Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
Coming in March is our next Paradise series game.

Add the game to your wishlist to be notified on release, so you can enjoy it at discount.
Dec 27, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
For those interested in the games and content we make, we are happy to announce a fun adult graphic novel is live on Kickstarter for a limited production run, it is doing extremely well and unlocking lots of amazing content for the book.

You can checkout the campaign for the book now:

Alternatively if you would like to consider supporting us another way, we are offering copies of our future games and loads of other cool content via our Patreon in 2020, which can be found on this link for those interested.

Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
I am happy to announce our massive Christmas Sale, which I have launched as it is our fifth christmas since I started making games. And because I love Christmas so much.

As such every game in our catalogue has been put on an amazing discount allowing you to get your most wanted games at our best possibly prices. And with our new Dharker Studio complete Bundle, you can get additional discounts on top ensuring you have every game for a great price.

Checkout the bundle for the best deal whilst the Christmas Sale is live:

Dec 6, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
We are happy to announce the release of our latest game, ready for the holiday... Santa Girls.

This fully uncensored adult game is out now and ready to play, it includes multiple routes and multiple endings to explore all around the Christmas theme. Check it out.

P.s. consider checking out the Dharker Studio and Paradise Series complete bundles for additional discounts on our latest game releases.
Nov 26, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
We are happy to announce the release of a fun and sexy Christmas game, Santa Girls, coming out December 6th for everyone to enjoy.

Check it out and wishlist the game to be notified as soon as it releases.

Sep 15, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
We are happy to announce the launch of our greatest bundle to date, it is the complete Dharker Publisher Bundle, it is live now on Steam and includes within it every game (27 so far) and dlc pack, that Dharker Studios Ltd has ever released on Steam.

This great bundle allows you to get extra discounts on any game in the series you don't already own, no duplicated games in the set, so if you already have something the bundle will simply be cheaper for you.

Check it out to see what discounts you can get to complete your set and through this bundle get even GREATER discounts on our future releases.
Sep 13, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
Roomie Romance our latest game, a yuri style adult visual novel, is out now on Steam, fully uncensored, adults only.

Checkout the game now for a discount on purchase, also consider getting the deluxe edition for a discount on all of the DLC including the bonus stories DLC season pass that is available as well.
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
We are happy to announce that our next game release is scheduled for September, exact date for release will be announced very soon...

Roomie Romance coming soon in September another fun Yuri/Lesbian love story, where your decisions determine what path the story takes and what ending you enjoy.

Wishlist it now to be kept up to date on when it releases.
Jul 31, 2019
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
Dating Life, an adult visual novel game released on Steam Today. For the first week of release it is available at discount alongside the Adult Content DLC Pack and a Bonus Materials Content Packs.

Check them out now, and dont forget to consider the Deluxe Editions and Dharker Studio Bundles which offer even more discounts for those who wants the game and all DLC together or want to complete their set of Dharker Studios Games.
Echo Tokyo: Reaper - Dharker
Love in the Limelight an adult uncensored visual novel game is releasing on Steam Tomorrow. Add it to your wish-list now to be notified and get the game on release at a discounted rate.

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