The Karters - SBoczek
Welcome everyone to the first Early Access Devblog! :-)

In the upcoming monthly posts, I will do my best to sum up what has been done through the past month and present the roadmap for the following weeks.

Trello - EA Development
First and foremost, I’d like to say BIG thanks to everyone who’s shared their suggestions and helpful advice on Trello. Although it’s been just a month, I can already see some great effects from opening a public Trello so you could join it.
I strongly encourage you to become a part of this creative process and leave your feedback there. I can assure you it’s really helpful! :-)

What has been done?
Marcin (Animator) is currently creating and modifying all the character animations and the accompanying weapons in The Karters. He’s done some awesome job during this month and you can see the outcomes below. Please, let us know how you like them or which your favourite one is ;-)


What next?
Our focus is now on creating more animations, as we’re aware that there’s still lots of work in this area. Next month, you’ll surely see another bunch of weapon-related animations :-)

What has been done?

Mariusz (3D graphic designer) started to work on creating the brand new kart types, with the possibility of customization. He’s already managed to create as many as 5 new karts so far.

As you can see, one of them already has replaceable parts and textures with several variations.

What next?
The other 4 karts - I am excited to see them finished, are you?

What has been done?
When it comes to my work, the past month was unfortunately not so successful. I had to handle some urgent things that came up after big changes taking place in the company.
All in all, I’ve left this bureaucratic stuff behind me and from now on, I can fully devote myself to The Karters! Yeay! :-D

What next?
My most important concern will be to improve AI and rewrite the multiplayer core - actually to fix all the multiplayer issues along with support for cross-platform multiplayer.
The properly working AI and Multiplayer are required to add the polished weapons (one by one). It’s going to be some exciting time! ;-)

I hope that the actions we’re going to take in the nearest future will restore your faith in The Karters and that every update that will come will make you believe in this game once again.

Thank you so much for your support and talk to you soon!

The Karters - SBoczek
I have just released new version with some bug fixes:

- Added changelog window
- Unlocked Controller Settings with weapon key rebind (Sound and Graphics will be unlocked soon)
- Fixed not saving joystick/keyboard configuration bug
- Fixed Ronald adventure

If you can follow development progress every day, post features request or vote for the features please join me on public Trello board:

You can follow The Karters Development progress on Steam Community as well:

Thanks for all your supoport,
The Karters - 10Ants Hill

As 10Ants Hill’s founder, I feel I owe you some apology and explanation as to the recent game’s release. Most importantly, I will try to regain your trust and belief in The Karters by clarifying what needs to be clarified and showing you a roadmap for the game so it could become the one we’ve all strived for.

Why so rushed?

Many of you have voiced your criticism that the release date seemed to be rushed. The story standing behind this decision is actually pretty simple and mundane. The studio’s existence has been always dependant on the games and apps published so far and all the money it earned was instantly invested into The Karters’ development. Unfortunately, the financial situation was getting more and more difficult and finally the time has come I found myself up against the wall - I knew we were inevitably running out of funds (and time!).

The darkest clouds would gather around us 2 months ago when I just realised we will either finish the game and release it or we won’t be even close to finishing and releasing it because the studio will simply cease to exist.

With all honesty, at the time we set the release date, I was quite confident we’ll manage to cope with the most important things to deliver a great karting experience. However, the reality turned out to be much less optimistic, as the amount of things-to-do was way too overwhelming. Nevertheless, the whole team was extremely determined and motivated to release the game in its best possible state on the premiere day and thus we literally worked day and night.

It was a very hard time for each and every member of the team but I have to say it - they did a fantastic job and I am proud of all of them. Unfortunately, despite our huge effort, the worst case scenario has come true and today I had to say goodbye to the whole team.

Skipping Early Access ...

What I consider the biggest mistake during the whole process was a too hasty decision (21st September) to skip Early Access.
Around that time the game was redesigned and the code had to be completely deleted due to rewriting gameplay mechanics and preparing the whole game for consoles in the future. This was also the time we strongly believed we’ll be able to deliver the full version of the game. Unluckily, I failed to anticipate the problems that might arise in the future and moreover, I wasn’t aware that going back to Early Access is even possible (although from time perspective, it may have been the best choice).

As for the release, I must say there are some great things about the game I’m really proud of: splitscreen multiplayer/gameplay mechanics/gamemodes etc but as hard as I tried, I didn’t have enough time to finish other crucial aspects of the game like AI/weapons or buggy multiplayer. I want you to know that both as a founder and a programmer, I take a full responsibility for the flawed state the game was released in. For that - please accept my most sincere apologies.

… and opting-in to Early Access!

Day after the release I have contacted Valve and I have told them our story. At this point I was well aware of the fact that in spite of my best intentions, I will not be able to convince a large group of our fans and followers that the bugs will be actually fixed and the game will be under constant development. It’s understandable that for many of you these could be just empty promises. I cannot express how surprised and happy I was when I got back from Valve saying they agree to change The Karters release state to Early Access. From now on, the current state of the game and the progress it is making will be crystal clear for all the community and future players.

In view to the fact that I feel nothing but sorrow that the game has failed to fulfill your expectations (to put it mildly), I would ask everyone who’s disappointed with the current state of the game and doesn’t want to see the game’s development in Early Access to ask Steam for a refund. If you already have more than 2 hours of playtime - please contact me personally at and I will make sure that you will get the refund. Let’s get this straight - The Karters has never been about the money but about creating the best contemporary karting game out there.

