The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with another Weekly Wrap-Up, post-PAX Unplugged. If you visited us at the show, thanks again! It was great meeting fans and new players alike.

With the new year fast approaching, we wanted to update you on the current status of things in this week’s Wrap-Up. Let’s jump in.

Bugs and Fixes

It’s been brought to our attention that there are some errors in certain non-English versions of cards (words incorrectly bolded, etc.). If you notice an error like this, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or through HelpShift. Thanks in advance!

Some users have reported that cards are “hanging,” especially during King of Carrion. This bug is a high priority for us, as it can sometimes bring gameplay to a halt.

We are also investigating some reported performance issues on King of Carrion, as well as some occasional crashes separate from the hanging cards issues.

If you experience any of these issues, please let us know by submitting a HelpShift. Here’s the guide to submitting a ticket:

A Quick Word on Co-Op

Internal testing and implementation on co-op mode is underway now, and we’re targeting a beta release before the end of the month. During Early Access, we’ll work to refine co-op from its initial state, adding features and tuning the experience before full release.

Before co-op goes live, however, we’ll show it on a developer stream on our Twitch page at Stay tuned there for more news, especially in the upcoming week!

The King of Carrion

Now that King of Carrion is available for all players, we’ve received a ton of feedback on it—feedback that we plan to use to refine the Encounter itself, as well as shape future Encounters. Here’s what that means in the short-term and long-term.

First, we plan to further tune the difficulty of King of Carrion. Our mission with Encounters is to make challenging one-off Quests that provide new experiences for veteran players. We’re going to take another look at King of Carrion and tune its difficulty up on Challenge mode while maintaining a good experience for players on Narrative and Adventure.

Second, we’re aware of issues with the audio mixing on certain Locations and Story Screens in King of Carrion. We plan to issue a fix for this soon—most likely early next week. We’ll keep you updated.

One area we haven’t received much feedback about is the reward card for King of Carrion. How do you feel about earning a card for an Encounter? What do you think of Northern Survivor? Let us know here or on the Steam Community Forums. We’d love to hear your feedback on the card rewards!

Finally, we heard your feedback on the story, narration, and presentation of King of Carrion, and it was largely positive. We’ll keep this in mind for future Campaigns and Encounters and strive to bring you to interesting and cool corners of Middle-earth.

Thank you to everyone who played King of Carrion! If you haven’t played it yet, or if you’re looking for a cool new build to try and take on the adventure—check out the Deck of the Week!

Deck of the Week

Seastan’s King of Carrion—Challenge Mode Perfect Score (No Arwen)

When taking on The King of Carrion, many considered Arwen to be an auto-include in their list. User Seastan took that as a challenge and built a list without the Hero that many considered a staple on the Encounter.

Faramir acts as both a powerhouse and draw engine, while Aragorn brings tough Leadership allies and a Power that allows him to cheat on actions. Finally, Èowyn powers through Objectives and cleans up Hazards while holding her own in combat. Check it out:

Aragorn, Faramir, Èowyn.

Ally (11)
1x Erebor Watchman
2x Erkenbrand
2x Galadriel's Handmaiden
2x Gandalf
2x Guard of the Citadel
2x Ithilien Lookout

Attachment (12)
2x Favor of the Lady
1x Gondorian Shield
2x Narya
2x Ranger's Blade
1x Raven-winged Helm
2x Self-Preservation
2x Unexpected Courage

Event (7)
2x A Watchful Peace
2x Beorn's Hospitality
1x Careful Planning
2x Lembas

Have a great week, everyone.


The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Hi everyone, patch notes are below.

This is a content-focused update. It will go live on 11/21 between 6 AM UTC and 8 AM UTC..Highlights include the new Valor Vault cards as well as the all-new, first-ever Encounter, The King of Carrion.

Additionally, you’ll find some bug fixes, a few quality-of-life improvements, and support added for brand new mechanics first seen in The King of Carrion. Read on for more details!

