Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Lord of the Kings DLC makes a royal entrance on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

You’d think that bringing the most terrifying army the world has ever seen to Fairyland in Once Upon a Time and to a tropical paradise in Evil of the Caribbean would be enough, right? Not for the Dungeon Lord! Kalypso media is excited to announce (with a sinister cackle) that its highly acclaimed dungeon management sim, Dungeons 3 has today received its third and final DLC pack – Lord of the Kings!

After the events of the Evil of the Caribbean DLC pack, the Now-Slightly-Sunburnt Evil has decided that it’s time for his army pack up their towels and leave the beaches of Turtoga in a much worse state than they found it to go and fight the good bad fight in an all-new royal adventure! The great King Arcturus has returned from his recent quest with the Holy Grail in tow, only to find out that someone has devastated his city of Stormbreeze, along with the rest of the kingdom. He immediately set about recapturing the lands, but hasn’t counted for the Always-Has-The-Last-Laugh Evil. Hey, we all make mistakes.

In a sickeningly good-natured turn of pace, players will start out helping King Arcturus, but don’t count on that lasting for too long. Remember, nice guys finish last – especially when the Absolute Evil is involved!

Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Dungeons Lords!
The Ultimate Evil just released an update!
Find more details below:
  • Several difficulty and balancing tweaks to DLC missions
  • Added Czech language support for DLC
  • Fixed issue with “Lifesaver” achievement
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

The Absolute Evil sets sail in ‘Evil of the Caribbean’
on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

Following on from the shenanigans of Fairyland in Once Upon a Time, the Absolute Evil has unleashed a second DLC pack for acclaimed dungeon management sim, Dungeons 3.
Available now for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, Evil of the Caribbean transports you to the not-so-peaceful sandy beaches of Turtoga, where you will be able to partake in all your favourite holiday indulgences; like souvenirs (capturing hapless heroes counts, right?), gambling, and taking in the local wildlife! The natives called it Cthollho, or Kertooloo maybe…something like that.

The Evil of the Caribbean DLC offers a new, fully-voiced campaign across three challenging new maps, as well as three new evil hubs, a new wall tile set for your dungeon and a spiffy new pirate outfit for Thalya.


Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Dungeons Lords!

The Ultimate Evil just released an update!
Find more details below:

Bugfixes and changes for DLC 'Once upon a time'
We have fixed a problem with wall segments, which disappeared once the dungeon layout became more complex.
  • The visual look of gold and mana in dungeon walls has been fixed and improved.
  • In the level 'Once Upon a Time', we have fixed some problems with mission goal countdowns, which ran down to 0, but did not advance or end the game.
  • In the level 'Fog and Sheep', we fixed some heroes that were resistant to the sheep transformation.
  • Also in the level 'Fog and Sheep', we have we have fixed a bug that caused Thalya dying during the outro.
  • In the level 'Kamikaze Sheep', we added additional text to make it clear that the objective "Kill the 7 Dwarves" is a bonus objective and not needed to win the game.

Fixes and Changes for the main game
  • On the skirmish map 'Playground', Elrics are now allowed to use their skills.
  • The skirmish map 'Playground' has received new savegame graphics.
  • On the skirmish map 'Playground' we have fixed the problem in co-op mode, where one hand picks something from the unlimited resource rooms, while the other hand picks up something else.
  • In the campaign mission 'The Ashspring Swamplands' we have fixed some collisions with graves.
  • In the campaign mission 'The End of Yaina Overproud', the Portals will no longer attack Snots.
  • In the campaign mission 'The Storming of Dollaran', we have improved the visuals of the effect circle around your favourite Demon ‘Crowley’.
  • In the campaign mission 'Two Sides of the Medal', we have fixed the city shield protection.
  • In the campaign mission 'Ups and Downs', we have improved and fixed the gamepad interaction area for water supplies.
  • We have fixed and balanced all torture workstations to have the same efficiency from now on.
  • We have fixed the effect of 'Malicious torture'.
  • Potions will now affect only friendly units, as intended.
  • We have fixed the attack visual effects of 'Dark Guardian'.
  • We have added some graphic options for low-performance systems to improve performance and optimization.
  • In addition, we have fixed sequential dialogs that were sometimes interrupting themselves.
  • Interface sounds are now affected by the 'effects' volume slider.
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Fairyland destroying DLC pack out now for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

