Minion Masters - LOLPATROL

Minion Masters!

We’re bringing you a few rapid updates these weeks as we iterate on the Battle Pass.
We also fixed some bugs and included some of the balance changes we’ve been looking at.
Our current plan is to do another update in a week, which contains more of the gameplay changes we’ve been working on (but didn’t make it into this update) and additional improvements in all of the game.

As always, plans may change, and we’ll try to keep you updated with the timer in-game :)

  • Scott, The Sensitive Savage
    • Health up from 550 to 600
    --- Developer comments ---
    Scott’s been getting multiple buffs over time, and while we’re seeing him become more and more viable, he’s not quite where we want him - impactful and hilarious to both players in the match.
    Today will just be a slight change to his staying power, but it’s only half of the stuff we’re working on with him, so we’re ready to give him another bump depending on how this performs.

  • Infiltration
    • Unit count up from 3 to 4
    --- Developer comments ---
    When Shars’Rakk Twins came out people looked to the 5-mana Spells, and immediately concluded only two were of any use - Dragon Ball and Magma Storm.
    This made us sad :(
    Infiltration has been in our sights for a while though, and after considering different perspectives we arrived at a higher count partly because of the simplicity.

  • AtG Drone x8
    • Health up from 200 to 250
    --- Developer comments ---
    The AtG received an experimental change recently, with the targeting. Regardless of how that pans out, we’re confident it was lacking staying power, now serving as a rather tanky flying Minion in your repertoire.

    • Added the Battle Chests to the Battle Pass view for an easy overview of how many Battle Chests are currently active
    • Added a countdown for the next Battle Chest
    • Added Season Tokens as a reward to Expeditions instead of Power Tokens
    • Added a stat for the jump range to the Incubus and Succubus card preview
    • Limited particles spawning when objects disappear for optimization purposes

    • Fixed a bug with Dragon Ball being able to spawn a Dragon Whelp behind Master towers - thanks Memfisto & Inojin
    • Fixed a bug where a shield applied to Styxi was visible, while Styxi was invisible - thanks Memfisto
    • Fixed a bug with Gor’Rakk Brutes, where Rammer wasn’t shown in hover mode - thanks Memfisto
    • Fixed an issue with the skin preview mode from Battle Pass - thanks SMNCUB
    • Fixed a bug where Glory didn’t update correctly (only visually) after promoting cards - thanks Zgriptor
    • Fixed a bug where tier 70 of the Battle Pass was unclaimable - thanks 肋排杀手
    • Fixed a bug with dragging cards of your teammate in team battle would leave the card slot blank - thanks Beancake12
    • Fixed a bug where the replay function from the match result screen stopped Glory from being added - thanks HedonicBro
    • Fixed a bug where clicking on other peoples decks in the in-game chat would show white cards - thanks ZaXaZ & 9ameplay
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the hover animation of your teammate’s cards wasn’t shown in team battles - thanks katten
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes HP bars of units where outside of the screen when played on the top border of the arena - thanks Memfisto, Khazlariko & Beancake12
    • Fixed typos in the Lightbringer description
    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t join matches in time
    • Fixed an issue where replays couldn’t be started in the middle of the aftermatch Battle Pass animation
    • Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading times on match found
    • Fixed an issue where purchasing a Battle Pass tier would cause disconnections
    • Fixed an issue where Season Bonus Glory rewards from the Battle Pass were heavily delayed
    • Fixed an issue where the Expedition battle icon didn’t switch back to the normal mouse cursor
    • Fixed an issue where the match result screen could cause being stuck after receiving the Battle Pass XP
    • Fixed Emotes being wrongly called Emojis in rewards
    • Fixed synchronisation issues with the Battle Pass
    • Fixed an issue where the Draft deck wasn’t shown correctly when queueing for Expedition matches

    Cheers from Betadwarf
Minion Masters - LOLPATROL
Update 68 - Glory, Battle Pass and Demons

Minion Masters!

The long-awaited Glorious Battle Pass is here!
This feature has been in the works for quite some time, and we’re excited to present it to you.
There’s still plenty of stuff to improve on it, but we wanted to get feedback and try it out as early as possible.

With it, we release 8 new cards you can find in the Season Tokens.

As a quick note: we have to cancel our planned Dwarf stream today. We’ll see you all next Tuesday, June 19th at 20:00 UTC!

But now, let's jump right in:

Battle Pass

Level up your Battle Pass! - Unlock Awesome loot!

As you play Minion Masters you’ll level up your Battle Pass, unlocking extra loot worth more than 20,000 Rubies!

How does it work?
There are two types of Pass: Free Pass & Battle Pass.

Everyone can level up the Free Pass and get the rewards from it. If you want the insane value from the Battle Pass, you can spend 1500 Rubies or $9.99 to get instant rewards and unlock its full potential.

There are 70 tiers of rewards that you can reach by playing with the Battle Pass. The way you unlock new tiers is by playing the game and winning! If you own the Battle Pass you also get the Free Pass rewards.

The Battle Pass season is around 2 months and should you reach the end, you can actually go beyond tier 70 and keep receiving Season Token rewards until the end of the season.

There are also ways to speed up the Battle Pass leveling if you want it all faster. You can buy tiers for 250 Rubies each or increase your deck Glory by promoting Cards.

What can be found in the Battle Pass?
  • Season Tokens (contain only the latest cards!)
  • NEW Skins
  • NEW Emotes
  • Profile XP
  • Rubies
  • Gold
  • and more!

What if I buy the Battle Pass after I already unlocked multiple free tiers?
As soon as you buy the Battle Pass you will receive all the rewards up to the tiers you’ve already unlocked by playing with the Free Pass, retroactively.

Do I keep my rewards?
Yes! You keep cosmetics, currency, cards and glory you unlock during the season.

Exclusive rewards you missed may appear in limited shop offers at a later date.

Card Glory
We are changing the way having duplicate cards work. From now on, you only have one card and that card can get increased Glory. You increase your Glory by promoting your cards or getting a duplicate card. The amount of glory gained depends on rarity and stays on the card forever.
E.g: You have a Swarmers card with 6 glory, then you receive one more Swarmers and now that card has 8 glory. Because common cards give 2 glory for each new card you get.

