Aven Colony - Paul T
Hi everyone,

We've posted a quick update that significantly improves the interface for Energy Batteries:

Some users had expressed a desire to have Energy Batteries turn on automatically and remain on even when their excess power is no longer needed. Now, you can achieve that result using the new interface; just set the check boxes to the opposite of the settings shown above.

These settings are global and always apply to all Energy Batteries.

The button has also changed from opening the Powers & Policies pane to directly toggling the battery state.

We've also checked in some fixes for a few issues with Ark Ships building installations.

  • The button on the Energy Battery selection panel is now "Toggle Active" instead of "Open Powers & Policies"
  • The Energy Battery selection panel now has an option "Batteries turn on automatically" -- turning this on will automatically turn on Battery Mode in the event of a power deficit in the primary power zone
  • The Energy Battery selection panel now has an option "Batteries turn off when not needed"; turning this off will allow Battery Mode to remain on even when the excess power is no longer needed
  • When loading a saved game, any "orphaned" installations on the expedition screen will be assigned an Ark ship to build them (or removed if you have no Ark ships)
  • Fixed bug with unfinished Missile Launcher installations sometimes being able to fire missiles at approaching threats
  • Fixed bug with ark ships not being able to build when they reached an installation IF their queue was screwed up
  • The "Remove" button that appears when selecting unfinished installations is now ALWAYS visible and selectable on the POI panel even if no Ark Bay is currently selected

Also, don't forget that we're holding a competition for the 3 new challenge maps! Although Melodix has claimed the prize by posting a brilliant playthrough of Boreal Bay (see link below), the other maps remain unclaimed.


Be the first player to record a full playthrough of Icebound Isle or Bluestone Falls at Insane difficulty as per the Rules, and you could win some of the fabulous prizes shown below ... in addition to fame, glory, and bragging rights for all eternity!

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community, and we look forward to bringing you many more updates in the future.

Aven Colony - Paul T
Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads-up that we've put up another update for Aven Colony! This update completely revamps the game's ice effects, in addition to a few other fixes.

Additional Changes
  • There's now an option in the Gameplay options sections to disable the visor frost effect.
  • Improved battery indicator: now has a green outline when active.
  • The indicators at the bottom of the screen have been reformatted to not overlap at 1600x1024.
  • Any "Build N buildings" mission objective now instantly completes if you hit the building limit
  • Due to a slight change in ocean currents, Serpent Isle water now freezes during winter, just like all other parts of Aven Prime
  • Fixed a rare stability issue related to expeditions
  • The startup logos are now the same as on console (Mothership & Team17 logos)

In case you missed it, we recently released Content Drop 3 to PC ... be sure to check out our post here!

Also, don't forget that we're holding a competition for the 3 new challenge maps! Be the first player to record a full playthrough of any of the 3 challenge maps at Insane difficulty as per the Rules, and you could win some of the fabulous prizes shown below ... in addition to fame, glory, and bragging rights for all eternity!

We are hard at work bringing content drop 3 to console. We're also expecting to deliver the 4th challenge map (which will also be available as a sandbox map) in the first week of March.

Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

Aven Colony - Paul T
We're holding a Challenge Map competition to celebrate the release of Aven Colony Content Drop 3 on Steam!

The official competition rules are posted here:


Also, see this post for a full list of all the new features in content drop 3: http://steamcommunity.com/games/484900/announcements/detail/3330846125844964424
Aven Colony - Paul T
Hi everybody! Aven Colony content drop 3 is now live! We've made a new video available to explain the new features; please check it out here:



Here's a detailed list of the major new features and changes:

Major Changes
  • New Governor Perks system! Select 1 of 15 perks when starting any new mission (see below for a full list).
  • New Challenge Missions: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle. These are very challenging missions designed for experienced players, but can be played at the same 7 difficulty settings as campaign missions.
  • New sandbox maps: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle are also now available as sandbox maps.
  • Landing sites: all sandbox maps now have alternate "A" and "B" start locations (for the existing maps, "A" is the previous location, and "B" is the new one)
  • Revised sandbox setup: completely overhauled the sandbox setup UI to better display all possible options, and added a few more sandbox setup options
  • Revised difficulty setup: changed campaign mission difficulty to a list instead of a drop-down. Also, changing campaign mission difficulty now shows what options are impacted (note that unlike sandbox, these cannot be changed individually; all are determined by the difficulty setting)
  • New building: Water Treatment Plant! The Water Treatment Plant recovers an amount of water that scales with the total inhabitants of any directly adjacent residential buildings. Note that each residential building can only be served by 1 Water Treatment Plant.
  • New indicator: battery power! This indicator only appears at the bottom of the screen if your colony has Energy Batteries. It also doubles as a button and can be used to turn Battery Mode on or off.
  • New overlays: Health, Turret Coverage, Lightning Tower Coverage (special thanks to streamer @SlimNasty2013 for suggesting these!)

