Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

These days we are busy preparing the new tutorial and story quests, so only small changes and bugfixes are part of this release.

Here is the complete list:
  • maximum stack size was increased to 100
  • ghost block is less transparent for better visibility
  • double clicking on usable item in inventory transfers it into the hotbar (or into a container if one is opened)
  • resolved issue with conveyor connectors not connecting in some circumstances
  • fixed sudden object movement after sleeping
  • keeping jetpack hover mode enabled after exiting cockpit
  • blocked use and radial menu in cockpit
  • fixed misssing build vision icons on some active blocks (greenhouse, compact medbay, radar)
  • fixed minor UI bugs (text alignment, non-updated texts, digging gizmo)
Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

Sadly, last release had a very serious bug that caused save corruption in some cases with automatic miners. As a result active block data wasn't saved and active blocks were missing after the load. This hotfix addresses that issue, but corrupted saves cannot be fixed. We are very sorry about that. You could try to load older saves or find a backup save in saves folder.

We've also removed height limit of hover blades and changed logic not to count with unpowered blades, as it sometimes made impossible to ascend or descend with air crafts. The whole hover blade code is very patched now, and still far form ideal, so we are considering total rework of it.
Planet Nomads - Craneballs

Hello Nomads,

After long discussions inside the team and with some of you on the forums, we have decided that we do not longer need two different hot bar types. So we removed that short four slot hot bar from the game and you can use building hot bars to carry survival items as well. Hope that will bring more convenience than confusion.

We have also introduced the "blueprint" console command that our Kickstarter Wreck Designer backers will be able to use to send us their creations that we will soon add into the game as new shipwrecks.

The next step with blueprints will be loading them and making some user interface to use it directly from the game not just in console.

Here is the complete list of changes:
  • removed survival bar, building bars now can contain survival items
  • console - added command helps and new command for kickstarter backers for saving their wreck designs
  • modified tool/weapon behavior - removed autohiding and other tweaks
  • modified vehicle building help screen
  • fixed automatic miners - no more vanishing of potencial resources
  • fixed unintended reset of building block rotation
  • fixed some bugs in hover blades
  • disabled jetpack controls during renaming blocks in radial menu
  • removed easter eggs from nests
Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

There was an error in last release that caused application to freeze during load if there were machines making some items. This release fixes it.

Also there is one small change in Hot Bar item count appearance.
Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

In this update we have made some fundamental changes in how Build Vision is used and some other tweaks in building. Maybe you will need some time to get used to. Many things work differently now but we hope it will save you some repetitive clicking. Let us know what you thing about changes on our forum.

The complete list of changes continues.

Build Vision / Hot Bar / Radial Menu Changes:
  • unlinked Build Vision from building, so you can build without the need to enable Build Vision
  • added "layers" to Build Vision - you can choose what kind of gizmos you want to see by holding TAB key
  • Radial Menu is accessible without Build Vision - BV is automatically temporarily enabled when needed
  • Build Vision does no longer switch Hot Bars - you can switch it by whipping out a weapon (Q key switches to survival bar) or selecting block (B key switches to building bar)
  • Hot Bar remembers your rotation of each block - you can reset it to original state by selecting equipped block again

Minor Changes / Bugfixes:
  • you can gather some loot from Nests, special Easter Eggs are here for a limited time!
  • to reflect recent changes tutorial and hints have been modified a little bit
  • Bio Generator is now earlier in the Tech Tree - you build generator first and appliances later
  • when you build a Battery, it is fully charged from the start (now also in the survival mode)
  • smoothened camera movement in first person view - should eliminate head bobbing sickness
  • modified Green House recipes to yield more crop
  • Biohazard Treatment, Escape Pod and Stasis Chamber now cures radiation
  • Medium Medbay recipes has been accelerated to be faster than in Compact Medbay
  • Emergency Printer no longer needs electricity after rebuilt
  • jetpack hover status is now saved with your game
  • it is no longer possible to change jetpack hover mode when game is paused
  • fixed some bugs related to swimming when game is paused or inventory dialog displayed
  • jetpack does not burn again if you exit vehicle that you've entered with jetpack enabled
  • fixed fast oscillation of circuits with solar panels (caused low CPU performance in some special cases)
  • fixed physics freeze of distant objects in some cases
  • fixed problems with air blades that caused air crafts unusable after save/load
Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

