Chernobyl VR Project - Burza

While we were exploring abandoned buildings, we found a lot of toys.
Young couples felt good and secure in the town of Pripyat, so nothing held them back from having children. Chernobyl from before the catastrophe could be called the Google headquarters of USSR - young and talented people found their home there, living the “Soviet Dream”.

Slavutych - a city you’re probably going to stay in during your trip to the exclusion zone, bears a lot of resemblance to Pripyat. It’s a town dominated by young people, in fact it’s one of the youngest cities in Europe. Most of them work in the exclusion zone, maintaining the remnants of their parents, and grandparents workplace.
Chernobyl VR Project - Burza

Many people still think that the most dangerous thing you can encounter in the exclusion zone is radiation - it's not true. The radiation level exceeds norms only in some "hot spots", and even there just wearing a gas mask protects you from harm.
Anyone interested in urbex knows, that old and unfinished constructions can be easily damaged, and this damage can harm an explorer in the aftermath by collapsing on him, or underneath him. A broken limb, or a severe wound is a positive scenario in the case of such accident.

I took this photo during one of our recent trips in the Jupiter factory. It's not good, but there's a story behind it. I took it a few seconds before the floor I was standing on collapsed. I was very lucky, because I fell few meters down on a concrete floor, just a few centimeters from some metal pieces, almost giving the heart attack to our sound designer who was recording nearby. I didn’t break anything, but I kept on limping for the next 2 weeks.
So guys - please remember, if you’re exploring, you are the only one fully responsible for your safety - always double check your steps, and don’t hesitate to turn back in some places, your health and life depends on it.
Chernobyl VR Project - Burza

If you travel to Chernobyl, you'll meet a lot of creatures. Dozens of dogs run in packs around the exclusion zone. These days most of them are ear tagged and castrated to prevent the massive over population, that used to be handled by shooting them down. Luckily some good people started "Dogs of Chernobyl" project - you can read a little bit more about it here:

As we were exploring the exclusion zone we developed a really peculiar friendship. A friendship with a fox. This little guy is a really smart one - he knew, we wouldn't harm him, so he kept following us, staying just a little behind hidden in bushes. He would ask for snacks at the stops, and pose for pictures. He would join us almost on every trip to the exclusion zone.

How would you name our little companion?

Chernobyl VR Project - Burza

We’re finally ready to release a huge update for Chernobyl VR Project on Steam.
Steam version of the application will be left in the early access, until the end of the year, because we want to continue developing it, making it the most complete version of the app so far.
During our trips to Chernobyl we’ve gathered an overwhelming amount of content, and tailoring it for various platform, with a small, dedicated team was a challenge.
Now we’ve decided to keep adding new content, focusing only on one platform - Steam.
What you get with this update is a complete experience with updated mechanics, graphics, and additional content.
The resolution of the app is greater than on Playstation VR, the models have more details, and a system for finding hidden objects based on radiation, measured by Geiger counter was added here.

Detailed list of changes:
  • 3D walkable level for hospital
  • Native Oculus Rift support, both with touch controllers and gamepad
  • Spatial audio on each walkable level
  • Revamped 360 movies, with better colors and resolution
  • Updated UI elements
  • Complete lightning redesign on all 3d walkable levels
  • More detailed radiation measurements
  • Hidden narration elements based on radiation level
  • Lots of bug fixes

To do list:
  • Subtitles
  • non-VR support
  • additional 3D locations
  • additional narration
  • hidden objects puzzle adventures elements

We’ll work on updates and bug fixes till the end of the year, and we want you to get engaged in further development, feel free to suggest new locations, and improvements we can make in the app. I’ll be answering all the posts here as soon as I can. You can also write us on facebook on

Burza, The Farm 51
Chernobyl VR Project - (Alice O'Connor)

Alec wasn’t entirely happy when we duct-taped him to a chair, bolted his Rift goggs to his skull and jacked him into a tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat with Chernobyl VR Project [official site]. He liked seeing inside that irradiated corner of Ukraine – known to Those Young People as the setting for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games – but technically it’s messy. It’s split between photogrammetry-scanned environments and plain old 360-degree video, see, coming out a bit disjointed. Well! Today brings the release of a Vive edition, along with an update adding more content and improving those videos.

… [visit site to read more]


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