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We wanted give recognition to our community for all the hard work they've put into setting up their own Onward League, and for the championship which took place last weekend. The Onward Master League has been going for around 11 months and currently has 32 teams from across the globe! We remain continually impressed with the tactics, strategy and of course skill coming from the Onward competitive community. To these teams, and all of the people involved in running the Master League, we want to congratulate them for their fantastic jobs and for helping the Onward community remain one of the best communities in VR! You guys are awesome.

Congratulations are of course in order for the league team Beginners who were crowned the victors of the championship this past weekend. They put up an excellent fight to take down Globochem in a final 4-1 victory on Downfall1. To quote NightFiree (one of the casters from the weekend): "It was a spectacular match between two well trained and practiced teams. The strategies were clearly developed and a joy to watch go into action!".

We were thrilled to see the first iteration of our spectating/casting setup in action over the weekend with some fantastic use and commentary from all of the casters, who provided incredible coverage for the matches. See the links below for the casting footage from the weekend using our new setup.

Final round of Beginners vs Globochem - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/208396326?t=06h04m55s

Some highlights from the championship - https://www.twitch.tv/onwardmasterleague/clips

More highlights - https://www.twitch.tv/onwardmasterleague2/clips

VODs from Casting team #1 (Nightfire and Silent Knight) https://www.twitch.tv/onwardmasterleague/videos/all

VODs from Casting team #2 (Lil' Synkie and Radarhead) https://www.twitch.tv/onwardmasterleague2/videos/all

For more information on the community ran Onward Master League and how to get involved, you can visit their website - http://vrmasterleague.com/Onward/
Onward - DownpourDev
This update will introduce some new features, mechanics and quality of life fixes to support both our casual and competitive players!

Co-op vs AI Operations is now available on all of our maps! Maps that are too small/restricted for the evac helicopter to land will have it hover above, and smoke will appear on the ground to indicate the victory zone. Volk weapons have been added to player loadouts, more loadout points, and a new armored Volk Heavy character.

Spectating is now available in two forms! For non-competitive lobbies, once the round is active, for any players staying in the loadout area/returning to it after death, a VR headset will spawn on the table, which they can pick up and put on to fly around the level while the match is still in progress. For competitive lobbies, there are two slots for players that can use a mouse and keyboard to follow the match, with some useful tools at their disposal.

For more info on spectate (including keyboard controls for desktop spectating), see the wiki section on it!

Hotfix v1.1.2 December 13
  • Fixed rare case of objective not spawning for some players (usually 2D spectators)
  • Fixed being able to holster a grenade after the pin was pulled causing being unable to grab anything
  • Fixed VIP vest retaining primary weapon mags from previous spawn (although they have no weapon to use the mags with)
  • Added push to talk for desktop spectating players (defaulted to T)
  • Added round time to scoreboard when spectating in VR
Hotfix v1.1.1 December 8
  • Bazaar: Fix for Evac heli not landing
  • Loadout tent: Fixed an issue where team chat could become non-functional when players leave the game
  • Main menu: Lowered ambient and flyby sound volume by 25%
  • Competitive: Fixed an issue where players potentially wouldn't be able to join a lobby with 1 player slot open

Featured Updates
  • Spectator Modes
    • Added new VR spectating mode for non-competitive lobbies which allows any player to pick up a VR headset from the Tent table and free roam the map while the round is in progress.
    • Added new desktop spectating for competitive lobbies which allows up to two players to spectate, using mouse & keyboard (images below)

  • AI Update
    • Added AI Volk heavy soldier type armed with a machine gun and heavy armor helmet. The Volk Heavy will appear on Evac and in Hunt rounds with high AI counts
    • Co-op vs AI Operations available on all maps (Hunt and Evac missions)
      Added to remaining maps Suburbia, Subway, Jungle

