Aug 12
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Items

Two new items have been added to the reward pool! These items both use a new ability system and should provide a new form of RNG control on the battlefield. This new ability system will likely need some modifications in the future due to its layered functionality, so please let me know if any of the interactions have unintended consequences.

Map Randomization
While QuiVr has had dynamically generated maps for many months, the system was not being fully utilized (having a random map seed for each week to make the leaderboards more fair). This decision severely detracted from the nature of the dynamic map system, and has been changed.

Now, each time you start a game the map will be different, including the Event Tile sequence. This change should increase replayability by providing significantly more variation between gameplay sessions.

Special Waves
This addition was made in the last update, but it was not included in the patch notes.
Another improvement in gameplay variety is the addition of Special Waves, these have a chance of appearing after closing a gate. Instead of the standard enemies that would normally spawn at that gate, a themed subset of enemies will spawn.

These themed subsets can include:
  • Only Flying Enemies
  • Squat Enemies (Warps and Duskers)
  • Only charging enemies
  • Quick Enemies (Zephyrs and Boosts)
  • Shield Bearers (Escorts and Sentries)
And a number of other groups. This list will also be expanded upon in the future as more enemies are added and interesting combinations are found.

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Powerup display color fixes
  • Fixed multiplayer time-scale issue
  • Updated many ability particle systems for different quality levels
Jul 29
QuiVr - Blueteak
This update consists of a bunch of game optimizations made while fixing a disconnect and performance issue that was introduced during last update.

Thank you to all the players who helped work through the issue this week, scheduling testing times, submitting logs, and brainstorming solutions!

Changes and Fixes
  • Improved gate gem performance with new tiles
  • Reworked player fading system for improved performance
  • Fixed issue with movement speed affecting animations
  • Fixed animation freeze when enemies moved between tiles
  • Fixed issue with laser performance
  • Improved multiplayer 'distance player' effect performance
  • Improved armory item swap performance
  • Improved teleporter setup performance
  • Added graceful disconnection handling during gameplay
  • Added simple reconnecting system after disconnect
  • Fixed issue with elite enemy particles not respecting quality setting
  • Improved fire tornado performance at low quality settings
  • Improved Shield/Time Slow/Leech orbs at low quality settings
  • Reduced network message overhead when gate closes in multiplayer
  • Updated gate clearing system for client-side prediction
  • Dramatically improved gate orb performance
  • Disabled Void tiles while performance is improved
  • Updated Photon Networking system
  • Fixed PlayerSync errors
  • Fixed issue with legendary item rewards

With these fixes out of the way, hopefully we can move on to some more fun additions for the next update :)
Jul 23
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Items

3 new items have been added to the game. A new arrow adds to the fire system, and a new quiver and mask expand the aimed-shot system for a more focused play style.

Performance Improvements

This update adds many performance improvements to the game, particularly in multiplayer by optimizing the 'player' object. Additionally, the progress orb that floats above the canyon has been completely redesigned, with a new animated material and reactive particle pulses replacing the previous amalgam of particle systems that lead to the blown out visual effect. Not only is the orb more visually interesting and thematic, but the new effects are much better for performance.

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed issue with flat lighting
  • Removed unused game shaders
  • Fixed material settings
  • Fixed issue with leaving a game during next-wave countdown
  • Removed texture quality setting due to Unity issue not loading textures
  • Fixed issue with reforging cost
  • LIV SDK now activated through settings menu instead of on by default
  • Improved enemy animation speed system
  • Fixed issue with fast enemy navigation
  • Fixed issue with leaderboard saving

Edit: Fixed issue with enemy attack distance and multiplayer performance -> 1.0.48
Jul 14
QuiVr - Blueteak
Gate Pacing

Over time it has become clear that the pacing of QuiVr is difficult to handle, demanding almost constant physical engagement for long periods of time. Many updates have tried to address this issue in less obvious ways (ebb and flow of enemy spawns, event tiles, pop-in/out spectator mode) however the issue of continual intense combat persisted.

This update adds a new system that should more directly address the issue of continual intensity while providing veteran players a way to continue progressing without being hampered by artificial delays.

After a new gate closes, there will be a steadily increasing delay before the new area's enemies begin spawning. It starts around 15 seconds and ramps up to 30 seconds after each gate. This should give you some time between gates to rest your arms and position yourselves for the oncoming enemies.

The delay can be skipped if desired by shooting the target above the delay message. In multiplayer at least half of the players must shoot the target to skip the delay.

This new delay system will hopefully improve the pacing of the game, particularly for new players and lead to fewer instances of jelly-arms. Please let me know if there are any unintended negative consequences with this new system either in the forums or on the official QuiVr Discord!

