Beat Hazard - Starg
Happy Birthday to Beat Hazard. 9 years old today! In celebrations it's now 80% off on Steam!

Beat Hazard - Starg
I've just got per track leader boards working in Beat Hazard 2!

I've currently got all the top scores ːvː
Which I suspect won't last long when the game comes out.
Beat Hazard - Starg
Hi all,

New Beat Hazard 2 dev blog.

I've now got a full game loop working. At the end of the video I also give details about how I use FFT to analyse the music.

Feedback welcome.
Beat Hazard - Starg
Don't mess with Beat Hazard 2's new Ultra Beam. Buuuuuurn! I always thought the old one was a bit under powered.

Beat Hazard - Starg
Here's my 2nd Beat Hazard 2 developer blog. This week I build a stupidly big space ship!

Beat Hazard - (Alice O'Connor)

Back in 2010, Beat Hazard riffed on the ‘feed the game music to become levels to play through’ Audiosurf idea to turn MP3s into twin-stick shooter arena battles. The flow of battle would follow the flow of music, all resulting in a lot of colours and explosions – vital for any shmup. I blasted through a few albums back in the day myself, enjoying the colours and, y’know, the explosions. Creator Steve Hunt has been working on a sequel for a while, and is now starting to talk more about Beat Hazard 2 as he aims to release a beta version this summer. (more…)

Beat Hazard - Starg
First Beat Hazard 2 Dev Blog.
No game play, but a demo of the visualiser and 'Open Mic' mode.

All pre-orders will get access to the pre-alpha build!
I hope you enjoy. Comments welcome!

Beat Hazard - Starg
Here's a quick look at a track with Unicode in BH2

All looks good!
Beat Hazard - Starg

See that? That's Beat Hazard 2 listening to music played via an external source in 'Open Mic' mode. So you'll be able to use Amazon Music, Spotify or any other music source you wish!
Beat Hazard - Starg
Quite a few people asked about pre-ordering Beat Hazard 2. Here's a link if you wish too!

- 20% Discount
- Access to Beta version
- Steam key on release
- And a big virtual hug from me for helping support the game!

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