Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v3.2:

Put your faith in the light!
Angeldust v3.2 brings a whole new category of fun and interactive building tools: photon blocks. Use photon blocks to build automated machinery and gadgets like doors, key locks, music boxes, elevators and much more!

The game world village contains new demo machines to showcase some of the photon block functionality:

Light my way
Get photon blocks from the in-game shop for a relatively modest price and spice up your buildings:

The set of photon blocks consists of:
  • Photon injector: spawns 'toggler' photons (star-shaped particles) to activate machines
  • Photon conduit: allows photons to travel around, split and loop
  • Photon block: toggles on and off to create game world effects
  • Photon faucet: wraps photons in photon balls (bubbles) bouncing in the game world
  • Photon remover: spawns 'resetter' photons to deactivate and reset machines

Angeldust creator 'Firefly' shows off an early version of photon blocks in action on a previous YouTube live stream (at about 2:11:00):

Photon injector—start me up

The photon injector—when stepped on—spawns 'toggler' photons on all sides that have either a photon conduit or a photon block. Star-shaped toggler photons make photon blocks toggle between their 'on' and 'off' state.

Photon conduit—sizzling circuits

Photons travel inside photon conduits. Build elaborate circuits using the photon conduit to make T-splits, loops and timing devices. Photon blocks next to the conduit will be triggered by photons inside the conduit.

Photon block—multitalented rockstar

The photon block is the main interactive photon element. Place photon blocks next to, or in line with, photon conduits to make the functional part of your machines or devices.

Photon blocks can toggle between an 'off' and 'on' state. When doing so, the block exhibits several different behaviors:
  • toggle between physically non-blocking ('off') and blocking ('on'), so you can make doors;
  • toggle between light-emitting ('on') or not ('off'), to make interactive lamps and lighting;
  • produce a (user-customizable) sound like a click, percussion, bass or musical notes, to make melodies;
  • throw heroes in the air when switching from the 'off' to 'on' state, so you can make elevators.

When a photon block is placed in line between two photon conduit blocks it will act as a switch and only toggle from its 'off' to 'on' state, not vice-versa.

Photon faucet—balls of light

The photon faucet wraps photons in a bouncing 'photon ball' that can be manipulated in the game world by heroes, conveyor belts and trampolines. The photon ball triggers photon blocks, photon injectors and photon removers. It dissolves when touching water.

You can use the photon faucet and photon ball to build interactive mini-games and puzzles. obi2002 built a fantastic 'photon ball' stadium with the help of other players:

Photon remover—clearing the way

The photon remover spawns 'remover' photons on all its sides containing a photon conduit or photon block. These photons will travel through photon conduits and set any connected photon blocks to their 'off' state. Use the photon remover to reset machinery to a known-good starting state.

Walls of steel wonder
The game world village walls have been redecorated, based on a new design by space is green. So in addition to the new photon block demo machines, the village now feels very fresh:

Smoke and a pancake
Millions of players asked for improved visuals when placing smoke on top of a column block. If this is not to your liking, then there is no pleashing you:

That's hot. Times three.
Another specially requested feature: adding a third hotbar for inventory management. Available now, in three different colors:

Use the keyboard tilde (~) or Alt-/Option-key, your game controller's D-pad up and down, or swipe left-to-right over the inventory grid icon on a touchscreen to switch between different hotbars.

Additional changes
  • Fix disconnection when using private or friend chat with new friends
  • Remove quest creature type health bar highlight when quest is completed
  • Raise chat indicator text balloon above heroes riding a creature
  • Show a 'descend' touchscreen button when flying on a drakeling
  • Improve Android device compatibility and stability
  • Fix a few translations
  • Support even more game controller models

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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v3.1:

One picture—a thousand words

Of course I'm flying on a drakeling. Of course we now have MXAO, ambient light, depth-of-field (DoF) and FXAA. Of course this is amazing!

Angeldust PostFX
Our page now lists an 'Angeldust PostFX for Windows' download containing an official OpenGL shader add-on for Angeldust. Currently available for Windows 7 and up, it greatly enhances the graphics:

You will need a solid desktop-class GPU to run Angeldust PostFX, but I'm sure you'll like the new ambient occlusion, ambient light, depth-of-field and anti-aliasing effects! Just wear sunglasses to prevent snow blindness:

Major thanks to 'Alex makarov' who suggested the idea for making an Angeldust PostFX add-on. And he helped out greatly with finding a solid initial solution.