  • Cards have a base Glory depending on rarity. Getting a duplicate card will Promote that cards Glory
  • Glory does not increase the power of the cards
  • Promoted cards gain new Card Frames and special play VFX
  • The more total Glory your deck has, the more Battle Pass XP you earn for winning matches
  • Promote specific cards by spending shards
  • Power Tokens now give rarity dependent shard bonus every time you spin
  • No more salvaging cards. Your collection will only expand
  • A Battle Chest is available every day. Fill it with Glory and unlock it by winning 3 matches. You can stack up to 3 Battle Chests, similar to Daily Quests.
  • The match summary screen has been updated to accommodate all these glorious changes
  • Deckbuilding has been updated to show your Glory, mouseover your total glory for a breakdown
  • Wild Cards will work similar as before. Getting two Swarmers will increase the Glory and enable one Wild Card for that card. Getting three will enable both Wild Cards.
  • The Regular rarity cards have become normal rarities with this update.

Season of the Demon
  • This content season will last for 2 months
  • 8 new cards have been released! These are:
    • Ravenous Swarmers - 2 mana Common Minion
    • Brutish Betrayer - 3 mana Rare Minion
    • Netherstep - 3 mana Legendary Spell
    • Gor’Rakk Sacrifice - 4 mana Rare Spell
    • Dragon Ball - 5 mana Common Spell
    • Shars'Rakk Twins - 7 mana Supreme Minion
    • Commander Azali - 8 mana Legendary Minion
    • Gor’Rakk Brutes - 8 mana Supreme Minion
  • The new cards are available in Season Tokens found in the Battle Pass (see above)
  • They can also be Recruited for 3x the normal shard value of other cards
  • After 2 months, the cards will be part of the normal set and appear in normal Power Tokens

  • Damage projection now has an added element of timing. Minions will take into account whether their own hit could arrive before another source of damage, and try to finish off the opponent faster even if it means wasting a little damage.
  • Card cost effects now trigger on the current card cost rather than original cost. Examples of changes: Using Future Present with King Puff, if you got a Succubus before (3-cost), it would trigger with his Perk 2 buffs. Now, it will not. Conversely, getting a Blue Golem from Future Present will now trigger (5-cost), as opposed to before.

  • Updated Level rewards to fit with the new glory system, granting more cards at certain levels.
  • Fixed a lot of loading setup, this should improve lag when spawning minions substantially.
  • There is now a new and even bigger pack of Rubies available in the shop now.
  • The Streamer button is no longer clickable when there is no featured streamer.
  • Updated formatting in opponent view of Match summary - thanks Owo
  • Updated notifications for Expeditions and Spins in the menu bar to be less invasive.
  • Improved loading during matches to load arenas over time.
  • Currency increases now visually happen after receiving the rewards - thanks Vango
  • Removed the Read More functionality in card texts and sized down card descriptions to fit by default.
  • Succubus and Incubus descriptions updated to say “teleport” and be clearer.

  • Fixed a bug where King Puff and Rampage would cause visual issues - thanks Galactic Grass!
  • Fixed a bug where Scott was moonwalking - thanks Edelweiss!
  • Fixed lag issues that would appear especially for the first match - James Bondfire!
  • Fixed a bug where Stormbringer’s attacks were considered a ranged minion’s in Expedition mode - thanks Shadyken!
  • Fixed a bug where spectator UI was missing - thanks Vango!
  • Fixed a bug where Assassin was not cloaked but still invisible to minions and masters - thanks Vango!
  • Fixed a bug where a resurrected Assassin from a tombstone would be completely invisible - thanks Vango!
  • Fixed a bug where hovering on the tower wouldn’t highlight it when Settsu was away - thanks Khazlariko!
  • Fixed an inconsistency in visuals where cards could appear with the wrong gem colors when watching the Collection - thanks StevenEven!
  • Fixed a bug where you could complete quests involving playing only low level cards even when playing high level cards - thanks StevenEven!
  • Fixed a bug where match results would give an error for no reason - thanks Zgriptor!
  • Fixed a bug where the Rampage effects would be invisible or act weird- thanks Zgriptor and Wesam Adel!
  • Fixed a bug where card UI and master were appearing twice on screen in spectator mode - thanks Terra Reveene!
  • Fixed a bug that made Combustion not work properly on enemy towers - thanks Greywolf and Dipshit!
  • Fixed a bug where going back 10s during Replays could cause the game to think it’s back at the start - thanks FFA!
  • Fixed a bug where the minions were not making the correct sounds when summoned.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting cards in Draft made a weird illustration appear.
  • Fixed a bug that would make minions’ and spells’ textures and mana costs disappear when not unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug that would make controller LB and RB buttons not work for switching pages in menus.
  • Fixed a bug where Volco’s visual effects when hitting a minion would not show.
  • Fixed a bug where some tooltips (when hovering menu buttons) such as chat and mute would appear misplaced on the screen.
  • Fixed missing effects in “The Ugly” graphics mode, such as highlighting on enemy units.
  • Fixed a bug where match summary bars after a match wouldn’t display numbers inside showing you how far you are from next level/rank.
  • Fixed a bug where the roads of certain arenas were not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leaderboard would not show Masters for decks.
  • Fixed a weird purple thing on the Scrat Arena - Thanks FFA!
Cheers from Betadwarf

Hotfix for update 67, v67.33

Hello all!

We’ve had a lot of reports since the release of update 67, and with your help have found issues that we wanted to correct immediately.
The hotfix this morning brings a few changes

  • If you fail to connect to a game, you no longer get a defeat and lose points
  • The timeout length for connecting to a game was increased to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed some issues where the game failed to connect to a match if it dropped certain packages.
  • Increased the connection attempts when starting a match.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain situations, failing to connect would not cause it to not try again
  • Added increased logging for clients for more information
  • Added the capability to update some game server code without bringing the server down.

Thank you again for all the reports, we’d still love more information about issues you experience after this hotfix.
Minion Masters - UncleOwnage

Minion Masters!

Remember when we did small patches? When we could fit the notes on a single page?
We remember, but we wouldn’t ever want to go back!
This week we’ve got a complete game server rework for you, tons of improvements and rework behind the scenes to streamline the code base and prepare for other platforms, and balance!

Note the game server will be rough around the edges, and we’ll need your help to polish it up. More details below.

Finally, today was the end of the Tri-Team Tourney 2018, bringing us the victors of House Valor!
Standing well above the other houses, Valor proves without a doubt that whether faced with hordes of scrats or otherworldly technology, courage will prevail!

We asked Volco how it felt to be a second time winner of the tourney, and he said: “I AM THE EARTHQUAKE!!!”.
You can take that as you will.