We've just released a fix that addresses issues with physics freeze causing uncontrollable hover crafts and similar problems.
Planet Nomads - Craneballs

Hello Nomads,

We have started this update with a serie of building interface improvements. You can now use 10 hotbars with blocks. Switch between them with shift + number. If you prefer one-time use of a given block, click with shift in build catalog and you can build without using a hotbar. You can also use text filter in block catalog.

In this release we have done some changes in the way how your buildings and vehicles are treated. This should fix troubles like vehicles merging with buildings during save/load as well as disappearing of big bridges while you still stand on it. Those changes are still in evaluation, so let us know if you find some issues with it.

Last but not least, we have added three long awaited block types with conveyor ports.

The full list of changes follows.
  • New features:
    • ten "pages" in building hotbar, use shift+0..9 to switch them
    • shift+click in block catalog equips block without using hotbar
    • filter by name in the block catalog
    • weather in advanced survival settings

  • New blocks:
    • ceiling/floor block with conveyor port
    • interior wall with conveyor port
    • six way conveyor

  • Bugfixes:
    • not unloading big bridges while walking away from its origin
    • physics freeze of distant vehicles to overcome some bugs on unloading
    • saving vehicle movement speed
    • saving unfinished work of printers
    • fixed ghostblock jitter
    • fixed occasional missing drop pod and other wreckage
    • fixed randomly vanishing electricity connections
    • fixed center of mass indicator misbehavior
    • fixed jetpack hover mode (didn't descend at max height)
    • item dispenser disables on entering vehicle
Planet Nomads - Craneballs
Hello Nomads,

Sorry for the bug in custom setting of daytime slowdown multiplier. It caused stopping of the sky and the whole universe in older custom saves. This hotfix should resolve it.
Planet Nomads - Craneballs

Hello Nomads,

New update is out with two new blocks - Deuterium Generator and Small Deuterium generator. The first one is good for your bases, the latter for energy-intensive vehicles.

We have also improved the Build Vision. It now indicates the center of mass and total mass of each grid, so you will be able to design more stable air crafts.

Last but not least, you can now turn on/off your machines directly from their inventory, using little button in the top-right corner, without bothering with radial menu.

Here is the full list of changes:
  • added Deuterium Generator and Small Deuterium Generator
  • added indication of mass distribution to Build Vision
  • added option to alter the duration of daytime
  • added switch button into block "Use" GUIs
  • optimized first generation of the world (generating wrecks phase)
  • optimized game saving/loading, mainly on non-SSD drives
  • modified console to pause the game
  • fixed physics glitch when descending into water with jetpack in hover mode
  • fixed building positions on block "Reinforced Wall Ext/Int Conveyor Joint"
  • fixed planet map update after beacon rename
Planet Nomads - Craneballs

Hello Nomads,

In today's release we present new block for connecting conveyor systems. If you cannot fit pipes from different grids, just bring them close and put Conveyor Connector on each end.

We have also added two different shapes of solar panels and one new type of cockpit. The new cockpit is made mostly of glass so you will have better view, especially under your feet.

Last but not least, we have unlocked 3 new languages in menu. It's not 100% completed, but very near to finish.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • new block Conveyor Connector - to join conveyors from different grids
  • new block Glassed Cockpit - for better maneuvering of your air crafts
  • new blocks Flat Solar Panels and Sloped Solar Panels
  • new "beta" languages: Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech
  • optimized mass recalculation
  • fixed conveyors recalculation when grids are split
  • fixed vanishing buildings when last part of terrain chunk is deleted

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