Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
We would like to create a larger community and for a limited period of time we have reduced the price.

-Single Player
-Online Multiplayer

Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
We have added a Demo version.
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
We have added a walkthough of the game as a quick reference.
We are working on the next update which will add new content.
Jan 11
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
Turrets are placed around the map. Ninjas are invisible to turrets and can deactivate them. The turrets can attack everyone else until they are disabled.

They can be reactivated by the purple alien.
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
Throughout early access we had trouble connecting players from different parts of the world. The people who played our game could not find others players to play with.

This was mainly because of the time difference. People from different parts of the world were playing at different times, so when one person was sleeping the other came online and vice versa.

To remove this problem, we have added separate server locations for multiplayer game play. When you start multiplayer the game automatically chooses the server which has the best ping from your location. To maintain the quality, speed and latency of the connections you will not be able to play on a different server.

So if you cannot find players on your server that is because people from your country or location are not online.
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
Multiplayer Game Mode

Multiplayer game mode requires all players to rely on each other and play as a team.


When you start multiplayer, you are randomly put into a team this can either be the aliens or humans.

If you play as a human your aim is to deactivate the alien reactors which are placed on the map, and staying away from alien turrets.

If you play as Aliens you have to stop the humans from deactivating the reactors and turrets.

The game is over when the humans run out of lives or all the alien reactors are deactivated.


If you are a human you can choose to play either as a Scientist, Ninja or Soldier each of them having different capabilities.


Playing as this character gives you technological advantage. The Scientist carries a virus which can deactivate the turret system. He also has a weapon to fight the aliens. The scientist can only drop the virus on the ground.


The ninja cannot be detected by the turrets, they have a weapon and can pick up the virus dropped by the Scientist, this virus is used to deactivate the turret.


Soldiers carry weaponry used to fight with the Aliens.


Aliens have faster speed, can jump higher, higher health and stronger weapons. The purple alien can also reactivate turrets which have been disabled by the Human Ninja.

Winning and Losing

If the Humans corrupt all the reactors before they run out of lives the humans win.

If the Aliens protect their reactors and the humans run out of lives the aliens win.
Jan 10
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios

Game Release.
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios
We are getting a lot of emails regarding what has happened to the game. Hopefully this post should say enough. We will be leaving Early Access and moving towards a full release.

Thank You.
Dec 16, 2017
Endangered - Strawberry Game Studios

+ Added day/night cycle.
+ Preparing Single Player

-Removed multiplayer for server reprogramming and improving maps, will be back soon.
Jan 9, 2017
Endangered - sgs
We have released a multiplayer demo of our game. Imagine this as the free version of the game. As we continue development the demo will be updated as well.

The demo build and the full game are interconnected. So everyone can play.

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