Angeldust Ultra 2D Sprite Pack
In addition to the Angeldust PostFX add-on, there's a new sprite pack to enable the Ultra detail level for 2D sprites. You'll need about 6 GiB of video ram (VRAM) to run this, but everything looks pretty sharp using it!

My kingdom for a dragon!
If you have the donator badge (or up) you can now fly around on the drakelings in the game. If that isn't awesome enough, there are even more donation incentives now:
  • instant access to the 'pet snack' to tame creatures
  • a brand new, cheesy 'cheese' block
  • (just to remind you:) you can fly dragons!
  • exclusive, new colors for your heroes:

Weekend rockstars
Angeldust v3.0 brought daily quests. Angeldust v3.1 brings weekend quests! Every weekend, during the entire weekend, you'll have to hunt creatures that are more difficult to find and kill. See if you can rise up to the challenge!

For example, today (as of writing), we're trying to hunt… uhhh… this thing:

Bust a move!
More graphical improvements: heroes, ridden creatures and pets now have movement trails. This way you can more easily see where others are going and what's happening around you:

Thanks to 'Alex makarov' (again) for posing handsomely.

Sparks in your eyes
Angeldust v3.1 brings totally awesome spark showers. We already had these in the main user interface, but now you'll see sparks flying around in the game world too.

These sparks celebrate joyful events like heroes leveling up, discovering new creatures, materials or trees and progressing on your quest. For instance, I don't know what happened here, but it's very joyful. Many spark. Wow!:

Don't get off your high horse
Quick note: you can now use the shovel, axe, blocks and trees while riding a creature. This is especially cool (hint hint!) while flying on a drakeling since you can now easily navigate in 3D and build to your heart's content.

Make things better
Builders: pay attention! In Angeldust v3.1 you can upgrade your devices! Just keep swinging your hammer on the device as if you were repairing it. If you get a critical hit, the device will become more powerful. So, swing on:

Telecharger. Turbocharged!
The telecharger has changed almost completely. Location load/save buttons are visually connected now. Friends take up an entire row and buttons now have icons for building permission, private chat and world location:

In addition, if you are currently in one of your claimed lands, the button will be highlighted in yellow.

You might have wondered… private chat? Yes! Angeldust v3.1 comes with private chat (1-on-1) and friend chat (all online friends). Enter a private chat by clicking on the text balloon next to a friend's name.

You can enter friend chat mode by toggling the new, uppermost button in the chat log:

Every claim you stake
Big news! In Angeldust v3.1 you can name your land claims. You can manage land claim descriptions on the Angeldust website at, and while claiming new land:

The telecharger and holo charger will show land claim names:

Solid performance
Angeldust v3.1 ships with a completely re-architected rendering path. Mainly to support the Angeldust PostFX add-on, but also to majorly improve rendering performance. Here's a technical list of changes:
  • increase 2D sprite resolution for smoother animations and movement
  • speed up weather particle (rain, snow) lighting performance four-fold
  • switch to a single, per-frame depth-buffer pass
  • improve vertex shader level-of-detail thresholds
  • optimize entity door detection and door sound tracking

Understated overdraw
I've also found the time to (finally) implement something that's been on my wish-list for years. 2D sprites are now rendered with less overdraw. Previously heroes would be rendered up to ten times over, pushing GPUs to their limit.

Now only the visible areas of sprites are rendered, reducing GPU load from 1300% to less than 100% for complex sprites. Here's what the GPU now sees. Kind of:

Legen… wait for it… dary. Right.
There are two new very rare, very legendary creatures in Angeldust v3.1. But you'll probably never find them. Just thought you should know.

Count on me
Speaking of legendary discoveries. Over the years some players have reported not being awarded creature kills in rare cases. I've found the root cause and finally fixed this problem once and for all.

So if you do manage to find those very rare, legendary creatures that you'll never find, you will always be awarded the discovery bonus and additional goodies.

Moar blox
Angeldust v3.1 comes with a boatload of new blocks: orange marble doors, opaque wooden doors, clouds, smoke and thick smoke.