Tri-Team Tourney 2018 ends!
  • House Valor wins!
  • Stormbringer, Mordar and Volco proceed to the Best of House Valor tournament happening at a later time.
  • Each Master brings a card idea to the Best of tournament, and compete to bring it into the game. The details of the cards will be revealed as we get closer.
  • Stormbringer is ready to reveal his contestant - an old friend of his wants to bring a little more shock and awe to the audience, like they did back in FORCED SHOWDOWN! You guessed it, iiiiiiit’s Stormy!
  • What will Stormy’s powers be, and will he even make it through the tournament? Don’t miss it!

Game server rework
We’ve reworked the code that handles game connections and matches, making our own instead of using licensed software. In short we did it for
  • More control of connections
  • Optimization towards Minion Masters - a specialized solution will always beat a general one
  • Increased security
  • A number of requirements for other platforms
  • Better handling of latency and dropped packages, especially for connections over long distances.
  • We’re really excited to roll this out, and even thought this version is very rough and will likely have some issues, we’d rather get to iterating as quickly as possible. Especially given the feedback about connections issues in the most recent months.
  • We will need your help in polishing this up, so send us feedback on the Steam forums, Reddit or Discord including all the information you can.

  • AtG Drone x8 now moves within 4 range before beginning its attack
    --- Developer comments ---
    We received a lot of feedback that the AtG could use some love, and part of it suggested making it move closer to enemies before attack, like the Whirly.
    This change will make it more effective at dealing with swarms of units placed to defend against it, since it will hit more things per volley.
    However, it also means it will be slightly worse at dealing with singular enemies, as it will not attack as efficiently.
    The change aims mostly to make the card feel better, something we’d love your feedback on.
    We’ll still keep an eye on it, since it’s quite possible we need to make further changes to it.

  • Milloween’s Arcane Golem:
    • Health gained per spell level increased from 30 to 40.
    • Damage gained per spell level increased from 5 to 6.
    --- Developer comments ---
    While Milloween has shown some promise recently, especially in tournaments, she is still not considered as good as we’d like by the community.
    One of the things her rework brought some time ago was a reduced reliance on Spells, but it’s quite possibly it went a little overboard. We’d still like Milloween to be a Spell Master, so we’re looking into making changes that emphasize her synergy with them, such as improving the Arcane golem more if you play them.

  • Ground targeting units will now stop their attack if a target dies during their animation. This affects Volco, the Fire Imp and Grenadier.
  • The grace area around buildings in which other buildings cannot be placed has been modified. It now scales with both buildings’ radii, and is generally smaller, allowing for placing buildings closer to each other.
  • Cannon Roller - Attack speed from 2.2 to 2.0 (DPS 54 to 60)
  • Armored Scrats - Attack speed from 1.2 to 1.0 (DPS 16 to 20)
  • Grenadier Health - up from 75 to 85
  • Wizard Puff - Damage up from 50 to 60
  • Ratbo’s More Dakka! Spell - Damage to Masters increased from 20% to 33%
  • Wall radius increased from 1750 to 2000 to match visuals
  • Tombstone radius decreased from 2375 to 1750 to match visuals.

  • Reworked the code behind the lobbies, mostly relating to creating, joining and leaving lobbies. This is preparation for cross-platform lobbies and other improvements.
  • Players now have to manually ready up in lobbies before the host can begin searching or start the game.
  • Merged a number of larger backend changes into current development including how we handle assets.This affects a lot of loading, and will be an ongoing project to make things better. In general it has improved load times into matches and reduced RAM usage of the game, but starting the game takes a little longer and other cases may occur where optimization is necessary. Do give us feedback!
  • Moved streamer highlight to the upper left corner to avoid overlapping with chat while it’s not maximized.
  • Streamer highlight button rolled into bottom bar.
  • Optimized spectators in stands during gameplay.
  • The Emote menu now opens on mouse-over like it used to
  • You can now see your rank points in a league by mousing over your rank in the main menu.
  • Made some small optimization improvements to main menu rewards and scaling.

  • Fixed some warning messages displaying cut off text - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Fixed a spelling error in the Drone Arena description - Thanks That Sprite
  • Fixed a bug where certain expedition objectives would not appear in the match - Thanks Grey Wolf and FFA
  • Fixed a bug where “New skin” notifications would appear in the main menu when you won a match - thnaks Markljunggren
  • Fixed Flightless Dragons’ illustration becoming low res in certain situations.
  • Disabled friend lobby during intro flow.
  • Fixed a minor skinning issue on the Living Statue.
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Stealer would retarget for no reason - Thanks BOB
  • Fixed an issue where Stun Lancers would retarget when they shouldn’t - Thanks [TC]Čiαиєz
  • Fixed the Troubadour still using taunt while stunned - thanks FFA & Memfisto
  • Fixed Expedition objective: Give 3 or more minions increased life not working - Thanks Renoku
  • Healing shrine no longer counts for Expedition objective: Give 3 or more minions increased life - thanks FFA
  • Fixed a bug where the New Expedition notification would not display in main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Musketeer would not play his walk animation while moving - Thanks StevenEven and GrafSchnecke
  • Fixed a bug where the Scrat Tank would close up visually between every attack.
  • Fxied a bug where Spear Throwers would maintain Marksmanship after becoming melee - Thanks Sprite Fights #1
  • Fixed some issues with deckbuilding page selectors showing as selected when they shouldn’t - thanks StevenEven
  • Fixed a bug where increased range on Minion was not displayed during placement preview - thanks Memfisto.
  • Fixed an issue where Last Stand would not use sticky placement properly.
  • Fixed the Spirit Vessel playing it’s attack animation and then freezing during preview.
  • Removed the “disable emojis” point in settings - it had no code hooked up to it, was never made and a bug that it appeared.
  • Fixed regular cards displaying the wrong rarity on loading screens and in draft - Thanks StevenEven and BOB
  • Fixed an issue where windows with options such as clicking someone’s name would stay when you changed scenes, like entering a match - Thanks FFA.
  • Fixed the link on the King Puff Invitational 2 skin not working - Thanks FFA and Hotair10
  • Fixed a bug where Morgrul could be killed by Musketeer even when protected by a Guardian - Thanks SMNCUB and NuclearGoo
  • Fixed an issue where the chat would disappear in a match - thanks That Sprite
  • Swarmer Totem now properly displays production time as 6.6 (it was wrongly displaying 7.5 before)
  • Fixed a bug where Incubus would not jump to the same enemy twice in a row - Thanks Khazlariko

Wow, that’s a lot of reports FFA, thank you!
Cheers from Betadwarf
Minion Masters - UncleOwnage

Minion Masters!

