The Hex - TheDanman
Thanks to the excellent work of @StdBlueBowling (represented by Michelle "Mitty" Finholdt and Jefferson "Jereffer" Santos) The Hex is now playable in Brazilian Portuguese.

Thank you to Kamila Makowska for the fantastic Polish localization.

See you in The Six Pint.
The Hex - TheDanman
You can now play The Hex in Russian. Enjoy!

Thanks again to Farhad Alishov for his excellent translation work as well as for his work in adding cyrillic characters to the many fonts of the game. I can't overstate how much work is involved in localizing this crazy game.

If you’d like to see your language in The Hex and want to try your hand at localizing it, please email me at


- Daniel
The Hex - TheDanman
Thank you for being so patient. The Russian localization for The Hex is nearly complete and will be released shortly after the Summer Sale.
The Hex - TheDanman
It was a huge undertaking that spanned months, but I am happy to announce that The Hex is now playable in French, Italian, Turkish, German and Spanish.

I can’t be more thankful to the localization team. They dealt with over 3500 lines of text including riddles, poems, cryptic messages, and more. Most of the dialogue is riddled with codes that control the playback in-game and the team had to accurately translate these as well as the source text. “That's [w:0.3][t:0.05]-ahem [w:0.3][t:0]correct.” is an example of one of these.

You can thank these fine people for making it all happen:

Italian - Marcello Brancaccio
French - Enzo Doyen
Turkish - Berke O. YILMAZ (Secundus)
German - Christian Hecklinger
Spanish - Luis Redin Ochoa (Fusti)
Russian - Farhad Alyshov

An extra thanks to Farhad for his dedication to making sure the localized fonts were faithful to their original versions. His Russian translation is nearly complete so expect it some time in the near future!

For those who have waited to play The Hex in their language, I hope you enjoy!

- Daniel

P.S. There are more languages on the way! If you’d like to see your language in The Hex and want to try your hand at localizing it, please email me at

P.S.S. Join us on Discord!
SpyParty - (RPS)

The doors have been opened, the games inside have been devoured, and now it’s time to recycle the cardboard. Below you’ll find all of our picks for the best PC games of 2018, gathered together in a single post for easy reading.


Kenshi - (Brendan Caldwell)

We ask the tough questions here at RPS. We re like Jeremy Paxman but in a very long bear costume. We once asked 15 developers what they d do if they were stuck in a room with a clone of themselves. This is important stuff.

Today, we ask another question: What would you gift the games industry for the holidays? We put this query to a bunch of game artists, writers and designers to see how charitable they were feeling. Today, you get to open these presents. Happy holidays!


Celeste - (RPS)

Look out. The year 2018 is going down in a storm. There are hundreds of games aboard, running, jumping, trying their best to survive the maelstrom. But there s only one tiny lifeboat, and only enough room for three games. It falls on the sorry shoulders of the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, to decide which trio of games clamber onto the life raft and which games drown and become lost to history.


The Hex - (Newsb0t T4-r-AS0-N)

If there was ever a tale for Cyber Monday, this is it – the kind of stuff that magazines would spread rumours about, now made real. The Hex, if you missed John’s cheery review, is the genre-hopping successor to Daniel Mullins’ Pony Island, and a clever little thing you should probably play now>. One moment it’s a Fallout-parodying tactics game, next it’s Hotline Miami. It’s also about secrets, and it took a full month for its players to crack its greatest one. As with Pony Island before it, there is a second, hidden ending. In another game.


Nov 13, 2018
The Hex - TheDanman
Getting close to one month after launch! Whew! The pace of these patches is slowing down as the bugs are becoming less severe/urgent.

  • Added small EXP bars in Chandrelle's flashback to show how close a character is to the next level.
  • Fixed: Tarot cards getting erased when using chapter select. Now you can have "The Inn" card read without hacking the save.
  • Fixed: It was possible to screw up your save file by killing all the pixel raiders in Rust's flashback with the secret cheats.
  • Fixed: Some older dialogue from Chandrelle in the Six Pint that gave the wrong directions to her guest room.
  • Fixed: An issue in Lazarus' chapter in the scene where Super Weasel Kid is beneath the surface.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for playing!
Nov 5, 2018
The Hex - TheDanman
Patch #7

  • Added another extra chapter select button for Lazarus' flashback.
  • Fixed: "Ice Cold" achievement not unlocking after using chapter select.
  • Fixed: When ending Rust's chapter with the headlamp equipped, it was supposed to return to the wardrobe in Chandrelle's room. This was broken until now.
  • Fixed: Removed a debug command that made its way into the game.
  • Fixed: It was possible to replace more than one of your abilities with Jack's "Ankh Storm" spell.
  • Rather than Jack simply not appearing in the R&D department if you gave him 100% real ankhs, he now appears to thank you before letting you past unharmed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Thanks again to everyone who has posted on the forums and emailed me regarding bugs!

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