  • AI: Player loadout points allowed increased from 8 to 18. Your AI loadout is saved separately from your PvP loadout.
  • AI: Player loadouts include all primary weapons (Marsoc and Volk).
  • AI: Added weapon variety to AI forces
  • Loadout Tent: Going into teamchat will dramatically reduce other team's voice volume'
  • Turning (snap and smooth turn) enabled in main menu and Loadout Tent
  • On your vest, up to 3 mags will be visible for your selected primary weapon to display how many mags you have left (previously only 1 mag was shown unless you had no mags left)
  • Settings: Added smooth turning option (can now choose disabled, snap turns, smooth turns)
  • UI: Added hover tooltips to some Settings
  • UI: Added Volume sliders for Master and Music
  • Competitive: Introduced a new round reset mechanic. If a team fully wipes (suicide/team kill/back to tent) within 30 seconds of the round starting, the round will reset (ignoring any deaths) and retain the current score, objective location and team faction.
    This is to address issues in competitive matches where players can have issues while spawning
  • Quarantine: vs AI, moved player spawns around (a particular player spawn was very difficult)
  • Fixed timing issue of being healed as round ended (witnessed in league match)
  • Fixed two players killing the same target at the same time awarding two kills instead of one
  • Fixed Graphics Settings incorrectly always showing "High" text regardless of saved preferences
  • Fixed small height offset that was causing player cameras to be slightly above the ground.
  • Fixed issue where players can be flashing between two positions when on slopes
  • Oculus: Fixed intro Splash Screen re-centering to incorrect rotation
  • Vive: Reverted grenade throwing velocity to how it was before v1.0
  • Quarantine: Fixed occlusion flashing on stairs that are open vs AI
  • Suburbia: Fixed grass material showing odd brown lines
  • Bazaar: Fixed incorrectly inaccessible blue room

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(Images of Competitive 2D spectating designed for tournament casting)

Onward - DownpourDev
Onward has Oculus SDK support!
We're starting a version numbering system with Onward v1.0.0

Featured Updates
  • Onward on Oculus Home and native Oculus support
    • Native Oculus support in Steam: when launching Onward from Steam, you are prompted with the option of playing with SteamVR software (as previously) or playing with just Oculus software.

    • Available for purchase on Oculus Home

    • Cross-Platform: all players play on the same servers with each other, regardless of hardware or what store they purchase Onward from.

    • Save data (options, preferences, loadouts) are the same across all platforms and hardware

Here's some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Oculus Home launch:

Will I get an Oculus Home key for owning the game on Steam?
We're not currently looking at giving out keys for current Steam owners. However, you are able to play Onward through Steam directly using the Oculus SDK right now.

How can I play Onward on the Oculus SDK through Steam?
This will be a launch option for the game. If you have SteamVR running on your computer, it'll default to the SteamVR version of the game. If you don't, it'll give you an option!

Will I be able to play against players on a different platform to me?
Onward is fully cross-platform between Steam and Oculus players. Your settings and preferences will also carry over between the two platforms.

I have been told in the past to disable ASW and other reprojection methods, do I still have to do this?
Nope! After a recent patch, ASW and Interleaved reprojection methods are fully supported by Onward. The game should run well 'out of the box'.

I tried Onward during the free weekend and I didn't really like the controls on Touch, can I change these?
We took a lot of the feedback from the free weekend and used it to help us shape a better default control scheme for Onward. We also added options for players to further tweak the gameplay and controls to suit their preferences.

