Jul 31
Call Of The Mighty Warriors - AccessViolation

Note: If you use Windows 7 or higher, ignore this part.

Since Valve is planning to stop supporting the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, I will make the DRM optional.

You will be able to launch the game without the Steam client, but, you will have the following restrictions:

  • Downloadable content (DLCs), the content from the DLCs will only be available if you launch the game through Steam.
  • Trading cards, you have to launch the game through Steam client to receive them, as usual, since they are a feature from Steam.
  • Achievements, also works only if you start the game through Steam client.
  • Updates, since the game is hosted on Steam server, without the client you will not be able to update the game anymore.

As you can see, there will be some restrictions if you run the game outside Steam, but, this is the only way to maintain the game available for you if you cannot use the client anymore.



Warning: No one is allowed to sell keys for the games created by SC Jogos, except Steam. Keys illegally sold on other markets can be revoked!

Remember that if you have got a key from a bundle you can only trade it and not resell it.

I am having a lot of problems with people selling keys for the SC Jogos games on other markets, which is not allowed. Because of that I will ask you guys to activate your keys until December 31, 2018.

I want to put an end on some shady business happening elsewhere and I will take stronger actions against it.

The games are cheap and you can also buy one of the bundles on Steam to get a better price. There is no need to buy keys on other places.

Current Bundles on Steam:

Note: Some of the Bundles may not be available for your region.

SC Jogos
Jul 5
Call Of The Mighty Warriors - AccessViolation
Hi guys!

First of all, I want to say that our creators page is here and you can follow our page if you wish so!
( https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/scjogos )

Now, about the future of the games:


I had a few setbacks these last couple months with the game. As you guys already know, the art of the game was bought from an artist on the Asset Store and just recently he updated the package replacing a few things. That makes the whole thing useless for me now, if I change something on the game I will have to redo a lot of work and the technical issues that the package had are still there.

For the past two months I am trying to find a new artist to do the work for me, but, without success. That means that the next updates will take longer to be released, sorry guys!

Call Of The Mighty Warriors and Cube Land Arena:

As you guys already know, I have bought back these games from Camaquem. I am still exploring those project to see what I will do first, but, soon we will have some updates and changes for these games.

Ninja Stealth 3

Some improvements for the game will be released soon and I will balance a few levels that are too hard to complete.

SC Jogos
Call Of The Mighty Warriors - AccessViolation
Hi guys!

For those who do not know, Camaquem was a group a while ago but we ended up splitting the group and it turned into 2 different publishers, Camaquem and SC Jogos.

Now, after some negotiations, SC Jogos bought back the games Call Of The Mighty Warriors and Cube Land Arena and I will continue to develop those games for now on.

So, stay tuned because soon we will have some new stuff for the games. Any ideas and/or suggestions are always welcome!

Feb 15, 2017
Community Announcements - Monkey D. Luffy
Finally, the first big version of Call of the Mighty Warriors is complete.

It is already on steam, you can download it just by installing it on the common way.


• Rewritten the entire code base of the game in order to organize and recognize better the primary functions of each object, this will allow a higher frequency of updates and enhancements to the game on the future.
• Created a core of algorithms which speeds up the development of the game and helps also speeding up the frequency of updates.
• Removed almost the entire art (which belong to other people that did not take part of the development of the game) from the game.
• In order to remove the entire art of the game, a new style of art was created, trying to represent the pixel art, the maps with old styles prior to the first version are not available anymore. (Thanks for everyone comprehension).
• New abilities were implemented on the towers.
• A new kind of troop were created for the archers tower.
• Both skills, ally and enemy troops had their base code redone therefore, have undergone many changes, now the troops have elemental weakness as well as the abilities cause elemental damage.
• A more intuitive interface system was implemented where when you click on a tower you have the description and translation on your language of what each option does in a more declared way.
• By causing and receiving damage, the troops (enemies and allies) shows a little number which goes up and disappear, this is the new indicator of real time damage.
• The artificial Intelligence of the troops (ally and enemy) were totally rewritten, the AI of the ally troops did not changed too much, but the AI of the enemy troops were shaped in a way that they does not enter in collision with each other.
• An obligatory tutorial was created.
• Game now supports all kinds of screen dimensions and sizes.
Jun 6, 2016
Community Announcements - Camaquem
Dear Warriors, we have released today a small update which includes a range of new enemies (knights). Since the game does not have too much different enemies we are launching this update today, we hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned to further releases.

Qapla' !!!

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