Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB
Hello Wizards!

We've launched a small update to address some miscellaneous VOIP bugs implemented with our last patch. Check out the notes below for more details on what this update contains:
  • Fixed a bug with VOIP not logging players out of the channel when leaving a server
  • Fixed and issue where single player were joining VOIP channels
As always, thanks for your feedback and for your patience!
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB

Hello Wizards!

We've launched a small patch to address an issue introduced with Wednesday's patch. We'll be reverting all language options back to English.

Thanks for your patience!
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB

Hello Wizards!

It's that time of the week again... We're back at it with a patch today and we have many, many changes to share.

Today's patch includes a number of changes specifically requested by the community as well as fixes to some lingering bugs. Most notably, we've made changes to tame times, modified boss caves enemy perceptions for a better gameplay experience and have potentially fixed that pesky structure decay bug! We also have included a potential fix for tamed creatures falling through floors.

With today's update, you can also expect the addition of Vivox spatial VOIP. We hope you take a moment to test it out and provide us with your feedback!

As always, please let the servers restart in order to get today's update. While you wait feel free to check out the rest of our patch notes below:

Patch Notes
  • Fixed HP for marble large curved acute roof
  • Adjusted some rocks and terrain to prevent griefing
  • Many players have noted that our NPC run and flight speeds have been inconsistent. In conjunction with putting them in a new, more sensible hierarchy, we have buffed all flight trinket fly speeds to make them more viable options. The only exceptions are Daredevil's broomstick and flight of the architect, which have the same speeds as before
  • Community feedback has suggested that maintaining tames is a bit more tedious than we intended. To help reduce this grind, we have significantly buffed the tame time rewards for all raw meats, plus egg and milk. We have also slightly increased the average drop quantity of raw meats on NPCs.
  • Buffed several loot chests rewards slightly in various non-cave and non-NPC camp parts of the world
  • Players have found collision gaps in some of the rounded floor and roof pieces. These have been given tighter collision extents
  • Tweaked boss NPC perception ranges to provide a better gameplay experience
  • Adjusted geyser spell, it now has a 4m radius (was 2m) and lasts 5s instead of 9s. It should provide a better temporary forcefield from melee creatures
  • Potential fix for tames going through floors
  • Elixir of amnesia no longer clears your equipped spells
  • Player no longer dismounts while interacting
  • AOE spells now respect occlusion and no longer affect interiors of buildings when hit from the outside
  • Fixed issue with quest window getting stuck if opened and closed quickly
  • Fixed an issue where a number of creature attacks were not properly affecting other creatures
  • Fixed an issue where a flying player could wedge the camera inside objects
  • Fixed issues where the spell extract VFX would not disappear after weapon switching
  • Dismount prompt now shows proper rebound icon
  • Key Bindings are now image based
  • Fixed an issue causing player ragdolls to not work on clients
  • Fixed issues causing structure data to be sent twice
  • Added Vivox spatial VOIP
  • Open mic/push to talk setting added to the audio menu
  • Creature names are now filtered for offensive text
  • Fixed lag if quickly switching tabs with a controller
  • Fixed several server crashes
  • Inventory sort button should now properly sort items as expected
  • Fixed a bug where mana potions and health potions were not properly stat tracking for achievements
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some sliders in the options menu to get reset
  • Potential fix for structure decay happening on unexpected pieces
  • Fixed a client crash when selecting plants quickly from a plot
  • Smoothed out various loading related hitches that can occur when replicated actors come into view
  • Fixed input related issue during the intro sequence
  • Removed sway from idle animation to lessen the seasickness effect
  • Added the ability to see which structure piece a player is focused on
  • Fixed an issue with the in game audio track abruptly stops and restarts
  • Idle animation sway is now controlled by the "camera bob" setting, allowing players prone to motion sickness to play with no camera motion whatsoever if toggle

Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB
Hello Wizards!

We've launched another minor update to address a recent issue introduced for decay rates. The only change today is a fix for an issue where decay rates were sped up.

Thanks for your patience everyone.
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB

Hello Wizards!

Today's update is very minor and only includes one change. As mentioned in last week's update, we've put out a new build to address an issue with structure support not being adhered to. With this patch, we have restored the ability for buildings to fall if they do not have proper support as was originally intended.

We hope you stay tuned for our next patch and keep the feedback coming!
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB
Hello Wizards!

Today's patch is a very small one. We've launched a quick hotfix to address a small delay introduced while picking up resources from yesterday's patch.

Additional Heads Up
We have identified an issue where structure support was not being adhered to - this will be fixed for our next patch. This is an advanced warning that if you have made illegal floating structures to build supports, they will fall with next week's patch. Please make sure to make changes to your structure if necessary!

Thanks for your patience everyone, we look forward to seeing your feedback.
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB

Hello Again Wizards of Ignus!

Today is Wednesday which means it's time for another patch. This update focuses on addressing various bugs reported by the community and it also includes more game optimizations. Check out the patch list below to see what's included in our update today:

Patch Notes:
  • Refactored harvesting system to be more performant
  • Optimized server latency
  • Changed foliage collision culling
  • Trap doors are now easier to select and auto close when triggered
  • Deconstructor no longer has limits of 256
  • Swapped raw elk meat and raw poultry tame time duration increases to reflect new balance in spawn quantities/locations. Raw elk now gives 60 minutes of tame time increase, raw poultry now gives 30 minutes
  • Increased bird spawn quantities
  • Fixed an issue with the server browser panel, causing controllers to get trapped
  • Fixed a bug where restyling would sometimes not work
  • Fixed an issue where house members would spill into the invitee list and vice versa
  • Character names now use strict alpha numeric adherance
  • Low level pvp system doesn't prevent healing
  • Improved controller support for the social tab
  • Fixed missing particles from "Forged with Fire" intro scene
  • Increased some particle cull distances
  • Moved a few UI objects to support 90% screen margins
  • Restored welcome message. Use /setwelcomemessage "text" for your server to have a default greeting
  • Fixed an issue where house toggling with the 'H' key did not properly list anything
  • Fixed a number of AOE spells having no effect on PVP players
  • Fixed massive dragon fireball not affecting players

Please take a moment to let your game client update and give the servers a moment to come back up with the latest version of the game.

We hope to see you all in game soon!
Citadel: Forged with Fire - SOuNDSNC

We're continuing to iron out any potential issues that have been introduced with Monday's patch.

-Mana Generators will properly fuel all sources
-Reformation stones will heal all structures
-Removed nature's essence as a requirement for mulch, dropped nature's essence requirement on Hobart's Growth Solution from 3 to 1
-Fixed an issue where custom server players could not travel to boss dungeons without experiencing collision issues

We thank you very much for you patience and appreciate your involvement in bringing any issues to light.
Citadel: Forged with Fire - SOuNDSNC
We just put out a small patch to address an issue with servers kicking players unexpectedly.

We are aware there are issues with generators and structure decay. We hope to address those issues shortly.

Thanks for your patience.
Citadel: Forged with Fire - BISB

Hello Wizards!

We're launching a small patch to address a couple of issues reported from yesterday's update. You'll find with this patch that we've made the following changes:
  • Fixed an issue causing servers to crash when saving character data
  • Fixed an issue with tamed creatures dying/disappearing
  • Fixed an issue that could happen with tamed creatures teleporting to the character when set to follow
Thanks to those who sent in their crash reports! We encourage you to continue to report any problems as they come.

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