Frost - bodsey
Hey folks,

Just a small update to fix some minor issues, do some balancing...

Thanks again to everyone who commented on the forum and helped shape the game!

Frost - bodsey

"Revolution Edition" is the last content update for Frost. As previous ones, it's released for free and includes numerous changes:

  • A new and very personal scenario, "the Author"
  • A new mechanic, based on a new type of Fatigue cards: Terror cards. If you get three of those, you lose!
  • Modifications to existing cards
  • Bug fixes and minor cosmetic changes

This update is going to be the last one, but hopefully it won't be the end for Frost! Stay tuned for coming news about it!

It's been a year since I released the game, and it was quite a journey! Many thanks to everyone who played, enjoyed, commented on and helped in making the game. This project has meant so much to me. With love, Jérôme
Frost - bodsey

"Winds of Change" is out!

It includes:

- A new Scenario
- A new Character, the WindTracer
- New type of meteo Event: Winds
- New cards
- A bunch of small fixes

Hope you'll like it! See you in a couple of months for the FINAL update for Frost: "Revolution Edition"

Love, Jérôme
May 6, 2017
Frost - bodsey
- Fixed an issue with the Guide power
- Fixed an issue with unlocking Endless achievement in Meditation scenario
- Fixed an issue with the zoom feature
- Improved font readability on a couple of texts
- Changed Snow Mouse ability cost
- Reduced some menu items in the main menu
- Improved discard display size
- Fixed an issue with the cannibal food display
Frost - bodsey

Fresh Start & Companions extension is out! Discover the new Pets cards, the new Scenario and the Custom Game mode!

  • Custom Games! Standard and Hard modes have been taken out so you can craft your own set of difficulty settings
  • New Scenario: The Guidance. Gather animal pets and lead them to the Refuge
  • Pets! You can find them as a Resource but they offer valuable options
  • New Survivors portraits
  • New zooming options for people with sight troubles and people with small devices
  • Graphic quality options have been cleaned and set up. "Simplest" setting should work fine on older computers.
  • Cleaner and more beautiful UI VFX
  • Several fix for issues brought up by the community, including Achievements fix

To celebrate, the game will be 25% off for a week! Tell your friends :)

Community Announcements - bodsey

"Beyond the Wall" is out!

This new content update features...
  • The Skeptic Scenario: is the Refuge an illusion? Try to find and climb the Wall, and lead your people beyond it.
  • The Recruiter Scenario: people from beyond the Wall need workforce. Your work is to find some of those primitive survivors to bring them back.
  • "Tactics", a new mechanic that allows you to change the current Event
  • "Teach", this ability will add a random ability to one your Survivor
  • 5 new cards based
  • And a brand new menu, Collection, where you can check the cards you unlocked!

Community Announcements - bodsey
Frostbite & Beliefs is out!

This content update includes:

  • A whole mechanic: Temperature. It affects the size of your hand
  • 2 new characters
  • 2 new Scenarios
  • New Events, Idea cards, and Regions cards

It also includes a bunch of fixes and features coming from the community!

Enjoy! <3


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