• Bug Fix: The filter "ALL Expansions" omitted a part of translation in French, Italian, Spanish and German.
• Bug Fix: Added text to the popup tooltip for the cancel button on daily challenges,
• Added a Rewards tab to the Campaign Select menu to display what Heroes have earned the one-time rewards for the selected Quest.
• Added a decks list display on the Play menu to allow players to view the contents of the selected deck.
• Added the ability to create a deck larger than 30 cards so players can go over the limit and remove cards to make a valid deck.
o Note: The deck MUST contain 30 cards to be counted as a valid deck to play during quests.
• Added same Sphere hero swapping during deck creation.
o Players can drag and drop to swap to another hero of the same sphere during deck creation without losing all of the related cards in their deck.
• Added Flying VFX.
• Added an Hourglass icon to Timed objectives.
• Added Encounter icon on quest map.
• Re-balanced Resource costs for Attachment cards.
• Added Encounter: The King of Carrion
• Added the Encounter reward for The King of Carrion
-Card: Northern Survivor

• Added Valor Vault Wave 1 cards:

o Narya
o Daughter of the Nimrodel
o Fair and Perilous
o Forest Protector
o Gilthoniel! A Elbereth!
o Helpful Squire
o Lock Shields
o Mighty Warrior
o Ranger Bow
o Raven-Winged Helm
o Study the Scrolls
o Sword of Numenor
o Traffic from Dale

As you can see, we’ve also rolled out a round of cost changes to certain Attachment Player cards. We’ll continue to tune cards throughout Early Access.

Happy Questing!

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

It’s Friday, all, and that means it’s time for another Weekly Wrap-Up! This week, we’ll be focusing on the big update going live this Wednesday. It’ll bring with it some new content, some quality-of-life upgrades, and a couple of difficulty adjustments we want to try out. Let’s jump in.

Bugs and Fixes

Connection Bug
A very small number of users are having problems connecting their Asmodee accounts. We’ve narrowed down the cause of this problem—now we’re figuring out a fix. If you’re one of the affected, please let us know on Helpshift.

Investigating Bugged Cards
We’re working on a fix for The Tree People and Longbeard Mapmaker, both of which are not functioning properly. We’ll let you know when a fix goes live for these cards.

The King of Carrion has returned

The first ever Encounter is coming to The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game!

Titled The King of Carrion, players will guide their Heroes through this standalone Quest that will take them to the far reaches of the Andúin and beyond, battling new enemies such as Moonlight Wights as well as returning foes such as the fearsome wargs.

All Encounters will be free for all players, regardless of their Founder’s Pack!

Look for The King of Carrion’s icon to join the map on the Play screen on November 21.

The Valor Vault is Opening!

New Valor cards are coming to the game on November 21!

13 new cards will join the 4 cards we gave away in September to make up the first wave of Valor Vault releases. With a suite of new Attachments, Allies, and Events, this Valor Vault release has something for everyone.

Take a look at our announcement here for more details on both the Encounter and the Valor Vault release:

Quality-of-Life Updates to Play Menu

A couple of highly-requested features are going live with the incoming update.

In the Play Menu, you’ll be able to check what rewards each Hero has earned by clicking the brand-new Rewards tab. Right now it tracks the Valor bonus awarded for getting a top score with a Hero, but future bonuses will be tracked here, too!

Additionally, we’ve introduced a new scrolling system for quickly swapping between decks in the Play menu. Of course, clicking on your Heroes still brings up the old menu—but you can choose to page through them this way, too!

Quality-of-Life Updates to Deckbuilder
Three updates are coming to the deckbuilder menu, as well.

Firstly, you’ll be able to build a deck over 30 cards and shave down to the deck limit. Note that you’ll still need 30 cards in a deck to make it valid, but this change means you’ll be able to build a deck by cutting cards rather than just by adding them.

Secondly, you’ll be able to swap Heroes of the same sphere in a deck without removing all the cards of that sphere from the deck. This should make deckbuilding a little quicker!

Lastly, we're updating the frames for Level 2 cards to make them more recognizable. You can see that change in the image above.

