Apr 3, 2018
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Hey, everybody!

My new game will finally be released on April 13th! It's a single player / co-op shooter in the same universe as Battle Dome (Many of the BD levels even appear at certain points in the game).

I hope you all enjoy it! Please let me know what you think, and feel free to share any comments or suggestions you may have.

I've been working with a partner on this game (/u/PaloDeQueso) and he will be happy to answer any questions as well.

Link to the store page -

Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Battle Dome is 70% off this weekend!


A strange hallway has appeared...

Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
- Revamped the AI. The AI now moves freely though the map, exploring, tracking down players, and completing objectives (like getting the flag or defending the flag carrier).

- AI has been added to a bunch of new maps (trackpad maps only).

- New Gun, the LMG! Has a large drum magazine, but is slow and inaccurate. Great for suppressive fire, or for people who hate reloading.

- New Jetpack Map, Factory! This map has a lot of verticality to it, and was made specifically for the jetpack.

- New Horror Coop level! Make your way around the factory, trying to locate the correct switches to return power to the teleporter.

- Jetpack maps now have the option between limited fuel and unlimited fuel (fly around without having to worry about gravity).

- Made a lot of changes to the map Canyon to make it more limited fuel jetpack friendly.

I hope you all enjoy the update!! Let me know what you think or if you find any bugs!
Jun 15, 2017
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
- Upgraded the map "'Face Off". There was something off about it, so I made some changes. It is now called "Fort".

- Added a "disable teleport" button on the watch because people kept accidentally teleporting when using the trackpad.

- The jetpack map (regular gravity one) now starts you with the jetpack. It is now controlled by clicking the left trackpad.

- Made the horror co-op a little easier.

- (On maps with scattered weapons) If you die with a starting weapon, they no longer auto change to the pistol.

- Color rifle has been buffed, and color blobs do more damage.

- Balanced some weapons. The most notable buffs are the grenade launcher and the laser carbine.

- Fixed a LOT of bugs. Let me know if you find any more!

- New Demo!!! You can now play any map (except co-op maps), but you can only use the pistol!!

Have fun and let me know what you think!
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Hello, everybody!!

It has been about a full year since Battle Dome became early access on Steam, and it's finally time to release. The release is accompanied by a 40% off sale and a free weekend!

Today also brings a small update which includes the ability for the game host to change the map without having to leave a room to start a whole new game. The update also includes many bug fixes and tweaks.

If sales / the population picks up again, I would be happy to add more content for you all as well.

I will be on a lot today and this weekend to play / test / record footage for a new trailer. I will have the new trailer up as soon as I can.

Thank you everyone for all of the support you have given me, I hope you enjoy the game and have fun!

Battle Dome - Valve
Battle Dome is Now Available on Steam!

Have a virtual shootout with other players! Work by yourself or with teammates to achieve victory. Will you survive the Battle Dome?
Battle Dome - Valve
Play Battle Dome for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Battle Dome at 40% off the regular price!*

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Battle Dome. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Hello, everybody! This update includes:

- New co-op mode: Swarm 2. This time you are surrounded by the enemies, and you can roam freely around the level. You also have the option of turning the lights off to make it more intense.

- 2 new levels: Face Off and Complex. Face Off is a straight forward head on level. Complex has 3 floors, some hallways, and a 3 story tower in the middle.

- I added noises to a lot of things (bullets impacts, explosions, shooting color, tile color changes, core hits).

- Enemies heads will now explode when killed with a head shot.

- New cores. They now look small stars, and they go *whoom* when you hit them.

- You can now toggle two handed aiming with the grip button.

- Increased bullet speeds for higher powered rifles.

- Added a little colored orb to the color guns to make it more obvious that they are color guns.

- Bug fixes.

Let me know if you find any bugs! Have fun!
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Hi, everyone! I've always wanted to make a scary experience in VR, so I figured I would make it in Battle Dome so you have another co-op experience to play.

Today's update includes:

- Horror Escape! Play with up to 4 people or alone. You are in a dark facility where biological experiments are held. All you have is your pistol with a flashlight attachment. Try to escape before getting eaten alive!

- New enemy in the co-op mode (Swarm). Alien canine-like creature; weak but moves fast.

- The players now have hands. You will also unlock bronze, silver, and gold glove skins when you get enough kills.

- The watch has been given extra functionality. Almost all options are now on your watch rather than on the walls.

- There is now a left handed option (on your watch).

- You can now select the number of players you would like in a new game.

- Heist mode has been changed to You Only Live Once. You have one life per round, first team to 7 wins. Dying puts you into spectator mode where you can scale the level. This mode has been expanded to include all maps.

- Your movement speed is now slowed when you crouch or lay down.

- The mute function is fixed.

- Lot's of bug fixes and tweaks.

I hope you all enjoy the update!! Some screenshots can be found on the Steam page. I wanted to include a video, but I ran out of time. I'll try to replace the extremely outdated video as soon as I can.

Also, let me know if there are any bugs!
Apr 18, 2017
Battle Dome - Dr. Gooseman
Hey, everyone! I just released a new update today.

It includes:

- New co-op mode. Fight off waves of 6 different types of enemies, alone or with a friend.

- The laser sword now reflects bullets correctly (bullets will no longer clip through it).

- There are now voice chat options on your left wrist. You can select All, Team, or Mute. The push to talk seemed to confuse most people.

- There are now a few quick select options for starting a quick match.

- Various bug fixes, tweaks, and optimizations.

There are a few screenshots of the co-op mode on the store page. I'll try to get a video up as well, I just need to record some footage.


Let me know what you think / if you find any bugs. The next update will most likely include another (but a little different) co-op mode.

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