Here's a full list of the new governor perks:

Governor Perks
  • Arkitect: You have been chosen to build the Arks! Ark Launchers cost 50% as many Nanites, Ark vessels move 25% faster, and Expedition Centers and all remote installations cost 25% fewer Nanites.
  • Boost Engineer: You have an unusual knack for getting the most out of colony boosts. Boosts drain power 33% more slowly and are researched 50% faster.
  • Doctor: You specialize in keeping colonists healthy. Hospitals and Decontamination Units cost 33% fewer Nanites and plague spreads at 50% speed.
  • Drone Tech: You are one with the drones. Construction drones build, repair, & upgrade 20% faster and you recover an additional 10% of the original Nanite cost when recycling a building. Scrubber & Police Drones are also 15% more effective.
  • Electrician: You have a knack for optimizing a colony's electrical inputs. Geothermals, Zorium Plants, and Transceivers generate 6% more power and all electricity-generating structures can be produced for 10% fewer Nanites.
  • Farmer: You have a green thumb. Potash is consumed 10% more slowly, and all farming structures are 6% more productive and cost 5% fewer Nanites.
  • Industrialist: You are a captain of industry. Mills and Chemical Plants have a 20% lower Nanite cost and operate 10% faster.
  • Miner: You specialize in mining. All Mines and Laser Mines recover minerals 8% faster, and Deep Core Mine installations outside your colony are 10% more productive.
  • Pharmacist: You are unusually familiar with enhancement substances. Enhancer Bars consume enhancers 30% more slowly and cost 40% fewer Nanites to build. Enhancers are also manufactured 15% faster.
  • Politican: You are unusually popular with everyone. Purpose morale is 1 point higher, Freedom morale penalties are 20% lower, and you can win elections with only 45% of the vote instead of 50%.
  • Polymath: You're multi-talented! This perk allows you to select 2 other perks. Unfortunately, you're also unpopular: this reduces Purpose morale in your colony by 10. You must achieve the rank of High Commander or higher in the campaign to unlock this perk,
  • Scientist: You are unusually talented with technological research. Research Centers and Artifact Containment Units cost 40% fewer Nanites, and your research efforts are 20% faster.
  • Trader: You have a knack for trade. Trade Hubs cost 40% fewer Nanites, trade ships are 20% faster, and the maximum Nanite value of trade deals with remote settlements is 50% higher.
  • Warrior: You are skilled in the arts of war. Plasma Turrets, Tier-2 Expedition Centers, and remote missile batteries cost 35% less to build. Plasma Turrets, remote missile batteries, and Tier-2 expedition ships fire 25% faster.
  • Xeno Botanist: You have an advanced degree in extraterrestrial genetics! All farming structures are 6% more productive when growing alien crops, and you are able to process foods made from alien crops 7% faster.

Note that all Perks that give Nanite discounts also increase the construction speed of the related structures by the same percentage (i.e. 10% discount on a building = build it 10% faster).