'space is green' is decking out his awesome tower with smoke and cloud blocks. They bubble and puff quite nicely. And I'm totally NOT trying to show off flying on a drakeling (donate!) and Angeldust PostFX:

Good, old-fashioned love!
For everyone playing in the 'old-fashioned' visual style: everything now looks much crisper thanks to a nicer texture filter. In the future I might improve this even more, but for now it looks pretty decent:

Additional changes
  • Ridden creatures no longer follow heroes
  • Pets wait in the regular game world when entering The Void / Hero battle!
  • Improved user interface control highlighting
  • Fix keyboard and game controller user interface navigation away from filter buttons
  • Added in-game tips on 'world' location, build permissions, taming and donating
  • 'R'-key now both opens and closes the telecharger
  • Support even more game controller models

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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v3.0:

We're 3D now boys and girls!
A beautiful, new 3D visual style is now the default on desktop platforms after lots of testing in Early Access. This new style demands a new trailer, so here's the brand new 3D Angeldust trailer on YouTube:

Paint me a picture
There's dozens of new screenshots everywhere, professionally localized into eight languages. Here are two great cinematic snaps. There are a load more on the Steam store page and the Angeldust website,

Quests 'r' Us
Angeldust now features daily quests. Each day you can hunt a specific creature to receive a reward and increase your rank on the all-new quest completion leaderboard. On first sign in, you'll get a new hint:

You can always view your current quest on the world map, accessible from the telecharger and using the 'M'-key:

Competition for the top spot on the quest leaderboard is currently very fierce, so try your best to complete your quest every day if you aim to be number one!

Sgt. Petter's Lonely Hearts Clu—whatever!
Bad puns aside, you can now have your very own pets in Angeldust. Each of your heroes can tame a small creature using the new 'pet snack' item that is given to players with the donator badge and up.

The pet snack will automatically show up in your inventory. Use it on a creature of your liking to tame it. Here you can see some pets and the pet snack in the hotbar (in the vibrant 'Cartoon' visual style with new artwork):

You've probably already seen the new trailer's ending shot, but for those who missed it, it features a fighter with a dog pet. Feels good man:

Winner, winner, pet snack dinner!
Want a pet? Don't want to donate? You're in luck! Frank "Firefly" Lucas, the creator of Angeldust, hosts a very special Angeldust lottery every livestream on YouTube and Twitch.

Enter your ticket to participate in the lottery and maybe you are the next player to win the all-new 'lottery winner' badge that gives you the pet snack item.

Subscribe, follow and check out:

Take your best shot!
Angeldust v3.0 introduces a PvP-leaderboard listing your Hero battle!-score. Find out how many points you got for shooting others and compare your performance with your friends! Use the sorting buttons on top of the leaderboard to access all statistics:

Buy my T-shirt, please!
Yup. Y'all asked for it. We now sell official Angeldust merchandise. Mugs, shirts, posters, stickers, device cases, pillows. The only thing missing is mouse pads. Coming soon, hopefully! Check out the merchandise here:

Performance matters
The entire build toolchain and underlying frameworks for Angeldust have been updated. 64-bit support is improved. Angeldust now features level-of-detail for distant game world elements and you can set your view distance to three new, "very distant" distances. Enabling scenes like these:

Not only has the maximal view distance greatly increased, it now also renders more accurately, preventing flicker even in complex scenes. Check out this beautifully layered forest shot:

Talking about rendering, there no longer are weird texture holes in distant geometry. Here's a screenshot of the problem that is now fixed:

I want the small one!
Continuing our story about rendering improvements—Android users will no longer see missing walls or floors. And performance on iOS is greatly improved. Here's a comparison shot of Android rendering with and without missing walls:

The Android build of Angeldust now also supports accessing notifications, the system menu and even switching apps. Reported crash rate is now very close to zero in practice. It's now always a good day to play Angeldust on Android. Or as Android—whatever floats your boat.

Blocks and bushes to battle boredom
There's more than a dozen new blocks, and six new bushes that you can all buy from the in-game shop to spice up your builds. Enjoy new combinations of colors and block styles:

More social
The Angeldust sign-in form now features three additional social media links, and also show your pet! Here are all social media links:

Creature-own adventure
With the addition of pets comes another slew of creature-related features. The intelligence of your horse, moa or bear has been improved so that it now follows you at a distance. Hopefully you won't ever lose your mount again!

