Cosmos Crash VR - superzero
Dear all,

Cosmos Crash is now supporting Oculus CV1 and also available on Oculus Home today. We also fixed several bugs to improve your gaming experience, have FUN!

Cosmos Crash VR - superzero
Dear all,

We just release our second update of Cosmos Crash, we`ve added some new features and fixed some bugs in the game, here below are the details:

  • Leaderboard
    The sum of highest score of each level will be recorded in the leaderboard, the score of leaderboard: the sum of those highest scores of every level.

  • The shooting inaccuracy problem fixed
    After fixing the shooting is more accurate, accuracy rate can reach more than 95%, shooting inaccuracy problem won`t happen.

  • 10 more levels
    We've added 10 more challenging levels which feature constellation.

  • Bug of marble
    The bug related to marble overlaping in the process of its moving has been fixed.

  • A completely new star rule
    The first star will be got in the case of passing the level. The second star will be got in the case of obtaining certain score. The third star will be got in the case of passing the level in the set time, the less time it took, the higher score will be got.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Cosmos Crash VR - superzero
Dear all,

We just release our first update of Cosmos Crash, the build ID is 1332519, nothing huge but improve the shooting accuracy problem, here below is the details:

  • Improve the shooting accuracy dramatically, no more confusion;

  • The laser light will change according to the color of marble, no need to look down and shoot;

  • Fixed some small bugs which occasionally happens to a few users;

  • However, we also change the difficulties of the game, please feel free to let us know your feelings about this:)

The insert animation will be surely added but in next update, and the leaderboards, etc. Let us know if you see any issues and feel free to leave a comments if you have any idea about this game.

Love you all.

Cosmos Crash VR - superzero
Dear Gamers,

First of all I want to thank you all for your comments in communities & reddit for Cosmos Crash, we really appreciate your help to improve the gaming process.

Recently we received several complains about the shooting accuracy, our team discussed this issue today and here below is the reason why it is.

In the classical 2D Zuma/luxor game, the gun was placed in the middle of the rail, and normally the rail is as smooth as a circle(see picture one), there's no sharp turns, so it's very easy to shoot.

But in a 3D world, things are different. First of all, people varies in their height, secondly the position you stand will contribute to the angle of shooting(see picture 2). When you are intended to shoot the Blue Ball 1, actually it will inevitably touch the Red Ball first and merge in front of it. That's basically the main reason for inaccuracy. However, if you move your gun from Position A to Position B, it will dramatically improve the shooting accuracy.

3D world is more complicated, and sometimes eyes will cheat you. So moving your gun(up & down, etc) according to the rails would be a good idea. However, we're still thinking a way to solve this problem, and make you're not cheated by the 3D world.

Thanks and have a nice day!

PS: Hope my explanation is clear I'm not native English.

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