Additional Changes
  • Improved frame rates for larger colonies
  • Mills and Chemical Plants now get a 75% production bonus at tier 2 instead of 60%
  • Mills now cost 2 fewer Nanites and use 2 less power
  • Imploding plague microbes now attempt to infect 1 colonist in any neighboring tile that has inhabitants or workers; this makes plague infections somewhat more challenging
  • Fixed a broken mission objective related to trading Entari Oatmeal in Sandy Gulch
  • It's now possible to delete unassigned custom trade contracts
  • The "Go To" button on notifications now zooms out if needed
  • The "Go To" button on notifications now properly exits cinematic camera mode
  • Fixed issues with Ctrl-key highlighting for Nanite Processors toggling values on secondary Processors instead of setting them
  • Ctrl-key highlighting now works for selecting/deselecting enhancers on all Enhancer Bars in the colony simultaneously
  • Ark ships now work even when their Ark Bay is out of power
  • Plasma Turrets no longer depend on a Research Center before they can be built
  • Maximum Stadium Entertainment morale boost reduced from 36 to 34
  • Maximum Earth History Center Entertainment morale boost reduced from 30 to 28
  • There's now a unique icon on the selection pane when a building is shut down
  • Sandbox options now have a higher amount of resources at the highest "Starting Resources" setting
  • Improved target prioritization for plasma turrets -- now puts a lower priority on shards and sandworms
  • There are now 5 different resource levels available in Sandbox instead of just 3
  • Idle artifacts no longer say "Active (0%)" on the progress bar; they say "Idle" instead
  • Fix for a rare bug with the Space Elevator capsule being seen in the wrong location
  • The "Load Game" dialog now states whether the selected save is from a campaign, challenge, or sandbox map
  • The "Mission Settings" pane in the Colony Control panel now states the current governor perk
  • For sandbox missions, the "Mission Settings" pane in the Colony Control panel now states the landing site ("A" or "B")
  • The old "Colonist Overlay" is now the "Morale Overlay" (since all the functionality related to health & plague infections has been moved into the new "Health Overlay")
  • The productivity bonuses from multiple enhancer bars no longer stack
  • Fixed a rare stability issue with renaming Ark vessels
  • Lots of visual improvements to the outer menus
  • Fixed lots of small localization issues

Thank you for your support and for bearing with us as we work continuously to make Aven Colony an even better game.


We hope you enjoy all the new content, and we are very excited for all that's yet to come. We hope you are too!

Paul Tozour and the Mothership Entertainment team
Aven Colony - Paul T
Hi everybody! We've just posted a quick update for Aven Colony (1.0.24055). We've made a new video available to explain the new features; please check it out here!



Here's a more detailed list of the new features and changes:

Change List

  • Overhauled the main menu
  • Improved the player rank UI
  • Revised & expanded the looping main menu video
  • Added a new Cinematic Camera mode, accessible by pressing Backspace or by selecting a VR Center in-game and selecting "Cinematic Camera." Right-clicking transitions to a different camera, and you can exit this mode by zooming with the mouse wheel, pressing the bar at the top of the screen, or pressing a key shortcut for any other camera mode. Check your key bindings if this option does not appear when hitting Backspace.
  • Design change: when you cancel construction of an installation before it's built, all food, water, and nanites now get instantly refunded instead of remaining on the Ark ship. Passengers, however, do remain onboard.
  • Hitting Esc now cancels you out of the current camera mode if not in the normal camera.
  • Reduced the chance of creep and plague spores and some other threats by 5-10% at normal difficulty.
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash bug
  • Improved German/Spanish/Italian/French/Russian/Chinese translations
  • Fixed bug with the colonist quantity not properly fitting in the box when 1000 or higher ("1.0 Tsd")
  • Changed some of the aggregate morale values to say "X / Y" instead of a percentage, in response to a user request
  • Fixed a bug with "insufficient housing" notifications when you actually had a few open slots
  • Bug fix: guardians linked to special rewards in Eden Crater no longer get respawned
  • It's now much easier to get the "Explorer" achievement; it no longer requires 100% of the fog to be cleared
  • Fixed a bug where remote settlements sometimes didn't properly have their resources removed from trade

Thank you for your support and for bearing with us as we work continuously to make Aven Colony an even better game.

We hope you enjoy all the new content, and we are very excited for all that's yet to come. We hope you are too!


Paul Tozour and the Mothership Entertainment team
Aven Colony - Paul T
Content drop 2: The Expedition Update is a free content update for Aven Colony now available on Steam / PC and coming to console very soon.

We've made a new video available to explain the new features; please check it out here!


Here's a more detailed breakdown of all the new features.

For those of you playing on console, rest assured that content drop 1 is coming to console this month followed by content drop 2 not long after that! See the video above for more information.

The Overworld Map

First, we’ve made huge changes to the expedition interface. The expedition UI is now a first-class game mode. And that means that you can now:

  • change the game speed inside the expedition interface;
  • view your food and water and other indicators at the bottom while in this mode;
  • use in-game UI elements like notifications, mission objectives, and the colony control panel.

