The Challenge - pinkerator
- Completely redesigned all levels of the game
- Completely redesigned graphics
- A new system of dialogues
- New Inventory System
- Introduced a system for controlling the development of the plot
- Completely new enemies
- The AI ​​of ancient people was rewritten
- New weapons system
- Many new models have been added
- Modified characters to match the plot and characters
- Lots of new animations
- New sounds
- New main menu
- New settings menu

Warning: This is an experimental build, which is the preparation for the release of the final version of the game. A lot of game features may not work or not work properly. Switch to the beta branch only if you want to see the changes in the game first.
Feb 9, 2017
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Improved graphics at the "Stone Age" level
- Fixed shaders and textures on the "Egypt" level
- Fixed application settings after loading a saved game
- Improved display of vegetation on "Egypt" level
- Minor changes in the code
- Handbook of runes in the "Stone Age" now comes correctly
Feb 6, 2017
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Now powered by Unreal Engine version 4.15 p3
- Added level "Egypt" in the test mode. It can be accessed directly from the main menu
- Fully updated "Stone Age" level
- New models of trees at the "Stone Age"
- A new system of vegetation at the "Stone Age"
- Fully updated all the shaders and lighting at all levels
- Completely redesigned post-processing at all levels
- Fixed a bug with the Nick dialogues
- Fixed miscalculations ways to ai
- Changes in the speed of movement of the main character
- Significantly accelerated loading of all levels
- The lighting system is changed at all levels
- Graphics Settings significantly altered and allow to achieve high performance in medium systems
- A huge number of small changes
Jan 10, 2017
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Updated engine version
- Eliminated a bug at the music management system that caused the simultaneous playback of all tracks
- Added new screen resolutions
- Significantly reduced the load time for all levels
- Preparation for the big content update
- Changed the logic behavior of ancient people
- Optimized textures at levels "Stone Age" and "Egypt"
- Dialogue system updated
- Improved algorithm for calculating the ambient temperature
- A lot of small changes
Dec 21, 2016
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Fixed time machine computer logic
- Fixed a waypoint, which always points to the time machine
Dec 21, 2016
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Carry out manual optimization LOD. This gave a significant performance boost
- The new system graphics settings. Now we'll be able to expand the game settings according to the user's wishes
- New music management system. Now we can convey precisely the mood that we want to
- Reworked all shaders for OpenGL 4.0, Open GL 5.0, Vulkan API, DirectX 11
- Significant improvement in graphics on the Base Station and Stone Age levels
- Many minor improvements
Dec 8, 2016
The Challenge - pinkerator
- A new puzzle in the Stone Age
- Now a message with a guide to the Slavic runes comes correctly
- Now the batteries are placed in a time machine correctly
- Large improvements in rendering Vulkan Api
- Now supports Open GL Shader Model 4
Dec 5, 2016
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Fixed an elevator that did not work after returning from the Stone Age to base
- Added a chain of tasks after returning from the Stone Age
- Several fixes in the Vulkan API
- Corrections in displaying of equipment
- Corrections of texts
- Fixed "time bomb" in the Stone Age
- Ancient people AI became a little more aggressive
- Many different fixes
- Content for the content update is already in the game. Will be available soon
- Corrected the description of some items
Dec 3, 2016
The Challenge - pinkerator
- Added option for running the game with Vilkan API
- Fixed wrong sequences in dialogs
- The progress of tasks at the "Stone Age" is storing now
- Added sound for the buttons in the game
- Fixed architecture problem at the "Base EON-1"
- Several minor fixes
The Challenge - pinkerator
With this release we're testing the completion of the mission in the Stone Age.
Stone Age can now be fully complete with return to home base. As soon as the main bugs in the Stone Age, will be eliminated - we'll release Content Update and begin to implement the mission in Egypt.

List of changes:
- Added task zones (waypoints at the entrance to which a certain task is considered complete)
- Added tracking the player on the key stages of the action (progress is not saving yet, but in the next update this will be fixed)
- Added all the tasks in the main chain of assignments in the Stone Age
- Fixed some errors in the calculation of the collisions
- Many fixes for many objects
- Quest "Stone Age" could be completed now

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