Monster Slayers - Cow_102
Hi everyone

Wanted to stop by and share the news that Monster Slayers has made the jump to consoles and is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. (and a Vita version is on the way!)

Here is a picture I painstakingly knocked together to illustrate the point:

If you've enjoyed the game and have some console-owning buddies, please feel free to shout loudly in their general direction that they should give Monster Slayers a whirl. All word-of-mouth recommendations are greatly appreciated!

And thank you all for playing Monster Slayers – your support has played a huge part in making the console versions possible!

Matt | Digerati
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone, I'm back with more updates! I've uploaded patch v1.2.2, and here's the changelog:

v 1.2.2 (24th June 2017)

- Added Survival Mode: Once you complete the game on any difficulty, you can play Survival Mode. Pit your winning deck against an endless stream of monsters, and see how long you can survive: tougher monsters give you more points, and your high score goes on a brand new global leaderboard!

- Added controller support: I tested this with a Xbox 360 controller, but it SHOULD work with other controllers as well.

- Fixed the point allocation bug
Monster Slayers - Cow_102
Hey everyone

The just-awarded Metacritic rating for Monster Slayers has appeared on the Steam page and we wanted to post it here in case anyone missed it:

Look at that lovely number:

And here is the number on its own:

Once more, but much bigger:

Yep, we're pretty pleased with that. Making it even sweeter is the fact the high rating puts Monster Slayers in the top 10 PC games released in the last 90 days (according to Metacritic).

Congrats to Nerdook for making such an awesome game – the high rating is well deserved. And thanks to everyone here for playing and supporting Monster Slayers.

Matt | Digerati Distribution
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone! I've uploaded patch v1.2.1, and here's the changelog:

v 1.2.1 (16th May 2017)

- Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been stuck playing Prey and recovering from the mad update schedule!
- Fixed the Phoenix Down bug
- Changed 'Bribe' - Damage now costs 1 gold, and its discard effect is now 2 cards for 1 gold.
- Changed 'Thorns' - It now lasts for 3 turns instead of 1. Items that previously gave a temporary Thorns card now grants a permanent Thorns effect instead
- Added 'Eye for an Eye' - Tier 2 Magic card. Until the start of your next turn, the enemy suffers 1 damage for each damage you suffer.
- Updated Mac builds to be current with PC builds

v 1.2.0 (8th May 2017)

- Added upgrades for Dragon and Merchant classes
- Added new card for the Merchant: "GOLD RUSH" - Either gain gold and draw a card, or spend some gold to deal damage to the enemy.

v 1.1.9 (7th May 2017)

- Added new card for the Merchant: "BRIBE" - Either deal damage based on your remaining Gold, OR pay gold to force an enemy discard, OR pay more gold to instantly defeat the current enemy.
- Added new talent for the Beastmaster: Add 2 random temporary Wolf cards to your hand (3 battle cooldown)
- Increased Undead Minion damage for the Necromancer
- Fixed animation for Necromancer and some typo errors
- Fixed Fortified bug that wasn't clearing properly
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone!

I've been hard at work on the first content expansion for Monster Slayers, and the Fire & Steel expansion pack is now ready. :)

- Two new locations (Volcanic Tunnels and the Old Castle)
- Four new bosses (Fire Golem, Demon Lord, Iron Golem and Knight Champion)
- Eight new enemies (2 for each new location, 4 for all locations, including a Griffin, a Centaur and a Wraith!)
- Two new player classes (the Dragon and the Merchant!)
- Seven new cards from Companions!
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone! I've uploaded patch v1.1.8, and here's the changelog:

v 1.1.8 (28th April 2017)

- Added new character graphics for Apothecary and Monk classes. Only the Necromancer left!
- Temporary cards from items now show up when you click "View Deck"
- "View Deck", "Upgrade" and "Delete" screens have been readjusted so you can see more of the cards (a lot less overlap)
- New Tier 1 card "Peek": Reveal your opponent's hand of cards, then draw a card.
- Added new sounds and graphic animations to "Hook Shot" and "Set Trap"
- Various smaller bug fixes

v 1.1.7 (24th April 2017)

- This one's the major change: revamped the character art for all six starting characters! I've rebuilt their animations from scratch, added extra joints in the limbs, given each of them unique class specific faces, and updated their costumes to be more distinctive.
- Rebalanced Heal (overhealing now turns into Block), Defend (more Block at higher levels), and Hook Shot (now it discards an enemy card and draws another, letting you cycle them into Traps quicker)
- Harbinger no longer has guaranteed "Enough" or "Fortified" cards on Normal difficulty. Only the Strength Harbinger will have those.
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone!

I've launched the latest update that adds some major features to the game:

- SIX NEW CLASSES! Each one is unlocked by completing the game using a basic class on any difficulty level. I've given each class a unique spin on the game mechanics, and added new achievements as well.
- Upgrades can now be rechosen! If you had to choose one of two, it now appears as an orange star that you can change by clicking on it. Unlimited do overs!
- Merchants now sell healing! From the wares offer screen, you can now pay Merchants 25 gold to recover 25 HP. You can now also restock/reroll merchant offers for a small fee!
- Defeating the Harbinger now automatically heals you back to full HP.
- Many bug fixes and game rebalancing.

Note: Although the classes are unlockable for free by completing the game, we will be offering a $2 class unlocker as a simple DLC. Once purchased, it unlocks all classes without having to complete the basic class first. It's totally optional!
Apr 4, 2017
Monster Slayers - nerdook
In preparation for the class update this Friday, here's the latest patch!

