Acan's Call: Act 1 - Eraile
Hello everyone,

Long time no see!
Today, 1.5 years after the launch, here is is a very short update.
More than 75k persons played Acan's Call : Act 1 and gave it approx. 85% positive reviews.
I wanted since a long time to go back on it and fix everything from your feedback.

This is now, I hope, done.
Still, please tell me if you had any troubles left in the experience.

- VR Devices + SteamVR API updated:
Oculus and Mixed Reality headset should now be working like the HTC Vive controllers!

- Simpler design:
- No gems are needed to progress through the game in terms of "buying" the keys.
- Shield is given later in the game to make you try to parry a skeleton weapon now.
- Teleporting is now just done by holding the touchpad (or the joystick on Oculus Touch).

- Extra:
Fixed some UI and small things.

Cyberith and I, we really appreciated all the love we got through your feedbacks, your comments, your videos, everything you have been sharing about the game.

I hope this became a nice experience you are happy to show to people, to friends, to family when you want to introduce them to VR and give them a short but powerful and intense experience!

Acan's Call: Act 1 - Eraile
Hello everyone!

I am releasing this first patch and I hope you will like it.
I had less opportunities (than for the original release) to test it internaly so I need your help!

- How you can help -
In comparison with the first version, for those who had already played it, can you please give feedback on what you prefer or dislike?
I am especially concerned about the difficulty of the game which I judge way easier in this version (and that's something I don't like!).
Can you please tell me what you think about that?

For the newcomers, please don't hesitate to review the game and give your feedback and discuss in the Discussion channel of Acan's Call: Act 1 Community Hub!

- The Patch -
So here we go!
This patch contains, among other smaller balances/changes/fixes...

- Sword/Shield improved regarding the "lag feeling"
- AI Enemies will back less far away for easier reach
- Shield detection fixed for most cases
- Teleport charge time reduced
- Restart of the demo after showing up the results doable with the trigger now

- Replaced the black "Eye blink" effect upon getting hit.

- Wood/Shield sounds are now correctly triggered

- Occlusion and Rendering Zones added (still some slow moments in some specific rooms)

I wish you a good day/night and I thank you again for any time you will take to help with the development of the game!

Acan's Call: Act 1 - Eraile
Hello everyone!

I am coming back on the game after its release and this long weekend, more motivated than ever!

First of all, thanks to everyone of you who played the game, who took the time to post feedback, reviews, videos.
Positive or negative, it is very helpful for the development of the game. I know where I need to focus short term and long term.

Later today (probably late), I will release the first "patch" that will try to bug fix the biggest problems including the UI showing a blink effect when being hit as well as the lagginess of the sword... and hopefully I will come with a good shield detection solution.

Again, thank you.
This is my first game, this means a lot to me, all these videos and those comments, and everything I see that you enjoyed my work.
I will try to involve you guys in its development, getting your feedback for what you'd like to experience.

Let's discuss all these later, shall we? ;)


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