WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
There's a new side level. It's a sound test! Listen to all the voicelines. Also, as a side-effect, a bit of refactoring to make it easier for me to add and rearrange options in level select.

What's Next?
I think I'll pick out some bloopers I've got to put into the voicelines!

Gotta collect new footage for the trailer, too.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
So! Been a bit since I've had an update. Life's happened a bit. Went away for a conference for work, had my computer broken into and ransomwared. But it's okay, because I had backups and remote storage! Just had to redo all the changes work after August 5th.

Soapbox time! Always have backups. RAID isn't a backup. A duplicate on your drive isn't a backup. 3 separate copies, on 2 different types of storage media, with at least 1 of them stored offsite.

While I was redoing stuff, I changed the Luncheon Defense level to use fragments of the golem as obstacles instead of just stacks of pillars.

Oh, you might have noticed that the store page has changed from "WyVRn" to "WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR". This is so we actually show up in search results for Dragon and VR. Get us in front of more eyeballs, you know?

What's Next?
The files for the trailer footage were too big to maintain constant backups of, so I lost all of those. Back to collecting footage I guess!

P.S. Steam's changed the announcement posting system, sorry if this sends you some weird notification or looks to be the wrong place to put patch notes.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil
  • Airship: has a new camera angle focused on the airship.
  • Airship: Fixed the collider code so the pieces that fall away don't fall through the airship or spin weirdly.
  • Balanced the double Air Spell to launch less dramatically high.
  • Tweaked the stun code so that enemies who happen to be at the peak of an arc aren't counted as 'grounded' and recover midair.
  • Audio: Fix bug where muting the audio would cause all dialogue lines to play at the same time.
  • Level Select: Tweaked the position of George.
  • Level Select: Gave the blackboard a wooden border.
  • Enemies:
    • Wizard: Tweaks for shield and the wizard hat so it doesn't violently launch when its user is stunned or killed.
    • Wizard: Tweaked rendering so that they don't pop in and out of existence.
    • Tortoises (Not the dormant god one): Now freezable (but not stunnable).
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

Been finding a lot of quick things to fix/touch up this week it seems.

My fix for the ground-tracking introduced another glitch where you would slide off the golem as it moved. I've fixed that.

I've also rearranged the level select objects to look nicer.

Tweaked some pathfinding. Nothing noticeable should change, hopefully.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
I redid some of the 'ride height' settings (the code that sticks you to the wall or lowers you onto the floor or whatever you're walking on) because after the changes in my foot IK patch, you were sinking through some stuff you were trying to climb onto, or getting bounced back by it. It should feel better, and also you aren't going to be sitting with your head straight up lower than the people that you're fighting.

While I was in there, I also added a few pillars and such to the Luncheon Defense level. They needed something to make the terrain more interesting for things like the other locomotion options, and now some of the pillars mark out the paths the enemies take.

Fixed a problem where parts of the harness disappeared in the IK update.

Fixed a problem from last patch where the dragon breath was colliding with the dragon's own face.

What's Next?
More footage capturing, more balance tweaks. You get the drill now.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil
No fancy picture for this one, sorry!

What's New?
I've rebalanced casting speeds across Wild, Encircled, and Cloned magic. Now, Wild and Encircled magic should be as fast as Cloned Magic can be.

The Air + Iron spell is now a bit speedier.

Fixed the instance of George the Wyvern in the level select room.

The Ice spells shouldn't spin out as oddly now.

Fixed issue where the 'boss' of the Message Delivery Level would not point his musket and shield in the correct direction.

Touched up dragon breath so there aren't large, obvious gaps between colliders.

Fix for the default Oculus Touch controls to get the grab button to work properly.

What's Next?
I dunno. More recording! More balancing out of spell effectiveness!
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
Foot IK while 'walking'! To cut a lengthy explanation short, George no longer hoverhands the ground like this:

Instead, he'll hug rounded objects and corners properly like in the top pic in this post. He might still put his arms through walls if you run up next to one though.

There are also a few more pillars in the practice arena to climb on.

What's Next?

I dunno. More balance tweaks.Maybe I'll adjust the IK so that George doesn't have his hand go through walls, and not just so that it matches floors.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
We're having balls: Canon balls, and hamster balls.

The Delivery level got changed up visually. It's got a few more moving parts and accessories, namely some cannons on the ramparts. It also looks a little more in line with the other levels, aesthetically. Less... yellow.

Things relating to the hamster ball!
  • Replaced the texture on the hamster ball to be better looking, less wobbly and crooked.
  • Redid the placement of the ball when moving from mounted mode so that it more intelligently attempts to put the ball above the floor instead of partly inside of it (which causes the ball to shoot off up wards).
  • Fixed a bug where the ball wouldn't appear in normal gameplay if select.
  • Fixed behaviour where the initial placement and velocity of the ball would be erratic if the player was gripping the controls as the ball is created (by the spell or by the start of the Hamster ball level.
  • Fixed a bug where the ball would play music over the existing music.
  • Fix for letting the player 'pull themselves up by the bootstraps' in the hamster ball level.

