Dec 22, 2018
Escape Lizards - Xenoprimate
Announcing the first major patch for Escape Lizards!

Major Feature Outline

  • Completely reworked camera. This addresses the main feedback from players about a difficult-to-control camera and unexpected behaviour when turning around. Includes a lot of new options in the options menu for fine-tweaking camera control, including R/L invert.
  • Two new world-flip modes that use the camera orientation (now the default) rather than the egg velocity. The older style mode can still be selected in the options menu.
  • Completely reworked jump/hop system: Egg hop is now always available, super jumps are pickups placed around various maps and must be picked up.
  • Much better tutorial that pauses the game with a modal dialog at the start of each level and has accompanying images
  • Remastering of all 110 levels (better flow, fixing of visual errors, earlier levels are more streamlined/simpler, later levels retain their original challenge)

Full Patch Notes

  • Added 2 new world flip modes that use camera rather than egg velocity to determine flip axis (the direction the world flips in should now make more sense in most cases); mode can be changed in options menu
  • Fixed 'time almost up' sound not having volume set according to options menu
  • Made egg hop direction less dependent on the current target tilt (should be easier to predict where the ball will jump to)
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong lizard egg skin being shown after dying
  • Streamlined jump mechanic; made it possible to hop in every level and placed 'super hops' in key levels
  • Unlocked every world as a backdrop in the main menu always
  • Added option to invert camera R/L direction
  • Added option for no deadzone on R or L analog stick
  • Added accelerated tilting for keyboard users; new option in options menu can be used to set tilt softness/rigidity
  • Whole new camera code that follows the ball more rigidly and works better at slow speeds/when changing direction
  • Added lights to finishing bells
  • Added option to set camera FOV
  • Added post-level-pass "new egg" screen, reduced golden-egg cost of all skins
  • Fixed a bug in the asynchronous master-thread invocation mechanism that resulted in a slow but progressively-worsening memory leak
  • Remastered all levels. Reduced difficulty level on a lot of the early worlds.
  • Better flow/polish on all levels.
  • Better tutorial
  • Modernized main menu a bit
Escape Lizards - Xenoprimate
Watch on Youtube

Up and coming Twitch streamer OriginalVipers recently streamed his playtime through the first three worlds of Escape Lizards!

Watch him with the link above as he navigates through the Home Forest, Human Town, and Chinatown!

Advisory: Some adult language

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