White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

Farm Together has finished its Early Access process and is available now!


It's been an incredible experience to watch so many people enjoying the game and being so creative for the 7 months the game has been in Early Access! We sincerely hope you keep enjoying the game for a long time.

We want to thank our backers for the support and feedback offered through the whole process so, as compensation for the effort you've done (and endured our mistakes in some cases), we'll gift you with a Supporters Pack DLC for free, including exclusive clothing, hairstyles and a new tractor.

Also wanted to add: Don't you worry! We've got plenty of content planned for the future (starting with a Halloween event that will start next week), and plan to keep working on the game as long as there's a demand for it, so please pass by the Steam Forums, the Official subreddit, or the Official Discord group[discord.gg] and leave your comments!
Aug 22, 2018
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

Today's update brings a number of fixes on some map exploits, as well as a bug with a tape spawn in the Abbey.

  • Fixed areas where only small investigators would fit in Bunker, Abbey, Hospital and Manor.
  • Fixed being able to climb on rocks in a specific point in Norwood Prairie.
  • Fixed wrong tape spawn point in the Abbey.
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

Today's update brings a couple of bugfixes to the game.

  • Fixed Leaderboards not showing amount of Wins / Losses
  • Fixed being able to climb a stone in Norwood Praire.
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

We bring you a new update featuring an improved network system, using Steam P2P system to connect between players. This should greatly improve the chances of being able to connect to a game, without the need to manually open ports.

  • Changed network system to use Steam P2P. Should improve connectivity between players.
  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 4.6.6
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan
Hi! Today we're releasing a very small update featuring the following change:

  • Random loadouts for players and AI in online games may be DLC items/characters if the host has the DLC. In other words, Astaroth, Lilith, etc. may be selected as the creature when playing coop against a random creature.
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

Easter is back! Until April 16th, you'll be able to play with Chocolate-flavored creatures!

(We've fixed Morgul's bug by the way, so no more invisible creatures!)
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan

From now until this Sunday, you can play the game for free! Enjoy!
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan
Today's update brings a few changes and improvements, mostly bugfixes:

Gameplay changes:
  • Lilith AI now will use her powers (except Beacon)
  • Shaira: Reduced Static penalty from 15 to 10%
  • Shaira: Increased Battery by 1 point.
  • Okiku: Increased Transfusion effect from 6 to 8%
  • Okiku: Increased Adaptation effect from 6 to 7% and maximum number of stuns from 8 to 10 (so she goes from a maximum theoretical 48% boost to a 70% boost).

  • Fixed "Ping 0" being shown ingame.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the gallery.
White Noise 2 - WaaghMan
Farm Together has been just released on Early Access, and you should be able to get it now!


The first release features plenty of items and buildings for you to play with, and we'll keep adding new content on a weekly basis, as well as new features depending on the feedback we get, so make sure to pass by the forums and leave your comments!

We also have set up our own public farm (named Milkstone Studios), so feel free to join and help us grow it!

Hope you enjoy the game!

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