Reign of Darkness - Reign of Darkness (Game)

Fixed female armor glitch, right click bank items works again, added new crossbow skin & color variation to 1 set of existing armor. Optimizations made in D4.
Reign of Darkness - Reign of Darkness (Game)
Added Blood Chasm Dungeon WIP (work in progress)
it is playable but being worked on so will be changing over time
Reign of Darkness - Shimizu

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your very own shiny red Cupid Bow that fires hearts in an explosion of love! This item can be obtained from the blacksmith Griswald in the starting area.

Note: This bow can be used to modify the appearance of your existing equipment however doing so will keep its shiny redness but will NOT shoot hearts, because we don't want to see hearts everywhere all the time. We already see kittens everywhere.

Reign of Darkness - Shimizu
Patch Notes February 5th-14th

Boring Stuff / Bug Fixes

Made some changes to the character creation code to address some bugs/strangeness (usually as a result of strange characters ex: áéíóú)
Made some additional server side changes to hopefully address characters getting into an 'unloginnable' state.

Made some adjustments to the instance code which should help with issues of players not seeing each other. There's more to do with this but this is a step in the right direction. At the very least this should address getting stuck while loading. Please continue to report issues of this nature.

Fixed a bug where items would sometimes get duplicated with the philosopher's shard.
Fixed an issue with Werewolf form scrambling player's skillpoints.
A few more boring security-related changes.
Chat autocolors while typing now (to prevent accidental whispers)
Added Chat background opacity filter to help with readability.

We're starting to look at adjustments to the to the number of particles used by some skills to help improve performance. Further adjustments will be ongoing.

Fixed an issue where through nefarious means players were using boss-chests like an ATM machine.

Players now start with 12 skillpoints instead of 10, to include the 2 you'd "get" for being level 1. The total number of skillpoints is unchanged (210 at max level).

High level characters getting stuck and unable to login if they logged out in a dungeon SHOULD be fixed now. For real this time.

More Exciting Stuff

Added the /showhost command to be usable by all players. This command will display the name of the player who is 'hosting' a particular monster beneath the monster's healthbar - this will help diagnose unexpected monster behavior.

Increased the loot bag drop chance on elite monsters slightly.

Buffed Archer Damage passive from 50% to 100% AND speed by 50% (the speed bit was actually broken..sorry archers). This should help compensate damage loss from fixing broken melee relics also applying to ranged damage.

Also made some tweaks to archery range, making it easier for archers to switch to a bow (taking a couple steps back should autoswitch you back to bow). This should make it easier to use a bow when fighting solo / taking aggro.

Added a Valentine's day special bow from Griswald. Note if you use this as a cosmetic, it will no longer shoot hearts, because we don't want to see hearts anywhere (especially since we already see kittens everywhere...).

Increased the speed of wings to be more in line with the speed of other flying mounts. Also fixed some funniness with rotating while flying with wings.

Increased the max allowable ranged weapon dps to 2000 to prevent 'autonerf' of some items. There's still some dodgy items out there so this item assessment code is still necessary, but shouldn't ruin perfectly legitimate bows anymore.

Reign of Darkness - Shimizu
Patch Notes 29th January 2019
It has been a couple weeks since we've posted a big update, although most of you know there have been new builds pushed every few days to address some of the backend stuff we've been working on. Thanks all of you for bearing with us through a bit of a rocky January as we've had to adjust to these changes and fix all the bugs they inevitably caused! Asa many of you are also aware, a lot of these changes were necessary to address issues with item duplication and other nefarious cheat-y practices, which really only became evident once there was a larger user base poking at the soft places! This means we've had to move a lot of stuff around, and make more things happen server-side, (mostly for abuse prevention) and it has not been a simple undertaking. But I think we're now through the worst of it!

So, we had to roll things back a few days earlier this month because well...we broke stuff. Most of the work that's been going on since then has been to optimize performance issues post those changes and to correct some of the weird things that happened with the rollback. I spent some time tracking down and returning to owners all of the lost kittens, escaped werewolves, and other purchases that were affected. For players who got rolled back to before their accounts existed, we discovered (and squished!) an exciting new bug where they couldn't log back in. We also ran into an issue with item stats doing strange things. More on that in a moment.

Mob behavior changes caused a bug affecting players' ability to damage creatures in a group. We'd seen "god monsters" before so it wasn't immediately evident the extent to which this was happening (which was always). Some testing (thankyou, volunteers!) helped pinpoint the problem (which had to do with the dynamic hosting, or which-player-is-sending-packets), and this has now been fixed. Which is not to say we wont see the occasional god-monster, but it should now go back to being 'every once in a while, one monster acts stupid' instead of all of them. This continues to be a priority issue to get fully resolved.