Fate Meter UI Update
Finally, we’re adding a functionality to the Fate meter that will allow you to click and drag your cameos to the Fate meter to contribute their Willpower, rather than having to use the buttons. Both functionalities will still work, but for users on touch-screen displays especially this change should make gameplay go faster.

These updates wouldn’t have been possible without player feedback, so we’d like to say thanks to everyone who made these suggestions.

Adjustments to Difficulty Levels

We have two updates going live in the game related to difficulty; one is cosmetic, and the other is mechanic.

Change in Difficulty Names
As we continue to make adjustments, we want the Difficulty levels to better reflect the experiences they provide. As a result:

Easy is becoming Narrative.
Normal is becoming Adventure.
Hard is becoming Challenge.

This is a minor change, but it reflects how we’re approaching each difficulty, moving forward. Speaking of which…

Change to Sauron’s Resources
We’re experimenting with the amount of Resources Sauron will have at his disposal at each difficulty. Starting Wednesday, we’re making the following adjustments:

On Narrative, he’ll get 2.
On Adventure, he’ll get 4.
On Challenge, he’ll get 5.

Previously, Sauron got 3 resources regardless of difficulty. This change allows us more room to experiment with his decks’ cost curves and more.

We’ll be looking for your feedback on this change at each of the difficulty levels. Too much? Not enough? Let us know on the Steam Community forums after you’ve tried it out. Moving forward, we’ll continue to make adjustments to balance each difficulty to the right level.

No Streams Next Week
Due to American Thanksgiving, we won’t have any developer streams next week, making it a great time to catch up on old VODs at!

Deck of the Week

For this Deck of the Week, we’re going to try something new. User Wandalf the Gizzard posted this list on the Steam Community Forums, built only from Starter Cards, looking for suggestions or advice on building:

Heroes: Tom Took, Arwen, and Aragorn

2x Gaining Strength
2x Guard of the Citadel
2x Warden of Annuminas
2x Erebor Guard
2x Gandalf
2x Watchful Peace
2x Favor of the Lady
2x Secret Paths
2x Wandering Took
2x Rhovanion Outrider
2x Woodland Courier
2x Imladris Caregiver
2x Ithilien Lookout
2x Mithrandir's Advice
2x Advanced Warning

This is a solid list to start, but with the incoming Valor Vault cards, we can make it even better! Next wrap-up, we’ll revisit this list using the brand-new cards and see what changes we can make. In the meantime, if you have ideas, head over to the Steam Community forums and let us know!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

New cards and a new Quest are coming to The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game next week!

The King of Carrion has returned to Middle-earth!

The King of Carrion, the first-ever Encounter, comes to the game free for all users, regardless of their Founder's Pack.

Encounters are an all-new, ultra-hard game mode tailor-made for veteran players. Unlike Campaigns, Encounters are comprised of a single perilous Quest, and they tell stories that stretch past the darkest corners of Middle-earth. In short, they are difficult standalone challenges exploring The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game’s mechanics, and best of all—they’re free for all players.

You can read the full description of The King of Carrion below!

It is the coldest winter in the living memory of the Beornings. Refugees are arriving from northeastern farmsteads and hamlets every day. Beorn’s estate and other woodman villages of the Beornings do their best to take in the displaced.

The near-frozen arrivals utter dark tales of happenings in the shadows of the mountains. They talk of the black frost, of moonlings, and the tide of fangs. It is as if Beorning fireside tales of old have come alive. There are even those who say these are but presages to the return of Mordraur, the king of carrion.

Something unnatural is stirring in the mountains.

If you complete The King of Carrion successfully, you’ll be awarded with two copies of an all-new Uncommon card added to your collection, the Beorning Ally, Northern Survivor.

Build your deck and prepare for the return of Mordraur on November 21, when The King of Carrion comes to The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game!

The New Wave of Valor Cards is Coming!

The Valor Vault is open!

13 all-new cards are coming to the Valor Vault in The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, joining the 4 early preview cards we gave out to players back in September. Players can use their Valor to unlock these cards and add them to their collection for deckbuilding.