You can now also abandon your mount or your pet from the Angeldust website,

Hammer Time! (I can do this all day)
The builder hero can now use his hammer to repair in-game devices to extend their lifespan. Just swing your hammer at whatever thing you want to repair and it'll be good for another lifetime:

Badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom
We now have (GM) / game master player accounts to help out new players. To make sure you are dealing with a real GM, the telecharger will now list player badges:

Privacy matters
Metagaming B.V. (Angeldust's publisher) no longer stores your e-mail address. Instead, a cryptographically secure hash value is stored and used when resetting your password. All old e-mail address information has been scrubbed from the Angeldust database.

The Angeldust website at has also been cleaned from any tracking code, old cruft and legacy code. It's faster and more beautiful than ever before. And it now also lists item type descriptions and hints!

Tinker toys
Are you an advanced Angeldust user or content creator? There are three new settings files you can add to your Angeldust settings folder:
  • window_width.txt — enter the width (in points) for the Angeldust window
  • window_height.txt — same as above, for window height
  • anti_aliasing_samples.txt — set the MSAA / anti-aliasing level (2 / 4 / 8 …)

Additional changes
  • 'R'-key now opens up the telecharger
  • Added 'huge' third-person view distance
  • Fix trees/objects sinking into panel blocks
  • Improved 'The Void' / Hero battle! status message wording
  • Fixed rare quick messages menu disconnection bug
  • Ignore biome discoveries when in wonders / claimed land
  • Fix saddle shortcut sometimes triggering a 'quick shovel' action
  • Fix house demolition leaving tiny trees or garbage
  • Improve appearance of recently dismounted creatures
  • Fix frozen hotbar after entering The Void with second hotbar selected
  • Fix hand-painted visual style flat, corroded steel metal texture
  • Fix column block face visibility calculation
  • Added additional in-game tips
  • Make the saddle shortcut ('E'-key, top action button, saddle button) skip forward during game replay playback
  • Added 'following' cinematic camera mode
  • Fix V-sync not being properly initialized at start up
  • Increase highest discoverable creature level
  • Fix incorrect item selected after opening and closing world map
  • Fix world map not showing after standing still for a longer time
  • Support even more game controller models

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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v2.24:

The world is still not enough
This is a biggie. For eons players have asked for a better way to navigate the world. BOOM! A spiffy world map is now easily accessibly using the 'M' key and from the telecharger:

Tons of details went into the map: your actual hero is shown rotated towards your viewing direction. It has a trail of the path you took. Shows new areas, materials and trees that you can unlock. Has coordinates (ooh, shiny!). You can zoom in and out to ludicrous levels. Have fun charting a course and watching your builds from above!

Holo there!
Angeldust v2.24 adds two new interactive blocks: the holo scroll and the holo charger. The former one allows you to add messages in the game world that players can read when stepping upon the block. The holo charger block lets players teleport to your land claims:

While on the topic of messages: the Russian translation of Angeldust has been completely revised and edited by a small team of community volunteers. Thanks to Alex Makarov, Noddrog and konorpwnz for doing a stellar job!

Tutorials and tips
To help new players on their way in the (sometimes) dangerous world of Angeldust, there are now a multitude of tutorials and tips that pop up in the beginning:

You'll now also see item descriptions in the shop. Hurray for progress!

Windows 64-bit support
Angeldust now runs in 64-bit mode on Windows. Many bits. Much wow. In practice this means way better performance, support for 'ultra' detail textures and potentially support for even higher view distances. Enjoy!

There's a hole in my life
The Angeldust PvP area called 'The Void' has been updated visually. Here's a quick preview:

Additional changes
  • Fix level-up message level calculation for high levels
  • Switch order of account badge and flag to be consistent
  • Render account badges in more parts of the UI
  • Add 'cherry blossom' and 'autumn leaves' trees to the shop
  • Tweak PvP game mechanics in The Void
  • Allow players to leave The Void anytime
  • Restore player health points when leaving The Void
  • Increase creature spawn rate near village
  • Support even more game controller models
  • Speed up game world chunk rendering
  • Optimize vertex shader performance
  • Fix Windows XP software OpenGL 1.1 crash on CAPTCHA display

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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v2.23:

Big entrance
The sign-in form has been completely redesigned and is now tailored to your hero colors and the creature you last rode. You'll feel right at home when playing:

Return from limbo
Speaking of big entrances: sometimes your Wi-Fi drops out. Sometimes a cat yanks your network cable. We've all been there (me too). You'd end up in limbo in the game. Not disconnected, but not being able to play. Angeldust v2.23 implements immediate reconnection so you can sign-in without having to wait a few minutes. Nifty!