Today is a big update. We’re bringing two major visual overhauls to the game, and a new event leading up to a decision on which card to include in the game. Your decision on which card will make it into the game!

Besides all these things we’re looking forward to some major features and improvements in the next updates, so stay tuned!

Tri-Team Tourney 2018!
  • The Tri-Team Tourney returns a year after its first run.
  • Each Master has joined one of three houses - Valor, Triumph or Glory
  • During the event you can unlock keys by winning online matches or by getting codes from watching streamers.
  • Streamers have a higher chance of getting keys, and their keys are shareable with viewers. There is no Watch & Win during this event.
  • You unlock keys for the House your Master is in, each key grants a small reward.
  • When you’ve collected all 15 keys for a House, you can claim the final reward chest for that House - this will give your vote in the tournament to the House.
  • You can still collect keys for the other Houses, but you cannot claim the chest again, nor vote for them.
  • The winning House proceeds to the upcoming “Best of” event, where each Master competes to get their card included in the game.
  • The rewards are the same when claiming the chest, no matter the circumstances.
  • After a week, a bar will appear showing the standing of each team in the tournament.
  • The weekly Master rotations have been evenly distributed between the Houses so you always have access to at least one Master in each House.
  • The event ends in 2 weeks.

UI visual overhaul
  • Thank you all for the feedback from the Blog posts. Your initial reactions helped us make more improvements before releasing the new UI look.
  • The UI has received a visual overhaul from a sci-fi look to a fantasy look.
  • This is part of an initiative to make Minion Masters feel more cohesive, both visually and lore-wise.
  • This is all done in service to new players, from whom we received the feedback that the world was rather confusing with its mix of different settings.
  • Some elements of the main menu have been moved around to collect connected elements, such as social (leaderboards, friends etc) and progression (ranks, levels, resources).
  • Cards now have their rarity shown with a Rarity gem in the corner, and the amount of cards in your collection now shows with icons above them, where the Wild cards will also show when used.
  • Card previews have been condensed, with tooltips for icons appearing on hover, rather than always.
  • More improvements will be made as we continue, so we’d love your feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Drone Minions visual overhaul
  • The Drone cards now have a blue theme to their emissions and visual FX
  • Drones have received a more worn down look to root them in the world of Minion Masters.
  • Another part of the initiative to make Minion Masters more cohesive, making the Drones feel like they belong, and replacing some of them, is a process that will continue from here.
  • Watch out for an upcoming replacement of the Drone Force One model!

  • Replaced some sci-fi elements of the tutorial with fantasy
  • Improved a number of texture sizes
  • Replaced the Master Tower with an upgraded and more fantasy-like building
  • Reduced the volume of the confetti sound in tutorial intro
  • Replaced the Stun Lancers’ ragdolls to make it look more like a death.
  • Added a personalized welcome back in News.
  • Milloween’s Perk 3 text clarified to: The minimum level of Arcane Golem is now 5.
  • Visually increased the size of Beam of Doom, to make it clearer when it hits things.
  • It’s now possible to use controller bumper buttons to change pages for e.g. decks, collection, leaderboards and more.
  • Removed a number of obsolete animations to optimize loading times for many Minions.
  • Units now only count half their radius for how close to the border they can be placed, as opposed to their full radius. Spells that spawn Minions have received an individual size buffer for how close they can be played.
    This change should make it possible to tuck Minions and Buildings behind the Master Tower again - an experimental change spurred by a fix to a bug that we ultimately decided reduced the amount of possible player choices too much.

  • Fixed an issue with Settsu’s skins scaling wrongly
  • Fixed an issue with overly aggressive bloom in the Cursed Valley Expedition
  • Fixed a bug where draft selection could break and cause you to lose from unowned cards - Thanks StevenEven
  • Fixed a bug where Incubus would hit targets behind him
  • Fixed a bug where A.I.M. Bot would appear from a Blind Date spell and not get Marksmanship - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Fixed the Play button not updating when you opened and closed settings menu - Thanks wtfblub
  • Fixed a visual issue where Succubus’ Marksmanship icon would appear in her new position before her.
  • Fixed a bug where you could end up in a limbo state when getting Team Battle Matches, which caused you to get disconnected and try to connect to other matches. Thanks Videogamer7777777_91, Memfisto, DiMonti and others!
  • Fixed a bug where you could select the same card in draft multiple times and get out of sync with the actual draft - Thanks everyone for the reports!
  • Fixed a bug where Styxi would not be revealed when attacked - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Fixed an issue where Settsu would not target the closest enemy upon returning to the Tower - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Fixed Team Battle Solo queue not working from expeditions - thnaks FFA
  • Fixed a bug where you could get new quests for the last few days despite having a full quest log and finishing them - Thanks GreyWolf, StevenEven and Rabbit
  • Fixed an issue where Last Stand Minions would not spawn using sticky placement - they now spawn within the borders of the play area.
  • Fixed some issues with Watch & Win events not triggering properly.
Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - UncleOwnage

Minion Masters!

King Puff Cup this Saturday was amazing! If you were unable to make it to the live stream in time, had to go early or tuned in late, you should definitely check out the VOD

This week brings the last part of the Draft madness, this time with a guaranteed Legendary Card at 12 wins!

We’ve also got some interesting balance changes for you all this week :)

Legendary Draft event
  • For one week, you can gain extra one-time rewards when reaching a certain number of wins in Draft.
  • 3 wins - 750 Gold
  • 6 wins - 100 Shards
  • 9 wins - 100 Rubies
  • 12 wins - Random Legendary card
  • You can only claim these rewards once
  • No special rules for card choices.

A.I.M. Bot available!
  • The A.I.M Bot is now available outside of Draft through spins and crafting.
  • 5 Mana, Rare.
  • The A.I.M. Bot is a Drone Walker that comes with an Automated Intelligent Murder system pre-loaded to gain Marksmanship!

  • Black hole - Mana cost 3 to 2, Duration down 7 to 6
    --- Developer comments ---
    Black hole took too much of a backseat when it was changed last time. The high mana cost made it clunky, and with the Beam of Doom changes the use of it changed as well. It’s a fun and spectacular card at high levels of play, and we would like to see it used more.

  • Combustion - Damage up from 100 to 150
    --- Developer comments ---
    Combustion feedback before its’ release saw it too powerful in many cases, but it was perhaps scaled back a little too much.
    We decided to increase the damage because we wanted to maintain the card as a high skill card that could provide a great reward. This change also emphasizes the sacrifice aspect of it.

