Jun 29
Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

Thank you for all the reports and feedback! Today we are releasing a hotfix to address a few bugs, and add some new content.

Content and Features
  • Brightened lighting in all maps
  • Added updated Quarantine Night to map list.
  • Added the OEG sight and PK-AS to the support and rifleman classes.
  • Replaced the smoke grenade effect with a new and improved version.
  • Suppression and flash bang effect have been improved.
  • AMD Fix - Replaced several obsolete effects that could not be rendered properly in single-pass instanced mode on AMD cards with new effects.
  • Hold to Grip will be enabled by default for new players with Index controllers. It will also be enabled for all existing players with Index controllers once only for this patch.
  • Made more transitions based on server time and independent of framerate.
  • Improved distortion and garbling of player voice chat when in the tent.

- More maps will be released as soon as their light bakes are finalized! We are going to continue to release maps in waves.

  • Upgraded our Unity version to 2018.4.2.
  • Optimized the performance of our usage of SteamVR by 50%.
  • Improved how projectiles and explosions are initially loaded, so there should be less hitching when the first bullet of a round is fired or the first explosion occurs.
  • Fixed trees, individual bullets in magazines, and other map objects being needlessly flagged as dynamic for the purposes of occlusion culling, greatly improving performance.
  • Optimized network traffic
  • Improved performance and memory usage when using the tablet.

  • Fixed Index users sprinting slower than intended.
  • Fixed being able to spawn outside of the map when moving around your playspace while respawning in certain game modes.
  • Fixed RPGs and underbarrel grenades not blowing up C4 charges.
  • RPG backblast should no longer be able to damage people on the other side of a wall if you clip the RPG through the wall.
  • Shots fired in very close proximity to other players now damage them more consistently.
  • Fix bullet holes appearing in mid air when you shoot the Recon Drone.
  • You can no longer use the spawn on fireteam leader button to spawn on a dead fireteam leader in Uplink Assault.
  • You can no longer put a magazine on a table and wave a gun over it to load the magazine; magazines must be in your hands to be loaded into a gun.
  • Fixed flashlight positions on the M39 and SA80 to stop shadows being cast by the barrel of the gun or its attachments.
  • Fixed glass on pistol flashlights being solid white.
  • Fixed the slider on the TT-30 pistol not moving as intended.
  • Allowed Molotovs to function even without an owner, for example if the player that threw them disconnects.
  • Fixed a massive pile of guns raining in the main menu scenes if you fail to join a lobby because it is full.
  • Player nameplates no longer face random arbitrary directions when leaving first person view in desktop spectate mode.
  • Fixed strange spectator camera movement when going back to a saved camera position if the mouse has not moved.
  • Increased the width of team names in desktop spectating to reduce the likelihood of them going offscreen.
  • Fixed spectator dot icons under team names not updating properly when players in previous rounds don't spawn into the next round.
  • Reduced scale of spectator objective icons.
  • Fixed VIP button not greying out when pressed.
  • Fixed the lighter being capable of lighting Molotovs from far away.
  • Fixed evac flares spawning in strange positions in many maps.
  • Adjusted evac helicopters’ network rotations to more efficiently rotate towards their destinations.
  • Fixed unreachable evac helicopter spawns in Quarantine
  • Fixed the tablet map on Cargo appearing solid black or not appearing at all.
  • Fixed strange artifacts causing the clouds on Quarantine Night to appear “split”.
  • Fixed bots floating in mid-air on Suburbia.

Known Issues
  • Load times are longer than in v1.5, and will be addressed in the next hotfix
  • Quarantine trees have been disabled while we optimize them more, they will return.
  • Odd material glitch in a bazaar building.
  • Player animations can rotate in in the wrong direction when sprinting.

We apologize again for the inconvenience and issues with the initial launch of v1.6. We are working hard to make sure we deliver the rest of 1.6 ASAP! Thanks again for the continued support!



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Onward - MrDeath
Hey folks,

We’ve created a new branch for AMD graphics cards users on Steam as a temporary fix for the split eye bug. Once we do more internal testing with AMD cards, a full fix will be on the way!

To get access to this new Steam branch, right-click Onward in your Steam library and go to the Betas tab. In the drop down menu, select the "amd_fix" branch.

Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

Thank you for all the reports and feedback! Today we are releasing a hotfix to address a few bugs.

  • Made post processing color adjustment to Quarantine. (More color adjustments to come, read bottom for more)
  • Fix pickups appearing darkened and disappearing at times.
  • Fix crab walk animation :)
  • Fix prone animation causing a weird lerp when standing up.
  • Fixed voice chat in desktop spectate having intermittent failures.
  • Made various smaller improvements to desktop spectator mode.
  • Added hotkey (R) to desktop spectate mode that aligns your sight with a person's gun sight.
  • Fading when leaving the tent is now based on network time, not real time, so your performance will not make you fade slower.
  • Fix spectate screen in the tent looking surreal.
  • Smoke will no longer be see-through when zooming in on it with a scope.
  • Optimized magazine animations and fixed an exception with them.
  • Fix typo in map description of Bazaar.

