Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
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Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
We've released an update to the game in order to fix some problems and improve the performance. SVRT should run now smoother than ever :)

Here's a quick list of the changes:
  • Updated to Unity 2017.
  • Windows Mixed Reality headsets support.
  • Massive general performance improvement.
  • Reduced binary size (from 2667MB to 1779MB, 888MB less!)
  • Improved lighting in most of the games.
  • Improved laser-ground interaction effects on the laser blade minigame.
  • Enemies on the laser blade game will now move around if they don't hit the player after a few shots.
  • Also, enemies will no longer just disappear. They'll die with a nice effect :)
  • A new command line parameter (-showfps) will allow you to check your framerate by pressing the menu button on the right controller.

Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
As stated on the last update, Super VR Trainer got out of Early Access a couple hours ago! Thanks so much for your support during EA.

Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games

The time has come! Keep on reading!

Release Date
Based on your feedback we feel the game is ready for going full release, so here's the thing: Super VR Trainer will be transitioning to full release on March the 13th!

Price Increase
When we released on early access, we wanted to gather your feedback and try to make a better game with you, so we launched Super VR Trainer with a really discounted price. Almost 1.000 of you supported the game before it went final, so thanks a lot for your support.

So, before going full release, we'll increase Super VR Trainer price to $19.99.

Once again, thanks for your support!
Mar 2, 2017
Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to introduce the last game we made for the trainer.

New game: Super Basketball
A new trainer for you to show your skills! A simple but fun arcade basketball game. Running out of time? Try to earn some extra seconds scoring on the basket on your back!

Misc stuff
  • A new display on the light blade trainer shows the current level
  • Updated the ogre texture on the zombies trainer.
  • Updated hub furniture :)
Release date
We are thinking about going full release in the coming weeks, how do you feel about it? Is there anything you'd like to be added/fixed? Let us know!
Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
Hi everyone!

First of all, we're so sorry for these months of silence! Our day job has kept us busier than expected but after a long hiatus we're back with a new update!

This is the biggest update up to the date, so we're going to split it into sections. Take a deep breath!

  • Update to the latest versions of Unity and The Lab Renderer which means more stable and smooth gameplay. We have enabled Single Pass rendering (which didn't work before) so the general framerate should be better!
  • We also updated CurvedUI so the problems with the external camera should be fixed. We're eager to watch your mixed reality videos!
  • The game now uses SteamVR_LoadLevel, which means transitions between games and scenes will be smoother and without hiccups.
  • Updated most of the game texts from Unity's GUI text with Text Mesh Pro. Text are now sharper and better looking than ever!
  • Added some haptic feedback for the UI buttons (aka vibration).
  • We're updating the audio and sounds so they are all 3D using the spatializer audio system.

  • FIX: Bullets will no longer traspase walls
  • New waves featuring new enemies:
    - Cyborg Ninja
    - Robot Spider
    - Drones

  • Slow Motion powerup: Kill enough enemies, fill the slowmo meter on your blade handle and press grip to activate it!

  • Press the dpad button and select your blade's color! Untouch the dpad to close the selector.

  • Added a simple but effective tutorial before the game starts. An image is worth 1000 words!

  • Adjusted some obstacles so you have to crouch to avoid them!
  • Use your personal music in game! Copy some music file (mp3/ogg suported) to the "music" folder on the game's path (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Super VR Trainer\music)
  • During the game, press the grip buttons for the boombox to show up. There you can change the song as well as adjust the bloom effect sensitivity.

Shooter Zombie
  • New gun sound.
  • New waves featuring new enemies:
    - The Fat Ogre
    - Zombie Dogs
    - The Spider

Cylinder Puzzle
  • Better gameplay balancing
  • Next piece preview.

Lastly a sad note: we decided to remove the Halloween game for performance reasons. We'll try to bring it back ASAP.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it!

What do you think about the new features? Let us know with a comment!
Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
Hi, beloved players!

Today we added a new game to the trainer: the game with falling blocks that is suspiciously similar to that game from the 80's...

...but with a twist!

The game mechanics are well known: Use your left controller touchpad to rotate the torus, the right controller touchpad to rotate the pieces and the right trigger to drop it.

Of course it includes turbo mode as well as 5 new achievements.

We hope you enjoy it! Let us know how it goes!
Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games
Hi everyone!

Special thanks to slackvr666 and gamerhoofster-pony who provided great feedback! We take our players comments really seriously so we started implementing a few of their suggestions right away and we'll work on adding more.

  • New turbo mode. It's unlocked for each game after playing that game 10 times. It makes everything go... mmmm... faster!

Light Blade Trainer
  • Now you start looking at the door directly.
  • You can turn off your light blade!
  • Those storm troop got smarter! They won't block each other and now they aim better!

Cave Trainer
  • New aiming method: You can now aim using both controllers, so it's more precise and realistic!
  • New bow model
  • New arrow model

Hoverboard Trainer
  • We lowered the requirements for a couple achievements.
  • Better feedback when the slowmo and boost are available again. The controllers will vibrate for a moment when they are ready to go!
  • When the slowmo/boost is in use, the controller will vibrate.

Once more, thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Enjoy the update!
Super VR Trainer - jorgemoag
The hospital is more terrifying than ever. A new guest has just arrived. How long will you survive?

* Added: New enemy: The Lizardman
* Fixed: Haptic feedback when shooting
* Fixed: Muzzle particles effect
Super VR Trainer - Erosa Games

We just uploaded a fix for a bug that could limit the max score on the zombies game to 34.

So go and break the record! :D

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