Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

Optimization update brought some performance improvements but also some bugs that we need to solve before releasing it to the public. So, here is the update, so far in experimental.

The list of changes:
  • fixed building new blocks in old saves
  • fixed exiting from cockpit, prevented exiting in dangerous cases (into terrain etc.)
  • fixed spawning of nests, trees and other game objects in dead zones (around wrecks, monuments, etc.)
  • fixed frozen swarm visuals
  • fixed highlighting of blocks in block mover
  • fixed compass visible in cut scenes
Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

We have freed the Experimental branch yesterday and today we have a new experiment for you. We have reworked the most CPU intensive scripts and was able to gain from nothing to 20% FPS increase on our testing HW. There is still some work to do and maybe some new bugs introduced. You know, this is why it is called experimental :).

Let us know if you feel some change for the better, and expecially if any for the worse.

The list of changes is a little bit more technical this time:
  • optimized geometic calcuations in Animal Nests, POIs & Navigation, Planet geometry, Dynamic Obstalces
  • reduced frequency of computations in PlayerTerrainFixer, freezing Vehicles, Switchboard distances, Active Blocks, Items and Containers
  • reduced UI refresh in Inventories, Block Catalog, POIs
  • invisible animations and partices culling in Animals & Swarms
  • optimized calculation and added caching of Dynamic Obstacles
  • optimized Wheel physics
  • reworked calculations of chunks and objects
Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

It has been rainning for days here at our HQ - not ideal weather for riding a bike, so we've released our update with motocycle publicly to have some fun :)

Here is the list of changes to repeat:
  • new special blueprint - motocycle
  • escape a vehicle at the point you entered it
  • air blade - fixed target height stored in blueprint - possible to re-use aircrafts on planets of different size
  • added an "easter egg" on one special day in June
Planet Nomads - 501idni

Hello Nomads,

Today, we've released Planet Nomads into experimental branch. You can try out our new experiment - a motorbike. Do not expect real bike simulation, it's just a fun way to move yourself around :). You will find it in blueprints section.

We have also modified the logic of exiting vehicles a little bit. When you hit the "E" key to exit the vehicle, the first position the game try to put you on is the place you entered it (relative to the vehicle). Now it should not happen that you enter you quadcopter from the front and escape on the side, where the blade is running.

Here is the full list of changes:
  • new special blueprint - motocycle
  • escape a vehicle at the point you entered it
  • air blade - fixed target height stored in blueprint - possible to re-use aircrafts on planets of different size
  • added an "easter egg" on one special day in June

Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

Today we've released new version into experimental public branch. It brings just small fixes.

List of fixes:
  • fixed opening of planet map (in already "broken" saves you need to wait few minutes before a hint shows and unlock it)
  • added syncing of physics to rebasin to address "invisible wall" bug
  • added better saving and refresh of selected favourite blocks
Planet Nomads - 501idni

Hello Nomads,

Today is a big day for us. We have decided to release Planet Nomads sooner than promised as we managed to finish the game story.

The story puts you in a difficult position where you have to truly survive the crash landing, explore your surroundings and build means to progress through it. It has multiple different endings which will uncover you a secret of what happened on Anita. To get through to the end you’ll need to find and scan objects on the planet. This will be no easy task, especially with wild animals breathing down your neck and weather so brutal that will stop your progress really fast.
Planet Nomads - Valve
Planet Nomads is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

There's a whole planet of diverse biomes waiting for you to explore. Gather enough materials to build a mobile base that will carry everything a Nomad needs on a journey through an unknown land.

*Offer ends May 10 at 10AM Pacific Time
Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

Today we've released (hopefully) last release of our big story update, version It is just a small fixes for bugs you've reported to us.

List of changes:
  • fixed monuments that cannot be scanned from one side
  • fixed weird monument artifacts after teleporting or game reload
  • added healing to Trauma Kit
Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

Thank you for the feedback on the story. We have noticed that there were some bugs that prevented you from continuing in some places, so we have an update in the experimental branch today.

There is one thing to highlight - we have originally intended to wipe your saves for story to work properly. But as it is always an unpleasant action, we decided not to do it.

If you continue to play your old save with the new story system, you might get into a trouble. For instance you might have blocks locked by quest that you cannot find in your world etc. Also tutorial started in old version probably will not be finishable in the new one.

We decided to keep you possibility to play the older saves and we disable the quests and other systems in this case. You will probably have blocks unlocked that you haven't yet. Any maybe some other changes in your game, but this should be lesser evil than losing your complete game.

For the best story experience you should start a new game, but if you know what you're doing, you can still live in your old world.

The list of changes:
  • bypassed Quest system in older saves - to make them playable again
  • Windows: returned to mono backend and default Garbage Collector - for better stability
  • fixed POIs remaining in compass
  • added immortality to Oddyseus Blueprint
  • fixed missing weather sounds (storm)
  • allowed closing Replicator window by Use (E) key
  • fixed story item that always dropped from hands
  • fixed 3rd person camera going too far
  • fixed not descending air blades in some occasions
  • reduced player falling through terrain check timeout - for better performance
Planet Nomads - 501idni
Hello Nomads,

We have just released new version of Planet Nomads -, you can sneak peek the full story in the experimental branch before the full release.

We do not want to wipe your saves because of story, so you can continue your saves, but maybe you will encounter some bugs caused by story changes. We cannot test the upgrade in all possible states of the game. Hope it is better than losing the whole progress. Anyway, if you want to play the story, you need to start a new game.

As usual, saves modified by the new version of the game are not guaranteed to work in older version, so backup your files if you want to switch versions back and forth.

The list of changes:
  • complete story (you have to start a new game to enjoy it)
  • added shipwrecks from Kickstarter backers
  • bigger Compass with better readability of overlapping marks
  • changed "T" button functionality - cycles between best MultiTool available and Emergency Tool
  • added possibility to bind other tools (Block Mover, Scanner, Weapon) to different keys
  • Radar: now it is possible to trigger scan even in already scanned region
  • Automatic Miner: fixed bug that caused game hang during load in some cases

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