  • Snake Druid - Damage from 20 to 25, Attack delay 500 to 400
    --- Developer comments ---
    The Attack delay specifically targets Snake Druids interaction with Minions that have 5 speed and 6 range like the Succubus. He should now be able to keep them at bay, thus providing more utility. The damage increase helps him be viable in more situations, too.

  • Crossbow Dudes - Attack cooldown from 1.6 to 1.5 sec. Also affects Shielded Crossbow Dudes, Raging Reinforcements and Crossbow Guild.
  • Troubadour - Damage from 250 to 300 (dps 50 to 60)
  • Whirly Scrat - Health 360 to 390, Damage 50 to 55
  • Musketeer - Damage from 60 to 65

  • We’ve made some further improvements to matchmaking, specifically to reduce the cases where players encounter people far away in rank.
Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - x8

Minion Masters!

Another week, another great tournament. The Jarvo Invitational happened Saturday and saw the return of RushSecond in great form since the previous tournament.
We’re really looking forward to the King Puff Cup this coming Saturday!

As promised, this week brings another new card.
The Draft madness continues as you can gain gold, a spin token and the new Rare; A.I.M. Bot!

Mini-draft event
  • For one week, you can gain extra one-time rewards when reaching a certain number of wins in Draft.
  • 3 wins - 500 gold
  • 6 wins - NEW card, A.I.M. Bot (only available through draft)
    • The A.I.M. Bot is a Drone Walker that comes with an Automated Intelligent Murder system pre-loaded to gain Marksmanship!
  • You can only claim these rewards once
  • No special rules for card choices.
  • A.I.M. Bot will be spinnable and craftable after this week.

Sniper Squad available
  • The Sniper Squad is now available outside of Draft, in spins and crafting.
  • 5 Mana, Common.
  • Spawns 2 Sniper Scrats - 50 health, 100 damage, 4 Attack Speed, 16 range.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you had to click replays multiple times before they would start.
  • Fixed the player names being white in match UI - Thanks owo
  • Fixed a bug where Milloween’s skin was receiving too little light.
  • Fixed a bug where Lost Legionnaires, Gambler’s Ball and Combustion appeared in spins with the wrong rarity.
Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - UncleOwnage

Minion Masters!

Did you watch the King Puff Cup in the weekend? We did, and it was great to see a new season of competitive Minion Masters get kicked off with exciting games!

This week we’re doing a smaller version of the March Draft event with a new card included as a prize. Next week will also see the introduction of a card, and you can watch our blog posts for teasers!

Mini-draft event
  • For one week, you can gain extra one-time rewards when reaching a certain number of wins in Draft.
  • 2 wins - NEW card, Sniper Squad (only available through draft)
  • 5 wins - 60 rubies
  • You can only claim these rewards once
  • No special rules for card choices.
  • Sniper Squad will be spinnable and craftable after this week.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue when inspecting opponent cards in tutorial where the ‘Master’ would face the wrong way
  • Fixed an issue with the Fire Imps glow animation being too emissive
  • Fixed a bug where Stun VFX would not show on Stormbringer
  • Fixed an issue where estimated wait time when matchmaking because massively negative - Thanks Truteo and Vango

  • Increased the threshold for when players can rematch against the same player.
  • Ratbo voice volume in tutorial reduced a bit.
  • Changed all instances of “Spawn” to “Summon”
  • Clarified Stormbringer’s Perk 2 to explain units get the buff when summoned.
  • Clarified the message that appears when server is going down.
  • Settsu’s Blast Entry now has an eligible area indicator.
  • Cleaned up some VFX when claiming Might towers
  • Reduced volume on SFX when Scrat Tank gets hit.
  • Claiming quests on the News screen now shows the gold claimed as a number rather than flying to the (hidden) tray.
Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - x8

Explore the lands where the dead rule! Explore the Deadwoods in this new exciting adventure in Expeditions! Fight some grim new bosses and kill the dead in order to bring peace to the last remaining survivors in these lands.

The Draft Event is now over and it is now possible to craft the card Incubus.

  • Bounty Sniper’s XP bounty has increased from 1 to 2.
  • Tranquil Shi-Hou’s Health has been increased from 350 to 420.
  • Stun Lancers’ Damage is increased from 15 to 20

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Fire Imp throwing fire at nothing - Thanks Excaliber80
  • Fixed Scott stuck after crying - Thanks marie
  • Fixed an Assassin bug, where he didn’t spawn - Thanks catsie36
  • Fixed Settsu’s Ammo UI toggling the white mark arrow - Thanks SMNCUB
  • Removed the unneeded space in the Bridge Shrine description text - Thanks Steven
  • Morgrul’s Roar is no longer prevented by stun.
  • Settsu’s high powered laser angles correctly now visually - Thanks Zgriptor
  • Fixed a case where the decks were bugged - Thanks ☢.MG.☢
  • Fixed the rarity text of hero skins in the hero selection screen to display at the right times.
  • Settsu piercing shot does not hit AoE properly - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Reintroduce Steam group again!
  • Fixed being stuck after a user did his Daily spin - Thanks Commander Tom
  • Fixed Assassin losing stealth after being Spirit infused and then not going stealth again - Thanks Grey Wolf
  • Fixed Assassin comes out of walking blind date unstealthed - Thanks zgriptor
  • Fixed Lenny face not showing in chat - Thanks SMNCUB ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Fixed a Scrat Tank animation issue, when being spawned in battle.
  • Now able to see the Leaderboards for past seasons - Thanks Edelweiss
  • Fixed an issue where Scott attacked despite being dead.
  • Fixed an animation case of the card popping back and forth - Thanks Vango
  • Curse Bearer is now highlighted when target by spells - Thanks Khazlariko
  • Fixed some cases of the Chinese translation not showing.
  • Settsu’s jump audio volume has been reduced a bit - Thanks owo

  • Small sound and visual improvements to the Watch And Win.
  • Now possible to copy-paste Watch and Win keys.
  • New graphical solution for Bridge Shrine on low quality settings.
  • Improved Scott and Cleaver’s ragdoll to avoid crazy flying behaviour.
  • Divine Warrior now use the right walk animation.
  • Stats in card inspection has been rearranged in a new and better order.
Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - oxonium

Minion Masters!

