Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Unusualsoft
You have all been waiting for this. Multiple Balls in Ball 3D!

Tell others about the update please, spread the word.

- Multiple Balls on warmup!
- 6 new stadiums.
- Emotions are bigger now.
- Bug fixes.
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Unusualsoft
The look of the game changed. You can enjoy improved game modes and menu. Check it for yourself.
Dec 28, 2018
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
If you haven't noticed yet, to celebrate Christmas, every player got the PRO account for free for 7 days. I invite you to play and try the features from the PRO, I hope you will enjoy them.
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
We have a new amazing game mode in the game! Go to the rainbow ball on top of the room list to see the new stadium.

Other changes:
- Racing Ball Mode!
- Black colors and backgrounds for PRO players.
- OLD SCHOOL Fire Ball has been improved.
- Heart has been fixed.
- Room list search box now allows you to search for: players, rooms, tags, stadiums.
Sep 9, 2018
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
Click the SHARE button below this video on facebook to add +1 to our Ball 3D Love Counter. If everyone who sees this post would click SHARE, Ball 3D would become the TOP 1 game on Steam.

If you want Ball 3D to be more popular, participate in our event and also ask your friends to do the same. Let's show the world that we are a nice community who cares about our game!

Watch the video and share:
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
If you want Ball 3D to have more updates, buy the new Old School DLC. Thank you for your support!
- Racing Ball Mode has been added to the game!
- Old School DLC with 27 stadiiums.
- PRO rooms - only players who play Ball 3D for more than 30 days can join.
- Kick vote is available only on PRO dedicated rooms.
- New players can play ranking games only if they played Ball 3D for at least 10 days.
- You can see the name of the stadium before joining the room.
- Flying antilag bug has been fixed.
- You can now play and vote for 9v9 and 11v11 modes.
- Players are now called beginners only for 30 days (it was 200 days before).
- You can not vote kick in ranking games.
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
World Cup is coming! To celebrate this I have decided to make a HUGE promotion -60% for keys! The offer is time limited.

5 Keys Bundle for only 4.99$ (-60%) (0.99$ for a key!)

The price of a single Key also drops from 2.49$ to 1.49$.

In some countries the prices are even lower, so check them for your country here:
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
To celebrate the ANOIX release on Steam, I have a special promotion for you!

Buy ANOIX in the first 24 hours after the release, play it for at least 2 hours and you will get 10 Ball 3D keys for free!

Keys are worth 25$ and you will get them only for 5.99$ (plus you will have a very nice game ANOIX!)

When you do this, write an e-mail to me with your nick at

Remember, you have only 24 hours! The game is about to be released so the timer will start soon...

You can see ANOIX here: ANOIX
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
Ball 3D has been updated.
- Hockey is now working (I recommend you to try it).
- Green Box has been added (open it to support me and the game).
Feb 16, 2018
Ball 3D: Soccer Games - Maniek
Since today for every $9 you spend in Ball 3D, you will receive a trading card. You can collect 12 of them and craft Ball 3D badges (along with Ball 3D emoticons and backgrounds) or you can sell them to other players and earn some $

Trading cards on the Steam market:

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