Evil spell book, check.
Torture kit, check.
Sunscreen, check.
Exploding sheep, erm, check! That’s right, the Absolute Evil is taking a well-earned vacation and is heading to Fairyland in the all new Dungeons 3 DLC pack Once Upon a Time available to download today for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
Once Upon a Time is the first of three new DLC packs coming for the critically acclaimed and devilishly fun Dungeons 3 and further expands the Absolute Evil’s grip on all that is good and wholesome.

Fairyland is a despicable place and is home to the Good Fairy, a disgustingly respectable and virtuous creature who has been arming heroes with invigorating potions and is generally the detestable source of all good deeds.
With the help of some bewitched heroes (and more than a few exploding sheep) the Absolute Evil sets off to put an end to this story once and for all.

Once Upon a Time brings to the Dungeon table three new campaign maps, three new Evil hubs, new wall tile set for the dungeon and an all new boss – the Good Fairy.
For a taste of what’s in store check out the launch video below, lovingly crafted by the best creative snots in the Dungeon for your viewing pleasure.

Dungeons 3 - Unerde

  • Added Czech localization (Steam only)
  • The game now displays world statistics at the end of campaign missions, allowing players to compare their achievements with the rest of the world (PC only).
  • Performance improvements

  • Fixed graphical glitch in Duel map
  • Fixed non disappearing tooltips
  • Fixed graphical issue in defeat screen
  • Fixed some minor issues with quickbar (PC only)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that appeared when Gobblers were being carried by the Hand of Terror and players switched between Dungeon and Overworld
  • Fixed an issue with "slapping" heroes in the Overworld
  • Fixed getting stuck on network error when disconnected from network during Duel matchmaking (PC only)
  • Fixed Multiplayer Steam avatar display if players are not friends (Steam only)
  • Multiplayer announcements disappear now while displaying the Almanac (PC only)
  • Allow font auto sizing in load menu to avoid line break
  • Fixed selection of "Preferred Target" (slapping an enemy in the Dungeon)

  • Enemy Priestess will heal units smarter outside of combat
  • Boss monster on Duel map now gives units a decent XP amount when defeated
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Goodie two-shoes-annihilating new DLC announced for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the daily grind of slapping snots and destroying unicorns, the Absolute Evil decides to go one step further (well three actually) and announce three, yes three, new DLC packs for highly-acclaimed dungeon sim Dungeons 3. Once Upon a Time (the first of the DLC packs to launch) is planned for release on 2nd February and will further expand the Evil One’s fiendish grip on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

After the devastating battle royale at the end of Dungeons 3, the Absolute Evil decides that its time to take a vacation, and travels to Fairyland. This despicable land is home to the Good Fairy, a disgustingly respectable and virtuous creature who has been arming heroes with invigorating potions and is generally the detestable source of all good deeds. With the help of some bewitched heroes (and more than a few exploding sheep) the Absolute Evil sets off to put an end to this story once and for all. The Once Upon a Time DLC packs in three new campaigns, three new Evil hubs, new wall tile set for the dungeon and an all new boss – the Good Fairy (and exploding sheep, don’t forget the exploding sheep).
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

Major Changes (incl. many evil multiplayerchanges!)
  • Multiplayer deathmatch available.
    Enter enemy dungeons and destroy their dungeon hearts.

  • New skirmish map "Sandbox".
    Create the dungeon of your dreams!

  • New game mode "Sandbox".
    Spawn enemy heroes yourself!

