Autumn Park Mini Golf - serioustangents
Hello all,

I have reduced the default volume to 10% of the previous value across all games and title screen, and fixed an issue where the menu within Pumpkin Patch would not modify or perform as expected.

If the music is too soft, you can naturally increase the volume if desired.
Autumn Park Mini Golf - serioustangents

The issue where, when playing in a resolution that was less than the native resolution for the monitor, the ball and menus did not register direct clicks has been resolved. No further work-arounds should be required, it should now work normally regardless of resolution selected.

** previous notes **

I am aware that on some configurations the mouse clicks do not appear to register. This appears to affect all menus and the ability to click-drag on the ball. This issue occurs when you tell the initial screen to play at a full-screen resolution that does not match your system's current resolution... playing at 1024x768 when your resolution is 1920x1080, for example.

** Work Around **

For the time being, the following solutions will work in every environment that I've tested.

1) Play the game in windowed mode. This will work in any resolution and while it breaks immersion, if you really want to play in 1024x768 resolution when your machine is set to 1920x1080 you can do so.

2) Play the game in whatever resolution is native for you. If your screen's resolution is 1024x768, play in that resolution. If it is 1920x1080, play in that resolution.

** Investigation log **

Initial investigation shows the mouse click/drags work if you play on a resolution of 1920x1080. The 'quality' does not appear to play a role. Playing at a resolution less than 1920x1080 will not detect the mouse cursor location with regards to menus or the ball. This can be tested in the initial menu, attempts to hover over mouse buttons do not result in them highlighting.

** follow up **

The issue occurs when playing in a resolution that is not the default resolution for the display. If the default resolution is adjusted to match game resolution, the issue does not occur.

When the resolutions are mismatched, the mouse does actually highlight menus and click 'on' the ball, but does so a small distance to the left of whatever the object it's clicking on is. This offset error appears to be a bug within the Unity software itself for the version that I used to compile Autumn Park Mini Golf. The official recommendation is to upgrade Unity to version such and such, but that version does not support the menu system I use nor will the environment look correct due to versioning of various shaders.

So it's a bit of a pickle. I'm now working with previous versions of Unity to see if an earlier incarnation will do the trick. It should work eventually, because I didn't have this problem when I first started working on this project 2+ years ago. It's time consuming to install older version after older version to find the right one, but I will continue to work until these menus-clicks work correctly. For now, I ask players to use one of the two work arounds I post above.

*** Additional Follow Up ***

I've determined which version of Unity to run off of to ensure that the menu systems will work correctly. I'm now testing the game itself to ensure that by downgrading the compiler, I'm not breaking any existing features.
Autumn Park Mini Golf - serioustangents
Hello All,

Today's patch addresses the following issues:

Achievements should now award correctly, but hole-based Achievements (Tasty, for example) award to your Steam account only after the ball is sunk in the hole. If you Mulligan, this skips the Achievement.

The "Tip" panel now requires the player to click "Ok" before it disappears.

The Main Menu has been completely revamped for simplicity.

I also added the following features:

A blue flag now hovers over the hole of the course that is currently active.

An option to "Confirm Shot" has been added to the menu. If selected, after releasing the mouse, the drag line remains on the screen and the player may move around, getting a better look at the trajectory of their putt. Players may then confirm the shot and watch it play through, or cancel the shot and try again.

A small ramp was added to Hole 14 on the main course to assist in sinking the trick shot.

Finally, a tutorial stage has been created to explain, in better detail, how to play the game.

Sorry that this patch was such a long time coming, but as you all know... real life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Hopefully this addresses the issues that have been reported to date.
Autumn Park Mini Golf - serioustangents
We're pleased to announce that we have completed work on the Pumpkin Patch, a new 18 course layout for the Autumn Park.

Come play a round or two, let us know what you think.
Autumn Park Mini Golf - serioustangents
We are finalizing the last few finishing touches for the Pumpkin Patch, a new 18-course mini-golf layout set in the same scenic Autumn Park.

The Pumpkin Patch will include, in addition to a brand new course layout, a new mini-challenge to run your golf ball through ghosts placed on several courses. We will also expand (at a later date) some additional challenges for trick shots.

Double the game play, with no change in price! Just in time for Halloween!

Stay tuned!

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