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After almost one year of the original launch, I decided to remake warzone because of how terrible it was, the sole purpose of MiDZone is to be a fix for warzone, and to allow me to continue game development and make better games in the future.

We've also added Trading cards and achievements for this update like we promised a year ago.

Thank you.
Jul 15, 2016
MiDZone - NFA
Hello everyone , I updated the game with bugs fix and a new in-game bug fixing system .

Problems/bugs :

1. Single-Player difficulty issue - Fixed .

2. Single-Player starting with Axe issue - Fixed- You start now with a gun.

3. Multiplayer - Sound of other player's gun - Fixed .

4. SinglePlayer Empty gun bug - Fixed .

5. Multiplayer mouse locks when not paused -Fixed.

6. SinglePlayer shooting an Ally increases XP - Fixed.

In Game bug fixing system :

These are some bugs you might face while playing and their solutions .

Press "T" and "Y" to open a command box .

1. Chat off the screen- pause the game and press "U" and "I" then drag it with the mouse .

2. Stuck at any place in the map - just type "death" in it and press done.

3. lobby UI won't get disabled in the match , open the command box and type "panel".

4. all weapons appear at once - "weaponssystem"

5. if you hear other player gun sounds when you are not supposed to , for example when you hit with an axe and the other player has a sniper rifle , you hear his rifle sound without him firing ! - for this case type : "setup"

for further help contact nfabuisnesse@gmail.com


MiDZone - NFA
Although we announced that there will be a delay , but valve responded very quick ! , it will be released in the next 2 hours !
Jul 10, 2016
MiDZone - NFA
We ran into small issues with the final build , we'll delay the release a bit , hopefully in less than a week !, we'll make sure to post an update .

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