Patch Notes:

- Wizard cards rebalanced:
i) Added Mana Crystal (Gain 5 Mana, draw 1 card) as a Level 1 card
ii) Moved Magic Echo (Copy next Magic spell played) to a Level 2 card instead of Level 3
iii) Magic Blast doesn't spend your Mana, but deals damage based on Mana remaining, capped to 50 Mana
iv) Mana Reversal still makes Magic cards free, but now returns 1 Mana instead of the card's cost
- Revamped inventory system display to a more concise version. Item attributes are now shown in short, point format. Bosses now have guaranteed drops with the updates, but these drops are no longer a guaranteed Rare. Having so many Rares drop so easily was making the Magic items rather useless, so Rares are really Rare now.
- Added new cards and changed items that used to give their effects: Accuracy (ignores dodge), Pierce (ignores armor, block and fortified) and Thorns (returns damage from block)
- Added a new card: Fortified. While Fortified (lasts one turn), any damage above 15 is reduced to 15. A few enemies have this, and the Harbinger has one.
- Added many more attributes for equipment, and equipment now have restricted attributes based on their type. Only staves will have magic attributes, bows will be more useful in general to Rangers.
- Restricted weapon type so only Rangers can equip bows and only Wizards (and soon Necromancers) can equip staves.
- Fixed bugs and rebalanced cards
- Added reminder for Banished/Deleted effect on the journal screen
- NPCs now say "Hello" only once per level, then they shut the hell up.
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Hey everyone!

Just want to let you guys know, I'm on track to finish a major content update for the game scheduled for release this Friday, April 7th!

The update will add six new classes to the game, each one unlocked by completing an existing starting class. The six classes will be Assasin, Beastmaster, Monk, Brute, Apothecary and Necromancer, and each will have brand new custom cards added to the game. I hope to introduce new playing styles and new strategies for each class.

Thanks to the amazing support you guys have shown, this update will be free to all players, adding hours of playtime, and I will continue to support the game and fix bugs in the coming months ahead.

Also, there are plans for a paid DLC in the future, adding new levels, monsters, classes, cards, etc, so if you want to continue supporting me as I work on the game, do take a look at the DLC when it comes out!

Cheers everyone!
Mar 24, 2017
Monster Slayers - nerdook
Another patch with bug fixes!

Patch Notes:

- Rebalanced some cards and fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed Repent/Ignite not working as intended
- Added a few new visual effects to the game (new upgrade pips, wings on end level button, golden hammer for some cleric skills)
- Changed "Sort by Level" in inventory to "Sort by Category"

- Shifted Weakness to clear at the end of turn instead of the beginning. This is quite a significant change, since it means Weakness applying effects are much more potent.
- Chain Strike is free again, to compensate for the buff to Weakness
- If you ever start a round with no cards in hand, you now get a free draw and can have at least one card
- Cancelling now does not overlap: it checks for Dodge first, then Hidden, then Interrupt effects. Previously a card might trigger all three, now you don't waste a Hidden charge or Interrupt card if you Dodge successfuly, etc.
- Rogue Level 3 passive is changed to "+2 Starting AP" instead of "+1 AP per support card"

- Consumables now draw a card when you manually discard them
- Added new Altar blessings/curses
- Rebalanced some cards

- Discrete volume control for sound and music! Now you can change the volume in 10% increments
- Merchants now offer Delete/Upgrade services for a fee. The more you use the service, the more expensive it becomes!
- Many cards given additional levels and rebalanced
- Some Companion abilities changed and rebalanced
- Fixed Legendary Mode item duplication bug
- Fixed Level Up/Merchant additional card offer bug

- Nerfed enemy AP to start at a more reasonable value
- Nerfed Green Dragon's initial poison stack and starting mana for all Dragons
- Added 'Legendary Mode' for those who want a much tougher challenge: this is optional at character creation that appears once you beat the game at least once, and makes the following changes:
i) no hp boost from armor/accessories
ii) an additional secret boss after the Harbinger
iii) equipped items are permanently lost on death
- Added new achievement for Legendary Mode completion
- Fixed a recursive bug with multiple opposing "Enough!" cards in play

- Added a new card: "Enough": an interrupt card that ends the enemy turn if six or more cards are in play. Rogue lovers will know soon enough which enemies has this...
- Fire Golems and Red Dragons now have Immolation that deals fire damage for each card played by their opponent
- Some enemies now have initiative and start the battle before you
- All Dragons now have a special passive ability
- Card Burn now banishes your remaining hand instead of discarding them
- Regeneration value capped at 25 HP/turn. At max regen, the card heals a set amount of HP instead.
- Druid's Bear works as intended now
- Fixed some minor bugs collected from feedback

- You can now continue a saved level even if the boss has been defeated
- Whenever an enemy plays a card for the very first time, the game stops and plays a brief notification to give you enough time to read the card. This will be a precursor to a proper encyclopedia system later!
- Upgrading should show the proper AP/Mana cost, and cancelling it will only show the same options as previously offered
- Dwarven items (+2AP) now work as intended!
- You can now respec your upgrade tree, but only ONCE per saved slot! Just click on the Reset All button and confirm your decision. It can't be undone!

- You can now cancel Upgrade/Delete options from Captains, Healers and Altars
- Rogues nerfed: Chain Strike/Reposition now costs 1 AP each (was previously free to play)
- Status boxes changed to tooltip style: by default they show only a basic summary, but you can mouseover for full details
- Upgrading a card now describes its new upgraded effect as well
- HP orb shows max hp in smaller letters below current HP
- Purge Sins now does the correct amount of damage
- F12 now takes screenshots in the map screen as well

Enjoy the new update, keep the feedback coming, and may you be the best Monster Slayer you can be!

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