Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

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Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

We are thrilled to announce that Blasters of the Universe received a nomination from the Academy of Canadian Screen & Television in the Best Immersive Experience category.

In all Secret Location received 4 nominations, check out all the great nominees here.
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Lots of good fixes that should solve a number of problems that players have been having. Full change log below

Update 1.1.1 Change Log: - Fixing typos in localization - Update to Oculus SDK - Fixes to gun angle adjustment - fixes to heavy gunner missiles not flashing / playing VFX - optimization to hitscan impact effects to improve performance - fixed issue where sometimes game over ticking is stuck on when returning to the armory - fix to issue where sometimes game over doesn't trigger on defeating Boss 3 - added a max timeout to ensure game over ALWAYS appears after the level is complete in case something goes wrong with enemy cleanup - fix to collision issue on Armory targets with Hitscan and Beam projectile - refactored how aim assisted projectiles, like from Reflection Shield / Arc mod, target enemies to ensure a more reliable hit - fix to several high score achievements not being sent to the server - fix to issue with flying enemies animations becoming out of sync with collider - change to make shielded enemies shield invulnerable - added alert to first launch when the player does not have controllers connected - adding a confirmation on skipping the intro - fixes to game-play settings UI causing handedness of controllers to break after opening / closing settings menus - removed all rotation off gun recoils - fix to recoil not playing on Hand Cannon and SMG frames - fix to potential problem where players could break the tutorial flow if they spawn the shield too quickly - fix to an issue where level 4 boss SFX could persist outside of the level (in the armory) - fix to an issue where game timing is sometimes broken - fix to sometimes magazines being invisible if the player triggers the settings menu at a specific moment during game-play - update water mark to 1.1.1
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We're super excited to say that Blasters of the Universe was named one of the best HTC Vive games of 2017 by VR Focus! We couldn't be happier with the response and support from the community we've received over the course of the year.

Read the full article at

We've got big things planned for 2018 and can't wait to share it with everyone.
Nov 7, 2017
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a small update to resolve a few problems that players were reporting.

Change Log: - Fixed issue with reflections in Secret Location Bumper - Fixed audio issue where a number of sound effects failed to play - Fixed a bug where flying enemies were not being hit while using frame specials - Fixed an error in challenge modes - Fixed a missing material error on the Ground Shield.
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation

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Sep 29, 2017
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a minor update to fix a few issues we noticed after the last patch.

Change Log - Fixed issue with leaderboards not loading when switching between Casual and Hell modes - Fixed / Improved 'Frame Special Ready' popup - Fixes / Improvements to support future platforms / HMDs
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We've heard the feedback that players want to be able to block and dodge the jumping crawlers, so we've reworked them to support just that! Block them with your shield or jump out of the way!

Change Log - jumping crawlers are now blockable and dodgeable - fixes to a number of enemy animation bugs - balance pass to challenge modes to make them a little easier - fixed a bug with the static ground shield - Other minor bug fixes here and there through the game
Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
We're super excited to get this new update out and into everyone's hands. By popular demand, we've added difficulty modifiers for those struggling on making progress in the game. You can unlock weapons and levels in any difficulty, so you can get a few unlocks and items to help make progress easier in the hard mode.

We've also improved the reloading detection to resolve a number of problems people were having about getting their magazine into the correct place to trigger the reloading.

Lastly, we've made a number of haptic improvements across the board. You'll get much better haptic feedback now when reloading, blocking, etc.

We've got another update coming very soon that will also greatly improve the charging enemies and make them a little easier for players to deal with.

Blasters of the Universe - SecretLocation
Just a minor bug fix update and some balance adjustments based on player feedback from launch.

Change log: - Fix to some minor game-play bugs in Barrens - Minor difficulty adjustment to game-play in the Barrens - Minor difficulty adjustment to the Boss in the Barrens - Minor bug fixes with some enemy behaviors

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