Future development
As mentioned before, I was forced to say goodbye to the whole team and from now on, I will be a ‘lone wolf’ who will not rest until the game gets the shape I’ve been always dreaming of. I have also the luck to be part-time supported by an animator and a 3D graphic designer and I hope we’ll get back to work full-time in the nearest future :-)

Future development - details:
First of all, I want you to know I have created a public Trello board, where you will all be able to see the development progress, a roadmap and the things I’m currently working on. You will also find the ‘animation’ and ‘3D graphics’ tasks there. Additionally, you will have a chance to vote for the tasks, leave comments and (possibly) add the requests others will be able to vote for. It’s a ‘fresh’ topic to me as well but I really hope we will all benefit from such form of game management.

Secondly, it’s not a big secret that the game has mostly programming limitations and issues but please don’t worry it’s nothing that can’t be fixed :) The updates will come as frequently as possible (please, remember you will be able to follow the progress on Trello,Discord and Steam Community) but the last thing I want is to speed things up at the expense of quality.

Please note that I have to temporarily disable ‘Race’ gamemode, as this is where both AI and the weapons require the biggest amount of work to be done. I will not deny it may take some time but I believe this is the best solution. Meanwhile, I will give every single weapon in the hands of community, as well as every phase of the improved AI so that everyone of you could see exactly in what direction this game is going. I am really looking forward your feedback and suggestions!


Last but not least, I want to apologize to you once more and I am really sorry I didn’t deliver the game you were looking forward on the release day. Opting-in Early Access, I hope not all is lost yet and I will be more than happy if you join me in this hope.

Those of you who still have faith in this project - it will be more that appreciated if you spend a few minutes and consider adjusting your review on Steam by judging the game again from Early Access perspective. If not, it will be perfectly understandable and I hope all the actions I’ll take to make this game great will convince you it’s worth giving it another go :-)

Keep your fingers crossed and please, join the development process! :-)

The Karters - 10Ants Hill
Hello everyone!

As the game is already live, we feel we need to reassure you that it will be continuously improved. Despite several negative reviews, we still believe that the game has its potential and that we’re able to deliver the game we’ve been all dreaming of.

Of course, we do realize there are plenty of bugs to be fixed but we will not give up until the game gets the shape you (and we!) always aimed for.

You can expect a more detailed update on Tuesday - it is going to show you exactly what our next steps will be.

Thank for begin with us. We hope that you won't give up on The Karters!
The Karters - 10Ants Hill
Hello Kart Fans!

This is possibly the biggest (in terms of importance) update of our entire development as The Karters is now Live!

Almost 3 years have been put into this game and we’re finally able to say that we’ve done it; we’ve done it thanks to your continuous support and we are forever grateful for your contribution throughout these years. It’s been tough, but in the end it all comes down to creating a great game, so that people will enjoy playing it and we hope we did just that.

We’re aware there are still number of bugs to be found but please, be sure we will try to patch the game up as often as we can.

If you have any suggestions and ideas you can always voice them in our Steam discussions or on Discord, or even on our Facebook and Twitter!

Let’s get it going, enjoy the game and let us know your thoughts in the comments :)
The Karters - 10Ants Hill
We have our last announcement before we launch our game.

We would like to show you our new trailer where we showcased a lot of our features that you will find in the game. Definitely, something to look forward to right?

The official release of our game is going to be in the next 3 hours, not long now!

Keep your fingers crossed!
Jun 6, 2018
The Karters - 10Ants Hill
Hello Kart Fans,

Just a short update, we are all set to bring you guys to the game!

No more delays guys! This is it!

One more day everyone, show how excited you are in the comments and by liking this announcement! See you tomorrow!
May 29, 2018
The Karters - Pawel

Dear Kart Fans,

Unfortunately, we have to postpone the release of The Karters until June 7, 2018.

The reason for this is fairly technical, we haven't been approved from Steam to release our game due to the Online Multiplayer not being fully operational. We have been fighting really hard to deliver the game, and we are truly sorry that you will have to wait one more week.

This week and the next one we are fixing what needs to be fixed, so that the game will bring lots of joy to our fans from all around the world. We hope that you will stay with us during this time as we are finally nearly releasing the game we all have been waiting for!

Let's see each other in-game next week, hopefully with even bigger numbers!
May 28, 2018
The Karters - Pawel

Hello Kart Fans,

Just so no one gets a heart attack that their The Karters Beta position in the library has disappeared - we deactivated the beta keys. This is a very common process now that we are so close to launching the full game.

The process might have reset your wishlist if you had one, so we strongly recommend wishlisting it again as you will get a notification just as the game will be released :)

Other than that...

Tomorrow is the day!

Thank you for your continuous support!
The Karters - Pawel

Greetings Kart Fans,

Just dropping in to let you guys know we're hard at work and everything is looking good and steady for launch day.

We've concluded our little poll where we ask our beloved community to help us in naming 4 characters and we've got to say we're satisfied with the results. Here are the final names for our characters:

Thank you very much for your continuous support!

So, right now we're on ensuring our game modes will be working properly, we don't want to spoil too much in this regard, but we're confident that you will have plenty of things to do in The Karters when we go live. Multiplayer has undergone some testing by professionals as well. Here's a behind-the-scenes video of their work:

We cannot wait for May 29th and to let you finally inside of The Karters world. Plenty of competitiveness awaits, a vast amount of fun to embrace - here we go! 11 days!

Let us know if you are just as excited as we are :)

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