Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix

I'm happy to inform that Cyber Sentinel is released today for mobile platforms: iOS and Android. I hope that this will let new players play the game, have fun and also contribute to our Community Levels and Solutions.

Links for mobile versions:

Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix

As previously announced I've uploaded new update to Cyber Sentinel game that gives online level statistics.

After finishing level you will get information how many states, conditions, transitions and steps your solution took and you can compare this result with other users (because they are uploaded to server) and also all your friends that also played this game.

Stats will also be displayed for each in-game level you beat and before starting each community level.

I have also another favour to ask all players who beat the game to replay as many levels as they can with their saved solutions to populate database with their stats. When you load community solution then your statistics will not be uploaded. Only original solutions will be considered.

There were also some bugfixes done and I hope no new bugs were introduced. However if you find any please report them.

I hope this new feature will give you all new reasons to replay levels to beat your scores and stats.

I'm planning other things for this project so stay tuned!

Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix
I've finished implementing one new feature in the Cyber Sentinel game that is now undergoing some tests - online user stats for every level that will tell the players how good solution they've created. Stats are divided in four categories: number of states, number of transitions made, number of conditions and total number of steps that simulation took.

Here's quick gif of the feature:

Players will also have ability to compare their stats with friends. Very similar to TIS-100 approach.

That's only one of few addons/patches I plan to implement in the future so stay tuned.

Additionally I have a big favor to ask all of the game fans - If you like the game, would like something to be changed etc. please write a review - this will really help new guys to decide to buy or not to buy Cyber Sentinel.
Aug 19, 2016
Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix
New things fixed:
- small bug in switch behaviour (made one user level unplayable but it works now)
- fixed lasers - they can now be larger than 10+10 squares
- saving user level solutions - game saves your solution between level edits, also saves solution when saving level. One condition: solution must be compatible with next version of your level (equal programs count etc.)
Aug 18, 2016
Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix
Next small update:
- fixed teleport error causing breach in time and space :)
- disabled ability to collect data and press switches under lasers
- changed buttons for speed change to slider, now you can change speed faster
- changed max speed drastically

Some of these fixes can break some crazy levels and/or solutions that used bugs in game and render them unbeatable. I will delete them soon but for now you can test them for yourself

Thanks Woody Mokey and Leo Chang for finding these bugs and provide us these crazy levels as proof. Great work guys!
Aug 14, 2016
Cyber Sentinel - mindhelix
I did small update that makes these changes:
- fixed tutorial error reported by user piyoko - thanks
- fixed volume bars - now they should work better (linear changes)
- fixed missing strings in Italian translation
- added shortcuts in level editor to quickly change piece type/configuration tool (try 0-9 keys) -

If you have bug reports, suggestions - please don't hesitate to write!
For now I'm thinking about adding more shortcuts in-game.
Also thinking about adding more optimisation stats at the end of each level (states used, transitions used, simulation steps needed to finish level). What do you guys and gals think?

Cheers and have fun playing!

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