911 Operator - B0gey
Counter Terrorist Agency is now available!

Fight international terrorism and prevent attacks all over the world! Use modern invigilation techniques, wiretap and overhear the calls, read private conversations, eliminate threats and much more!


If you like 911 Operator, you gonna like CTA as well!
The game is 20% off for the fist week! The owners of 911 Operator get additional -15% !!!
Check out the Counter Terrorist Agency Steam page now for more details!

911 Operator - B0gey
Greetings Operators!

Steam Awards Nominations are live now!

We have been supporting the game from the very beginning/first drafts, and since its release we've published four DLCs, one of which was for free!

We would be happy if you could nominate game to "Labor of Love"
911 Operator - B0gey
Dear Operators!

Game from our friends, Transport INC just began their Kickstarter campaign!


Buy buses, trains, and planes. Plan transport routes, operation centers and most important keep up with the competitors.

Support and spread the word about the game!

911 Operator - Usher
Radio Commander is now availabe!

In Radio Commander you contact and command your units using radio commands only. It's entirely new experience - be ready to get disoriented the way you never been before.
Just as in 911 Operator, you never know what exactly happend at the place where your caller is. What if they do not respond? Is their radio off or are they gone?
Check out the Radio Commander Steam page now for more details!


[EDIT: The discount for owners of 911 Operator was valid for 30 days only]
911 Operator - B0gey
This Friday at 18:00 (CEST) (12:00 AST; 9:00 PST), we'll launch developer's stream!
112 Operator alpha will be played along with the developers commentary on the game page.
Stay tuned 😉

Link to the replay: https://youtu.be/lGHY4yP9LrU
911 Operator - Usher
We are excited to announce that we have just started a Kickstarter campaign for 112 Operator!

The development is going well, however we always aim for improvement as the process of game creation is long and complicated. We could really use your support to process with further development so please check out our campaign. If you support us, you will not only influence the final shape of 112 Operator, but you will also get early access to the game and other available perks.

With kind regards,
Jutsu Games Team
911 Operator - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 80% on 911 Operator!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
Jun 21, 2019
911 Operator - Usher
Dear Operators!

911 is getting golden as the final updates are being published. We have made a lot of rebalancing and bugfixes. There is also a new game mode available, called "Single City Run" - default gameplay mode in the sequel (112 Operator) will be based on that!

From now on the entire team focuses on new features in 112 Operator :)

In the meantime, before you will be able to play 112, we encourage you to try all the DLC for 911 Operator that we created - both "Every Life Matters" and "Search & Rescue" provide additional features, events, units and calls.
Our workshop community also does a great job providing dozens of new emergency calls!

By-the-way, check out some other games from our publishing group - some of them have a lot in common with 911 Operator!
Follow our fanpage to get the newest updates about our games


Bartek, chief designer

911 Operator - Usher
Dear Operators,

We have just started a KS campaign for Radio Commander!

It's a game with unique narrative, with some similarities to what we have in 911 Operator - check it out and we're sure you gonna like it!

Come in and support the project for an early access key!

BTW - a new update to 911 Operatos is available now, with new campaign mode and a lot of rebalancing :)
911 Operator - bartek

Take a look at the 112 Operator page, learn more and add it to your wishlist already !

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