This is the first of the scheduled Valor Vault releases and sets the pace for future expansions. Each cycle, we’ll release a new set of cards to the Valor Vault that will give players new options for deckbuilding, expanding the card pool and giving players new ways to experience their Adventures in Middle-earth. Returning and new players alike can access these cards!

This Valor Vault introduces several powerful Attachments that change the way Allies and Heroes from the Core Set are played. The Neutral Attachment Narya removes the fleeting keyword from Gandalf and keeps the old wizard in play, while Raven-Winged Helm makes Leadership a formidable force in combat.

Like all Valor cards, you can unlock these new cards by spending Valor points. They’ll be available for all players.

These updates will go live in the game after our scheduled downtime on Wednesday, November 21. That's the downtime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, to be clear!

Happy Questing,
The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, we took a look at some incoming new cards as well as some quality-of-life changes coming to the deckbuilder and more! Let’s dive into the wrap-up.

New Cards Incoming!

This month, we’ll have new cards added to the Valor Vault. On Tuesday’s stream, we previewed a few of those incoming cards, including the powerful Armor Raven-Winged Helm and the Special Attachment Narya.
Note: These cards are subject to change before release.

Narya is a powerful Neutral Attachment unlike any other card in The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. It removes the Fleeting keyword from Istari characters like Gandalf, keeping them in play beyond a single round!

Raven-Winged Helm, on the other hand, provides Leadership with a powerful and flexible Attachment in the Armor slot.

We also showed an incoming Ally: The returning Forest Protector, who players will remember from the Tutorial.

Look for these cards—and more—to be added to the Valor Vault later this month!

The King of Carrion

The first Encounter, King of Carrion, will be releasing later this month as well, after the Valor Vault expansion. It will be an all-new, standalone Quest available for all players to try. Exploring the far Northern reaches of Rhovanion, you’ll lead your party in a quest to uncover an ancient unnatural stirring in the mountains.

Look for The King of Carrion in The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game this month! Players who successfully complete this Encounter will recieve an all-new card as a reward. Check out Tuesday's stream at for a first-look at this reward.

Fantasy Flight Interactive at Upcoming Conventions

Fantasy Flight Interactive is a proud sponsor of Gamehole Con here in Madison, WI. We’ll be hanging out in the Fantasy Flight lounge at the show all weekend, showing The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. If you’re there, come check us out!

We’ll also be at PAX Unplugged this month, showing demoes. Come find us at the Fantasy Flight Games booth and say hi!

Deckbuilder Changes

We heard your feedback on the deckbuilder, and we’re making changes for future updates. On stream, we previewed some of those updates:

First, you’ll be able to add more than 30 cards to your deck while deckbuilding and cut down from there. Decks are still required to be exactly 30 cards, but if you’re the sort of player that likes to build decks by cutting cards, you’ll be able to do so in a future update. This was a feature requested by the community, so we appreciate your feedback in helping us make the game great.

Second, you’ll be able to swap Heroes of the same Sphere without removing cards of that Sphere from your deck. So, if you have a deck featuring Aragorn as the Leadership Hero and you’d like to swap him for Dwalin, you’ll be able to do so without removing every Leadership card from your deck. Again, this was a suggestion from the community—so thanks!

Expect these changes to come in an update in the near future.

Deck of the Week

Any card game player worth their salt loves a good two-for-one, and user Sudsywolf is certainly no expception, thanks to achieving a back-to-back feature for the Deck of the Week! This list is a low-curve, high card-draw build that exploits Erebor Record Keeper and a suite of attachments to build a powerful snowball effect for your Heroes. Sudsywolf also points out that this list could potentially serve as a good foundation for a Dwarf deck.

Deck: Fully Armed and Filthy!