Item Droprate Fixes
Thanks to the help of some fantastic players, a number of bugs related to item drops have been found and fixed. In particular:
  • Items will be correctly awarded after losing a game
  • Item drop rates will no longer plummet after earning all uncommon items
  • Items of particular type+rarity combo will no longer be extremely rare
Unity 2018
This update also transitions QuiVr to Unity 2018. This engine update brings with it a multitude of performance and crash fixes. In particular there have been significant improvements to particle effect performance. Graphics Jobs have also been turned on for this update due to stability improvements to dramatically increase CPU performance (Please let me know if you experience DX11 related game crashes, as this is most likely the cause).

Over the next few weeks I will begin implementing some of the more advanced Unity 2018 optimizations to improve performance to a greater extent, for now I am still making sure that the engine update itself has not introduced any new bugs.

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed purple slow powerup
  • Initial LIV sdk implementation
  • Fixed large bomb powerup display
  • Fixed Haunt player targeting system
  • Fixed combat text for target dummies
  • Aimed shots now affect archery range scoring
  • Updated Map Seed

Remember that updates still go out on an amlost-daily basis to the beta branch! To keep up with the current developments and find other players to play with in multiplayer be sure to join us at the official QuiVr Discord!
Jun 29
QuiVr - Blueteak
First Release Update
Thanks to everyone who has joined the community and given feedback during the first week of full release! Lot's of great insights from new players for improving the first-time-play experience.

With that in mind, here's the first release update for QuiVr!

New Loading Area

The previous loading area had not been updated since the beginning of 2017, and it actually contained no assets being used in the actual game. This increased both the loading time and the build size.
The new Loading Area uses assets from the mountain summit, creating a cool, familiar atmosphere while reducing load time (those assets don't need to be loaded in again) and reducing build size since the game no longer contains the tower and mountain models/textures.

Aimed Shot Visuals

One of the comments I've gotten about the aimed shots are the lack of visual feedback for using one, particularly in multiplayer.
This update adds a new trail+particle effect for Aimed arrows that is distinct from normal arrows and visible at a distance in multiplayer to see when your teammates are using aimed shots as well. This should make using aimed shots feel more powerful and impactful.

Dynamic Music Pt. 2
This update also includes a small but meaningful addition to the dynamic music system: Kill-Stings
This is the first iteration for this system and will be expanded upon in the future. The general idea is to make the music feel more intertwined with the gameplay. Each time you kill an enemy, the music will swell momentarily, bringing in some additional drums to signify the event. It is much more responsive to gameplay than the overall music system, responding within 1/4th of a second (16th note) so as to still remain in-time with the music.

We hope to expand this system with a wider variation of musical hits to differentiate kills (killing a small enemy vs killing an elite enemy with an aimed headshot). I would love to get your feedback on this system and ideas on how it could be improved and expanded upon!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Disabled user profiles if none already saved*
  • Fixed worm TP out of bounds
  • Debugging added to help find no-reward issue
  • Added more Worm event rock sound variety
  • Reduced elite particle density
  • New map seed
* "User Profiles" were being misunderstood and had a serious bug where username of a profile could be reset. The Profiles feature was used infrequently and the issue severe enough that it has been disabled (button is gone) until it can be correctly fixed. However, if you already have user profiles saved to your account, the button will still be there for you to use and log in.

Edit: 1.0.11 - Fixed music volume slider not working, aimed shot trail in MP, and adjusted aimed shot starting effect intensity
QuiVr - Blueteak

We did it! After two years of development we are leaving Early Access! Thank you to everyone who has participated in QuiVr’s initial phases of development. We’ve come a long way since the game was just a wall to shoot from and the indie VR landscape was just starting to be explored. It has been a long journey that would have been impossible without your help.

I do not have the words to express how much I appreciate your support and feedback in evolving QuiVr into what it is today. It is truly a blessing to have such a helpful and insightful community of players.

This is not the end of the journey! While QuiVr will no longer be getting such rapid updates (of which there were over 430 since releasing into Early Access), the game will continue to see content updates, new features, and improvements. We are currently working on a PSVR version of the game, have plans for additional environments and map tiles, and of course - new items, enemies, and events are already in development!

Additional Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed main tutorial end portal activation
  • Summit book now closes after leaving station
  • Fixed item fading for book
  • Fixed Armory tutorial owl location
  • Replaced recenter button icon in Armory
Thank you all again for the enthusiasm you've shown for this game, it means the world to me. I hope to fight along side everyone in the canyon!
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Enemy

A new enemy has joined the hordes! Boosts are quick, low health enemies that have a continual energizing aura around them which speeds up nearby enemies. In large numbers they can swiftly collect spread-out enemies along the canyon into a collected force moving rapidly toward your gate!

This enemy brings with it a complete rework to the enemy speed-modification system. Previously all enemies had a simple "speed multiplier" that would be changed based on the last ability that affected it (freeze, slowing pool, etc). Now however, each enemy has a list of speed multipliers that can be added to/removed from, resulting in all of the status effects stacking up and interacting in a consistent fashion instead of overwriting the speed multiplier based on the last ability effect to be applied.