Draft Event and NEW CARD - Incubus

  • In this event you will get a chance to play with the new Incubus card in draft mode!
  • There will be an increased chance of the Incubus appearing during card selection.
  • If you manage to get 12 wins you will be permanently rewarded with the Incubus card and the ability to craft it before the card is fully released!
  • Additional one-time rewards are available at 3, 6 and 9 wins as well.
  • The event will run from March 14th to 28th. When the event is done Incubus will be fully released in the normal fashion.
  • Everyone will receive 1 free draft ticket so you can try the event.
  • The Incubus is the community card event winner - a 5 mana Minion that jumps to any ranged enemy who hits him. He also deals damage in a small area with his fiery sword!

Intro quests
Intro quests have been added to guide new players through the early parts of the game. More will be added over time!

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed 2vs2 leaderboard display bug.
  • Fixed Daily Quest "Power Hungry" bug.
  • Shields now work correctly on Morgrul The Swarmer King.
  • Combustion now properly deals damage to flying units - thank you GreyWolf!
  • Milloween no longer turns pink when she dies - thank you Memfisto!
  • Succubus now gets properly marked with the new indicators. - thank you markljunggren!
  • Fixed an issue with prowler jump and brutus attack cancelling each other multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the Prowler's animation didn't play properly- thank you SMNCUB!
  • Fixed an issue where the Spiritmancer will stop targeting units that are about to die which prevents him from giving hp to allies. - thank you ThatSprite!
  • Fixed issues with Musketeer riposte ability and animation.
  • You can no longer spawn cannon roller outside of the arena - thank you Omicron666!
  • Combustion 'buff' is now correctly applied when minions are no longer hypnotized - thank you FFA!
  • Fixed an issue where ranged units would have issues aggroing correctly - thank you Steven!
  • Fixed a visual bug with divine shield.
  • Fixed the expedition map.
  • Healing shrine will properly show range in preview.
  • Fixed a missing image for expedition boss.
  • Fixed that Ratbo’s name would appear in a expedition boss’s tool tip. - thank you FFA.
  • Fixed an issue where reward icons for quest and achievements were gone,

  • Succubus Projectile Effect - Visual change.
  • Fixed lighting issue that would cause dark metals when shadows are off.
  • The great Memfisto now has a special chat color for winning the King Puff Invitational. YAY!!
  • Added a higher chance of daylight skyboxes
  • Added 2 snow skyboxes
  • Placed the friends list above notification popups.
  • Small rework on replay buttons
  • Matchmaking code refactored. A number of back-end changes to the matchmaking code have prepared for improvements in the future and made the process more secure. We’ve also changed a few variables to make it wait longer before matching people very far from each other in rank.

Cheers from Betadwarf!
Minion Masters - UncleOwnage

Minion Masters!

With Update 60 we've introduced a number of visual changes to the game so everything looks a lot better!

The biggest difference you'll notice is that everything is bigger.
This makes the game a lot more readable, showing characters clearly and getting you closer to the action.
At the same time we saw an opportunity to improve on a few gameplay things we wanted to solve both through wide changes, but also with some balance.
You’ll find a detailed list of changes and reasons below, but we quickly wanted to mention some other exciting stuff.

The KPI happened saturday with great games and exciting announcements!
If you haven’t watched it, go check out the Group Stage & Final Stage.

You’ll even see the Minion Masters Card Design Contest winner Incubus showcased during the show.
Also announced was the fact that the winner of the KPI gets his name on a special King Puff Invitational 2 skin, immortalized in the game for all eternity.

NOTE: We have reverted all quality settings for this patch because a lot of things have changed. Please set up your settings again

Now on to the changes of the patch that we all know you’re waiting for!

Visual Overhaul
  • Assets scaled up
    • All characters are bigger, but so are the individual environment pieces.

    • Better readability - you can get closer to the action, seeing things more clearly both for existing and new players. It also helps when people are watching streams and tournaments, catching the eye more easily and showing new potential players the appeal of Minion Masters.

    • Collision radius increased
      Increasing radius was a clear requirement with bigger Minions to avoid clipping and too much, well, cluster-muck. This has had a slight effect on Minions as their range and aggro is based on radius. In most cases it will mean they’ll notice each other slightly earlier. While this means existing players have to relearn a few of the finer placements, it will help moving forwards by focusing the gameplay more on Minion interactions.
      A common strategy was to play very cheap Minions to take the bridges by placing them behind the opponent, especially through splitting units that could take both bridges.
      While the idea of maintaining bridge control as a strategy is not problematic, the idea of putting down Minions that are as cheap as possible is counter to the intention of Minion Masters.
      A Scrat or an Illusory Cleaver is not an especially exciting challenge for the opponent, so in many cases playing against a cycle deck was a chore of having to take back the bridges with a much large mana investment. With plenty of time and space to handle it, the opponent could often place something behind your Minion to take the bridge and then answer your Minion easily, leaving you with the chore again. (This idea of time and dead space is further discussed below).
      The specific thing radius has solved is that it makes it harder to play things behind an opponent, often requiring specific cards to solve that problem. It’s no longer possible to place a splitting unit if you’re under attack from ranged units, as your units will have to fight before they take the bridges. It’s still possible to place small units in the far corner of your arena to grab a bridge.
      We had this dynamic before, but it only happened at longer ranges. Now the threshold has been lowered, and it allows us to play with more ranged units as board control units, especially when you bring in a buff such as Marksmanship, where they will be placed far enough back that the opponent cannot grab the bridge except with a dedicated card such as Bridge Buddies or a group drop.

  • Reduced noise of environments to help Minions stand out more. This makes the game clearer and allows the eye to focus on gameplay elements.
  • Added fog, depth of field and other VFX changes to help bring different environments together in a cohesive look.

  • Minion speed increased
    • We increased the movement speed of everything for a number of reasons. While it helps the look of the bigger Minions overall, it also allowed us to solve a few gameplay issues we’ve wanted to look at for a while.

    • Less dead space
      There was a lot of waiting in Minion Masters when an enemy push was coming, especially for big units. In many cases, this led to new players throwing plenty of units into a push with no success, especially in healing situations. For higher level players, you sometimes had to spend your mana elsewhere to avoid overflowing, but at the same time could not invest too much elsewhere, since you had to keep enough mana for answering the push.
      Meanwhile, the opponent had built up a lot of mana as his Minions walked across the map, which allowed him to freely support with spells or backup units. Ultimately this could lead to 20 mana pushes on your field, while you only had 10 mana to defend with.

      With more speed, mana build-up while you have a push going is reduced, which means you have to be more careful about the investment you put into other areas. Defending and using spells to support your push becomes less likely, which brings the focus of the game into creating a mana advantage over the course of the game so that the opponent cannot counter attack, which allows you to invest in your push.

