Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - David.
Hello everyone! We have a small patch incoming.


  • - New option in settings for "LOD Quality" (higher settings change LODs further away).
We also know that some of you are having issues with the game detecting a controller when you’re trying to get past the early access screen. We have a hotfix you can try alongside the previous recomended solutions.

The following solution will disable the use of gamepads (if you want to play with gamepad please dont use it).
  1. Right-click the game on your game list.
  2. Choose Properties>general
  3. Set launch options “-disablegamepad”.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - (Lauren Morton)

Wonky war game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has been plunking around in various states of pre-release for years now. After an open alpha, closed alpha, and early access launch, TABS will finally get what Landfall are calling version 1.0 at the end of 2020. There’s plenty of the usual silliness planned before then too, though.


Jul 8
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
Hello everyone! We’re back and working on the game harder than ever. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve discussed our current timeline for the game and realized that it’s no longer realistic.

Due to the unforeseen bugs in the Wild West update and other issues, we have decided to revamp our roadmap and change the order of some of the updates.

The new estimated timeline is as follows:

Q3 (July-September)

Update 0.12.0 Secret update
In mid Q3 we will release a bonus update with some long-anticipated units and maybe the return of a revamped beloved map.

We have decided that the final faction reveal would be much better suited for the full release update.

Update 0.13.0 Unit Creator
Late Q3 Unit Creator! We’re super excited to release this update and its release timeline has not changed.

Q4 (October-December)

1.0 Full release
Full release with the last faction, localization, achievements, twitch integration (PC only), and some unannounced features.

  • Hero Unit.
  • PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • Cool secret stuff and the possibility of more post-release content.

This roadmap and the estimations can change at any time and we can not give any closer estimations than the time of year.

Game development is hard to estimate as many unforeseen things can happen. We are committed to not crunching as we believe it damages both the game and the developers working on it, we want to bring you the best game possible and be healthy at the same time.

We're still working to solve the bugs in the game asap.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
It's time to vote on the Wild West town names! We got almost 4000 entries and choose some of our favorites.

We got a lot of similar names - in those cases we choose the first one submitted.

There are 21 entries to vote for in the first seven polls! Vote on Twitter:
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
An announcement about the Hero Unit

After a lengthy discussion we have decided to release the Hero Unit feature as a separate update or free DLC after the full release of the game instead of as an update during early access/game preview.

The reason for doing this is that we would like to do more with the Hero Unit than we initially planned which would require more time to work on it.

Another option would be to postpone the release of TABS in order to implement the new Hero Unit features but that would also delay other awaited features as well as the release on PS4 and The Switch. This would also mean having to cut some of the planned things for the Hero Unit and making it less fun. We’d rather just postpone the release of the Hero Unit and work on making it as good as possible instead of rushing it or delaying the release of other features.

We understand that this may be disappointing but we hope you will enjoy the Hero Unit, even more, when we can release it with more features and more fine-tuning.

The release of TABS is still planned for PC, Mac, and Xbox during late Q3 (August-September ) this year.

You can find the Early Access roadmap here:

TLDR: The Hero Unit feature is postponed to after release to make it better and as to not delay other planned features.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
Thank you for your patience while we're fixing bugs, here's the second patch to fix some of the custom content bugs, etc.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issues with Lasso and Jester units
  • Fixed some issues regarding custom content not showing correctly

  • Added map name/battle name in placement mode

We know some of you are unable to launch the game due to it detecting a controller, fixing an option to switch between them will take some time so in the meantime please do the following:

If you have any controllers or other USB devices (like a racing wheel or a joystick) plugged in, please try to unplug it and start the game with only mouse and keyboard.

This issue can also be caused by software that emulates inputs, for example, something that lets you remap or change key bindings outside of games. Vjoy is known to cause this issue. Please try to uninstall any programs like this and see if that solves the issue.

Remember to restart steam and verify the integrity of the game files.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
Help us name the Wild West town!

Some of you might have noticed the big empty sign on the Wild West map, of course, the town needs to have a name.

Submit your name suggestion through this google form - we will pick the ones we like the best and poll the community for the one you like the best on our twitter. You can submit your suggestion until the 5th of June and the chance to vote will come shortly after :)

Link to the submission form:
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
This hotfix was released yesterday but we weren't able to post the patch notes so here they come!

  • Fixed issue with the Win condition defeat target unit in custom battles
  • Fixed issue where the units in old custom battles would be facing the wrong way
  • Fixed some issues with logging into the workshop
  • Fixed issue where the arrows in the campaign and sandbox menu did not work with certain screen resolutions.

We're still working on the other bugs, keep reporting them in the forums and

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna

  • Wild West faction
  • Wild West map
  • Wild West campaign
  • Win Conditions
  • New secret units
  • Full controller support
  • New custom content workflow

  • Updates to UI design
  • Added gamepad icons in UI

  • Better rendering performance

The Western faction is not the final faction coming during early access, stay tuned for more updates during Q3!

A huge thank you to Eturian who inspired the Cactus unit! Here's Eturians original artwork:

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Botten Hanna
We're sorry to say that we have found some last-minute game-breaking bugs that will make it impossible for us to release the new TABS update this week.

We're terribly sorry about this, we cannot release an update that is unplayable but what we will do this week is to release the trailer for the update! Enjoy!

Thank you again for your patience! :)

What is causing the delay?

QA found some last-minute game-breaking bugs that make the update unplayable.

When will the update be out?

As soon as we've fixed the bugs, we don't have an estimate of when they will be fixed but we are working hard to do so.

Why can't you release the update without the bugs/new UI or create a beta?

If we could do that, we would, we need to fix the bugs in order to release the update.

Is this the final faction?


What's coming next?

You can read about what's coming next during Early Access here

What is in the update?

- Western faction
- Western map
- Western campaign with a few Win Condition levels
- New secret units
- Full controller support
- New custom content workflow
- Win Conditions
- Updates to UI design
- Added gamepad icons in UI

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