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Nov 6, 2017
Onward - DownpourDev
  • Fall damage added.
  • New Options: Scope Smoothing On/Off (default on).
    -When on, scoped weapons will sway slower, similar to lowering mouse sensitivity.
    -When off, very minimal smoothing is applied, similar to having very high mouse sensitivity.
    Useful for gun stock users who do not need the smoothing assistance
  • AI: Now shoot suppressive fire
  • AI: adjusted attacking variables to cause AI to peek in and out of cover more often
  • Jungle: Fixed metal vehicles being penetrable
  • Downfall improved some building colliders
  • Downfall fixed getting stuck in terrain by crashed heli
  • Oculus: Fixed thrown objects sometimes not getting correct velocity
    Caused grenades to drop straight down sometimes
  • AI: Fixed round setup not performing correctly for non-host clients
    Caused Quarantine stair blockers to not be disabled on AI mode correctly
  • AI: Quarantine fixed evac heli rising out of the ground
  • AI: reduced radius around AI characters blocking player movement
    Previously was too difficult to get close enough to AI to knife them

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Oct 31, 2017
Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

We are dropping a hotfix today to fix a few bugs introduced in the last update.

  • AI: Reduced vision on Quarantine 1 and Quarantine 2
  • Fixed bug preventing a 10th player from successfully joining a team when 9/10 players are assigned
  • Fixed your own icon on the tablet not changing colors in response to your health
  • Fixed player heads moving far from their bodies when going up/down slopes/stairs
  • Fixed dead player's icons persisting on tablet when NV is on
  • AI: Fixed Evac on Bazaar player spawning problems
  • Jungle: rotated tent lobby to fix sounds coming from incorrect direction

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Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

Today we are releasing a brand new map called Jungle, a night time version of Suburbia, AI on 3 new maps, and some fixes here and there.

The other forest/woodland map called Abandoned will be released in a future update once it is finished.

Featured Updates
  • New Map: JUNGLE
    • Dense jungle map for Uplink play
    • Lots of vertical gameplay with caves, bridges, and cliffs
    • Soldier camo changed to match the environment
    • This map is still a WIP and will be updated over time.

  • New Map: SUBURBIA 2
    • Night time version of Suburbia

  • New Map: Jungle
  • New Map: Suburbia 2
  • AI: Added Operations (Hunt and Evac) to Quarantine1, Quarantine2,
  • AI: Evac - Increased setup time before AI spawns
  • Oculus: fixed movement stick deadzone preventing slow movements and forcing player to move thumbstick further before starting to move
  • Syringe: Changed trigger only mechanics to prevent accidental uses when equipping and fix difficulty in holstering the syringe.
    • Before: Press trigger to equip. On trigger release, syringe is used.
    • Now: Press trigger to equip. Must release trigger before able to press trigger again to use the syringe.
  • Settings: Fixed Music On/Off not showing the correct text when toggled
  • Uplink: Fixed timing issue allowing two players to put in the code at the same time and both score

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Onward - DownpourDev
We heard all your feedback from the free weekend and have made improvements to respond to it!

A more-intuitive control scheme with many options, a new AI gamemode, VIP balancing, some new weapons, and tracking down some of the nastier bugs that have been hanging around.

The new maps will be coming October 27th! See you soon on the battlefield!

Featured Updates
  • Evac Operations Game Mode
    • New game mode for Operations vs AI (replaces the previous Defend mode)
    • Fight against never-ending reinforcements of enemies
    • Survive and escape by boarding the evac helicopter

  • Control Options
    • Added several control options. For new users, the control scheme will default to a more-intuitive setup than previously.
    • For existing users, a notification will prompt you for which control scheme you want to load New/Legacy. These both set different control settings that can all individually be changed at any time in Settings
    • New Options
      • Added option Knife trigger to require/not require trigger press to deal damage
        Knife will automatically deal damage to anything that is not yourself
      • Added option to simplify syringe use to just a trigger press
        No longer need to press touchpad/thumbstick
      • Added option for sprinting with just a single click or double click of the touchpad/thumbstick
      • Added option to change Grab Tablet button between Grip or Vive Menu/Oculus B/Y button
      • Added Snap Turn options for 30,45 degrees
        Previously was called "Room Scale" and "Front Facing" room setups which were Disabled and 30 degree snap turns, respectively
      • Added Oculus option to change weapon buttons for Drop Mag, Firemode Toggle, and Close Bolt
        Can now use A, B, thumbstick center

