Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
We are about to deploy our new content update "1.5 - Merry Christmas" to Steam users. The update will overhault the existing christmas event and bring some more Christmas stuff to all players.

First of all, the santa hat is still available. You can get it by going to the teddy bear shop and looking on top of the wardrobe. You'll see the shopkeeper has already taken one of the santa hats ;)

As soon as you start the game, you'll notice that the Entrance Area is now decorated with plastic christmas stuff and also plays some christmas music. Besides the decoration, you'll find a bowl with cookies in front of you. As it is christmas time, it's okay to have the kitten have one or two ;)

The living room has also received new decorations. You'll find a new christmas tree and a new fireplace next to you.

All together: This is not our largest update, we know. We just wanted to bring some light into your kitten's home during christmas time. In the meantime we are progressing well with our large 2.0 update that is scheduled for late winter. The new level we add is already 90% done. But this is just one of the big new features that will come.

Have a great christmas everyone!
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
We just deployed update 1.4 that will bring you some Halloween fun for the cute little VR kitten.

First of all, we updated the whole project from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2018.1
This was a big leap and provides a base for future updates of Konrad the Kitten.

More important for most of you: A new seasonal event has been added: Halloween
The event will happen each year in late October and change the setting of the WarpZone and Forest. Both regions will have new soundtracks, changed lighting and some Halloween decorations.

Bats are roaming in the purple sky and pumpkins are looking at your little kitten. A small graveyard appeared in the forest behind you.

There is also a Witch-Hat for Konrad. To wear it, go to the teddy bear shop and look on top of the wardrobe in front of you.

Additionally, a new action object is now available: The broom!
Fly little kitten, fly!

We hope you enjoy the little update!
In the meantime, we continue working on the 1.5 update for christmas and in parallel on the 2.0 update for winter.
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
We just wanted to inform you, that there will be a small update coming in the 3rd week of October that brings some Halloween ambience to your little kitten.

The update will also introduce the first build that is running on Unity 2018 (that was a big leap for us).

Besides this little update, we are still working on the large update that is scheduled for winter. This will contain a whole new area "Winter Wonder Land", a new major feature and lots of smaller improvements.

Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
We just rolled out update 1.3 which is a very minor update. Unfortunately you won't see any cool new features. The update was required to fix a minor flaw related with the Unity Engine, that would conflict with the upcoming European data protection law.

But we still want to make you happy, so first of all we remind you on the cute little easter fun we had:


Next, we'd like to invite you joining our discord channel. This is your chance to get in direct contact with the development:

Discord is a cool new platform that enables players to chat and discuss all things about games.

Finally, we want to share our upcoming plans with you:

Roadmap 2018

After our launch in February we started with post-launch phase 1. This phase brought us two updates: 1.1 the Easter update and 1.2 the spring update. Phase one ended with the end of April and we are now starting with phase 2.

Phase two is focussing on bringing Konrad the Kitten to a wider audience. Besides this we are introducing more social ways to communicate with you, our fans! We want to know what you like and also what you don't like when playing Konrad the Kitten. We already launched our presence at discord as a new medium to get in direct contact with you. We will also revamp our Konrad the Kitten website to make it more accessible. We also plan to create a whole new trailer for the game that is in Mixed Reality style.

Besides the support for Konrad the Kitten, our other game will launch in summer. You may have already heard of FusionPlay Heroes as we are already working on it since 2012. Game Design and Development has already been finished since 2016 so this does not conflict with the Konrad the Kitten development. But FusionPlay Heroes is a physical game which is really unique. It is played with playing cards that contain NFC radio chips. Together with a smartphone app, this creates a whole new gaming genre. If you like to know more about it, follow our facebook page for the game: http://www.facebook.com/FusionPlayHeroes
All latest information will be posted there.

In parallel to the launch of FusionPlay Heroes, phase 3 is starting. Although phase 3 will start in early summer, you won't see any results before autumn. The reason is: we are planning to create a HUGE FREE UPDATE for Konrad the Kitten. This update will make Konrad the Kitten become a worthy version 2.0. As we are planning some major new features. The update will take the whole summer and autumn to become ready. But you'll get it for free :)

Now let us know: What do you think about these plans?
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
Hello everybody, we just released our spring patch - version 1.2.

So what's new?

Vive Tracker Support
We now support Vive Trackers! Using these cool high-tech pieces raises the immersion even further, as they are easy to fix on a plushy and weight less than a full Controller. You even forget that something is attached to the plushy.

Please connect your Vive Tracker before starting the game. When a Vive Tracker is detected, the game automatically runs in Plushy Mode. For fixing the Tracker on a plushy, best use 3 scrunchies or rubber bands and wrap them like shown on the picture.

Optimized "Parcours" Minigame
We've (again) enhanced the minigame in the bathroom. Depending on the tracking being Front-Faced (like Oculus Rift with 2 sensors), Inside-Out (like Windows Mixed Reality) or Room-Scale (HTC Vive or Oculus with 3 sensors), the selected ring groups that appear during the game are adjusted. Also the orientation of the rings of each group were adjusted to optimize tracking of the controller.
On top we added a whole new ring group with a toy theme.

Minor things
We prepared the game to end the Easter event with the beginning of May.
We've optimized performance and some other minor things.
We fixed some minor bugs.

Next Up
We have big plans for the following months but we can't tell you more details now. Be assured that the next update will take longer until it's done but it will contain lot's of new stuff and it will be for free!

If you want to hear the latest news from our development, follow us on Facebook:

and on Twitter:
Mar 28, 2018
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
With Version 1.1 of Konrad the Kitten we added some Easter fun:

There are 5 Easter eggs hidden in each of the 5 main areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room, forest, beach). Can you spot them all?