    • Viable counterpush
      Very much connected to the dead space was the fact that once an opponent placed something big in a lane, your ability to attack him through the other lane was severely limited. He would most of the time have plenty of mana to defend any push you placed, since it took it a long time to get to his tower.
      We want to make it more possible for regular decks to perform aggressive moves, and this is accomplished through overall speed. A few very aggressive cards may need additional tuning after this, given that they’ve also become better at what they do, but we’re aware of them and will continue to gather data.

    • Fits with animations
      An obvious visual improvement of faster movement is that it fits better with bigger unit sizes. We’ve already done some reworks of walking animations for big units such as Living Statue and Demon Warrior, but creating more cases of animations that felt too slow was naturally undesirable.

    • Quicker resolution - more focus on engagements.
      One last thing that changes the overall feel of the game, is that a faster Minion speed makes for quicker resolution, i.e. from a Minion is played till it dies the time is shorter. This also helps to reduce the noise as there will be more focus on individual engagements rather than having to keep an eye out everywhere on the field.
      This will both help newer players find their way, but will also help the experience when watching streamers and tournaments, as both audience and casters can focus on exciting parts without missing out on key information.

    • Of course we should remember that overall the game has not changed in a major way, we have simply pulled it a little in a direction we believe is better for the future of Minion Masters using this as an opportunity to solve many problems at once.

  • Many environment assets have been completely redone. For example, the Area 52 arena has been replaced, but most arenas have been updated.

  • Sticky placement
    When placing cards they will now stick to the eligible space. We’ve done this to help new (and old) players make fewer mistakes in placement. It also shows more clearly where your units will effectively spawn in cases where they would be outside the arena before.
    Additionally, we’ve added the ability to place group units closer to the edge, as they will bunch up instead of being limited to a specific formation.

  • Range & aggro indicators
    Range indicators are now dotted to differentiate them from area indicators. Aggro indicators have been added to show which enemy your Minions will target when placed.

  • Reward opening
    Chests have received new animations and a faster flow for rewards.
    Achievements now play a simpler reward effect when claimed.

  • Increased the force that separates Minions a little. This also makes bigger Minions feel heavier, as smaller Minions cannot push past them as easily.
  • Healthbars now scale according to the Minions they’re attached to.
  • Added a small tactile movement for cards when you mouse over them.
  • A new personal goals section now shows on the News screen.

We hope you have a good idea of why we’re making such large changes, we did say 2018 was going to be legendary ;)

We’re very happy to listen to your feedback on the forums, and you can be certain this is not the last time we make large changes to the game, because we’re determined to make it the best thing we possibly can.

On to Balance!
  • Prowler
    • Pounce cooldown reduced from 3 to 2
    • Pounce Minimum range reduced from 4 to 3
    • Damage increased from 75 to 85
    • Clarified Extra damage as Double Damage in text.
    --- Developer comments ---
    The Prowler didn’t feel as impactful as we’d hoped. Often he would end up walking to his target in cases where you expected him to jump.
    After additional testing, we also increased his damage to give him more impact in longer fights.

  • Brutus & Terror Brutus
    • Attack Speed from 3.0 to 2.5 sec
    • Damage from 30 to 50 (DPS 10 to 20)
    --- Developer comments ---
    Brutus was simply not as impactful as you’d expect from a one-time effect in a Master perk.
    At higher levels he was simply ignored, as he did not pose a threat himself, while new players tended to throw plenty of Minions at him because he looked more threatening than he was.
    With this change the Ravager becomes more powerful by putting a tank on the board that can also have an impact on its own.

  • Scrat Tank
    • Health up from 600 to 700
    • Attack Delay from 1.5 to 0.7 sec
    • Damage from 50 to 60
    --- Developer comments ---
    The Scrat tank had 2 major problems;
    • Its mechanic did not become relevant often enough, especially because it took plenty of damage even when fighting in its ideal environment because of the long wind-up on its attack.
    • It was not enough of a threat in itself to warrant the high mana cost.

    We considered many options, but did not want to make more tanks at 3-4 mana cost. Instead, we opted to make his mechanic more relevant. He now quickly hits the enemy and closes up afterwards. This means he fights well against ranged attacks like Plasma Marines and the Succubus as he no longer takes as much damage. It requires better play from the opponent to circumvent the mechanic with a tanky unit.
    Additionally, we increased his health and damage so this 5-mana Minion is a threat in itself even when his mechanic is not overly relevant.

  • Morgrul the Swarmer King
    • Roar Knockback distance up from 3 to 4
    • Roar now also summons 2 Swarmers
    • Health reduce from 300 to 240
    • Damage reduced from 45 to 35 (dps 30 to 23.3)
    --- Developer comments ---
    We wanted Morgrul to feel more special and Legendary, so we opted to make him the real swarmer king.
    Summoning Swarmers both on spawn and death makes him much more versatile, but testing revealed he was too hardy for the cost.
    Reducing his health and dps makes AoE counters clearer, as units will perform better when they’ve removed the Swarmers from the battle first.

  • Battle Shi-hou
    • Health increased from 350 to 450
    --- Developer comments ---
    The Battle Shi-hou had an issue with taking too much damage when fighting large groups of minions. Even in the ideal situation he would be left without much power for such a high cost card.

  • Healing Shrine
    • Fixed an issue that added Healing Shrine radius to its range. Effectively this reduces its healing range from 11.5 to 10.
    • Healing per second reduced from 100 to 75
    • Lifetime increased from 10 to 12 (total healing 1000 to 900)
    --- Developer comments ---
    This is a bit of an experimental change which didn’t receive much testing given time constraints. However, we wanted to iterate on the Healing Shrine now that it’s been brought up in a lot of feedback. Reducing the range should help separate it more from Healing Fireball, as it cannot affect Minions on the opponent’s board.
    At the same time, we wanted to make the impact of having a counter to it feel better. We experimented with delaying the healing until it was fully summoned, but this created a lot of other issues, so we decided to stretch the healing a little.
    This also opens up the possibility of overcoming the healing with enough damage.