Hero (3)
Aragorn (Core Set)
Faramir (Lore Faramir Pack)
Gimli (Core Set)

Ally (15)
1x Erebor Record Keeper (Leadership Dwalin Pack)
2x Erebor Watchman (Core Set)
2x Gandalf (Core Set)
2x Guard of the Citadel (Core Set)
2x Ithilien Lookout (Core Set)
1x Longbeard Mapmaker (Core Set)
1x Veteran Axehand (Core Set)
2x Westfold Outrider (Valor Cards)
2x Zigil Miner (Valor Cards)

Attachment (8)
2x Dwarven Axe (Core Set)
2x Raiment of War (Valor Cards)
2x Self-Preservation (Core Set)
2x Warrior Sword (Core Set)

Event (7)
1x Beorn's Hospitality (Core Set)
2x Common Cause (Core Set)
2x Gaining Strength (Core Set)
2x Lembas (Valor Cards)

Have a great weekend, everyone.
The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Happy Friday, everybody. November is upon us, and we’ve got a new Encounter and Valor Vault cards on the horizon! Let’s jump into this week’s news.

Valor Reimbursements
Valor Reimbursements for the economy changeover have completed. This means that players have received Valor for their Hero Packs, the additional cards unlocked from those packs, their Founder’s Packs, and from unspent Palantìr Views. For a full breakdown of the reimbursements and their timing, check out this thread:

Users have reported that restarting their game sometimes corrects issues with their reimbursements. Additionally, completing a Quest seems to solve the issue for some affected. In any case, if you have any questions at all, let us know by filing a Helpshift: Please include your Player ID with these requests.

Upcoming Rewards
We wanted to reiterate that the cosmetic rewards mentioned in last week’s wrap-up will be coming at full launch. This includes the exclusive card backs and alt-art Heroes, as well as the upcoming expansions going to the Istari Pack and Mithril Bundle owners (which will come with their release). Check out last week’s wrap-up for a look at those:

Notes from the Stream
On stream this week, we showed off a brand-new location background for the upcoming Encounter, The King of Carrion.

We also discussed some possible changes to the Hard difficulty moving forward, and we previewed those changes in a stream. Sauron had access to 5 resources, and we implemented a few small tweaks and tunes to his AI. If you want to see the changes in action, head over to and watch Thursday’s broadcast. Then, pop over to the discussions and let us know what you think.

Job call
Fantasy Flight Interactive is hiring! We’re looking for a QA tester, an art director, a technical game designer, and a software engineering lead. Check it out here:

Welcome Sam
Community Manager Sam from Asmodee Digital will be joining us in the forums, on Steam, and more! Luke will still be active and answering any questions you have about the game, its development, and so on, and Sam will be joining us to cover any questions you might have for Asmodee Digital as the publisher. Sam will post under the Asmodee Digital account, and Luke will still be under FFI. Please join us in giving him a warm welcome!

Deck of the Week
User Sudsywolf put together this deck (and gave it a great name!) to take on Hard Mode in the Campaign, Shadow’s Reach. The deck was able to hit a perfect score on all Quests! With a nice balance of Threat reduction, healing, and powerful attachments, this Hero-focused build is the definition of “well-rounded.” Take it for a spin!

“Toss the Dwarf”



Ally (10)
1x Beorn
2x Galadriel's Handmaiden
1x Gandalf
2x Imladris Caregiver
2x Ithilien Lookout
2x Westfold Outrider
2x East Road Rider

Attachment (13)
1x Dwarven Axe
1x Forest Snare
2x Raiment of War
2x Ranger Spear
2x Self-Preservation
1x Star Brooch
2x Unexpected Courage

Event (7)

2x A Watchful Peace
1x Beorn's Hospitality
2x Feint
2x Lembas

Have a great weekend, all.
The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Hi all,

Due to a miscommunication, we had not yet distributed all the Valor reimbursements for Founder's Packs.

During the downtime last night, we corrected this issue for those affected. This means you received your original Valor as a lump sum on top of your current Valor amount. To recap what that means:

The Shire Pack users received 8,000.

The Steward of Gondor Pack users received 16,000.

The Istari Pack users received 30,000.

Mithril Bundle Pack users received 60,000. (We threw in 12,000 extra on top of the Mithril's original 48,000).

Additionally, everyone who purchases the game from now until full release will receive this Valor gift. We've simply doubled the Valor in each pack to reflect this gift.

