Nov 8, 2016
Shiny - jan_1C
Dear players,

a new patch for Shiny is available! It features the following list of fixes and updates:

- Fixed clipping meshes
- Optimized loading times
- Optimized levels 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20
- Fixed bugs in Power Sphere tutorial
- Improved and rebalanced physics
- Improved controls
- Fixed particles
- Jet-Pack velocity fixed

We hope you will enjoy the new improved controls and tweaked physics, and have fun with our game! :)
Shiny - jan_1C
We're happy to announce, that the first patch for Shiny is now live! We have collected your feedback and managed to improve a few important things:

  • Improved gamma settings for the game - if you have already played the game, please check the options screen and make sure your gamma settings are properly calibrated. Level 1 is now properly lit even on low settings
  • Optimized quality settings for the game. Players with GeForce GTX 550 should be able to play the game on Low settings at 720p / 60 fps
  • Optimized game files in order to make upcoming patches a lot smaller

And Shiny was selected as the Best Brazilian Game by IGN at Brazil Game Expo! Yay! :)

Also, we have uploaded cool new trading cards for Shiny - go get them! :)

But that's not all - we are planning another patch that will bring some ni useful fixes and hopefully full 4K support.
Shiny - jan_1C
Please remember that for the optimal gameplay experience, you should tweak the gamma settings in the Options menu to get the optimal image quality!

Hi Everyone,

it's our great pleasure to announce that after spending days and nights working on Shiny, we can finally present the final game to you. We hope that you'll enjoy playing the adventures of the robot Kramer 227 as much as we enjoyed developing the game!

We'll be happy for any feedback from you - feel free to contact us in the official Steam forum.

We will also work hard to improve the game. Right now, we are aware of an issue, which causes the game to become too dark on low-end hardware. We're already working on a fix.

Thank you!

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