Jun 21, 2018
Puzzle Cross - ayy caramba
While working on the Story mode, I wanted to update the game with the more polished mechanics I've developed, as well as more puzzles. Enjoy!
Jun 21, 2017
Puzzle Cross - ayy caramba

- Added Zen Mode!
- Enjoy minigames and endless puzzles!
- Lots of work behind the scenes on A.I for story mode!
- New NPC in Home screen to explain about the menu for new players

Story Mode is coming along nicely. I'm working on something special for you guys and I don't wanna spoil it. If you are here for the summer sale: I hope Early Access doesn't scare you and you choose to support this VR game!

Puzzle Cross - ayy caramba

This is a pretty big update, too many changes to list, but in a nutshell:

- Added NPCs
- New hand models
- New interaction models
- First story level added! "The New Student"
- Puzzle Blocks Maker design overhaul and countless fixes
- New in-game menu
- New workshop in-game access

& Much more coming soon! All thanks to you, everyone who supported this game!

Puzzle Cross - ayy caramba

You can now edit the hints on your puzzles and make them more challenging!

New features:

- Added 'Edit Hints' button to the puzzle editing screen. You can now make your puzzles more challenging, and even create traditional 2D Nonogram puzzles!

Webm of the new feature in action:

Puzzle Cross - ayy caramba

While I'm working hard on the next update, I decided to push out this very important hotfix:

- Fixed bug where the floor would disappear in some Workshop Levels. (I have also flagged levels who had this bug as incompatible in the workshop)

- Fixed bug where one of the controllers would constantly vibrate after picking up or releasing the hammer.

New Features:

- You can now pull puzzles towards you if you press & hold the touchpad on any controller that's not currently holding an object (As requested on the forums by a non-roomscale player)

Webm of this new 'Puzzle Pull' feature for non-roomscale players:


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