Please relaunch the game and make sure that you've received the correct Valor amount. Some users have reported that restarting the game has pushed the update and granted them their missing Valor. If you're unsure after that, let us know on Helpshift:

Want a full breakdown of the reimbursements? Head over to this stickied thread:

We apologize for the confusion, and to everyone who was affected by the issue. Thank you! (Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Weekly-Wrap Up soon, too!)

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

This weekend is the 2-month anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game’s Early Access Release! We wanted to take this moment to thank all the players that have joined us since launch. The past 2 months have flown by, but we’ve made big changes in that time in order to make The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game the best it can be. But we’re not done yet. This week was busy, and November is shaping up to be a big month for us, as well. So let’s jump right in!

Tuesday’s Changes
To get ready for the upcoming economy change, we made some adjustments on Tuesday.

Hero Packs
On Tuesday’s update, we opened the Hero Packs up to everyone, free of charge. They were automatically added to all players’ collection, regardless of Founder’s Pack level or previous unlocks.

If you had already unlocked one or more Hero Packs, you received 4000 VP for each pack unlocked. Additionally, if you unlocked extra copies of the cards in the Hero Packs, you received Valor equal to those cards’ Valor cost.

These reimbursements came in waves, so if some seems to be missing, try relaunching the game; they should appear in your collection. If not, please file a Helpshift and let us know so we can help you out:

Please include your PlayerID in your request.

The Palantìr
The Palantìr has been removed for the game. You can read more about this decision here.

If you didn’t have the chance to spend your Palantìr Views, we’re going to convert unspent Palantìr Views to 500 VP each starting next week. Thank you in advance for your patience during this transition.

Founder’s Pack Updates
So, how will these changes affect the existing Founder’s Packs? You can read the details here, but here’s a quick summary:

Each pack is getting a new exclusive card back.
Follow the link above for a sneak peek at these new card backs.

Everyone received their original Valor amount as an additional gift.
This didn’t affect existing Valor unlocks or amounts; it was just added on top of players’ current collection.

The Steward Pack and the Istari Pack are getting exclusive alt-arts of Hero Cards!
The Steward Pack is getting alt-art versions of Tom Took and Aragorn, and the Istari Pack is getting alts of Arwen and Gimli. This was a highly requested cosmetic item. If they’re popular, we’ll add more in the future, too.

The Istari Pack also gets the first upcoming expansion, The Shadow’s Fall, for no additional charge.
Expansions include new Quests, new Hero Packs, and more.

The Mithril Bundle gets all the above contents and some additional gifts.
Those gifts include 4 additional alt-art Heroes (one for each of the current Hero Packs) and Expansion 2, The Witch King’s Grasp, for no charge.

Scoring Update
This week, we implemented a wave of changes to scoring to make the system more robust, generous, and easier to understand. After you’ve completed a Quest, you’ll see a summary of your performance along with your score.

During Early Access, we’ll keep tuning scoring, so we’ll need your feedback!

Guard Update
A minor mechanical update: Cards that Exhaust characters (i.e. Sudden Riposte, Thick Webs, etc.) now remove Guard, as well. We did this to give Spirit and Lore new ways to deal with Guard enemies and to give Sauron some options against Guard Allies. Mablung just got a serious power boost!

The Vault
The Vault is a new menu taking the place of the Palantìr. In it, you’ll find Hero Packs and Valor cards. Check out this thread for a quick tour of the new menus.

If you have greyed-out Hero Pack cards in your collection, head over to the Vault and open your packs. Once you do, those cards will be added to your deck builder—no unlock required. You just have to open your packs to get the cards!

In the Valor Vault you can find all the Valor cards available for unlock. Once you have both copies of a Valor card, it’ll no longer appear in the Vault. You can find all your unlocked cards in the Decks menu. Let us know what you think of these changes!

Talking Co-Op
On Thursday’s stream, we hosted a brief Q&A about the upcoming co-op feature. Check it out to hear some of our plans for co-op, coming to LOTR: LCG by full release!

After you’ve watched the stream, join the discussion on the forums.