We’ve also renamed this to “the overworld map” since it’s now MUCH more tightly integrated into the game. Other major changes include:

  • You can also now see threats like creep spores and plague spores approaching your colony on the overworld map before they actually arrive
  • You can also now issue commands to your ships simply by right-clicking
  • Redesigned and improved a lot of the expedition UI, such as redesigning and enlarging the panel that appears when you click on a point of interest
  • Expedition POIs will gradually respawn over time once you clear enough of them, allowing you to attain up to 99 commendations
  • You can now build remote installations on the overworld map -- these are described below
  • You can now click and drag the vessel list to move it out of the way

Revised Camera System

We also overhauled the camera system to allow you to smoothly zoom in or out. If you’re in the normal game view, you can use the mouse wheel or a key shortcut to zoom out to a new top-down view we’re calling “Satellite Camera Mode.” And from there, you can zoom out again to go straight to the overworld map.

You can also zoom right in to the surveillance camera. Just zoom in the mouse wheel and it will go right in to the nearest surveillance camera.

So there are 4 levels of the camera system, and you can switch smoothly back and forthn between all of them with the mouse wheel or key shortcuts.

Remote Installations

We’re also now supporting a feature to let you actually extend your civilization out beyond the borders of your colony and build remote installations on the overworld map.

There are 4 different kinds of installations:

  • Settlements are essentially like micro-colonies outside your main colony, and over time, you can set up custom trade contracts with them. This is a great way to get more food and minerals late in the game, and we’ll discuss custom trade contracts a bit later in the video.
  • Missile Launchers defend your colony from threats approaching on the overworld map, which gives you a way of destroying creep spores and plague spores and other threats before they even reach you.
  • Solar Arrays collect huge amounts of solar power and beam it back to your colony. You can collect that power with a special Transceiver building discussed below.
  • Deep Core Mines continuously collect minerals from deep underground and give them to the nearest Remote Settlement so you can acquire them with trade.

All of these installations work a little differently from buildings inside your colony. Not only do they cost nanites, but they take some food, water out of your inventory as well, and some of your colonists are also going to be removed from your colony to help provide staff for these remote installations.

Each remote Settlement can support up to 2 other installations of any type nearby. Each Remote Settlement also requires 1 Colony Terminal in your colony to support it. You can build a maximum of 5 Settlements total.

You can cancel construction of an installation before it's been built, but you cannot remove it once it has been constructed. By default, installations will be named automatically ("Remote Settlement Alpha"), but you can simply click on the name in the panel to change an installation's name.

Ark Launcher

In order to create these installations, you need to build the new Ark Launcher building. Just like a Trade Hub or an Immigration Center, you build an Ark Launcher and it comes with its own ship.

Once you have an Ark, you can send it out onto the overworld map to build remote installations.

Note that Ark ships can explore the map (revealing the fog-of-war) and build installations, but they cannot visit POI locations. Only Expedition Vessels can visit POIs and earn commendations.

Colony Terminal

In order to support your remote installations, you’ll need to build a new residential building called the Colony Terminal. The Colony Terminal is an animating structure inspired by the “Dynamic Tower” currently under construction in Dubai. It’s divided into segments that can rotate individually to give the inhabitants a better view of the colony around them.

The Colony Terminal has several purposes.

Not only is it a residential building, it also has a hovercar station built into the top of the tower. It can exchange hovercars with any other Hovercar Stations or Colony Terminals nearby. Each Remote Settlement you build outside your colony needs to be supported by one Colony Terminal inside your colony. Once this happens, you’ll occasionally see hovercars arriving from outside the map or flying over the hills toward the remote settlements you’ve built as the colonists travel back and forth.


Next is the Transceiver. The Transceiver is a levitating mirror system that collects the solar energy from your remote solar arrays outside the colony. It provides a huge amount of power that can really help your colony keep going in the endgame.

Tier-2 Expedition Center

We’ve also added a new tier 2 version of the Expedition Center. This upgrades your expedition ship to a much tougher vessel with a higher expedition rating. In order to build this expedition center, you first need to earn 10 commendations from doing expeditions. It can also act as a remote sentry on the overworld map, firing missiles at any approaching threats.