  • Quickslotbar added.
    You can now set troops, spells, traps, rooms, etc. for quick reusability
  • Multiplayer teams. Play 2vs2 or 3vs1?
  • New "Show duel during play" option in multiplayer menu. Notfies you, when
    someone is ready for a duel while playing the game normally!
  • Multiplayer game announcements. Also coop game announcements!
  • F3 now picks all idle creatures, F4 picks a random snot
  • Your snots now fetch boni and potions to your treasuries
  • New option for no camera movement over world map
  • Performance improvements

Balancing and campaign improvements
  • Rebalanced Gob-O-Bot (less damage)
  • Rebalanced Vampire (More life, improved life stealing)
  • Rebalanced Pit Fiend (Reduced Skill cooldown, Skill now dows piercing damage)
  • Cannon towers now do proper area damage!
  • Minor fixes for map "Prince of Hell"
  • Minor fixes for map "The Titan of Alphaas"
  • Minor fixes for map "Two Sides of a Medal"
  • Minor fixes for map "The Crossing"
  • Minor fixes for map "The End of Yaina Overproud"
  • Minor fixes for map "The Shadow of Absolute Evil"
  • Fixes in map "Everything has and end..."
  • Fixed Shadow getting stuck in a small area of map "The Shadow of the
    Absolute Evil"
  • No more spiders in tutorial mission "Dungeons for Advanced Students"

General fixes
  • Improved subtitle visibility during boss fights
  • Improved tooltip visibility
  • Improved tile selection when moving over the GUI
  • Improved stairs placement in generated maps
  • Auto-size for research titles
  • Improved tutorial marker visualisation
  • Showing an animated image while waiting for a duel
  • Improved mini map icon sorting
  • Campaign reset now resets the world map properly
  • Hide tooltips in cutscenes
  • Improved guard room details
  • Mana bombs no longer trigger on defeated heroes
  • Mission goals now stay the same after loading a saved game
  • Show tooltip for creatures that have picked up a bonus
  • Better pathfinding for snots in the prison chamber
  • Dungeon critters can now be marked with a slap
  • Added option to force keyboard/mouse into options menu
  • Better pillar placement in temple
  • Heroes now drop of their "used" torture device when they die
  • Different colors for Hands of Terror in Coop
  • Fixed minor picking issues with Hand of Terror and resources
  • Fixed minor pathfinding issues
  • Hovering over faction icons now works correctly
  • Fixed chain lighting visualisation
  • Almanach Image update
  • Icon Improvements
  • Thalya now reacts to the Guard Room signal
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Heroes no longer think that they can use the player's portal spell
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

The updating evil has released yet another patch for Dungeons 3.

  • [Mac] Fix freeze during load on NVidia cards
  • "The End of Yaina Overproud": Fix subtitle typo
  • "The Ashspring Swamplands": Fixed achievement "Braiiiiins!" not being awarded in some cases
  • "Baptism of Fire": Balancing change, level should now be easier (especially on normal difficulty)
Dungeons 3 - Unerde

The updating evil has released another patch for Dungeons 3. :snot:

Find the full Changelog below:
  • Fixed ice slowdown to be actually capped at about 20%
  • Added Steam users tbd, YouTube.GTuxTV, Vega, Tannhauser, Naamarulla,
    Ydyp, Kando, Shazai to Special Thanks section in credits for their helpful forum communication and bug reports!
  • Fixed some spells and certain traps killing units instead of knocking them unconscious
  • Fixed traps not being rebuilt automatically in some cases
  • Fixed pre-built rooms sometimes showing 'room is too small'
  • Show visual effect when a snot teleports
  • 'Ups and Downs': achievement/trophy 'Lifeguard' was sometimes awarded even though units were lost to the water
  • 'The End of Burgers' End': stop the Narrator nagging about building a Brewery when it has already been built
  • 'Field of Glory': Fixed asymmetric balancing
  • Fixed missing idle animation in combat for some characters, like Pit Fiend or Succubus
  • Fixed incorrect room capacity in some rare cases
  • Minor fixes to Simplified Chinese localization
  • Fixed some sounds being audible when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed some sound breakdown issues
  • Gamepad: Fixed focus loss in modal dialogs in some cases
  • Windows: Detecting a specific start up crash on some systems and installing a workaround for the next start up
  • Linux: Fixed parts of dungeon not visible on certain systems

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