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Get ready to hop back into your gunner seat as the next iteration of the Beachhead series returns with a vengeance in Beachhead 2020. The Enemy is at the gates and there’s no time to waste, we either
fight-back or we slip-back into the dark-ages and start all over again. This is not your ordinary game or graphic novel, BH 2020 is a highly immersive, time-continuous multifaceted virtual reality experience that blends the best of both worlds and brings about an entire new dimension of interactive entertainment. For a complete list of features and all the latest BH:2020 news please take a look at our website We are going to have a BeachHead Contest as well with dozens of unique & collectable prizes and the official announcements of the rewards for the contest will be in the upcoming weeks so, be sure to like our facebook pages and and sign up for the contest on
the BeachHead:2020 page on our website.

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