Custom Trade Contracts

We also have added support for custom trade contracts with Remote Settlements. If you’ve built a settlement outside your colony, you can now trade with it and pick the specific resources you want to import or export.

Cultist Airships

Aven Colony is also getting a new enemy type with this content drop. The Valley of Death mission in the campaign involves cultists following the Cult of the Seterdari, and we thought it was time to bring those out of the expedition system and have them attack your colony in person. Now, in the last 2 missions of the single-player campaign, you can be attacked by cultists in their airship.

Depending on your sandbox map settings, you can also experience cultist airship attacks in sandbox games.

Revised Water

We’ve also completely overhauled the water system in Aven Colony. All of the lakes and rivers and oceans in the game now use a brand new system that gives us much better-looking water.

Revised Building Shutdown

The building shutdown mechanic has also been overhauled!

Previously, buildings had to be in a power zone with a power shortage in order to be shut down. Now, we’ve changed building shutdown to be based on energy batteries.

Most buildings can be shut down at any time, but while they’re shut down, they’ll drain 50% of their normal power consumption from Energy Batteries. This makes it possible to shut down buildings at any time, while also increasing the utility of Energy Batteries.

Building Limit

We’ve also added a new building limit to the game.

Now, before you start worrying, I want to promise that you can override this in the game options, so you can still build a colony as big as you want.

But we were finding that some players with low-end hardware were building colonies much bigger than they needed to and that their graphics hardware couldn’t support at a decent frame rate. So, we’re doing this to encourage players to build colonies that are a more reasonable size and make sure players with low-end hardware understand the trade-offs involved.

The current limit is:

  • 300 buildings base (not including tunnels) -- this is roughly the size of a colony that can cover every single available tile in the Vanaar map
  • +40 buildings per remote settlement your colony supports (i.e., max of 500 with 5 possible settlements)

Note that this will NOT affect console once this content drop reaches console, as it is already limited to 300 buildings.

New Threat Markers

All threats in the game now are highlighted by an animated red diamond. This makes them MUCH more visible when there's a lot going on, or when you're looking at the colony from above in the new Satellite Camera Mode.

Threat markers will be shown for the following threat types:

  • creep spores
  • plague spores
  • plague spore microbes inside tunnels
  • attacking hover guardians
  • toxic gas eruptions
  • sandworms
  • water worms
  • the new cultist airships

Additional Features and Tuning Changes

  • New game options: "Disable building limits", "Disable mouse wheel camera transitions" and "Disabling building ghosting during placement"
  • Megastructures now cost roughly 10% more Nanites to construct and take longer to build
  • Added new POI type for expeditions: "Unidentified Aquatic Life Form"
  • Slightly increased the chance of multiple creep spores, plague spores, cultist ships, or attacking guardians for large colonies
  • Added a "Build 2 Settlements" or "Build 3 Settlements" objective to nearly all missions, including sandbox; in most cases these replace old late-game objectives to get 16 or 18 commendations (note that saved games in these maps will still have the old objectives and they will still work)
  • Removed the final Sandy Gulch objective to collect sandworm meat and replaced it with 3 new objectives: build a Colony Terminal; build an Ark Launcher; build a Remote Settlement
  • In-game SHIPE calls can now play on the overworld map; they no longer pause while the overworld map is active
  • Mouse buttons 4 and 5 have now been remapped to "surveillance camera" and "satellite camera"; note that you will need to reset your key bindings in the options menu to get this change
  • "Rotate building left/right during placement" have been remapped to the '[' and ']' keys; note that you will need to reset your key bindings in the options menu to get this change
  • Updated Holo-Sim 1 to include instructions on using expedition mode and satellite camera mode
  • The "Overworld Map" button on the main menu will now show a red diamond next to it indicating the number of currently approaching threats
  • You can now switch between camera modes just by clicking on the title at the top-center of the UI
  • The PgUp/PgDn keys now zoom in/out smoothly and continuously
  • Azara Falls now asks you to build Space Elevator instead of a Stadium at the end
  • Expedition Centers can now be recycled! Note that the ship must be docked in order to recycle the Expedition Center.
  • 25% of hovercars now have fins in the back