Badge news bears
This update brings account badges so you can see who's boss in-game and on the Angeldust website. The full list of badges is explained on the support page. Here's a quick preview:

Hero battle!
Everyone's been asking for PvP in Angeldust since close to forever. It's here! Battle other heroes in a new game world area called The Void:

Try to make it to the top of the leaderboard! Rewards and persistent rankings will come in the future.

Hotter bar
Oft requested: you can now switch to a second row of hotbar icons using the 'Alt' or '~' key and D-Pad up or down. The contents of the hotbar are now also saved so you can pick up where you left off. This makes building and fighting a lot easier as you'll always have the tools you need where you left them. Always Be Knolling.

New blocks
This update adds a lot of community-requested blocks: cobwebs, colored hedges, stretched cloth, new cloth colors, rope nets, colored glass:

Angeldust will now show level-up messages for nearby heroes. And you. So you can all exchange GGs in style. And right on time. GG!

Big progress
Angeldust v2.23 now shows area discovery progress in in-game announcements and the progress overview. This'll help you track your progress even better:

You'll now also correctly see your tree and object discovery progress when not playing the builder hero.

No objection
Speaking of trees and objects. As of Angeldust v2.23, you'll finally be able to discover (get rid of) the magical decorations in the game world. Here's a quick visual reference:

Additional changes
  • Implement keyboard-based UI navigation
  • Interpolate a single background for a more cinematic UI experience
  • Connect scroll bar and filter buttons to scene contents
  • Rate-limit OpenGL texture uploads to smoothen frame rate
  • Greatly reduce space usage for compiled game data
  • Add 'ultra' detail level textures for Cartoon visual style
  • Improve water block reflection and shading
  • Fix playback of long (1h+) game replays
  • Update SDL to version 2.0.8
  • Use fixed, customizable touchscreen button positions
  • Fix extremely rare crash for out-of-range simulated projectiles
  • Fix thin block geometry next to upside-down stair blocks
  • Support even more game controller models
  • Support safe UI areas on devices like iPhone X
  • Lengthen fighter 2D flourish animation again
  • Polished Angeldust 'action heroes' logo appearance
  • Animate trampoline block top face texture
  • Make critical-action pending visual effect more pronounced
  • Add badges to UI elements where applicable
  • Add DSP audio limiter to prevent sound clipping

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Angeldust - Firefly
AMAZING! Angeldust developer Firefly will stream his 200th 'Angeldust Live!'-episode on June 15th, 2018. Come watch new Angeldust features that have been in development for years! 3+ unboxings! OLD prototypes! Chat, play and make friends!

The live stream takes place on YouTube (set a reminder):

What's in these boxes? Come watch and find out!

Oldschool never dies. Firefly will show off some very old Angeldust versions and even play them together with others.

We found this intriguing poster plastered on a Facebook wall:

Again, the live stream takes place on YouTube (set a reminder):
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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v2.22:

Depth charge
Ever felt like the Angeldust game world was lacking in depth? Meet 'ambient occlusion' (AO) that accentuates contours and edges. Check this animation of moebius' new build with and without AO:

Ambient occlusion dials up the realism and visual impact of Angeldust to eleven. It's enabled on all operating systems, devices and so your buildings look sharp everywhere!

umop apisdn (upside down)
Stairs no longer form weird shapes in places where you don't want them. Instead they will now form upside-down slopes that follow predictable lines. Finally you can build nice roofs like these:

Music for your plants
A few updates we introduced being able to discover and plant trees. Now you can finally give them a proper welcome. Column blocks will now taper to accommodate trees above. Music. For your plants:

Why the long face?
OK, one more quick building improvement: panel blocks on top of thin blocks will now stretch downwards. Make windowsills, tall windows and more never-before-seen stuff:

All are welcome
Angeldust now also (finally) supports registering a new account right from within the game. As of writing, more than one thousand players have already created an account this way. Welcome!