Fixes & Known issues with Logging in:

We identified a problem where brand new accounts couldn't log in (again) and fixed it. There was a blocker on our end, sorry guys!

If you are still experiencing login difficulties (isolated cases) please try disabling/allowing the game through antivirus/firewall stuffs and make sure your steam name doesn't have strange characters in it, as these things are known to interfere with the initial login where your account gets set up. If none of that works, hop on discord and send me your info, there's a couple of workarounds we can try for specific accounts. But so far it looks fixed, many happy confirmations that this is the case.

Fixes & Known issues with Monsters:

- The "Group Bug" as players have called it, has now been fixed. Rejoice!

Various combinations of factors involving the hosting player can cause a mob to become invincible / unable to do any damage to players. This should be going back to the occasional, sporadic thing that happens when the hosting player has a latency spike, disconnects, or other scenarios rather than what we experienced the last week or so with -every- mob ignoring all but the packet-sending player. (And we're really sorry we didn't realize what was going on sooner!)

We are continuing to look at ways to optimize this system / make monsters behave. There have been various iterations of this code to address both the 'god monster' problem and the fish-in-barrel problem: when players round up the poor creatures, climb up on a wall or rock and the creatures just stand there unable to fight back/reach the player and die. This system will continue to evolve until we get it right.

Also, we know sometimes things respawn when they shouldn't, but difficult to replicate.

Fixes & Known issues with Items:

- EMPTY items should no longer be EMPTY. Well, the important ones anyway.
- Items can no longer (through bugs, abuse, or other means) exceed their stat caps.

Okay, so some of the changes earlier this month did something weird to items. To fix this problem and prevent recurrence, as a result, we've had to kind of...totally rebuild how the game handles item generation, stats, etc. The good news is, that this has now been done, and the onerous task of taking all of the static (non-random-loot) items such as quest rewards, items you pick up in the world, etc and setting up all their values/descriptions again. Existing items whose stats were in violation of established caps should now show adjusted values.

Of course doing this 'item stuff' caused another bug with items you pick up in the world where they are showing "EMPTY." This caused a particular frustration in completing the crypt quest which required one of these items. As of this morning that appears to now also be fixed (and should retroactively fix quest items in your inventory). Please let us know if you still experience any problems in this regard, we tried to address the blocker ones first.

- On a somewhat related notes, "Relics" which were meant to increase melee damage were increasing bow/ranged damage as well. They don't do that anymore, they were never meant to - (though there's a passive skill in archery tree that still does).

Currently investigating reports of items disappearing when put into bank (stash) and immediately switching characters. Doesn't seem to happen all the time so trying to find root cause. If you do experience this please report it and try to include as much information as possible.

Other Tweaks & Fixes:
- Changed initial stat/gear generation on character creation and moved all this serverside
- Fixed an issue with vendor-buyback in which vendor would occasionally let you buy more quantity than you sold
- Added some new information to the character data table (steam API stuff mostly)
- There is a bug where after creating a character the list is not returned, currently exiting and restarting the game fixes this, but this will be fixed in the next patch so you don't have to do this.
- Changed how combining items in the philosopher's shard works - combining three junk items to get a new item will now have the new item created with the 'average' level of the ingredient items.
- Balanced upgrade costs for token-items - expect more tweaks here for item upgrades of different tier (white, green,blue, etc)
- Bank Tab purchases are still not 100%, we're working on a workaround where this will be delivered as an item that you use to add a tab rather than trying to have it generate on-purchase.

So there you have it!

Now that most of this stuff is out of the way, we can get back to the important new business of shiny new content. Hopefully!
Thank you all for your support during what's been a tough month!
Reign of Darkness - Shimizu
Notes from the 5th January 2020 build -
Identified a potential root cause for the bank tab issue and fixed it. This did not fix it.
Fixed issue with the art of betrayal quest, it was not behaving properly but now should.
Fixed issues with the barbarian leap skill referring to wrong skill/tooltip.
Changed a few misleading/ambiguous skill icons.

Notes from 11th January 2020

Changed description on Witch's Satchel as it was misleading - you can't open this satchel. Ever. Only the witch can open it!
Azrak is no longer heartless - he will now drop his heart 100% of the time.
Enemy hosting tweaks - changes made on backend which should improve enemy behavior.
Additional measures put in place to deter use of third party cheating programs.

Spent a lot of time going through the bank-tab purchase issue. Purchase issues have been escalated to the developer of the server software for further clarification. We are cautiously optimistic that the problem may be fixed. Still having some reports of this issue occurring after this build. You can still purchase bank tabs, but be aware that if they do not show up there will be a delay after contacting us for us to verify and manually update your account. Thanks everyone for being so patient while we try to work this out.