New Valor Cards and the First Encounter
13 all-new Valor Cards are coming next month! You’ll be able to add these cards to your collection using your Valor points. New cards on the horizon means that spoiler season is starting soon, so keep a lookout for previews of the incoming cards.

Additionally, the first Encounter is coming in November, too. Titled The King of Carrion, this Encounter is a new stand-alone Quest available free for all players. We’ll preview The King of Carrion on stream before its release, so stay tuned.

Known bugs and Upcoming Fixes

Challenges Not Tracking
Users were reporting that certain daily challenges were failing to track. We have a fix ready to deploy that will go live on Monday.

Sting in the Valor Vault
Some users had noticed that Sting was appearing in the Valor Vault, but couldn’t be unlocked. This is because Sting is intended as the first new card reward. The first time a player completes a Campaign or Encounter, they’ll be rewarded with a new card added to their collection. Sting is intended as the retroactive reward for Campaign 1, The Shadow’s Reach.

Due to an unforeseen bug, Sting showed up in the Valor Vault, but users cannot unlock it. We’re working to get this fixed as a two-step process—first, Sting will be removed from the Vault, and second, Sting will be awarded to players who have completed the campaign.

Multiple Starter Decks
Some users have reported that they have multiple starter decks in their collection. If this happens to you, let us know on Helpshift and we’ll get it sorted right away.

Phew! That’s a lot, but never fear; we didn’t forget your weekly decklist!

User Ear-a-corn put together this humans-only deck as a self-imposed challenge and was surprised to find it was rather competitive, scoring a perfect 275 on four Quests. Give it a shot!

Deck: Oh, the Humanity!
Ally (14)
2x Erkenbrand
2x Escort from Edoras
2x Guard of the Citadel
2x Ithilien Lookout
2x Rhovanion Outrider
2x Rohirrim Lancer
2x Warden of Annúminas
Attachment (8)
2x Gondorian Shield
2x Ranger's Blade
2x Self-Preservation
2x Unexpected Courage
Event (8)
2x A Watchful Peace
2x Beorn's Hospitality
2x Gaining Strength
2x Lembas

Thanks everyone! It’s been a busy week and eventful two months. We’re grateful for everyone who has joined us on this ride, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the rest of Early Access and beyond.

Have a great weekend,
The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Hi Everyone,

Last week, we made an announcement about the incoming change to the economy in The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. Today, we have some news to share about how those changes will impact the existing Founder’s Packs.

Tonight’s Updates
During the next scheduled downtime at 6 AM UTC, we’ll be gifting everyone the existing Hero Packs. If you’ve unlocked the packs previously, you’ll get 4000 VP per pack unlocked. You’ll also receive the Valor you spent on additional copies of cards from those Hero Packs. This includes Hero Pack cards unlocked with Valor AND Hero Pack cards earned from the Palantìr If you run into any trouble during this update, let us know on Helpshift. Just like with the Campaign compensation, this compensation may take some time as we check each user’s account. Thank you in advance for your patience.

The downtime will be a bit longer than usual, we expect. It’ll go closer to a full hour.

The Palantìr will also be removed at this time, so as we mentioned this morning, don’t forget to spend your Palantìr Views!

There will be some changes to the in-game menus after the changeover—for instance, the Palantìr menu will be removed, and the deckbuilder will receive some ongoing quality-of-life improvements. We’ll want your feedback on these updates, so let us know what you think!

Founder’s Pack Updates
These incoming economy changes call for us to rethink how the Founder’s Packs will work during Early Access. As we unlock the core content as a baseline for all users, we want to reward the players who have been with us since our Early Access launch. Since each Founder’s Pack features a different price level and amount of rewards, we’re using that as a guide to make sure everyone sees value in the new model. Here’s what each level of Founder’s Pack will be getting under the new economy:

The Shire Pack
The new Core Set
The Core Set includes the four original Heroes, the 4 currently available Hero Packs, the Core set of 68 (34x2) cards, the first Campaign (The Shadow’s Reach), and the first wave of cosmetics.

