Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
After a long while since the release of Goo Saga we decided to make some trading cards :D

We hope you have fun collecting and trading them with your friends !
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
We hope that summer finds you either sunbathing or gaming care-free all the way ! But with summer sales on the line we would like to take a moment and remind you that Goo is a top notch swimmer! So if you haven't been playing the game in a while due to work or school or any other obstacle that was standing between you and Goo, NOW IS THE TIME! :D

We fixed some minor issues that caused Goo to look less Goo-like at some specific gaming setups, revised the consistency of his G.E.L.O (Gelatinous Elongation of Lateral Oozing) and managed to over-exceed our expectations on every aspect of field testing!

Now what are you waiting for? There is a boss fight waiting for you!

.. unless you have finished the game already ..


Because there are 3 modes you have to win in order to TRULY finish the game!

.. unless you have completed everything in the game (in which case we deeply love you) WHERE YOU ARE CALLED TO BECOME THE CREATOR !

Create your OWN levels using our level editor and make sure you make it A REAL CHALLENGE for other players that want to play new levels, or download user creations!

Goo is never truly complete, so join our community today! :D

Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
Greetings, Goo fans!

You probably noticed that Goo Saga has been updated, so we wanted you to know what we've been up to.

We have been carefully monitoring your feedback (which is of high importance to us) and we have concluded that most of you wished Goo was even more responsive to commands. To be honest, we ran numerous tests for many years to simulate a realistic gelatinous movement model for our main character, who is basically a blob of goo. After an in-depth analysis of our lab data, we developed G.E.L.O (Gelatinous Elongation of Lateral Oozing) a system that makes Goo move exactly like a ball of goo. This made Goo move very realistically... but it proved too realistic, sluggish and difficult for some players.

So in this update we reversed some of the G.E.L.O catalysts to make Goo move more responsively. You will notice that if you are moving and stop pressing the directional button, Goo will come to a halt much more swiftly. This will help you control him much more efficiently. We hope you find this small, but important, tweak to your liking.

TLDR: Goo's inertia was toned down and he'll be easier to control now.
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games

You have probably noticed that Goo Saga has been updated, so here are your juicy patch notes!

- Improved controller support.
This was the #1 issue with some gamers so we tackled it first. Goo was being a bit stubborn with some controllers, so we injected him with some ResponsoGel. You will now notice that he has improved responsiveness and that he cooperates better with a wide collection of controllers. We have also remapped the default bindings to match popular controllers, for your convenience.

- Added in-game information tutorials.
This was the second issue with some gamers that needed more guidance. We repaired some of the old panels in the underwater lab that will now offer basic tips and explain jumping, smashing and form-changing.

- Added Chinese, Russian and Polish language support.
Now, THIS is interesting! China, Russia and Poland have embraced the new gelatinous overlord, so Goo has decided to return the favor. After taking special courses for fast learners, Goo now speaks Chinese, Russian and Polish fluently!

- Added V-Sync in graphic options.
“What is this sorcery?” you may ask. Well, it basically synchronizes your frames per second with your monitor refresh rate. It’s a good thing to have and might improve what you see on your screen.

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
These include numerous fine-tuning tweaks to improve various aspects of the game. Some of those might be hardly noticeable, but even the smallest of details are important to us.

Goo Saga is a game that we made lovingly and we’ll continue to support and enhance it. We will also continue to respond to your feedback so please leave your comments here or email us.

Keep on gooing, friends!
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
Greetings, Goo-fans!

This is just a brief heads-up for an immediate hotfix that is on its way VERY soon.
We read your comments and reviews and some gamers have expressed concern about two issues.
Control and tutorial.
So we are addressing both.

The control set-up is being upgraded (fixes for bindings and default settings for gamepads).
We're also incorporating some initial guidelines so that the basics of Goo's commands (like jumping, smashing stuff and the three Goo states and their properties) are more evident.

So, if you are concerned about those two issues, they'll be resolved very soon (as in, the following days).

Keep on Gooing!
Toka Loka
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
So! It's official. From yesterday, the gelatinous world domination has started. ːsteammockingː

Goo Saga HD is officially on Steam and actually at a 30% discounted price!
We are getting great feedback from gamers, YouTubers and Streamers, Steam Groups and gaming sites alike. Reviews and Let's Play vids are appearing rapidly now, we'll updating our Facebook Page (/ regularly with those. Please use the community page here at Steam, post screens and comment. It's really important for us to have feedback from the gamers :)

Finally, for our friends in Russia and China: GREAT news, as Goo Saga HD is in the final stages of localization! Goo is spreading, we told you!

OK, thats enough for now. Dig back in and work for those Achievements!

Toka Loka
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games
We're proud to announce that Goo Saga is officially selected for the indie game contest that will be held in Strasbourg European Fantastic film Festival 2016!
Goo Saga - Toka Loka Games

I guess you'll have to be a bit more patient as we're rescheduling Goo Saga - HD Edition launch. New launch date is on the 26th of September.

We're really sorry about this change, but we need to finalize some of the features that we announced, and it will take a bit more time than we originally planned. Worry not though, we promise that the final result will be worth the wait!

Are you ready to bounce to your destiny with Goo?

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