What/s Next
More details to fill out the game! Maybe a rebalance for drawing speeds, as clone magic is much easier to get up to useful speeds than wild magic or encircled magic. Some things die too fast to AOE magic too, (like the tortoise, for example).

I'll have to stop putting off newer versions of the tutorials eventually, right?
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
Got rid of the cape while on the dragon. It was misbehaving.

Also added another bit of dialogue to the Phylactery Defense level.

The Marionette level now has walls, a ceiling, and textures.

Eased up on gesture recognition. Now you don't have to get it quite so close to perfect for it to count.

Moved the spawn circles in the Tortoise Takedown level so they're attached to the shield ships.

Bug fixes!
  • General: Adjusted elbow IK targets so you aren't jabbing yourself in the stomach.
  • General: Adjustments to make fog less resource-intensive.
  • General: Fixes/updates for some reflection probes.
  • General, dismounted mode: Fix for body and camera rotation not following the player's head and hand positions.
  • Phylactery Defense: Fix for level not responding to victory
  • Ball Pit: Fix for the music persisting into the level select screen.
  • Fix for the tutorial video buttons not working quite right.
  • Airship Takedown: Fix for victory circle detection area being too small.
  • Sky Navy: Fix audio balancing for one line being too quiet.
  • Removed Parkour Experiment Level from build. Wasn't accessible, was just taking up space.

What's Next
More bug fixes. Audio tweaks/additions.

I'm thinking of adding more side-missions that are part of the core gameplay, rather than just random experiments.
WyVRn: Dragon Flight VR - Reil

What's New?
While the support for Valve Index Controllers has been in for a while before their release, the hands themselves have been stationary. Now the fingers should move around in response to your own fingers! Fancy.

Aside from that, there've been a few adjustments to gameplay and a few bugfixes.

  • Your own health has been increased to about 2.5 times as much as it was before.
  • Damage by golem lasers increased, and lasers stop bouncing (disappear) after they've dealt damage.
  • The double air spell shouldn't launch things miles away anymore.
  • The health circle above your head is now more transparent, and doesn't have the cubes in it. It also only appears from below. Views from above (like from the secondary camera) won't see it.
  • Lighting and fog in the Phylactery defense level have been tweaked.
  • Fog in general has been reduced everywhere as it was causing framerate drops.
  • Killing also spawners in Phylactery defense will also now kill all the units they've spawned (so this doesn't include the golem). Hunting down the stragglers was frustrating and un-fun.
  • The airship balloons now have less health. It wasn't obvious they were taking damage to begin with.
  • Adjusted the position and angle of the secondary cameras to better capture what the player is seeing.
  • Made it so that Toggle-Grab Off only lets you grab the harness if you've started the grab nearby. Less accidental grabs if you're holding onto something else and happen to move your hand near the harness.

Fixes (there's lots of them):
  • General: Fix for weird rainbow reflections (especially in the level select). Reflection probes set to update only once in level load were misbehaving, so now they're just baked.
  • General: Fix for harness behaving oddly (spinning around 180 or 360 degrees) when grabbed using the "Toggle Grab Off" setting.
  • General: Fix for the golem being vulnerable to his own eye lasers.
  • General: Fix for being unable to grab the lance (Iron-Iron Spell).
  • Level Select: Fix for odd audio doppler effect when starting the game.
  • Factory Assault: Fixing level terrain where units were falling into the void.
  • Airship Takedown: Fix for parts of the level disappearing depending on camera angle.
  • Sky Navy: Fix for toggling spawners not working quite right.
  • Sky Navy: Fix for golem not walking towards enemies that are flying.
  • Sky Navy: Fix for pathfinding using the cache from the wrong level.
  • Tortoise Takedown: Fix for the most of the leaves being invincible.
  • Tortoise Level: Fix for shield ships repeatedly giving of their "I've just been summoned" particles long after being summoned.
  • Phylactery Defense: Fix for victory circle not showing up even when victory conditions were fulfilled.
  • General: Fix for collisions happening where they shouldn't (Things were 'landing on' the 'floor' of the sky levels, where they should fall forever).

Told you there were a lot of them.

What's Next?
More bugfixes and game balance adjustments as I go through everything to get more footage for the final trailer and the final versions of the tutorial video. I might loosen up a bit on how accurate you need to be for drawing the magic symbols.

Eventually, that new tutorial video set will be ready to go, too!

There's still some other dialogue for the phylactery defense level and other places that needs to be put in the game, but the framework of the story is all there now.

I might add some of the fog and cloud effects back in under a system that's a bit smarter about quality settings and such.

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