Valor Point Gift of 8000 VP
We’re gifting Shire Pack owners with 8000 VP, which was the original amount of VP granted under this Founder’s Pack. This won’t affect Valor Point purchases already made by users.

Underhill Card Back
All Shire Pack owners will get a new exclusive card back.

Steward of Gondor Pack
The Core Set
The Core Set includes the four original Heroes, the 4 currently available Hero Packs, the Core set of 68 (34x2) cards, the first Campaign (The Shadow’s Reach), and the first wave of cosmetics.

Valor Point Gift of 16,000 VP
Steward Pack owners are getting 16000 Valor Points, which was the original amount of VP granted under this Founder’s Pack. This won’t affect Valor Point purchases already made by users.

Flame of the West Card Back
An exclusive Steward of Gondor card back.

Alt art Tom Took
Alt art Aragorn

That’s right: We’re introducing alternate art versions of the core Heroes! This was one of the most requested cosmetic items. They’ll be automatically added to Steward of Gondor Pack owners’ collections. These alt arts are exclusive to this Founder’s Pack, but if they’re popular, we’ll do more in the future.

Istari Pack
The Core Set
The Core Set includes the four original Heroes, the 4 currently available Hero Packs, the Core set of 68 (34x2) cards, the first Campaign (The Shadow’s Reach), and the first wave of cosmetics.

Valor Point Gift of 30,000 VP
Just as above, Istari users will receive 30000 Valor Points, which was the original amount of VP granted under this Founder’s Pack. This won’t affect Valor Point purchases users have already made.

Leaves of Lorien Card Back
An exclusive Istari card back.

Expansion 1: The Shadow’s Fall
Istari users will receive the first expansion—including 4 all new Hero Packs, new cosmetics, and a whole new Campaign made up of 5 Quests—for free.

Alt-art Gimli
Alt-art Arwen

Istari users will unlock Gimli and Arwen’s alternate art versions! These alt arts are exclusive to this pack. Keep on the lookout for a preview of these alternate art versions.

Mithril Bundle
The Mithril Bundle includes all three of the Founder’s Packs bundled together. As a result, Mithril users will receive everything listed above, for no charge. This includes:

The Core Set
The Core Set includes the four original Heroes, the 4 currently available Hero Packs, the Core set of 68 (34x2) cards, the first Campaign (The Shadow’s Reach), and the first wave of cosmetics.

All 3 exclusive card backs
Underhill, The Flame of the West, Leaves of Lorien

All 4 alternate art Core Set Heroes

48,000 Valor Points (this won’t affect previous Valor purchases)

Expansion 1: The Shadow’s Fall

Additionally, we have some extra rewards for users who purchased the Mithril Bundle.

4 Additional Alternate Art Heroes
The alternate art Heroes for the first Campaign, The Shadow’s Reach, will be exclusive to Mithril Bundle buyers. This includes new art for Faramir, Legolas, Eowyn, and Dwalin.

Expansion 2: The Witch King’s Grasp
The incoming second expansion will be gifted to all Mithril Bundle owners when it launches. This includes a whole new Campaign made up of 5 Quests, 4 Hero Packs, and a wave of additional cosmetics.

Mithril Bundle Upgrade
Some Early Access users have asked for an upgrade path to the Mithril Bundle. With the announcement of these changes, we’d also like to announce an incoming upgrade path to the Mithril Bundle for users who purchased one of the three existing Founder’s Packs. This upgrade bundle will be available within the next two weeks and allow players who bought one of the individual Shire, Steward of Gondor or Istari packs a way to purchase the entire Mithril bundle. We’ll have more details on it soon!

The upcoming expansions will be gifted at the time of their release. The rest of these additions—including the card backs and the Valor Point Gifts—will be coming between now and full release launch. We’ll let you know before they’re added to your collection.

Thanks everyone!
The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game - FFI

Hi everyone,

We'll have another post coming later today, but before that:

This is just a quick reminder to spend your Palantìr views, as the Palantìr will be removed during the downtime during the next update at 6 AM UTC, our regularly scheduled downtime. Spend them now!

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