During Easter season, your kitten can wear bunny ears. You can find them for free in the Teddy Shop on top of the shelf with your owned accessories.

A new action object appeared in the Entrance area of the game. It's a little basket with an easter egg to play with.

Some Easter decoration has been added to the warp zone.

As people liked the small physic things we hid in the game, we added a physical easter basket with eggs to play with.

Besides these things, we addressed some issues and improved some things:
  • You now get more hearts when playing. This helps unlocking new areas and items faster. Especially during the first 2-3 days this will noticeably speed up unlocking new stuff.
  • We finetuned the minigames. All details like scores per item, behavior of the minigame targets, spawn times, physic values (weight, friction), selection of ring elements, etc. have been tuned to provide a better experience.
  • We improved performance in the entrance area (Warp Zone).
  • Lots of minor optimizations and some bugfixes.
Have fun!
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
After 18 months of Early Access, Konrad the Kitten - the virtual reality cat you can actually hold and touch - just officially launched version 1.0.

We want to thank everyone that supported us in the early stages of the game.

See the official launch trailer:

The game has changed a lot during the Early Access phase. We just like this image showing the evolution of the forest area during early access as a great example.

VR Focus said:
"FusionPlay’s debut VR videogame is a showcase piece for Steam Early Access"

Remembering all the 16 content updates that were released during the last 18 months, the major updates were always the most noticeable ones. Each major update received its own little trailer. Just see yourself how the game started and how it evolved.

Let's look back in time

This was our original Early Access trailer in August 2016:
The first major update was 0.3, “House Party” in November 2016:
The next major update, 0.4 “Needs and Wishes” was launched in February 2017:
Then with major update 0.5 “The Dress Room” accessories were added in Juli 2017:
Finally, the last major update 0.6 “The Beta” launched in December 2017:

Now we finally reached version 1.0 and are happy to release the game. But in the background, we of course already work on the next update ;)

Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
Hi fellow feline followers,

we just wanted to inform you, that now is the last time that you can get the game for the Early Access price! During next week the game will undergo a price change to adjust to the final release price.

Besides this, you can also win free keys for the game via our Thunderclap campaign. If you lend us your voice on Thunderclap, you get the chance for a free Konrad the Kitten key.
You can support us on thunderclap here:
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
We are getting closer to our final release, so we want to share some information regarding this important milestone:

The release candidate build is ready for public testing! If you want to have the new build right now, you can opt in to the test branch by opening the game properties and the beta tab. Release 1.0 is mostly focused on bugfixing and optimisations but also adds achievements as last major feature to the game.

When leaving Early Access, the price will change and become slightly higher. So if you haven't bought the game yet, this is your last chance to get it for the cheaper price.
The intention for the cheaper price point during EA was to thank all the people that invest in the game when it was still in an early state. The game has evolved drastically in the last 1 1/2 years of Early Access. It is now at a level of quality that we are happy to call this a full release game.

We want to thank every one that gave feedback, no matter if it was positive or negative feedback. Even the latter one helped us to make the game better.

We will announce the final Release Date next week, so stay tuned.
Konrad's Kittens - FusionPlay - Konrad
Today marks an important day in our development. After 2 years of development, Konrad the Kitten is now code complete. This means, all planned features implemented and all known bugs resolved. Next weeks will be final release tests to assure that we did not miss any bugs.

For everyone interested, here are the Release notes that will be published with version 1.0:

* new trailer video
* new website
* global product launch

* Achievements (Yeah! Go for gold!)
* Added a Reset Button (and keyboard shortcut "Shift+R") that resets energy when palying in Demo Mode.
* Enhanced Windows Mixed Reality Support

* replaced Antialiasing with Supersampling. This should look comparable good but avoid negative side effects
* added a hint (arrows flashing downwards) for new players, how to use the toilet paper object
* rewrote hand/cat collision detection in hand-mode (should not re-grab the kitten after just having it placed on the ground any more)
* rewrote the collision detection for the accessoires in the dress room (should not double trigger to wear/remove them any more)
* adjusted trigger distance for the "look at my necklace" tutorial step
* adjusted sensitivity of calibration process. if kitten is moved during calibration, the process then resets and waits until it has 2.5 seconds data without any movement of the controller.
* Optimized Parcours minigame (the ring minigame) to choose best matching ring elements according to the used tracking system (inside-out, front-faced, room-scale)

* fixed white lines sometimes flashing up inside the kitten
* fixed a bug that controller vibration continued although the cuddle action was interrupted
* fixed a rare bug that made the wrong controller rumble, when two controllers were connected
* fixed a bug that the kitten started with a cuddle animation when launching the game with holding the controller upside down
* fixed a bug that made the game faulty when turning off the controller while playing the game
* minor fixes in the localisations for the new languages
* fixed a bug that the hint arrows hovering over the cushion did sometimes not disappear proper
* fixed that sometimes the wrong controller vibrated, when playing with 2 controllers and switching them on and off during play
* fixed bought accessories sometimes not vanishing after hitting the shelves in the Dress Room
* fixed fishes jumping into wrong directions when playing in a rotated world
* fixed "START" text being displaced when playing in a rotated world
* fxied collectibles (hearts, coins) floating into the player when playing in a rotated world
* fixed a texture error in kitchen
* fixed Snorkel at the beach being stuck in the ground
* fixed sand-color mismatches at the beach
* fixed some minor issues during tutorial
* fixed a very rare issue that made the player become stuck in the tutorial (needed to restart game or turn of tutorial as workaround)
* fixed the unlock medal being visible and hiding the UI on some necklace accessories

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