More color adjustments to come

We've heard lot's of feedback on map color and brightness and we are going to be making some adjustments. We've decided to delay our last batch of maps, to give us time to adjust, rebake and test our lighting more. We appreciate your feedback and will be taking steps to improve Onward, to make it the best it can be. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be working hard to get our changes and final map batch out as soon as we can.



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Onward - MrDeath
Hi folks,

Thank you for all the reports and feedback about the update! We've fixed a number of issues for V1.6 and have updated several more of the classic maps for you to play. We can't wait to show you what's coming next.

Split Eye Bug - AMD Beta Branch.
A new branch will be released on steam for AMD graphics cards users very soon to address the split eye issue.

  • Brightened up the tent.
  • Temporary fixed player models being really dark on maps other than Cargo.
  • Fix helmet pop in for Volk players.
  • Fix lasers showing through walls.
  • Fixed instances of the AI teleporting forward towards their destinations.
  • Fixed the freeze associated with the infamous "black fly" bug. This used to manifest as a black screen with fly noises, as of 1.6 it was manifesting as a symmetrical white and black screen.
  • Added many logs to the tent transition and spawning process to make diagnosing issues with this transition easier in the future.
  • Fix FXAA causing some blurriness for users.
  • Fix "COMING SOON" displaying in the loading screen.
  • Fix footstep sounds disappearing permanently if someone runs away and then comes back.
  • Improved performance for SteamVR users.
  • Made it easier to grab items from your vest while you are prone.
  • Fix scopes not working if you use someone else's gun.
  • Various bug fixes across maps.

Known Issues:
  • Grass on downfall has been disabled.
  • LODs on quarantine trees are too aggressive and will be tweaked.
  • Disappearing objects in freeroam and shooting range.

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Onward - MrDeath
Onward ‘Reloaded’ update has finally arrived! The team has been hard at work putting together new content and refreshing the visuals of the game and the time has come to share it with you. In the interest of providing the best quality we can, we will be staggering the release of maps to ensure that each one gets the proper amount of attention- Onward wouldn’t be what it is without you and you deserve the best we can give.

Map Rollout Schedule:

  • Today: We are releasing a selection of Onward’s existing maps; Bazaar Day & Night, Cargo, Shooting Range, Suburbia Day & Night, Subway, and Tanker.

  • Early Next Week -We will see the release of the rest of the classic Onward maps; Downfall Day & Night, Quarantine Day & Night, and Jungle.

  • At the End of Next Week - We will include two new nighttime map variants and our newest map for 1.6; Snowpeak Day & Night, Abandoned Day & Night, Turbine.

    Turbine: This hydroelectric dam provides power for the region and serves as a strategic chokepoint that each faction strives to control. MARSOC and Volk forces control opposite ends of the dam. It's time to break the stalemate.

We are all extremely excited for you to experience all the updates to our core content as well as the new additions. We hope you all enjoy this ‘Reloaded’ update and we can’t wait to see you in Onward!

Main Additions recap:

We’ve recently been working on a new option for Onward that will allow users with Inside-Out-Tracked VR setups to accurately aim and enjoy the game in a similar fashion to existing VR setups, called “Virtual Gunstock Mode”. There can be tracking deadzones with Inside-Out-Tracked VR headsets, and without this option players can sometimes lose track of their dominant hand when aiming. This new option helps to solve this issue so all players can enjoy the intense gameplay of Onward without tracking problems.

We’ve made controller keybinds more intuitive for WMR devices.

The Index controllers will be officially supported in Onward upon release. Picking up objects and interacting with weapons and equipment will still be the same as before, but you will now be able to move every finger individually when your hands aren’t holding anything.

For people who want to customize their input, you will soon be able to rebind all of Onward's input commands in SteamVR in v1.6. This also allows us to support many new devices and control schemes, such as with Windows Mixed Reality.

Here are some sample screenshots of what to expect from 1.6.

