May 14, 2019
Haven Moon - FRworld
I just made a very little update to Haven Moon (update to v1.3.1).
I fixed a small display bug, and I changed the settings of the rain on the cannon island (improved performance over accuracy).
Thanks for playing Haven Moon!
Haven Moon - FRworld
Hello everyone and Happy new Year!
Due to popular request, I finally added steam achievements to Haven Moon available now in the new v1.3 update.
Haven Moon - FRworld
Hi! A small message just to keep track of changes.
Today, I made some tweaks here and there. Haven Moon is now in v1.2.1 (changed the contact email address and updated to Unity 5.4.6f3).
I also reorganized the depots on Steam. Now each platform (PC, Mac and Linux) have their own depot. This avoids downloading all versions for each installation (the download size is now around 500MB instead of 1.5GB).
Haven Moon - f-r
Hello everyone!
I've just published an update to Haven Moon.
This new version (1.2) adds proper "WASD" navigation control which is now enabled by default. There is a new dropdown menu to select the preferred navigation method).
I also made some tweaks here and there, and made some clues a bit more obvious.
I've also dropped the price. Haven Moon is now priced at 5$.
Jan 4, 2017
Haven Moon - f-r
Just a quick message to wish you a happy new year!
And also to thank you all for your great contributions on Haven Moon's steam page. Your comments and discussions are a delight to read and your contents (walkthroughs, guide, screenshots, etc) are totally awesome!
Thank you so much for your contributions, and all the best for 2017!
Haven Moon - f-r
Hello everyone!
I just discovered a new Myst-Like game also available on steam : Quern.
Every Myst-fan should definitely have a look at this incredible game!
Haven Moon - f-r
Great news everyone! The Haven Moon original soundtrack created by Hollywood composer Leo J. Russlan is now available on most popular online music platforms!
All the music tracks from the game have been enhanced adapted and remastered to make an incredibly beautiful album of pure listening pleasure!

I’m extremely grateful to Leo for the incredible work he did for the game. He is an amazingly talented musician and a tremendous professional. We met for the first time 13 years ago during a recording session for a feature film, lost contact, and after all these years in an incredible set of circumstances that can be called destiny, we combined our artistic visions to bring Haven Moon to life. Leo’s music gave to the game a strong, powerful and beautiful soul making it a real piece of art that I’m really proud of. I can’t thank him enough for his exact understanding of the project and translating my vision to a wonderful music, profound and detailed, giving the right mood and emotion.
His work is a remarquable tribute to Art, an island of beauty and light where I invite your soul to escape.

Haven Moon Soundtrack on iTunes :

Cdbaby :

And Amazon :
Haven Moon - f-r
Hello everyone!
I just uploaded an update to Haven Moon. Here are the changes :

- Loading times are less apparent (actually no loading time in most cases. The loading process now starts in the background).
- Added the possibility to change the displayed language directly in the "esc" menu.
- Improved ocean appearance.
- Improved image appearance.
- The bug breaking de UI when the selected screen resolution didn't match the screen width/height ratio is gone.
- Moved the project to Unity 5.4.

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