Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar - LargeVisibleMachine
Doomstar 1.1.0 has just been released, please restart your Steam clients to grab the latest version. New features in this version include:

  • Steam Notifications - you now get a message in the Steam client whenever your opponent has submitted a new move!
  • Linux build - the game is now available for Linux. We've done some basic testing but let us know if you encounter any compatibility issues.
  • AI tweaks: the AI should now be a little bit more aggressive and also protect her command ship better. Plus no more suicide missions into minefields ;)
  • Black hole helpers: the map now shows where can you slingshot when making your move
  • Achievement fixes
  • Reveal enemy fleet on game over
  • Replay last move on finished games
  • UI tweaks and typos

Please let us know if you spot anything or if you got any feature requests and we'll keep the updates coming. Also, if you enjoy the game consider leaving a review as it really helps with visibility and sales (if you don't like it then not so much).

Your Friends in Space
Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar - LargeVisibleMachine
Just a quick announcement that our Doomstar now is live and available for purchase!

Store page - 25% off

In Doomstar, your fleet is comprised of hidden units – units which remain unidentified until they enter battle - so you'll need bluff, bravado and super cool strategy to weed out and destroy the enemy's Command Ship. Only when two opposing pieces sit on the same square are the units revealed and the weakest defeated. Each of the units in your fleet has a set of different capabilities, and it's up to you to deploy them with cunning and blast your enemy to oblivion.

In appearance Doomstar recalls Stratego, but it's much more fluid to play - as well as featuring Daniel, the space duck. Beta let's play available here:

Das Tactic - Let's Peek at Doomstar

Please check it out and help spread the word! We're super excited about this one and should be right up your alley if you're even remotely in to turn-based strategy or board games!

Thanks for everyone who's helped out and supported us so far!

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