Final Early Access Patch
This will be the final patch in Early Access! We are planning to release on June 18th now that there are enough events in the game to provide varied playthroughs each week.
I wanted to take this opportunity to outline the plan for next week and subsequent few updates:

Thank you for helping - First, I want to thank everyone who has participated in the Early Access phase of QuiVr. Anyone who plays the game before the 18th will receive a bow (created by community member Pengu!) as thanks for giving feedback, squashing bugs, and helping to improve the game.

Pricing Plan - After over a year in Early Access, the game has changed quite a lot, with many new features being introduced and significantly more content added. We believe that the game is worth more now than it was when we first entered Early Access. However due to Valve & EU rules about store discounts, we cannot release QuiVr with a launch discount and increase the base price simultaneously. We feel that a launch discount would be better than a price increase on release from Early Access. So we are planning on increasing the price of QuiVr to $24.99 30 days after the sale ends (Valve + EU time requirement). We want to be transparent about this since, to an outsider, it could look like we are arbitrarily increasing the price of an already released game - but we feel there is merit behind the change. So the current base price will remain $19.99 for the launch out of Early Access on June 18th with a launch discount to $15.99, then 30 days after the sale ends the base price will increase to $24.99.

Update Schedule - With the release out of Early Access comes the end of the 'update-a-week' schedule that we have followed since 2016. This will let us work on more interesting, larger-scale content additions for the future, as well as ensure that the game remains stable between updates. There are still a number of things being worked on (more powerups, new dynamic music system, more environments, etc) and QuiVr will continue to improve and evolve during its life after release!

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Changed climb event starting sequence
  • New fix for map sync issue
  • Adjusted Gravity Event rock angle
  • New check for multiplayer in-event flag
  • Fixed mote display after game end or item pedestal
  • Updated Map Seed
QuiVr - Blueteak
Item Drop Changes

This week's update makes a number of quality-of-life changes to item drops and makes the loot system feel more fun in general. There are 3 significant changes to the drop system:
No Duplicates - You will no longer get duplicate items as a reward, the effect was almost identical getting relic fragments from the auto-disenchant) but it added a lot of confusion for new players. The item generation server is now aware of what items you currently have and will now give you one you don't already have or, if you have all the items for a given rarity, some relic fragments.
Helpful Item Types - The Item generator is now also smarter as to which item types you are lacking, and will be more likely to give you an item that you don't have many of.
Legendary Drop Chance - Legendary drops are no longer based on pure randomness. This is the most complicated change and revealing the inner workings behind it lessens the magic a bit, but suffice it to say that you can still get really lucky and get a legendary as your 10th item, but you will never get unlucky and not get one in 100 items. This is also where difficulty comes in, playing high level games will get you legendary items more often than playing lower difficulty games.

Reforging System Update

The reforging system has also seen a complete redesign in this update to make the system feel more rewarding and helpful instead of just purely a relic sink.
Hallowed is Permanent - You will no longer have a chance to lose Hallowed or Primordial status from your items. The chance is now a bit lower, but once you have it on an item it's there to stay, and re-rolling will only affect the stat value within the Hallowed range (or potentially upgrade the item to Primordial).
Better upgrade chance - The upgrade stat chance has been significantly increased. While it is still possible to roll a lower value when reforging an item, it is much more likely to upgrade in value so as to trend upward in power.
I will continue to look at this system to try to find a way to have more often incremental improvements while not allowing a complete reset due to an unlucky roll.

Other Changes and Fixes
  • Elevator event pedestal lowered
  • Fixed another map desync issue caused by skip box
  • Added ability usage analytics
  • Interface lasers changed to blue to match game aesthetic
  • Map Seed updated
May 29
QuiVr - Blueteak
Final Stretch
With the final event of Early Access being released last week, we've now entered the final stretch before full release! This week has been about making changes and tweaks to things that were not critical priority during the event development.

While I'll be working on some more interesting things like enemies, items, etc this coming month I wanted to make sure that things are still running smoothly with the day-to-day systems, and particularly focused on ensuring that the first time user experience was approachable after a round of playtesting with new VR users.

Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed pit event mp enemy spawning
  • Fixed statue event phase 1
  • Disabled table TP in lobby area due to new user confusion
  • Fixed 'main' tutorial teleporter activations
  • Adjusted starting orb location near fist gate preventing line of sight
  • Updated map seed
May 22
QuiVr - Blueteak
New Event

The final Early Access event is now ready to experience! The Pit will be a harder event (only available as 2nd+ event tile), will test the waters for movement-based events in the future, and should provide a fun (and hectic) challenge.

Next Few Weeks
Now that we are done with the 8 events needed to exit Early Access, we will be spending the remaining weeks updating some of the game systems to be more intuitive, interesting, and fun. If you haven't already, consider joining the QuiVr Discord to discuss the game, give feedback, and suggest changes during the final weeks of development before exiting Early Access!

Other Changes
  • Event Tiles now appear every 6 tiles
  • Updated map seed
  • Fixed issue with Statue Event dark blobs network sync

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