The v1.6 update will contain these major features :
  • A new animation system, including improved running animation, and a brand new crawling animation
  • More realistic eyes on player models
  • Better lighting / realtime shadows
  • Various performance improvements
  • A complete visual update of the existing maps
  • An updated loadout UI, including weapon stats and details
  • New models for the AK-12 and M16A4 rifles
  • A new watch model, plus the option to wear it on the inside of your wrist
  • A new killhouse course in the Shooting Range
  • Better support for WMR controllers
  • A virtual gunstock option
  • Index controller support

You will be able to expect these following features in the near future!
  • Blood decals
  • Newly reworked and improved scopes
  • More player slots in Operations lobbies, along with improved AI and additions to Co-Op
  • Ammo boxes for Support roles
  • New red dot sight : Aimpoint and PKA-S
  • A brand new map: Turbine



  • Greatly improved the visuals with more accurate lighting, realistic shadows, and a new post-processing stack.
  • Added a virtual gunstock option.
  • Made throwing objects more consistent across all headsets and smoother through deadzones. If you would like to enable the old “vanilla” throwing options, launch the game with the “vanillathrow” launch parameter.
  • Improved the player animations.
  • Added a killhouse section to the Shooting Range.
  • Replaced the M16A4 and AK12 with in-house made models.
  • Updated the SteamVR integration, allowing users to create their own binds more easily.
  • Added support for Index controllers and individual finger tracking for gestures.
  • Improved WMR controller support.
  • Netcode optimizations and improvements.
  • Greatly optimized game performance.
  • Replaced the watch model.
  • Added an option to rotate the in-game watch to the inside of a player's wrist.

  • Unity 2018.3.10 upgrade, enabling the use of single pass instanced rendering.
  • Added two new Main menu scenes.
  • Improved the Loadout UI and added weapon stats to the loadout screen.
  • Updated weapon textures for Famas / M1014 / M39 EMR.
  • Added an option to sprint when joystick / trackpad is on the outer edge.
  • Added an option to place the watch inside your wrist.
  • Generally improve spectating performance by enabling occlusion culling on non-main cameras and turning off some special effects.
  • Tweaked the pistol mag poses to make them easier to insert into the pistols.
  • Added haptic animation to knife stabbing.
  • Added ballistic shield weight simulation.
  • Improved chambering a round when bolt was already locked back.
  • Improved the M249 and PKM reloading experience.
  • Improved performance when holstering shotgun shell boxes by re-using existing shells.
  • Disabled the +1 timeout button in ESL ruleset games in the very first round.
  • Implemented a function to have a lobby refresh its information before proceeding to join.
  • Replaced the crashed helicopter model with an in-house made model.
  • Improved Pimax support with culling on the outer edges of the field of view.

  • Fixed movement speed being affected by framerate.
  • Reset the player that last damaged you when you get healed from a downed state. no longer dole out teamkills if a teammate wounds you and then you click exit to tent.
  • Fixed tasers not ending rounds or infracting team-down using them, and also fixed game syncing issues when players join mid-game.
  • Fixed C4 explosions being offset upwards, causing explosions to not damage properly when stuck to ceilings.
  • Fixed C4 not affecting shooting range targets.
  • Fixed knives not affecting shooting range targets, C4, or molotovs.
  • Potential fix for spectators hearing dead player voices.
  • Spectator kill feed now shows the last weapon and last damage type that hit you before you suicide by exiting to menu, since that person gets kill credit. Also added kill feed support for RPGs, M203 underbarrel grenades, and Stun Gun.
  • Moved the front grip on the AK5C to fix a recurring complaint regarding letting go of the grip unintentionally.
  • Fixed lobby getting stuck when countdown got cancelled.
  • Fixed players getting booted in Subway.
  • Fixed Tanker's objectives being offset on the tent map.
  • Fixed white-squares thumbnails happening at times in Desktop Spectate Mode.
  • Fixed the AK5C fire mode selector.
  • Fixed the G36C fire mode selector.
  • Fixed the audio of other players submerging in water sounding like it comes from your player.
  • Fixed resetting loadouts when having a red dot selected on pistols.
  • Fixed long team names not fitting in the losing dialog for spectators.
  • Fixed no fireteam leader in uplink assault if a team of only Volk starts the game.

Onward - MrDeath
Hey guys,

We are not running a Free Weekend this weekend. As some of you may have noticed the Onward Steam page shows a Free weekend, but it currently isn't active. This is due to an error in Steam.

Apologies for any inconvenience!
At ease soldiers.
Onward - MrDeath

Hey guys,

This is the eleventh sitrep!

In this sitrep we will again tease you with some content from the now dubbed ‘Reloaded’ update, showcase some recent pictures and videos from the community and… something else?

Check out the latest sitrep in the following link.

See you on the field!

If you have any tips or suggestions for improving this series, let me know! You can contact me on either : Reddit, Steam discussions or the Discord.

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Onward - MrDeath

Hey guys,

Welcome to our tenth sitrep!

In this sitrep we’ll show you a glimpse of what’s coming in our v1.6 Pretty Update. We’ll be teasing some of our updated maps and equipment and will showcase some recent videos from the community.

Check out the latest sitrep in the following link.

See you on the field!

If you have any tips or suggestions for improving this series, let me know! You can contact me on either : Reddit, Steam discussions or the Discord.

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!

For additional information, visit our wiki.
Onward - MrDeath
We've fixed the launch issue.

Lock and load!
Onward - MrDeath
We're currently actively investigating the launch crashing problem.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sit tight soldiers!

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