  • Escort Rebalance/Improvements
    • Evac of the VIP awards 2 points, instead of 1
    • Added multiple spawn points and objective placements to each map
      Increase variety and fix some balancing for spawns that favored Volk
    • Added "Opt in to VIP" button when confirming loadout. VIP will be selected from the players that opted-in (if no players opt-in, will choose random as before).
    • VIP loadout changed from M9, Body Armor to G17, Body Armor, Smoke Grenade, Night Vision (if night map)
      With the G17's larger capacity and a Smoke Grenade, we hope to improve the VIP's survivability

  • Replaced Weapons
    • M40A5 added (replaces L96) and SVD added (replaces SVU)

  • Ammo Boxes
    • Ammo boxes scattered on Operations levels
      These are marked by an icon on the tablet and will randomize each round
    • Added piles of ammo to Shooting Range
  • Check if downed players are still alive by reaching for their body and feeling a vibration pulse (arms, neck, chest)
  • Audio: New end round music
  • Audio: New AI voice audio
  • UI: Tablet laser only enables if usable (if Marsoc on Uplink)
  • UI: Tablet shows downed players with a red cross
  • UI: Settings screen remade to be more compact
  • Tent:
    • Toggle between Team Chat and Public Chat while in the tent.
    • Death text shows how you were killed (shot, meleed, grenaded by...)
    • Host can make a different player host by hovering over their name
    • Added map vote to Operations after a few rounds
    • Added clutter
  • Reduced Night Vision loadout cost from 2 to 1
  • Increased number of mags given to Automatic Rifleman equipped with an M16 or AKM (now 7 mags total)
    To promote Automatic Rifleman playing a suppression role
  • Removed AP ammo option to Automatic Rifleman M16 and AKM rifles
  • Highlighted
    • Fixed Anti-Cheat fading screen to black when moving down stairs and slopes
    • Fixed scope lenses being able to see through the dust storm particles
    • Fixed movement speed incorrectly being slowed when moving down slopes
    • Fixed physics speed being halved when interleaved/ASW reprojection kicks in
  • AI: Fixed an issue where AI could incorrectly persist between rounds. They should spawn after a delay
  • Tablet dots now lighten when NV is active
  • Tent: Fixed a few problems which can lead to UI disappearing when round ends
  • Input: Potential fix for Playstation Move or Windows Mixed Reality controllers being used with SteamVR not initializing correctly
  • Oculus: Rotated UI laser pointers to a more-comfortable angle
  • Oculus: Tutorial will now correctly display Oculus button names (thumbstick, B button, Y Button, etc)
  • Bullet hole optimization to prevent rendering and fading of bullet holes that are not visible from current position
  • Fixed potential issue where returning to tent wouldn't score the kill to the player that downed you
  • Fixed the magazine in the tent without physics
    There's a little something in there for those who enjoyed it

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Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

We wanted to give you a sneak peek of whats coming in Octobers update, you have a lot to look forward too!

Thank you guys for your patience, and continued support! We are working hard to get this out to you all soon!



Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!

For additional information, visit our wiki.
Sep 14, 2017
Onward - Valve
Play Onward for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Onward at 20% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Onward. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Sep 13, 2017
Onward - DownpourDev
Hey guys,

In anticipation of the upcoming free weekend, we've released a hotfix for a few issues. Also, during the free weekend, Onward will be 20% OFF!

  • Input: Improved touchpad/thumbstick input to remove deadzone areas and prevent multiple actions caused by a single button press (drop mag, fire mode switching, close bolt actions).
  • Lobby: Hid the 'Start Game' button until player is ready when player is alone in a lobby.
  • Radio: Fixed a problem with the radio occasionally not broadcasting a member of the team

Work on the next update is still going strong and we're really excited to show you whats been cooking!

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!

For additional information, visit our wiki. If you're having issues, please check out the common problems page or get in touch via our Discord.

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