    We’re keeping a close eye on the Healing Shrine and would appreciate feedback about the situations where it’s good or bad.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Spirit Vessel’s health buff had a longer delay than intended - Thanks Grey Wolf!
    • Fixed a bug where Rage would not work on Gax’ damage - Thanks Grey Wolf!
    • Fixed some expedition objectives failing in Team Battle because of your ally.
    • Fixed a bug where the Zeppelin was missing it’s projectile.
    • Fixed Razorback Ravager being slightly offset - Thanks StevenEven!
    • Fixed the Magma Cannon becoming a mess when stunned.
    • Fixed re-boomer and re-boomer eggs being different radius - thanks Mr.Win!
    • Fixed premade Team Battle win streak breaking when you lost a solo Team Battle - Thanks YokoZar!
    • Fixed Draft showing 3 losses if you quit with 12 wins and came back - Thanks Parallel.
    • Fixed a bug where changing expedition during a long move would make you stuck.
    • Fixed an issue where controllers could not change volume sliders.
    • Fixed Expedition UI not showing the proper deck when searching for a match - Thanks FFA.
    • Fixed a bug where Spiritmancer’s health buff would target a Minion that was already dying - thanks Sick Dinosaur.
    • Fixed a bug with swarmers getting stuck between the totem and arena wall - Thanks Ecke.
    • Fixed a number of layout issues in Expeditions where you could access Might Towers without fighting a challenge.
    • Fixed replays no longer indicating the winner correctly - thanks Khazlariko, StevenEven and Vango
    • Fixed Battle Shi-hou not having enemy indicators on Ugly - thanks Khazlariko.
    • Fixed a bug where Mordar would reset his attack without showing it visually.
    • Fixed an issue where Averill would give the wrong objectives.
    • Fixed a bug where spectators could also clear and receive achievements - Thanks Felicia!
    • Fixed Disruptor Puffs getting Rage from Volco’s 3rd Perk - thanks Dauntless Duelist.
    • Removed the “leaver message” when spectators leave a team battle.
    • Fixed a UI bug where Masters would display in the wrong order on the VS screen.
    • Fixed an issue with spectator numbers not updating properly when spectators left and joined.
    • Fixed Emotes being clickable for spectators even if they didn’t send anything.
    • Fixed bug: Highlight on enemy units when hovering with spell still disappears when teammate hovers with their spell. - Thanks Memfisto.
    • Fixed a bug with Bronze League achievement reward showing as claimable - thanks Brianna & ThatSprite.
    • Fixed solo challenge UI not updating title properly when you finished a set of Masters - thanks FFA.
    • Fixed a bug where having too many symbols would display your name as “ERROR_SafetyMaxHit” - thanks Felicia.
    • Fixed not being able to switch decks in Expeditions if you entered from Draft mode.
    • Fixed a bug with accepting friend invite during matchmaking breaking the lobby - thanks Eazotop
    • Fixed an issue where joining a disbanded lobby could cause you to never find new matches - thanks Memfisto ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Fixed a bug where Hypnotizing a Minion cursed by Cursebearer would make curse permanent.
    • Fixed combustion not affect units it was highlighting.
    • Fixed some cases of replays becoming corrupt.
    • Fixed a bug where Lost Legionnaires would gain King Puff’s perk 2 effects - thanks Syluxmaster!

    • Increased the playable area of bridges slightly. With the new radius, units had a tendency to get caught on the corners or bottleneck on the bridges. More space to move around in helps this.
    • Fixed a small issue with the playable field on the bottom side being bigger than the playable field on the top side.
    • Minions no longer collider with Minions in Stealth. Stealthed Minions still collid normally themselves.
    • Optimized the spawning of ragdolls.
    • Minions now look more in the direction they’re trying to go than their movement, especially when colliding with other units.
    • Removed the “synching expedition map” modal message when starting an expedition.
    • Pings in Team Battle are now shown on top of the Card UI
    • Added Screenspace Reflections to visual settings - warning: extremely heavy, not for potatoes.
    • Moved Camera Movement settings into visuals.
    • Move Split Versus Screen option into advanced graphics
    • Added indicator for newly unlocked Expeditions in Main Menu.
    • New VFX for Succubus’ teleport.
    • Snake Druid now shoots a projectile for his attack.
    • Improved VFX of: Blood Imps damage, Bridge Buddies scroll symbol, Spiritmancer staff, AtG lights, Daggerfall, Hypnotize.
    • Delayed Settsu’s return to the Master tower on Victory/defeat slightly.
    • Updated Premium Upgrade reward text to reflect new premium upgrade.
    • Added VO for Volco’s Burn the Bridges and Tempers Flaring.
    • Eggs now have referenced stats in preview for Boomer, Re-boomer and Gax - Thanks FFA and Dipshit.
    • Added new Rage VFX
    • Milloween’s Arcane golem now gains up to 5 stacks of power when she gains Perk 3.
    • Snake Druid’s immobilize effect now stops movement abilities from working, e.g. Musketeer’s Riposte, Succubus teleport and more.
    • Updated UI for expeditions with a number of improvements.
    • Opponent emotes now appear on top of expedition objectives
    • You can now watch replays while in a matchmaking queue.
    • Featured offers now still show when you have them, but show as claimed.
    • Changed Ratbo’s “not enough mana” VO to fit better with the situation.
    • Removed a small delay in the reward from daily spin.
    • Clarified Next League Reward UI when you had dropped down a league.
    • Added read more functionality to card descriptions.
    • Added VFX when you use Call to Arms
    • Polished Draft feedback when winning a draft match through Expeditions.
    • Dragging a card onto another will now only replace the other card if the deck is full - thanks GraveCrawler!
    • Bolded the mana cost of cards that have changed values.
    • Improved the cursor indicator for the following indicators: global spawn indicator, Global cursor, Bridge Buddies, Future Past, Future Present and Call to arms.
    • Upgraded Cursebearer’s VFX.
    • Spectator UI now indicates what state the other player is in.
    • You can no longer click on cards during Spectating.
    • Units no longer attempt to attack enemies they will not be able to reach - e.g. Succubus getting stuck on the edge because she does not have range to reach and enemy above it will now ignore it instead.
    • Mordar no longer targets invisible Minions on his board. He will still hit them if currently attacking something else though.
    • Milloween can no longer hit invisible Minions when attacking visible minions.
    • Daily Quests can now be completed in friend matches.
    • Optimized some reward flow.
    • Leaderboards can now show top ranking players even without deck data.
    • Added “and left-click” to the ping loading tip.

    And just because these patch notes aren’t long, enough, we want some honorable mentions from the PTR!

    PTR fixes
    • Thank you all for testing. So much feedback came in and we’ve tried to fix it all
    • Specifically we scaled many of the units that people reacted to on stream and PTR to fit better.
    • We reduced the dust in the sandy skybox.
    • We will continue to evaluate the changes and see what else needs tweaking. No change of this size is done in the first iteration.

    Cheers from Betadwarf!

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