Paddle Up - thePavelish

  • Online matches now support ranking with ELO rating.
  • New lobby system to see who else is playing, invite them, or group chat.
  • New physics for the paddle and table.
  • Customize your paddle outside of the presets.
  • Added support to play to 21 in online matches.
  • Minimized voice chat lag.
  • Leaderboard for ranking top players.
  • Made AI at higher difficulties more prone to failure against good plays. (more work needed here)
  • Added render scale option to graphics menu.
  • Lowered traffic noise in Penthouse level.
  • Added profile button during multiplayer to add player your playing with as a Steam Friend.
  • Integrated with Steam's view players played with feature. (Steam Menu -> View -> Players)
Paddle Up - thePavelish

Major changes:
  • New location "Penthouse"!
  • Easier difficulty for AI.
  • New VR orientation change design (remembers your settings + rotate the table + no more accidental changes)

Smaller changes:
  • Fixed some serves were not treated as serves if they were too soft.
  • Lowered chances of a double hit causing game problems.
  • Fixed achievement for beating skilled AI not being given out.
  • Added subtle paddle vibration when customizing paddle.
  • Changed multiplayer lag compensation to account for most recent latency.
  • Dimmed Final Frontier scene for easier ball visibility.

Our next focus is going to shift back to physics improvements.

* We released a small 3.1 patch that dims Penthouse and Final Frontier scene for better ball visibility.
Aug 28, 2016
Paddle Up - thePavelish
  • (Physics) Made ball spin and table interaction more pronounced (especially around multiple bounces). Example: Video Example
  • (Physics) Increased physics simulation frequency to help with fast motions.
  • (Multiplayer) Added lag compensation, should help with long distance games.
  • (Multiplayer) Fixed both players not being able to summon the ball.
  • (General) Fixed menu not working for small amount of players.
  • (General) Added Fireworks button as example "Context Menu" when game starts. I need ideas on where else we should put fireworks.
  • (General) Fixed height guide not facing forward when playing as player 2.
  • (General) Subtle vibration change on ball impact to make it more natural.

We also introduced concept of Beta, you can subscribe to Beta to have the latest version of Paddle Up before everyone else. To subscribe to beta:
  1. Right click on Paddle Up in Library
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click Betas
  4. Change "None" to "beta" and close.
There is a good chance that if you are on beta, that you may not be able to play with other players in normal given the changes in beta. However you can always switch back and forth.
Aug 26, 2016
Paddle Up - El Pablo
This was a quick patch to tackle the initial feedback we've received, we'll definitely iterate more over the week.

- Increased bounciness between ball and thick paddle. Should make forehand shots stronger. (May need more tweaking, post on steam forum to keep me posted).
- Fixed ball spin and paddle collision too weak, it'll be obvious when you try now.
- Fixed ball spin and table interaction too weak.
- Decreased duration of vibration when ball and paddle interacts.
- Made AI a little bit easier (Will need more iterations).
- Fixed serving rules post 10-10 score.
- Fixed sound delay on thick and thin paddles to ball interactions.
- Lowered delay in beer pong mode for how long ball has to be inside the cup.

(There was a scoring bug that was released alongside this patch that was fixed as well)

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