Speak to me
Players now must choose a language upon entering Angeldust for the first time. You can also see the new user interface style here. All major elements are now decorated and animated like paper scrolls:

Weapon of choice
Filtering. Yes. Quickly find the block you're looking for in both your inventory and the shop. Choose a color or block type and you're off. Use the E/F keys on a keyboard or D-pad up/down on a game controller:

The paper scroll decorations in scrollable lists are clickable for actually scrolling. Handy!

Bean counting
The in-game announcements for discovering creatures, materials, trees and more now all feature numerical counters so you know how much stuff you can still discover (this screenshot shows the old visual style):

But we didn't stop here. There's now a full-fledged in-game progress overview, accessible from the telecharger:

… we found 'mute' and we're happy
Steam users rejoice—you can finally mute your hero. It's been a long time coming since the Steam Greenlight days, but it's finally here:

Text me!
There's a bunch of major features without cool screenshots. On Steam/desktop platforms (Windows / Mac / Linux) Angeldust will now default to normal instead of huge text size and enable smooth rotation for nicer visuals on high-FPS systems. You can now also somewhat use the tab-key to navigate form fields.

On all platforms Angeldust will now lay out text much better to prevent crossing user interface element boundaries. Long text is now automatically scaled down to fit. A small tweak, but very welcomed.

Speaking of text, you can now copy chat log contents to the system clipboard using a button. Pretty useful in plenty of occasions!

We've also simplified the Angeldust Terms of Use and stopped sending account activation e-mails to new players. Just enjoy the game!

Additional changes
  • Fix trees sticking through chair blocks below
  • Optimize options menu control layout and appearance
  • Update telecharger 'Play together!' button position
  • Reorder quick message order for consistency
  • Polish the in-game Angeldust logo
  • Support even more game controller models
  • Use opaque placeholder textures for game world liquids
  • Fix generic UI bugs

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Angeldust - Firefly
Here's the list of changes in Angeldust v2.21:

Here's the Angeldust v2.21 trailer showing all major changes in glorious 1080p60:
Shades of Blue
Water looks even better now in Angeldust. With specular highlights, rolling waves and soft reflections you can dive right in!

Cloud Nine
Angeldust now has dynamic clouds gently floating by, contracting and expanding during rainfall and snowfall. Lie down in the grass with a friend and just watch the shapes come and go.

Clouds are reflected in the water and ice. Which makes them look really nice.

Fine Texture
Most materials in the game have been retextured to better connect with other materials and colors. Everything now just fits together:

The multicolored 'detailed' visual style is now default. All players will see your builds exactly like you envisioned them:

Old Crafts
Do you like outdated games? Dial the 'old-fashioned' option up a notch. 2009 just called. They want their blocky pixels back.

New Blocks
There's 55 new blocks in Angeldust v2.21. Reds, pinks and purples. There are only 50 new blocks this image, but who's counting?

There's also a water block (with ambient sound):

And a lava block (with ambient sound):

Playful sprites
The animations and liveliness of all characters has improved greatly. Everything now moves more gracefully and feels like a real part of the game world now. It's hard to convey this in an image, you need to see it in motion:

Full Menagerie
There's 25 new creatures in Angeldust. 8 new rideable ones. Go and explore. Report back here once you've found all 287 creatures!

The creature AI has also been tuned and tweaked to be much more lifelike. And also, deadlier!

Light My Way
Magical light is toned down a bit so builds actually show their true colors. Here's Toasta's tower so you can quickly see this major change. Of course, all magical lights still shine brightly at nighttime!

Additional changes
  • Many performance enhancements
  • Polished item 3D-model poses and idle and movement animations
  • Streamline sign-in form hero animation
  • Added 'minimal' texture quality menu option for very low-end systems
  • Water and lava ambient sounds
  • Attenuate hero footstep sounds
  • Improve ridden and speedy creature movement animations
  • Snappier user interface animations
  • Render detail textures in block icons
  • Smooth artificial materials now always have a hard transition
  • Make global vertex displacement effect more subtle
  • Artificial Intelligence tweaks: groups and evasion
  • Despawn abandoned rideable creatures
  • Android music and sound effect quality improvements
  • Change biome layout and natural blocks a bit
  • Updated trampoline artwork and sound

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