...and now for a bit of whimsy:

Ferocious Kittens have begun to wander into the Black Moor from beyond the barrier, where exposure to the toxic environment has mutated their DNA causing them to grow to enormous size. You can adopt one of these little darlings from the developer support store for a limited time. We don't want the entire world being overrun by cats. Well, some of us don't. ;)

(Just a note, we know the cats are a bit silly - this is deliberate, they were a kinda fun/joke item made as a thank you for me (Shimizu) for helping out, and I'm a bit cat crazy. But sooo many people have expressed an interest in having their own cat, or who have tried outright bribery to get my cat, its been added to the dev support store temporarily. In order to bring the cat to the wider populace, the dev said I had to come up with a story about it, so....)

I want to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, and feedback!
Reign of Darkness - Shimizu

Character Name Filters / Disciplinary Stuff:

Added many more terms to the filter when creating character names to limit some of the more creative inappropriate name-trolling.
Spent some time working on disciplinary tools (mute/kick/ban).
(Do not like having to spend time on this stuff, so everyone please behave from now on!)

Fixed an issue preventing a small % of new players from creating accounts.
Also added a workaround tool to force create new accounts for players who are having connectivity issues.

Fixed a bug where jeweler kit + raw ore recipe would have strange stack sizes / strange results.
Fixed two issues that results in unintended move speed / attack speed exploits.
Fixed an issue where players weren't appearing in player's list (hopefully).
Added some back-end stuff to try and diagnose issues with purchasing.

Reign of Darkness - Shimizu
Reign of Darkness Trello Board

Follow our trello board here to see upcoming planned features and ongoing bug-squishings.
Dec 30, 2019
Reign of Darkness - Shimizu

Players should no longer be able to put the teleport crystal or philosopher's shard into the bank.
(This should prevent accidentally misplacing it AND exploiting to have multiples via making new characters)

Block chance now caps at 35% - may get further tweaking. Shouldn't be evident unless in very high end gear but this change is for futureproofing as difficulty scaling increases.


Tab targetting now checks if you are currently casting a spell, and if so, does not cycle targets.
(This fixes a targetting exploit used to pull monsters outside of the player's range)

Enemy units are now smarter and players may find they have learned new tricks!

Fixed some issues with difficulty selector window and changed how this is handled in the back end, players should now have an easier time getting the desired difficulty setting when entering a dungeon. Continuing work to optimize this system to avoid issues with parties setting dungeon difficulty.

Dec 26, 2019
Reign of Darkness - Shimizu
Patch Notes


Global Chat

Global chat was actually patched in a few days ago, it is up and running now and you can speak in global by typing /1 before whatever you want to say. The main difference between global and /say (or /2, /s) is that global will be seen by all players in the game regardless of which zone they are in, whereas /say was only showing players in the same zone.

To summarize:
/1 Global Chat
/2 Local / Zone chat (also /say or /s)
/p Party Chat
/g Guild Chat (coming soon!)

Trade System & Item Generation

There have been a few patches this week, mostly 'behind the scenes' things and optimization of back-end.
This includes many iterations of changes to the trade system to create something functional and minimize exploitability.
Trade system has been rewritten from the ground up step by step to be more reliable without creating duplication scenarios.
Made changes to back-end for item generation - this will result in more consistent (NPC) prices for ore, gems, and other stackable commodities.

Party Issues

Continuing to work to identify and correct issues with the party HUD/dungeon generation/difficulty systems.
Corrected some issues with inviting players not in the same zone.


Further adjustments to player ability to jump up on rocks, walls, etc.
Adjusted movement sliding to prevent getting stuck on terrain in some places.

Connectivity/Database/Other Stuff Players can't really see

Increased frequency of "save to database" occurences to reduce "items going missing on disconnect."
Please exit the game with the exit button rather than ALT-F4 or the X button closing the window to minimize these issues.
Additional tweaks to admin functions to help resolve issues without needing to edit database (like restoring lost quest items, etc)
Fixed some issues in the code surrouding purchases of bank tabs - this should now be more reliable.

We are aware that sometimes when disconnecting from the game the inventory state is not correctly saving. We are continuing to work on
this issue. Thank you for your patience and reports of these issues as they occur, this has been really helpful in ironing out the problems. As always if you end up missing cash purchased items please contact Shimcat in the discord channel and we can get these sorted out.


Spent some time setting up another machine to have a full time test server which will help prevent bad things sneaking onto the live version.


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