast Club: you DO NOT talk about Roast Club. The second rule of Roast Club is: actually for now you can talk about it, we’re still short on members. Third rule of Roast Club: only two stars to a Roast. Fourth rule: one of them is a DEVELOPER.

You see, we were challenged by Sir Clearwater HERE... and we do accept the challenge!

So if you feel like Roasting someone talented and famous… that’s NOT the place. But if you want to vocalize your vile thoughts about mothers, fathers, sons and all possible relatives of the humble developers, turn on Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast and enter the Roast Club! First meeting starts tomorrow, 13th of June, at 5 PM GMT+2!

To play with us, look for VileLemon - one of the designers and an experienced bare-chested master of insults.
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Kacper Kwiatkowski

The biggest cinematic sensation since popcorn is finally being screened on Steam near you! Experience the offensive adventures of The Greasy Wizard, Dirty Potter, Wisecrack, Marilyn Nomore and the rest of our all-star cast in this absolutely predictable Hollywood sequel that you're still going to love. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for the Roast that smashes box offices and makes the critics beg for more. And more they will receive, as there is a whole season of free updates in the works. Coming soon.

Attention, post-credits scene: the classic masterpiece "Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator" is not forgotten and is about to receive another update.
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - dagenoth
Dear distinguished Gentlemen & Ladies,

Today we welcome all PS4 players to the family of ultimate insults! It’s also a great news for all our beloved PC players.


Don’t waste your time on Facebook arguing with console players. Now you can throw an instant argument using the game you already love!

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator, brought to PS4 by Crunching Koalas, supports cross-play multiplayer between PC, console and even mobile! It means, that you can expect a flow of inexperienced players, who still don’t know about the Combos, Weaknesses and Continuations.

However, we kindly ask you to stay fair and helpful, if you want to support our idea to constantly push for merging, rather than splitting our community.

The game is up to date with all the balance patches, characters, scenarios, etc. Let the insult face-off begin! Xbox players will join us later this June.

Yours sincerely,
Vile Monarch
Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator - Gambitious
Dear glamorous Ladies & Gentleman,

The wait is almost over! Oh...Sir! The Hollywood is coming to flame you & your loved ones on May 31st!

You can watch its epic new teaser-of-a-teaser trailer below, because that's just how all of the cool Hollywood bigwigs are doing it these days.

Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast Release Date Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/EMR6ny2_yj0

True to modern moviemaking, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast takes the series in a dark direction, with gritty new features like an expanded career mode, Steam Workshop character creation tools and controller integration. The script has been rewritten a dozen times by heavy-handed executives to ensure that Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast offers twice the vocabulary of its predecessor. The producers have also recast and redesigned the scoring system for more engaging fights while introducing a hot new charged comeback mechanic that lets players drop the final curtain on each other with dramatic effect.

Your support has been like a well-written Hollywood romance, and we will never get over you once the inevitable tragedy strikes in the third act. So before your untimely death, we have one more big surprise planned for Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator! We will have more information to share about this free update soon, but let's just say that a top requested famous face will be entering the verbal arena soon.

For now we're all giddy with excitement to hear what you guys think of The Hollywood Roast, and we can't wait to flame you & everyone you ever cared about online in one short week!

Yours Insincerely,

The Vile Monarch

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