50 years - e^cha
Now the Egyptians receive +4 faiths per year for each unit of food and begin without an additional 100 points of faith. They can still buy buildings for faith points, but the purchase price is higher. As before, the Egyptians don't do scouting.

Why is this done?
No scouting is a penalty. And the possibility of buying buildings for faith is not enough compensation for it. +4 faith for each unit of food is a good bonus that can compensate the lack of scouting.

Buying buildings for faith point
The cost of buying buildings for points of faith has increased. This is due to the fact that the previous purchase of buildings was too complicated in terms of calculations and strategy. Now the main bonus of the Egyptians is faith for food. A purchase of buildings for the faith can now be both used and not used.
50 years - e^cha
Daily Special

Daily Special Battle is a special game with some random conditions. That conditions change every day.

You can play "Daily Special" more than once per day, but only one win per day will count towards completed daily battles score.

At the moment Daily Special can have such conditions:
  • Only some nations are available
  • Only some religions are available
  • One of the buildings not available (this rarely occurs)

In this special game you can hire any unit for free!

But each building you have increases the cost of all buildings.

So you will have to choose carefully what building to buy.
May 30, 2017
50 years - e^cha
ːhydː The game has been finally moved from Early Acess to Full Release state! ːhydː

The main balance issues and bugs was fixed (thank you, community!). We leave Early Access state, but we are not going to stop working on the game.

So you can expect some game updates in the future ːsteamhappyː

Thanks again everyone!
50 years - e^cha
Dungeons editor has been added to battle editor!

You can now turn on custom dungeons in battle editor.

It's also possible to use standard years instead of custom ones. This can be used to create a battle with new dungeons only. (If you use standard years, player will choose difficulty before playing your battle like in normal 50 years game.)

You can read more about custom dungeons here:
50 years - e^cha
Battle editor has been added to the game!

Battles are like standart "50 years" game, where attackers are chosen by player who made the battle.

A battle is created in a batlle editor and then uploaded to Steam Workshop. Other players can subscribe to it.

Battle editor
To create a battle you need to specify how many units will attack each year. Then you must complete your own battle. After that the battle can be uploaded to Steam Workshop.

You can load image for a battle. This image will appear in workshop later.

Future plans
We are planning to add creature dens editor to future versions of battle editor. You would be able to add your own dens instead of standart dens (Zombie chickens graveyard, Foggy Swamp, etc.)
May 1, 2017
50 years - e^cha
We are now working on implementing Steam Workshop.

The first thing to do is Battle Editor, where you can create your own battle. The battle can later be downloaded through Steam Workshop by other players.

Battles will not be limited to 50 years. So, you will be able to create a 10-years or even a 100-years battle.
50 years - e^cha
This update does not introduce new gameplay features.

Victory screen had some awful captions :) Now it looks slightly better.

Some missing sounds and effects added.


Missing texts in German and French languages has been translated.
If you find any issue in the translations, you can just comment here.
50 years - e^cha
Panteon of Fat Chickens has been buffed ːbuild_toolː

Pantheon of Fat Chickens
At the beginning of the battle 2 random units in the army get +20 to life.
+2 to food from chicken farms.

Chicken Devil
Fallen chickens revive with 50% chance.
Chicken devils can be summoned (using zombie chickens).

All other beliefs remain the same.

Also F12 key should save screenshots now.
Feb 23, 2017
50 years - e^cha
Egyptians have been finally completed!

Their national special remains the same.
Can construct buildings using faith points. Don't do scouting. Start with 100 points of faith.
However, buildings prices have been slightly tweaked.
Feb 12, 2017
50 years - e^cha
Equality Church has been adjusted one more time.

Equality Church
The last two killed units will be revived after each battle.

5 peasants can be hired without town halls. Chicken farm appears for free.

Freedom of Worship
Paladin can heal units of any type. Church appears for free.

People Preach
All attacking militiamen change their side and join our forces. The price of hiring a peasant decreases by 50 gold.

The community
One additional unit of any kind can be hired. (You still need buildings to hire units).

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