Features Removed

  • Removed the middle tier of Energy Batteries. The old tier-3 is now called "Tier 2" and tier-2 does not exist. All Energy Batteries in saved games higher than tier-2 will now be "Tier 2," with the capabilities of what was previously called "tier 3." This is a free upgrade for old tier-2 batteries -- you're welcome! :)
  • The old "Zorium Bombs" research topic has been removed, as have the mission objectives to research them. Zorium Bombs are obsolete now that the tier-2 Expedition Center has been added. Games saved with the old mission objectives to research Zorium Bombs will still have the mission objective but will instantly complete once the objective is activated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with trees / foliage visually "thrashing" when pausing or unpausing
  • Mission objectives that require you to keep a building for X amount of time now take into account how much time they've been functional before the mission objective was granted; this is especially helpful for the Vanaar speed run achievement, which is extremely difficult otherwise. You can now build an Earth History Center sooner and get credit for the final "One More Sol" mission objective for all the time that it's been around.
  • Fixed issues with saved camera positions (Ctrl-6 through Ctrl-0) not being recalled properly (keys 6 through 0) if they were too close to the edge of the map
  • You can no longer have a save game file name with just whitespace
  • Expedition centers loaded from old saved games now are properly recyclable
  • Solar Panels no longer play the "servo" sound in winter, when they don't move
  • Immigration Centers should now always properly redistribute immigrants if there's enough room
  • Residents of buildings being destroyed should now always properly redistribute if there's enough room
  • Fixed shard storm impact effect sounds not playing on campaign Kelori Strand or Cerulean Vale
  • Fixed bug that caused colonists not to be added properly for extremely large colonies
  • Fixed bug with some vertical sol lines not rendering properly in the Stats panel
  • Crewmembers in expedition ships no longer try to emigrate
  • Fixed a bug where creep could sometimes spread too fast
  • Fixed bug with building implosion sounds not attenuating properly
  • Fixed a rock with no collision in Vanaar
  • Fixes to some very rare stability issues
  • Lots of other little bug fixes
  • The README has now been localized into French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, and Chinese

Performance Optimizations

  • Optimized drone rendering
  • Optimized game logic for Service buildings
  • Optimized Hovercar Garage performance
  • Optimized worker reassignment among buildings

Please note that if absolutely necessary, you can revert to the previous version of Aven Colony on Steam using the beta password contentDrop1 to revert to the content_drop_1 branch. However, do let us know if you run into any bugs or issues that make this necessary, and note that any saved games saved with the current version will not be available with this older branch.

EDIT: On December 6, we released a small hotfix (1.0.23705); update notes are here

Thank you for your support and for being part of a terrific community.

We hope you enjoy all the new content, and we are very excited for all that's yet to come. We hope you are too!


Paul Tozour and the Mothership Entertainment team
Aven Colony - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 40% on Aven Colony!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Aven Colony - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 40% on Aven Colony!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Aven Colony - Paul T
Hi everyone! Just a quick note to update you on our status.
  • Our top priority right now is getting content drop 1 onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a free update. A a dedicated team is working on this and we're happy to report that a ton of progress has been made here and we're getting closer every day.
  • Just behind that is our work on Content Drop 2. While we're not ready to announce an ETA, we're at least 95% complete with the PC-side effort here. We've announced a new integrated camera system for this, along with a new tier 2 variant of the Expedition Center, and also posted several related teaser shots and GIFs to Twitter and Facebook related to lots of other new features, which we've reposted below. We think you'll be very surprised at what's coming to Aven Colony!

Finally, some of our art team have already started work toward content drop 3. Yes, that's right -- there will be at least one more big, FREE content drop coming after content drop 2!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!

We also have a new Discord channel as part of Team17's new Discord server. Stop by and say hi!
Aven Colony - DKShadow_Team17

Our five winners have been announced over on Twitter. Thanks to everyone who entered; look forward to more competitions - and more cool content to show off - in the future!

Original post
Greetings governors!

While we’re hard at work on the next content drop bringing even more free content to Aven Colony, we’ll be running our very first competition over the next week. To enter, head on over to Twitter and tweet a screenshot of your best, prettiest, coolest, largest, most well governed colony using #MyAvenColony for a chance to win a set of very limited Governor/Expedition President pin badges!

The competition is open worldwide, and you can enter as often as you want. We’ll pick and announce five (5) winners on Friday, 20th Oct. 2017 at 3 PM BST.

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